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The Fat Dimension
By Luvin' U Fat

Part Five: Mary Takes a Partner

Christina Aguilera was floating within the fat dimension. She was alone now since the departure of Faith hill. Faith had fattened up to amazing proportions and floated up and away.

Christina was surely not as fat as the other ladies. She was about as tall and wide as five planet Venuses. Her feelings of euphoria were strong but not enough to warrant any uncontrolled cries of satisfaction. She was basically Fat, buzzed and floating. It shocked her a bit when a deep feminine voice sounded out from around her, as if coming over a large PA system.

"Christina, how are we feeling?"

Christina looked all around her and after realizing she couldn't see who was producing the voice, she just yelled up into the 'sky.' "Who are you? Where are you?"

There was no answer for a few seconds, then the voice returned.

"I'm the Goddess of this beautiful dimension. On Earth I was a TV personality. I'm Mary Hart."

"From Entertainment Tonight! Wow! I watched your show sometimes. So, you're the big boss here?" Christina was happy to have some company, visible or not.

"Yes, I'm the one who controls everything that goes on here. I am the one who makes you fat."

"Thanks. I - we appreciate it! This is the most amazing experience I've ever had! I never thought I'd say it before, but it feels so sexy and powerful to be this big and fat." Christina rubbed her huge belly and kicked her feet in front of her, causing her massive body to rock back and forth.

"Christina, I have decided to choose you as my personal assistant. I'm going to offer you an exciting position. I want you to work by my side, recruiting new celebrities and running the Fattening Machine. Do you think you can handle it?"

"Sure, but I'll miss some really good sex romps down here. The other girls are much fatter than I am now and I'm sure they're just having a blast."

"Christina, joining me will, by far, exceed any sense of pleasure you've had yet. You see, in order for you to transport into my control area, you have to be fattened WAY BEYOND the girths of the other ladies. You will gain such large amounts of fat that it will take a few hours before you stop having orgasms. Then I will show you how to run things." Mary started to moan a little, as if she were feeling some good vibrations herself.

"That sounds REALLY good, Mary. I accept. But I have to ask why. Why would you want to give up running things?"

"Well, the truth is, I've actually started to become too fat to control my actions. I can barely maintain my composure anymore. When you replace me, then I can move on to the next dimension."

"The NEXT dimension?! You mean there's more than one Fat Dimension?" Christina was perplexed.

"Yes. MMMMM, ooooh. There are several levels. You are only on the first. I'm on the second." Mary's reply was unsteady as she held back her need to scream in bliss. "So I'm going to begin preparing you to come on over. Get ready to fatten up to the next level!"

With that said, Mary switched on another song, "I'm a Fat Girl" from No Doubt, and played the video. She also displayed a view of the other five fat ladies who were deep into their lesbian sex o' rama. Christina saw that they were all naked now, and even fatter. They were all entwined and floating within each other's vast mounds of flesh. The sight heightened Christina's arousal. Then Mary began the transfer.

"Christina, are you ready to get fat?"

"Let's do it!"

"Ok, I'm going to show and tell all the other gals what's happening. They'll be able to see you getting fatter if they can pull themselves away from one another for a moment!"

'How long is this gonna take?" Christina was becoming anxious. The anticipation was insurmountable.

"Honey, remember that we all fatten up differently. I'm going to turn the Fattening Machine on full power…..Here goes……."

Christina waited for what seemed to be very long minutes. Then……

The tingling began in her nose. Christina's face and neck buzzed and then the pleasure shot right through her from her face to her fingertips and toes. An explosion of fattening flowed into her body like a fat bomb. She gained trillions and trillions upon trillions of pounds of fat within one second, her strapless white jump suit and nylons stretching with every pound.


Her scream of ultimate rapture filled the dimension. She had surpassed all the other girls. Actually she was several million times bigger than all of them put together. If she were next to them they would look as small as ants. Her breasts filled up, up, up and out. Her legs and thighs smashed together in blubbery waves of fat, fat, fatness. Her ass and hips flared out and her stomach spilled out forming a stupendous shelf. She was a mountain of a woman, a sea of fat, a galaxy of adipose, a universe of girth.

Only one word was discernable through her wails of unencumbered ecstasy. Only one word, shouted in a short, abrupt exhale.


She came so hard that she couldn't speak. The intense orgasm welled within her, a non-stop flow of pleasurable highs. Her body was beaming with bliss, resonating with well-being.

Mary gave her a heads up. "Ok, honey, I just turned it full blast for one second. Now I'm going to open it up for a few minutes!"

"Oh my god, I am going to be so…..


The fat kept coming. Each second equaled trillions then zillions of pounds pumping Christina Aguilera into the fattest woman in any universe. She quickly became a universe unto herself. Then she expanded beyond that universe and fattened up and filled another, then another. Universe upon universe of FAT breasts, FATTER arms, FATTER belly, FATTENED ass, SUPER FAT thighs, FATTY calves and GREAT, BIG, FAT FEET!


Three minutes passed before a blue glow surrounded Christina and she was transported to the next level. She was beyond comparison. She was too fat to measure in any descriptive way.

BAMF! She was gone.

She disappeared, leaving the women of the dimension behind who now just seamed like slightly chubby bugs by comparison. They watched as she waved goodbye.

"Goodbye, Christina!" Britney yelled and then continued to lick J-lo's clitoris.

"MMMM. Hope we get that fat someday." J-lo pondered.

Wynona stopped licking Faith's right nipple to speak. "Now Christina's in charge."