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The Fat Dimension
By Luvin' U Fat

Congratulations Britney Spears! You have been chosen to attend the first annual "Celebrity Fat Party!"

Britney had just come back from having dinner with her boyfriend Justin when she found the black and white flyer placed on her dining room table. After reading the header, she couldn't help but read on out of sheer curiosity.

That's right. You and five other specially picked female celebrities have been chosen to join us for a magical evening of pleasure and intense weight gain. Jennifer Lopez, Pamela Anderson, Faith Hill, Christina Aguilera, and Wynona Judd have already arrived and are fatter than ever and you will be joining them!

"This is absurd," Britney said out-loud with a forced laugh. "Like I'd even want to gain weight. This must be a joke ...I don't believe this."

She was about to crumple the letter up and throw it away, then she paused. This was just too crazy to put down. She'd read a little more just for fun.

Don't believe me? Well, let me explain. I discovered this dimension a couple of months ago. I decided to call it the FAT dimension because when you come here, you gain weight 24 hours a day, seven days a week you are exposed to non-stop fattening! And the process is EXTREMELY pleasurable.

The special fat that fills up your body is lighter than air. It makes you bigger, taller, and stronger and causes you to float. It also consumes you with an incredible euphoria, a feeling of warm pleasure that goes beyond any drug created.

When I found out how to bring others to this dimension I realized that only women could make the jaunt. It seems that the fat doesn't work in men. So I chose to "collect" women I found attractive, other celebrity women.

Each woman here fattens up at different rates. Some fatten slowly, some gain weight in giant spurts, some gain thousands in seconds, and some gain millions all at once. Each girl is different but all of us can move (float) freely among each other.

You can dance in our ever-expanding galaxy, enjoying the company and comfort of other extremely fat women. We don't have to tell you that some women here make the most of the situation and engage in continuous fattening, lesbian orgies. It's very sexy! Jennifer Lopez is already bigger than ten Goodyear blimps are and she said she would like to have fat sex with you. She is the equivalent of two million pounds and is gaining thousands of pounds per minute as you read this.

Also, in case you were wondering, your clothes that you are wearing will stretch with your body as you grow. It's magic, and quite amazing. Only you can decide to disrobe if you wish!

THIS IS ALL TRUE! Once you arrive, you will never have to eat, sleep or work again. You will be here forever, fattening up for all eternity in orgasmic pleasure! Please take a moment to take all of this fantastic information in.

In a few minutes I will be preparing you for the transfer to my dimension. Several "pre-fattening" bursts of fat will plump you up to the earth equivalent of twenty thousand pounds. This will expand your body to the size of a giant air-balloon; SO MAKE SURE YOU GET OUTSIDE! (You don't want to get stuck in your home) Then you will float into the sky until you fatten up enough to teleport here.

Each woman is different, some teleport right away, some have to fatten up a lot before the transfer. I will give you about five minutes to prepare. Choose an outfit that you want to take with you and say goodbye to all you have known. I am watching you from my dimension and am excited to begin your journey! Soon, the fat will come.

Yours Truly,
Mary Hart (former host of Entertainment Tonight)
New goddess of the Fat Dimension

Here's to the pleasures of growing FAT!

Britney's eyes were wide in amazement.

"This is so ridiculous! I don't believe this for a second! Even if it were true, I DON'T want to become fat and leave my career . . .and I do not have lesbian tendencies!"

She looked in the hallway's full-length mirror at herself. She had chosen a very nice light-pink evening dress that had thin straps on the shoulders, a lace front that showed off her cleavage, and a thin waist strap of the same color. The dress came up to just below the knees and complimented her light-tan nylons. She especially liked her choice of open toed high heels, tan, with woven straps around the top of her foot and ankle. She posed for herself and thought that she had good taste. Her boyfriend Justin certainly liked her wardrobe and so did her fans.

"I would never purposely get fat. Say goodbye to bad rubbish!" She let out a "HMMPH!" and tossed the strange letter into the garbage. "I won't even waste my time searching for the idiot who plays such stupid jokes!"

She was about to go to her lavish bedroom to call it a night when she started to feel strange. Strange, then warm, then really, really good! A rush of soothing well being and euphoria flowed within her entire body. It was like nothing she had ever felt. It went beyond the effects of her most intense experience with cocaine. (Which she only did occasionally.) No, this was way better than that . . . better than any sexual experience she had ever had. She had to let out a quiet moan in response and hugged herself, then began caressing her own body. Then things really got started.

