Weight Room Title Bar

By Sasha Steele


When last we left our 600-pound heroine, Sara Savenroy, she was sitting in an upscale Washington restaurant with her fiancÚ Richard Blair, gorging on her third large helping of Lasagna, when they were joined by another couple. Although Sara's massive bloated gut stretched the belly panel of her short white beaded dress almost to her knees and the waist band of her white silk panties cut into her, when her 550-pound friend, Jane, ordered a similar plate of the lasagna Sara couldn't help but order another for herself. And although she had difficulty finishing it, she also managed a large desert while Jane struggled to catch up.

The men off to the bar, the two corpulent high society beauties sat digesting their food while they caught up on the latest gossip around Washington. After discussing their own - and the size and weight of every other woman - clothing styles and, of course, food, the hottest topic was the recent closure of the Washington's only Fat Farm facility due to an explosion in the parking garage and the fact that it would not reopen for at least six months. Sara had commented in jest that she'd weigh 900 pounds by then, but as it turned out she only weighed just over 700 hundred when she finally was interned for her weight loss program.

"Don't look so sad, Richard," Sara teased as she munched on her Boston cream pie. A little over six months had passed. Jane, herself weighing 650 pounds, had booked the Fat Farm for the same stay as Sara. The four of them had decided on a last supper before registering the girls at the facility.

The two obese beauties looked magnificent, both in short tight designer dresses that showcased all of their sexy curves and bulges: Sara's black, Jane's green which suited her auburn colored hair. Sara had on black stay-up stockings with fancy lace elastic tops and five inch black pumps that she was becoming doubtful about, considering how much she had eaten.

It was as if the girls had been in an eating contest of appetizers, main courses and deserts. Sara had eaten an entire loaf of heavily buttered bread with her soup and salad alone. Then the prime rib followed by lobster and the deserts: ice-cream, cake and now Boston cream pie. Jane did just as well, both big girls humming their appreciation as they filled their beautiful fat faces. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

Richard held his incredibly fat fiancÚ in his arms as the porter set her bags into the room. He kissed her, then helped her out of her dress and panties and sat her back onto the bed. Sara squirmed her heavy body into position in the middle of the bed, and Richard took her, holding her massive nylon clad legs up with his arms as he pumped himself against her mountainous belly. Sara was too fat and too stuffed to provide much effort. Lying on her back, huge arms above her head, pretty green eyes closed, and moaning with pleasure, Richard was left to do all the work. Of course, he didn't mind; having sex with Sara, such an extremely beautiful woman who had let herself get so incredibly fat being the most wonderful thing in his life.

Richard dressed Sara, heels and stockings off, huge black panties back on, black tee shirt and gray track pants. He didn't want to leave her, but eventually he kissed her goodbye and left. After a nap Sara met Jane in the cafeteria, and the two of them started into the delicious fare as if they hadn't eaten in a week. Stuffed even beyond their enormous capacities, the girls opted to be wheeled back to their apartments, where sleep would be induced and next morning they would wake up several hundred pounds slimmer. Of course, three weeks of rejuvenating treatment would have elapsed, but they would not be aware of it. As far as Sara and Jane were concerned, they would just go to sleep and wake up next day, thin, fit and hungry as hell.

Sara had drifted in and out for the last hour, awaking into full consciousness, lying on her stomach while a masseuse worked her round buns. The first thing Sara noticed was now hungry she was. God she was hungry, but before she could register her complaint a female attendant was there with croissants and coffee, as Sara's chart indicated. She nearly bit the attendant's fingers off as she gobbled the first few croissants before calming her ravenous appetite.

Before dressing for breakfast, Sara checked her image in the mirror, sliding her hands over the soft smooth skin of her tight new body, 500 pounds lighter than when she hand fallen asleep. Sara cupped her little belly. I'll soon have this back up to its former size, she mused. Her backside was not small; Sara was a solid 200 pounds, but it was nowhere near the massive protruding yard wide ass that she had checked in with. "Richard is really going to be pissed," she laughed.

Sara - dressed in an expensive lavender two piece designer suite, sexy imported white silk underwear, beige stockings and black heels, her long kinky curled blond hair in a loose tie at the back of her shoulders, makeup done to perfection on her beautiful face - sauntered into the cafeteria that looked more like a high class restaurant. There she was met by Jane, who was down to 175 pounds and dressed in a short tight fitted gray flowered dress.

The two of them, experienced trenchermen both, sat and talked between mouthfuls of the breakfast smorge, eating plateful after plateful of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, heavily buttered toast, hash browns, pastries and coffee, as they laughed about having to fatten themselves up so that their men wouldn't be so upset. At the end of it both of the girls' bellies were noticeably swollen, so much so that Sara had to undo the back of her skirt.

Richard tried to act as if Sara's two hundred pound body was all right with him, but Sara knew that he would be pushing her to gain, continuously taking her out to restaurants, encouraging her to eat more and constantly stuffing her at home. Of course, eating was what Sara best liked to do. As far as she was concerned it was even better than sex and Sara really liked having sex, especially when she was really fat.

Sara knew that she should be more careful with her eating. Fat Farm could only do so much; she was already at the full treatment length and frequency, and each time she was coming out of treatment a bit heavier than the time before. Her rate of gaining had increased as well, almost 30 pounds a month. Another setback like the last one which had caused a six-month delay in her treatment, and Sara knew that she would be going back in weighing 900 pounds.

Then again, they were always making improvements, weren't they? So Sara didn't really need to control herself, and so she carried on indulging in her favorite pastime, pigging out like there was no tomorrow, and one year later she tipped the scales once again at six hundred pounds. Of course, Richard thought that Sara was a gorgeous fat fox at this weight and wanted her to get even fatter. Jane was in the same boat with her husband, and so they both delayed their internment at Fat Farm, deciding to see just how fat they could get.

The four of them sat in that same restaurant for a last supper before delivering the girls to Fat Farm. Sara looked monstrously magnificent in a short tight blue sequence dress, black stockings and heels. She had eaten entire turkey with all the trimmings, and there was some concern as to whether or not they would be able to haul her massively heavy 900-pound body up from the table.

At Fat Farm Richard screwed her as he had done two years ago, and Sara was even less animated, unable to even see him over her enormous breasts and stomach. Even though Fat Farm had come up with a few improvements, Sara knew that the best she could expect this time round was to come out of it still weighing over 300 pounds. Still it didn't stop her meeting her 850-pound friend to clean out the cafeteria before they went under.