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The Fat Bug
By Iam Unknown

Ella was listening to the radio in her car while driving home. A news broadcast was going on.

"Attention! There is a new species of insect that has recently been discovered. People are calling it the fat bug. It crawls into your buttocks and up into your stomach. It bites you on the inside and secretes a liquid that causes you to grow to amazing weights. The bug exits through your excretory system. It has infested all of Germany and the entire population is above 300 pounds."

Oh wow, thought Ella. She was borderline anorexic and had always desired to be fat. This was a blessing to her. Too bad she didn't know where to find one of these bugs. She pulled into her drive way and walked inside her home, placing her groceries on the table. She decided to take a shower. Little did she know, she had a bug problem in her house. She undressed and stepped into her shower. A fat bug crawled under her bathroom door and up the wall and over the curtain into the shower. It flew into her butt. Ella felt something tingle her bottom, but thought nothing of it. She then felt a sharp pain in her stomach and bent over. She had finished cleaning, so she turned off the faucet and pulled back the curtain. She climbed out, all the time bending over and holding her stomach. Her face was tight with pain. She then felt her stomach grow!

She took her hand off of her expanding stomach, which was still in pain. Her eyes grew wide. But her stomach wasn't the only thing growing. Her whole body was plumping to major proportions. She gasped. Her stomach was still in major pain and she felt her stomach fill with gas. She farted loudly and smiled at this. She fell back on her toilet and had trouble standing back up. She laughed loudly and had to pass gas again so she leaned to the side and farted. She then realized that she must have been bitten by the bug! Ella forced herself up. She then felt like she had to take a dump. She lifted the toilet lid and sat on it. Her butt was growing so large and her rectum and anus muscles couldn't work. She grabbed her butt cheeks and pulled them aside. She did her business and wiped. She stood up and the fat bug flew out of the toilet and out the door. She stood on the scale and saw her weight still rising. She was going up from 450 to 500 in seconds!

Three years had passed since Ella was bitten by the fat bug. She now had a whole basement where she bred the fat bug. She weighed 10,000,000 pounds and lived in an airport hanger decorated like a house. She had people that brought her a bug after each one exited her. She had a toilet built under her for excreting the bug after each bite. She was interviewed in People Magazine and named the most beautiful woman alive. And all of the United States was not far behind her in gaining weight, due to the fat bug.