She looked in the mirror to find that her breasts were growing; they swelled up and filled in the gaps that were in her bra, then she felt her buttocks spread up and out. Her arms and face swelled and plumped up, then her thighs, back and calves rose in unison. She was indeed fattening up, gaining over 300lbs in a matter of seconds, her dress stretching with her newfound flesh. Then the growing stopped. Britney looked at the new, fatter person in the mirror and decided that her repulsion to becoming fat quickly subsided.

"My god, it's true . . . I'm becoming a fatty . . . and it feels so good."

She rubbed her hands over herself again as if to try to initiate another pulse of fat and said something that surprised her. "OK, fine . . . Let's do this then. Make me fatter . . . FATTER!"

Just then another wave of fattening hit her, but this time much more extreme and abrupt. Over twenty thousand pounds of magical fat exploded within her body all at once. It started slowly for a second then . . .


She expanded to the size of a blimp, 20ft tall and very wide. She completely filled up her mansion with her immensely fattened body. Walls were smashed; rooms were destroyed until she had to brace her arms against the ceiling to keep from suffocating herself. The event caused her to scream in a high pitched wail of orgasmic pleasure.


She could barely move. Her entire body was pressed against the inner walls of the mansion. She looked down and could only see her gigantic breasts and fat belly. She noticed that her dress was still intact. It really did expand and stretch very well. She also noticed that now an even more intense feeling of continuous pleasure surged through her big fat body. She couldn't see her thighs or legs but she could feel them . . . bigger, fatter and pressing against her nylons. Even her feet felt wonderful. She managed to wiggle her big, fat toes and when they touched the inside bottom of her shoes, even more warm feelings spiked her fat feet. Every little motion felt very good.

She felt like she was floating. Then she realized she was. Her whole mansion was ripped from the ground and floating about 500ft in the air because she was lighter than air. She brought her whole mansion into the air with her! She orgasmed twice and cooed in ecstasy. She was HUGE and FAT and felt sexy! A moment ago she would never have asked or dreamed of this. Heck, she'd tried to stay thin as possible. Now she couldn't wait for the next sensual explosion of fat!

It wasn't long.

She could feel the fat coming, and now a low and steady moan began to bring itself out from the depths of her being.

"Oooooooooo . . . OOOOOHHHH . . ." then it happened.

BBBRRRUUUUMMMPOW! Another 20,000lbs!

"OH YA! FAT!" she screamed, bursting violently out of her mansion. As she grew taller and wider she flailed her arms and legs in bliss. The cool night air felt great on her giant breasts and legs as she watched the now tiny pieces that once were parts of her 24-room mansion fall to the earth. She looked down to the ground and rose farther into the sky like a rocket.


"YYYES!!!! OH . . . YAWWWWW!" 1000,000lbs of magic fat swelled within her. Her legs, her arms, her face and lips . . . felt soooo good, sooo fat. She floated. She came.

Then she knew it was coming. A last blast of sweet fat that would send her to the fat dimension, a place of fantasy made real. A place where she would become even fatter. Where she would ride an incredible high and have sex with other gorgeously fat women. A place she would have never chosen to go to until she felt the power and pleasure of being enormously fat.

Now she felt big, strong and sexy. No man could please her in this gigantic form. Men were little ants now, week and tiny. She was BIG, FAT Britney and deserved to be worshipped. Justin could find someone else. As a matter of fact, Britney felt like she no longer cared about anything except getting fat and feeling high. Yes . . . fat and . . .high . . .and . . . fat . . . fat . . .fat.

KABROOOOM!!! . . .

As the fat pushed its way into every part of her body, Britney rubbed herself and then spasmed into nirvana. She tilted her head back and arched her back, legs and arms behind her. She took in millions of magical, creamy pounds of airy fat all at once. She was the biggest girl on earth! (Possibly bigger than any one in the fat dimension.) Her legs ballooned in her nylons. Her feet plumped up inside her shoes. Her waistband actually snapped as her waist and belly expanded up and out. Her dress stretched and flowed out bigger and bigger. Soon she was bigger than the entire state of California, then bigger than the United States. She floated on the cusp of Earth's atmosphere before she finally became wider and rounder than the entire globe. At that moment a blue glow surrounded her, allowing her to breathe outside the atmosphere. She was fatter than Earth itself! And as she began disappearing into the fat dimension, you could hear her screaming out in a heavy, deep but feminine voice,


And then she was gone. Blip.

The world would find her missing like the other celebrity beauties. No one saw it. All of Earth fell into a magical slumber during Britney's fattening departure. An adventure was sure to follow. One that would continue in a dimension of GREAT, BIG, FAT PLEASURE!

Stay Tuned for Part Two: Adjusting to a New Reality (Wynona & Britney Meet)