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The Fat Dimension
By Luvin' U Fat

Part Two: Britney Joins In

The Fat Dimension was amazing. There was no ground. It was like a vast expanse of space. Colors and images from earth surrounded the backdrop like a projection movie but there really was no backdrop! Imagine outer space with many video screens behind it. That was the Fat Dimension. Light was apparent because the women could see each other. Colors and lights would hit them as if they were on a dance floor. Erotic music pulsed in rhythm and the "air" smelled of sweet perfume. There seemed to be no limits to the area, no ending. Only six women existed in this world so far and they were all impossibly fat. The only way they had to measure their growth was to compare each other. Sometimes they could watch the videos around them, which would occasionally display our universe and other universes in our world. They could see themselves as they compare to the size of earth, the milky way, etc. So far, no one was bigger than the earth - until Britney arrived.

(But before we continue with the story, let's give you the lowdown on the celebrities' choice of garments.)

Jennifer Lopez chose a white evening gown, calf-length, strapless. She wears white high-heeled flip-flops and no hosiery. She keeps her hair back in a bun.

Pamela Anderson is wearing white stretch pants, a pink tube top, and is barefoot but she's wearing nylons on her legs and feet.

Christina Aguilera is wearing a sleeveless, one-piece white jumpsuit that is mid-calf with flip-flop shoes and nylons. Her hair is straightened and cropped at the shoulders.

Faith Hill wears a black, above-knee skirt with a slit up her left thigh accompanied by a black blouse with ruffled short sleeves. Black pantyhose compliment her stiletto heels.

Wynona Judd is wearing a red moo-moo dress, sleeveless and ankle high. There's a black lace on her waist that acts as a belt. She is wearing dark nylons and red pumps.

(Now back to the story.)

The five celebrity fatties were all about the same size at this point and fattening at the same pace for a few hours. Faith, Pamela and Christina had just finished an orgy and were resting, floating at the same level and enjoying the resonating high. Wynona and J-lo were talking about their bodies and how they felt. They were floating about 100ft above the other three women and were just about to take on another surge of fattening. They could both feel it coming.

"Well, Wynona, we're all about as big as Texas," J-Lo spoke, as she was looking down on the other three. Her voice began to waiver, as her breath became sporadic. "But I think I feel a big fattening moment coming on." "Oh ya, me too." Wynona licked her lips in anticipation and raised her eyebrows.

"Britney should be here any minute. Did you see her on the videoooOOOH!?"


J-lo fattened to the size of Texas and California together. It was a double size fat-spurt. "She's already fatter than all of us! MMMMMM! She rubbed her mammoth fat belly that she could just barely reach.

BLOOMP...BRA ...BOOMP! Now Wynona fattened up to triple J-lo's size.

"OHMYGODFAT!" She tried to grab Jennifer's shoulders but was unsuccessful and began floating upward past her. Jennifer attempted to clutch Wynona's feet as she was passing her but they expanded too wide and J-Lo lost her grip. The touch of J-Lo's hands on Wynona's feet brought a wave of sensual pleasure to Wynona. She moaned and then another burst of fat plumped her up. "WEEEEEEE!"

Jennifer watched as Wynona soared upward and grew to gigantic girth. She rose to 500ft above J-Lo and covered the dimensions "sky" with her thick, colossal frame. All Jennifer could see when she looked up was the bottom of Wynona's monumental feet, then a great big red ball that was her dress. Wynona was now fatter than the entire United States.

"I AM SO FAT!" Her waist strap burst off of her stomach. Wynona yelled in a VERY deep voice. Then a blue glow began to appear surrounding all the ladies.

They could all hear a faint screaming. This was not a scream of pain. It was a female, billowing in the throws of rapture. Then it started to get louder, like someone was turning up the volume...or someone was getting closer.

"Here comes Britney!" J-Lo Shouted, "Get ready for a real fatty!"

The next moment was very intense.


Britney "popped" into the Fat Dimension with a thunderous explosion. Her massive body appeared right in the center of the other women. Their bodies, now small in comparison, were bounced away in different directions as Britney's titanic mounds of fat pushed out at them. A huge, blubbery butt smacked into J-lo. Britney's immensely fattened legs kicked out Pamela and Faith. Christina became caught between Britney's super-fat thighs and was popped out like a tiny balloon. It was Wynona who ended up in the best place. As Britney "grew into the scene, her towering form rose up to meet Wynona. Wynona became lodged inside Britney's incredible cleavage. She was surrounded by millions of pounds of breast flesh. Wynona looked like a Barbie doll stuck in Britney's boobs.

