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The Fat Dimension
By Luvin' U Fat

Part Six:
The Final Chapter

Christina arrived in the second level of the Fat Dimension. Her body was so unbelievably gigantic and fattened to such extremes that there seemed to be no way to realistically calculate her size or mass. She was fatter than several thousand universes. She was a goddess of billowing, rolling, waves of fat. Her cries of orgasmic bliss were long and constant. She was so fat and so high that the pleasures of her fatness overpowered her ability to function as anything more than a pulsing, screaming ball of big, fat flesh. She came and came again. Then, after about an hour of non-stop orgasms, she gathered her composure and scanned her surroundings.

It was amazing. This dimension was just like the last accept that it had a floor. A large, glossy white floor that seemingly went on forever in every direction. There was a large control panel about 100 ft. to her right that was proportioned to accompany a person of her size. The sky and surrounding "air" was still black as space and still somehow lit up from unknown sources of light. It was like being outside at night in our world, with streetlights illuminating the way. Other than the floor and the console, Christina was the only other presence around. She found that she had ended up sitting down with her legs extended in a "v" shape. Her multiple layers of sexy fat had propped her up quite comfortably negating any need for a chair. She wondered how she was going to be able to lift her massive form up within this new dimension that apparently used gravity.

"Although there is gravity here, you'll find that you are light as a feather. The gravitational pull is close to that of the moon's." A voice sounded from off to her left. It was Mary. The light washed her out of the shadows and brought the image of her stupendous body to Christina's full view.

Mary wore a one-piece, ruffled red dress, calf length and strapless. It resembled a gigantic circus tent, housing her zillions upon zillions of pounds of magical fat. It had a waistband that was amazingly still tied around her huge hips. She wore red pumps and light tan nylons that stretched across the vast expanse of her meaty legs. She was at least ten times bigger than Christina, standing there, maintaining perfect balance as if she weighed no more than any normal sized women.

"So why don't you get up and I'll show you how to run these worlds!" Mary seemed to be in better control of her euphoria and appeared quite lucid.

Christina lifted her arms to gain balance and the force of her movement caused her entire body to lift off the ground. When she came down she landed perfectly on her feet.

"Wow, I am light. Fat, but light." She patted herself down and tried to get a better look at herself. Her ability to move freely while maintaining a sense of balance was a refreshing change from floating around aimlessly.

"Mirror," Mary said and a mirror large enough to bring Christina's form into view appeared in front of Her. "All you have to do is think it, then say it and it happens."

Christina looked at herself. Her form was totally pear-shaped. Her wide thighs, hips and legs dominated her form. She loved how her white jumpsuit stretched and contoured with every cushion of her soft, creamy fat. Her upper body was proportioned nicely also. Her fat shoulders and arms were very appealing.

"I'm sooooo fat! I still feel very high. Everything feels REALLY good. So what's next?" Christina was anxious to be in control of fattening others.

Mary motioned for her to follow her to the console. They stood about ten feet from it. Christina looked at how big Mary was and how small she looked standing by her side. Christina was only as tall as Mary's waist. Seeing her enormously fat, quivering belly protrude past her fattened breasts aroused Christina. Maybe they would screw later.

"You see the console, that's what runs this world. You never have to touch it. Just know it's there. That machine allows you to 'think' and 'say' things and make them real. You can change the background, play videos anywhere, control weight gain, clean cum-stained outfits, all with a word. It's self-maintaining, but it needs to be programmed to one woman's thoughts and voice patterns. I have gotten too high to really concentrate enough to make things interesting so I'm passing the job onto you." She looked at the console and made her commands, "Machine, set patterns for Christina Aguilera; erase patterns for Mary Hart!"

The machine made a few beeps and bloops.

"There. Now you run the show. The machine will disappear in a few moments and you can command it to appear again any time you wish. You only need to see it to change parameters when you get tired of running things. Now I can move on to the next dimension and get fat and high until I can't even think straight any more! Are you ready to try out your new position?"

"Sure, what do you want me to do?" Christina was very excited.

