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Fat Analysis
by chubbabuddhashow@eludicate.com

Phil sat in front of his computer, munching on rice cakes and reading over his critical theory paper for his Women's Studies course. As a college sophomore who had only come out of the closet the year before, Phil had been struggling with a lot of adjustment issues. With the new weight of gay-boy-toy culture's stereotypes overwhelming him, he had become a bit anorexic, and obsessed over what he ate, when, where, and especially, in front of whom.

Polishing off the rest of the bag of rice cakes, Phil decided that his essay was as done as it was going to get. As he rubbed his eyes and gracelessly flopped over into his dorm bed, he was struck with a voraciousness completely inappropriate to that time of night. It was nearly 3AM, but Phil's body was screaming for large amounts of thick, heavy, warm food… the kind you tore at with your teeth and swallowed quickly while it was still hot, before going in for the next giant bite. As he rolled over and tried to sleep, Phil imagined the comfort of a full stomach, turgid with food, under the covers.

The next morning, Phil managed to make it out of bed in time to pass in his Women's Studies paper, although he was barely coherent for the class. He didn't notice a large, adorably doe-eyed fellow gazing over at him in lecture as he sat there struggling to stay awake. The plump fellow had watched Phil with longing for several class periods now, but he said nothing to him as they exited the class.

“Are you just going to keep staring at him?” Melinda demanded, catching up with her friend Chris.

“Of course,” Chris sighed, “you know that's how I operate,” he added with a rueful smile. “I notice a cute boy, create elaborate fantasies in my mind about how good we could be together if only he'd go for a blob like me, then imagine how I would be painfully rejected and move on to the next one.”

“Right. I had forgotten how you put the moves on,” Melinda retorted, rolling her eyes.

The part Chris left out of that explanation of course, was that somewhere between the fantasies' beginnings and endings, the boy-toy in question would inflate to gigantic proportions, and profess an undying love for living the life of a fat, squishy bear who stuffed himself every chance he got, and delighted in his and his lovers' growing bodies. But Melinda, who was full of mischief and Choderlos de Laclos, had a pretty accurate idea about what went on in the intentionally obfuscated realms where Chris tried to hide his desires.

And when she saw Phil at lunch the next day, she decided it would be fun to do something about that.

Sauntering up to him, Melinda turned on her over-the-top flame-dame charm, and quickly won him over. She mentioned he should come out with her and her friends that night. Phil jumped at the chance.

That night, she and Chris were joined by their friend Becky, as well as Phil, for an evening of bar-hopping. Liquor flowed to the underage drinkers easily, and by 11PM they were all drunk enough to have trouble walking back to campus. But this was exactly what Melinda had planned.

As they staggered homeward, Melinda insisted they stop for ice cream, which all delighted in. Phil, with his inhibitions lowered, helped himself to a decadent 2 scoops. But shortly thereafter, Melinda stopped them again at a pizza place, where she instigated an eating contest that would go down as one of the most memorable nights of Phil's life.

Egging the others on, and in turn being egged on by Becky and Chris, Melinda managed to consume 3 slices of a giant pizza in just under 2 minutes. Each took their turns packing down as many slices as they could in 2 minutes, but Phil outdid them all with 4 pieces in 2 minutes. Until this point, the contest had been for speed, but with the next order of 3 more pizzas, Melinda challenged Phil to an eat-off-whichever one ate more of the 3 pizzas first could ask the other to do something and the other would have to comply.

Phil outstripped Melinda easily, but that was all right, since he became confused about what to “ask” as his prize. Still slightly drunk, Melinda mischievously pointed out that if she had won she was going to as him to kiss Chris. Phil blushed, and Chris looked mortified. Yet, a moment later, they were talking intimately outside the pizza place, while Melinda and Becky made their way home-- Melinda not having to actually do anything for losing the wager. Phil clutched his taut, rounded stomach with a playful grimace on his face, and Chris took the opportunity to playfully rub it to make it “better.”

What happened that evening must have radically reoriented Phil's perception of himself as a young, attractive gay man. When Melinda next ran into him and Chris together, only about a week later, Phil had clearly put on some pudge around his mid-section. His dark, large eyes peeked out from a face that was noticeably plumper than the gaunt face from a week before.

Chris took Melinda aside and thanked her, and then told her to scram since he had just convinced Phil to go shopping for some new clothes with him. Melinda smirked. New, stylish, larger clothes for Phil were of course just one of the steps in Chris's plan to help Phil become more plump and more comfortable with a new, plumper self. And the gambit worked perfectly, to Chris's delight-- although he would soon find out that Phil was no innocent onlooker to the process of his own fattening.

Ordering-in a feast of Thai food that Thursday, Phil and Chris set to work on understanding the extent of their ambitions for each other. Chris fed Phil the contents of nearly all the boxes, barely able to take the time or attention out to feed himself. Phil luxuriated in the attention, the food, and his opened belt buckle. His small gut spilled out over his opened pants, and inflated with food as the evening progressed.

The next time Melinda saw Chris and Phil, she had to do a double-take. Initially she mistook Phil for Chris, as he was now the larger of the two. Not that Chris had gotten any smaller, but Phil had completely ballooned. His belt buckle strained just under a soft gut that would have made a trucker proud, and his chubby cheeks wiggled while he spoke. His once non-existent ass produced a pert shelf behind him, and his previously bony hands were wrapped in a soft layer of skin that dimpled when he put his fingers out straight.

“Good job!” Melinda whispered to Chris when they were alone. “But how does he feel about gaining all that weight so fast?” she asked.

Chris smiled a wicked smile. “You would not believe me if I told you…” he trailed off, as he noticed Phil jiggling towards them, returning from the vending machine with four candy bars, and a glint in his eye.