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By Feed E Frenzy

Kristine was looking at the ocean waves crashing onto the sandy beach, from her cozy Beach house. She was daydreaming about a man who she had met at the bakery the other day.

She was buying 3-dozen, yummy cream filled, jelly filled ad frosting coated doughnuts. As she was turning around to head out the door, a handsome, blue-eyed hunk of a man bumped into her. As he was apologizing to her, she noticed the full round sexy body he had. It made her even hungrier for her doughnuts, and wild sex with this man. She looked into his beautiful blue eyes and introduced herself. Hi! My name is Kristine. He replied, Nice to meet you, Kristine, my name is Jay.

Nice to meet you Jay, Kristine replied. Kristine was a bit shy and timid; as she began to sweat a bit, she asked Jay if he enjoyed the beach and picnics. Jay replied, I sure do - and I also enjoy being with a sexy, well-rounded woman and making love to her on the beach as the waves crash and run up over us. Kristine felt weak in the knees, as she knew that Jay would be the one to share her dreams and most desired secrets. Kristine asked Jay if he would like to have dinner with her one night.

Jay replied sure that would be wonderful. So they made the date and went on their way. As Kristine was into dreaming about her encounter of Jay, the doorbell rang. Kristine walked over to the door and opened it to see Jay standing there in a nice sweatshirt and jeans. WOW! she said as she invited him in. Jay told her that he could not stop thinking about her, and had to see her right away.

Kristine blushed and shyly asked, Would you like a drink? Jay said, Yes, please, a glass of white wine, and please have one with me. As she was pouring the wine, Jay admired her big beautiful body. He asked her if she had finished the 3 dozen doughnuts yet. Kristine replied, Yes I did - as soon as I got into the car. Jay was excited that she had eaten all of them. She walked over to Jay and sat down next to him. Drinking the wine, staring at each other, she grinned and asked if he would like to go onto the beach. Jay was so happy she asked him.

He took her hand and they walked onto the beach. He turned her around to face him. He began to kiss her round soft face, first the forehead then her cheeks - and then her sexy full lips. She moaned as she felt the passion build inside her. His hands followed her curves and mounds of flesh, and she began to breath a bit heavier. Kristine began to do a little touching of her own, feeling his round belly and then his hardness. Jay began to unbutton her shirt and Kristine unbuttoned his jeans. They both were standing there naked, looking at each other's wonderful sexy big bodies.

Jay grabbed her hands and pulled her down with him onto the sand. Jay rolled on top of her and they began to grope and kiss each other. The passion was so great at this point, He had to make mad passionate love to her right now, and he put his big, hard penis, into her. She moaned and squirmed as he began to push and pump her, flesh jiggling, and waves of fat rolling, screaming and calling out his name.

Kristine climaxed hard and furious; Jay came just as hard and furious. As they both started to slow down the wild rolling and groping, Jay collapsed onto Kristine's soft plush body. He whispered into her ear, That was incredible. They lay there awhile, telling each other their life stories.

They began seeing each other on a regular basis, feeding each other as they laughed and made love on the beach. Kristine noticed she had gained another 50lbs, on top of her 230lb body. Jay loved the gain more and more. Jay had also gained a few lbs on top of his 250lbs. One evening, the weather was bad so they decided to stay in for their love fest. Jay told Kristine that he would love to tie her to the bed and force feed her shakes, candy, cake batter, you name it. She got very excited and told him, Yes, oh yes, please baby tie me up and take me hard and wildly.

Jay began to tie her with silk ties to the headboard. She could feel the juices running out of her hot pussy. She was so hot for this she almost climaxed when he began to feed her. As he was pouring the shake into her mouth, he began to rub her pussy. She was squirming and ready to explode, the feelings were so intense. Jay became harder and harder. He could not resist any longer. He brought her legs up and plunged into her. They both came so hard right away. Jay was so tired after the wild sex he fell asleep in her arms.

Kristine sat there, dreaming about the times they have had together. She began to finger herself again. He woke up a bit; seeing this, he was so turned on he began to rub his penis as well. They both reached over the side of the bed and grabbed doughnuts to feed each other as they pleasured themselves. Kristine asked, Jay, where have you been all my life? He replied, Waiting for you to find me. Kristine melted once more into his spell.

The next day Jay had to leave on a business trip and told Kristine he would be back soon to be with her forever. She was sad for a couple of days, but taking a trip to the bakery made her feel so much better. Then she went home to sit in her chair, looking out the window at the ocean, and daydreaming about Jay.