"Well, I want you to choose six new celebrity ladies to bring over to the first level. Take the five we have already and put them in the third level with me and then have fun with all of us. You'll be able to see all ten levels any time you desire. Just command it. You can see and bring women in from the real world any way you wish. For instance you can just say, 'Show me Alicia Silverstone when she's in her bed at night.' The console will bring you to a date and time on earth when she's in bed. Then be sure to cover your tracks and say, 'Put the rest of the world in a deep sleep until she transports.' Then you can prepare her for transport any way you see fit. Me, I used a letter, it was fun!"

"Wow!" Christina was going to enjoy this! Her eyes lit up with enthusiasm.

"But first, you need to pump some fat into me so I can expand into heaven. The third level is much like earth's Caribbean area, only much larger of course. The water there makes you fatter too. But, you can see that later. Right now, if you please, make me a big fatty." Mary opened her arms out and awaited Christina's command.

Christina wanted to get this right. She would have to fatten up Mary to a size too big for this level so she would transport to level three. But how big was this level?

"Show me this entire level!" She commanded.

An image showed in front of her. The level was at least three million, billion, trillion, zillion universes high and wide. It showed the level like a map. That's how long this floor went on. So Christina had to put the fat to the grindstone. She said it like she wanted it.

"Pump Mary Hart full of so much fat that she becomes too big for this level, and do it in less than one minute. Start from her belly and out!"

Mary smiled and closed her eyes. She raised her head to the sky and waited for the fattening to commence.


It began in her tummy, traveled into her thighs and legs, burst into her breasts and shoulders, flowed through her neck and face and pumped into her fingers and feet. Immeasurable pounds of sultry fat. Her entire body exploded up and down, out and round, her dress stretched far and wide extending to all corners of the universes. Her feet actually popped out of her shoes and her waist strap snapped loose in a quick whipping sound. Her body grew big, soft, round and strong. The sensations of pleasure were beyond overdosing on any drug. Her entire mammoth of a body swelled with feelings of ultimate ecstasy. Her thunderous form spread over that white floor like a tidal wave. Wave after wave of sweet, pumping, plumping fat. It was expansion in its most sexy form. Her proportions were that of a ludicrously massive marshmallow. She was fatter than anyone, bigger than anything, a deity of fatness. She was beyond Fat. She was a Goddess. She screamed and came and didn't stop until that familiar bluish glow surrounded her.

BOOM! She transported to the next level.

Christina wanted to watch her arrive in the new level, but she had other responsibilities. She had to choose six new recruits and transport the other girls to the third level with Mary. She decided to take care of the other girls first and make it easy.

"Fatten up all women in level one to transporting size, then fatten them up to transfer to level three. Make the fattening immediate, taking no longer than 10 seconds. Oh, and protect me from getting smashed as they come through level two." Christina didn't want to get smothered as they passed through her level.

About six seconds passed and Christina was covered in a red glow as parts of fattened bodies phased right through her as if she wasn't solid. She could hear many moans and cries of passion as the fatties transported into the third level to meet with Mary. The red glow disappeared after the women safely passed.

"Now to recruit some new blood." Christina had already decided on whom she wanted to share this wonderful experience with. "List the following celebrities in your data base.... Alicia Silverstone, Anna Nicole Smith, Jenny McCarthy, Cindi Margolis, Jennifer Aniston and Daisy Fuentes."

The computer stored the names.

"Now, before we begin our first transfer, I think I'd like to fatten up a little. Make me a trillion times fatter, start with my breasts, and end in my feet. Make it a nice slow fattening. Let it last for about a half an hour."

Christina would take a small break, fatten up a bit, then tend to locating her first recruit. As the pounds of fat began to inflate her huge breasts, she thought of how she would transfer Alicia Silverstone. Maybe she would even fatten her up in front of other people! The fattening pulses started to work there way into Christina's belly and waist; she closed her eyes and gave out a soft squeal. "Oooooooo, Alicia is gonna love this!"

(Stay tuned for the New Series: The Fat Dimension: level Three)