The commotion ended and Britney looked down at Wynona.

"FAT! I AM FAT! FAT BRITNEY! I AM FAT, FAT, FAT!!! THE FATTEST! BIG FAT, FATTY- FAT GIRL...FAT FAT FAT! OH YES...SO FAT!" She couldn't contain her excitement and joy.

She was as big as Jupiter (a picture of Jupiter showed behind her). She was the fattest thing in the universe. Big and sensual flowing rolls of fat adipose. Her feet, her legs and her thighs were all pressing their new fat against her ever-expanding nylons. Her breasts and arms jutted out in sexy fat waves. Her cheeks and lips puffed up like giant blimps. She was beyond fat. Beyond high. Her ballooned body was subject to a constant, orgasmic delight surging throughout every pore. She came over ten times. Each time screaming the word she loved most.


All the while looking right into Wynona's tiny eyes. When she was done cumming, Wynona spoke. "Honey, are you good now? That mess you made in your dress will disappear magically. Everything here stays fresh and clean."

"Yes, I think I'm done for now. But I don't know how long this break will last. OOOH I AM FAT! I was fattening for so long. The fat just kept coming and coming. It feels so good. MMMMM, FAT! I love this so much!" she laughed in giddy delight then asked, "Are you Wynona Judd?"

"You bet. And until you popped in I was the fattest girl here. The other ladies are scattered around now."

Wynona and Britney both looked around and saw the other women floating chaotically far off in different areas.

"You bounced them right off like flies. I was more fortunate! Why don't you take a minute to look around, sugar?" Wynona patted a small area of Britney's left breast.

It didn't seem to affect Britney at all. Perhaps Wynona was too small to invoke a pleasure touch. Britney took everything in. She looked around with wide eyes. She was amazed, to say the least.

"All I see is space and videos all around. And now I hear my music playing. How do they do this?"

"It's magic, sugar. The rules of the real world don't apply here."

"But, where does this place end?"

"Like Mary Hart said in the letter, 'this dimension is never ending.' You can get fatter and fatter and never fill up this place. I find that the rush that comes with each fattening mellows as your body adjusts to its new size. The bigger you get, the more pleasure you can handle. Look at you honey, you could crush a small planet in here." She was referring to Britney's cleavage.

"Where is Mary?" Britney asked.

"None of us has seen her yet. She runs this place somehow and once in a while her voice can be heard all over, like she's talking through a microphone, ya know? I was the first one she brought here and she explained the way things work. But I haven't heard from her since."

"Wow. So what's next?" Britney was beginning to miss the thrill of fattening up.

"Well, the fact is, because I'm sunken into your big fat boobs, I am feeling VERY WONDERFUL all over. I can feel a burst of fat on its way. You better reach in and take me outta here or I'm gonna fatten up right inside your pretty little dress!"

Britney reached down and grabbed Wynona around the waist then began to lift her out from her chest.

"Our outfits stretch so well though. We would both be wrapped in this dress. Hmmm...could be fun."

Britney paused and thought about her comment. She never would have expected to feel so attracted to the idea of lesbianism before, before she was a great big fatty. Now she longed for something different. She held Wynona in her blimp of a hand.

"C'mon then, Wynona. Let's get you up to speed!"

"Well, here it comes, honey...it's gonna be a big one! Get ready for me to meet and beat you."


Wynona inflated to half Britney's size, then...


Matched her size for size. She held Britney's shoulders tenderly and moved in for a kiss. Once their lips touched Wynona had another fattening surge, then another. When she was done, she was three times bigger than Britney. Britney was only as tall as her bosom. Wynona bent down, squeezed Britney's fat cheeks with both hands and looked her wantonly in the eyes.

"Oooh baby, lets have some hot, fat, lesbian sex. We're the fattest women here. We're big...fat...and powerful! You're a sexy youngin'"

"MMM- HMMM." Britney moaned in agreement. Then they kissed passionately and began the dance. The music played. It was a new song by J-lo called "U Make Me Fat." The lyrics rang out... "You gave me something special, you gave me lots of fat, you pumped me big and sexy...make me fat. I only want it more now. Fatten me, make me hefty. Plump me up and that is that...I'm so sexy...u make me fat!"

The videos behind them showed them that they were both fatter than the earth, bigger than Venus. Wynona was as big as four Venuses. Then, lesbian porn movies filled the area. The two ladies forgot about the others and dove in to satiate their enormous hunger. Fat on fat, skin on skin.

Stay Tuned for Part Three: Pamila Has An Idea