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The Fat Dimension
By Luvin' U Fat

Part Three: Pam and J-Lo

Pamela Anderson had been knocked aside as Britney Spears' enormous body abruptly appeared within the Fat Dimension.

She was driven downward several hundred feet when Britney's impossibly fat calf smacked her in the shoulder. She realized that she had been separated from her fellow divas Christina Aguilera and Faith Hill. She could barely make out their forms as they were now so far away from her. Britney and Wynona Judd however, loomed above like two gigantic planets. Pamela watched as the two super BBW's engaged in a heated heavy petting session, floating and spinning in a lesbian dance. It made her long for more physical contact and she felt it had been far too long since her last "fattening." She had to think of a way to float up to Britney and Wynona. She wanted in on the action.

"If I massage my body, rub my legs together and say the word 'fat,' I'm bound to cause another fattening." She thought. "That would cause me to float right up to them!"

Since physical contact spiked the feelings of euphoria and the euphoria increased the fattening rate, she was sure to pump up and plump out!

She began to massage her huge breasts and then ran her fat fingers down her vast belly. As she was doing this, she was also whispering to herself, "Oooo, fat baby, c'mon fattening…make me fatter,fatter, fa…" Before she could continue, an overwhelming sense of pleasure ran from her head to her toes. And then the fat came.



She was expanded to over 100 times her present size. Her breasts raised up and out like two giant globes resting on her blubbery stomach. Her belly oozed forward and shot out of her pink tube-top and ran down past her knees. Her legs and buttocks stretched far and wide, pushing her thighs and feet apart. She had gained millions of luscious pounds in seconds and began floating upward at a very fast pace. "OH…..MY………WEEEEEEEEEEE!" She felt incredible. She wiggled her hands and feet in delight and then…


100 times fatter. "FAT YA!"


100 times fatter than that.


She was bigger than Britney and Wynona combined and almost upon them.

Then she noticed J-Lo coming up from her left. Jennifer appeared to be even bigger than Pamela.

"I'm comin' to ya, big fat Pam!" J-Lo yelled "HHOOOOO- YA!"

Pamela spun in a somersault and reached out her hand to the approaching J-Lo.


Pamela fattened and became another 100 times bigger. She was now the biggest girl in the dimension. Her corpulent body swaying in fattened waves of adipose. Her legs and thighs were as thick as ten large planets. Her breasts and belly stood out like a galaxy of creamy fat. She was so full of exotic fat and so high that she couldn't help but orgasm in elation…several times.

J-Lo was aroused as she watched her friend fatten up in front of her. Jennifer's fingers lightly touched Pam's palm of her hand. The sensation of pleasure that coursed through J-Lo was too much for her to handle. She screamed in bliss as the most intense fattening episode to date pumped her full of billions and trillions of sexy, luscious pounds of fat.


She didn't scream until the fattening had ended.


When it was over she noticed that Pamela was still holding her hand and still twice her size! Apparently Pamela had continued to expand also. J-Lo didn't waste any time embracing Pam. Their massive bellies pressed against one another and they managed to grab the back of each other's heads and zero in on a passionate kiss. They both came in unison. Before they went any further, Pam had another idea.

"Jenny Baby, Let's try to float up to Britney and Wynona. Do ya think we can make ourselves float up some more?"

J-Lo looked up at the gigantic shadow that was Brittney and Wynona. They were about 10,000 feet above them and looked to be even bigger than before. Much bigger!

"Well, Pam, we could just focus and push our bodies upward. Or we could try to get even fatter and get so big that our fat bodies expand all the way up to meet them."

"Oooo, I LIKE that second suggestion. And I know just how to make us the fattest things ever!"

Pamela grabbed J-Lo, hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear.

"I want to screw your big fat body, you sexy fatty. Let's get really fat, baby. Kiss me, touch me, caress my big fat…."

"HO.. YES, FAT!" J-L0 immediately began to expand. The sexy talk from Pam turned her on and started a fat burst.

BRAMMMMMMO! J-Lo doubled in size.

KABROOOM! Pam grew double that size. "OOOOOO, FATTER!"

BABOOM! Jennifer blew up and out big and round. 10 times fatter.

KABRUMP! Pam, 10 times fatter than that.

BROOOOMP! "HOOOO YES, FATTY, FATTY, FAT, FAT, FAT!" J-Lo 10 times fatter than that.

As if in a sexy fattening race the two beauties fattened, expanded, ballooned and plumped up, each growing fatter than the other. Breasts swelled, thighs crashed together, legs blimped up, arms plumped and softened, faces grew round and feet pumped up BIGGER AND FATTER! Soon they were so enormous that they reached Britney and Wynona.

They had expanded and fattened so much that their bodies, in order to handle the extreme sense of pleasure, had to stop fattening for a moment. The orgasms that came flowed in and out like a sexual river. J-Lo and Pam looked at Britney and Wynona and then came and came again.

"Hi ladies, FAT, OH YA!, nice to see you again….OOOOOOOO YES! Hi Britney, welcome to the fat dimension. You're looking big, fat and luscious….FAT, OOOOOH!" Pamela spoke in between orgasms.

"Looks like the four of us are all about the same size now." Jennifer looked at the other girls up and down then focused on Britney. "I've been waiting for you!" Britney smiled a seductive smile and continued kissing on Wynona's neck.

"Ok y'all," Wynona spoke up. "We're still missing two fatties. Where's Christina and Faith?"

"I haven't seen them in a while." J-Lo answered, never releasing her gaze from Britney.

"Well, let's find 'em and get us a nice sex fest goin'" Wynona was ready for some serious action.

So all four giant, fantastically fat celebrities floated together within the Fat Dimension, all of them so fat that together they could have filled up the Milky Way galaxy. Big, sexy ballooning women, with super fattened bodies. All fat, all feeling high and mighty and waiting for the other two celebrities to show up so they could have a lesbian fat-sex orgy.

But where were the other two? How far away were Christina Aguilera and Faith Hill?

Stay Tuned for Part Three: Christina and Faith Show Up and Grow Out