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The Fat Dimension
By Luvin' U Fat

Part Four: Faith and Christina Show Up and Grow Out

Jennifer Lopez, Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears and Wynona Judd were all fat and happy, floating together in blissful corpulence and waiting to find Faith Hill and Christina Aguilera, who were floating somewhere else around the dimension. It just so happened that Faith and Christina were bounced so far away that they were finally out of the other girls' sight. They had managed to find one another and were floating side by side, trying to decide how they would proceed. Both were the size of Earth itself.

"Faith, you know I'd like to get back to the others…to continue our little Orgy!"

"I know, honey. We're gonna have to get REAL fat in order to find them, though. I think we're quite far away and I don't know which direction to float to."

Just then a new song came across the dimension and a video displayed the other four ladies behind them. Faith looked at the video with Christina.

"Well, there they are! Lord knows how far away. Wow, are they fat! They make us look like skinny waifs!" Faith was amazed at their sizes.

"Ya, Baby! They're HUGE! Let's get fat and find them!" Christina noticed that the song that was playing was a new "Fat " song from Madonna called "Ray of Fat." The video showed Madonna growing fatter and fatter, but it was obviously special effects. Madonna was still in the real world.

"Alright Faith, I'm going to get you started." Christina reached down and began caressing the top of Faith's left foot. She looked up and saw that Faith was smiling at her, then Faith closed her eyes as Christina worked her way up, massaging her ankle. "Faith, I love your shoes…..and your legs are SO sexy. I dig your nylons."

Faith let out a sigh of approval. She could begin to feel a jolt of euphoria starting from the tip of her toes and flowing up her legs. "MMMMmmmmm. I can feel the fat coming!"

This time the weight began to pump into Faith in a most unusual way. It was as if liquid were actually pouring into her body filling her up from bottom to top. It started in her feet and ankles. The fat filled her toes then her feet, then her ankles and calves began to rise like dough. Her thighs and buttocks were quick to follow, stretching out and filling up with creamy fat. Her waist and tummy were next, expanding up and jutting out. Then her breasts, arms and head followed. It was a slow and steady fattening at first as if she were a water balloon being filled up. Thousands of pounds pumped into her already massive form. Then, someone turned the water up full blast!

WWWWOOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHHH! "HO MY GOD……." She watched as billions and trillions of fat cells pumped into her body at an alarmingly fast pace. It didn't stop. SSSSSHSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The fat just kept coming, filling her up and out, big and round, soft and fat. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…. ."MMMMM, THIS FEEL SO INCREDIBLE!"

Christina continued to fondle Faith as she blew up. Soon Christina was only as big as one of Faith's breasts. She caressed her nipple through the blouse.


"YA……FATFATFATFATFATFATFATFAT!" Faith took on more millions, more trillions of pounds of luscious fat. "OH MY GOD…MY LEGS FEEL SO FAT. MY HIPS, MY BREASTS, MY FEET. FAT,FAT,FAT!"

Then she exploded in a surge of incredible fattening.

KA……………BOOOOOOOOM! "HAWWWWWWWYA!" She blew up to the size of a small galaxy and met up with the other four ladies. She could see them getting closer as her gigantically fattened body expanded towards them. Christina was now too small to be seen. She was left behind.

Faith scooped up and embraced Britney, Wynona, J-lo and Pamela, wrapping her huge arms around all four of them and squeezing them together tightly. She was wider than all four of them. It was as if she were holding four babies in her arms. She looked down upon them.

"HI, you guys! Look at me I'm sooooooo FAT! I'm bigger than all of you! FAT! BIGGER AND FATTER! I can feel my fat body pressing up against my skirt and blouse! My fat legs and feet feel so good! I am so high! OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING! OOOOOOOOOO!"

The four fatties held on to Faith's arms as she spasmed in orgasm.

Then the excitement triggered a fattening burst within all of them.

Britney was first. BOOOM! She fattened to match Faith's size.

Then as Faith let go of them the other three exploded.

BLOOOMP! J-lo plumped up and equaled Faith's size.

BRABOOM! Wynona fattened.

BOMPOW! Pam burst.

After the screams of uninhibited ecstasy subsided, the five impossibly fat women observed their situation. They were all about the same size now, each as large and wide as a massive galaxy. They were the epitome of obesity. Five thunderously fat women floating together like giant blimps. They all looked at each other and immediately began disrobing. They kissed and touched tongues. Licked and sucked. Once everyone was naked, the sex fest began. Five massive fat women screwing in ultimate pleasure. It was the Big, Fat, Lesbian Orgy of the Stars. You could faintly hear their cries of passion as a new song from Britney was played throughout the dimension.

"Baby, plump me one more time!"

Mary Hart was watching them on her monitor. She switched the camera to Christina, floating alone and far from the group.

"Looks like you'll be my choice for a partner, Christina. But it's going to take a lot of fat to bring you to me!"