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Fat Enchanted Evening
by Doug

She walked nonchalantly into the lobby, and they were swaying, back and forth, with the rhythm of her movements. They were soft, and round, and of perfectly equal size and femininity, brushing lightly against the material of her skirt. Of course, her hips wouldn't have looked so impressive had her waist hadn't also been rather small, as well. A rounded slope of cuddly fat came horizontally out of the waist at each side, and slowly tapered nearly six inches outward to the gentle rounded ends. These proceeded to taper back in to big, soft thighs that carried their thickness most of the way to her knees, with rounded calves that put every inch into perfect proportion.

I had plenty of time to evaluate this as it was a large, extravagant lobby, and I had a great view of most of the entranceway from my easy chair. Not hesitating, I pulled myself up and followed her to the counter. Her body from behind was no less breathtaking than it had been from the side and the front. Her business suit's skirt could barely contain the ponderous, three-foot rear that spread out behind her like inflated balloons. I tapped her on the shoulder while the clerk was searching for something, and as she turned around, her green eyes sparkled from the reflection of the huge chandeliers. She showed a little nervousness, but met my gaze steadily, as I asked her to dinner. She responded with only, "I hope you have a Diner's Club card. I'll see you at eight, Room 312." Thankful that I didn't stutter, I smiled and agreed, and walked casually back to my seat in the lounge. I tried to resist looking back, but I failed, and I was surprised to see that she was also looking back at me. She flashed me one final smile before setting her bountiful body in motion again, as she made her way to her room.

I knocked on her door, but my heart rate was much faster than the knock itself. In a few seconds, she answered the door, wearing a stunning form-fitting green dress. It showed off her width at the hips with a sharp contrast to her small waist. I also noticed now that she had a small pot belly that gently protruded beneath the dress's tight lines, and her impressive bust line was just the right proportion to the rest of her body. The dress was modest and not low-cut, but even that couldn't diminish their impressive size. I tried not to stare, of course.

"I'm Goldie," she said, blushing just a little, her thick black hair shimmering and delicately framing her rounded, dark-skinned face.

"Dan," I smiled back, and we shook hands. As she walked through the door, I casually noticed each hip come within a few inches of the door frame. "That's an awfully nice dress you're wearing," I said.

"Yes, thank you. I love the way it sparkles. It's a little snug, though, and only got it last month. I was told it matched my eyes." She blushed again.

"You were told correctly." Then it was my turn to turn red. "Let's go then," I said, as she closed and locked her door, and walked next to me down the hallway. I was prepared to go slowly and patiently (as I am accustomed to with most of my dates), but Goldie sped right along at a good walking speed, bouncing and swishing all the way. I had to drop behind her to adjust my pants temporarily, hoping that she didn't notice, but secretly hoping that she did. The view from behind was even more stunning than in her business outfit. She was almost three feet wide, I guessed, and her bulging backside was womanly and rounded in every possible way. The dress was fairly tight both at the waist and around her behind, and so caused small diagonal wrinkles to form along the middle, going one way and then the other, with each step she took. There could also be discerned a slight but noticeable jiggle in each globe as her footsteps landed. I quickly sped up to catch up with her.

"Like what you see, Dan?" She flashed a wry smile with wide eyes. Her deep womanly voice came through as surprising as what she said.

"Yes," I said, clearing my throat a little. "I do. Thank you for accepting my invitation."

"You're welcome. Boy am I looking forward to dinner."

When she walked into the elevator, she backed into one side and almost filled it completely. I stood on the other side, secretly thinking that elevators were perhaps the most socially distressing inventions in modern times. The doors finally parted, and I was thankful to let her walk in front of me once again. What a symphony of movement underlying such sweet and simple curves! We walked again together, toward the hotel restaurant, Rigotelli's. "I hope you like Italian food," I gestured.

"My favorite, actually. I was kind of hoping you'd take me here." We found our reservation, and were led to a booth. I usually avoid booths as a rule, but this restaurant's chairs all had arms. Fortunately, I was able to discretely pull the free-standing booth table back slightly, and Goldie less than gracefully fit herself into the booth.

"It's too bad the world isn't prepared to handle women as beautiful as you," I said, when we were finally comfortably seated and had ordered our drinks. Now that her lower body was completely hidden, I was newly amazed with the size of her breasts. I could tell it was going to be a little tricky for her to eat, having to take each forkful all the way over them from her plate to her mouth. They were the largest I had seen in a while, especially recently. She had a slight double-chin, and soft neck and shoulder lines as well, with the same richly colored skin. Her big green eyes accentuated her smile.

"Thank you, and don't I know it. I was a little worried for a minute there. Thank you for pulling the table out."

"You're welcome," I said, sipping my Coke. "So, what do you do?"

"I own a chain of photography studios in town. Not real exciting I guess, since I have people hired to run them for me. So I get to do what I want a lot of the time. How about you?" The deepness of her voice matched the deepness of the beautiful soul that I sensed inside of her. I wondered what could cause her to be so candid, but I didn't ask.

"During the day, I teach music at the university. At night, I play drums for a local jazz group. I suppose you could say I'm a musician, but there are days I wouldn't agree with you." I felt somehow open and candid too, as if magic were happening between us, over the table. We continued the small talk, but it didn't seem to be as small as usual. Goldie was checking in to the hotel for a week-long family trip, and I was here for a percussion conference. We would only have a few coinciding days to spend together, but somehow it seemed prudent that we spend it well. The conversation progressed, and the magical enchantment became less eerie and more natural. Later we would discover that each of us was thinking, "I think this is my soulmate." After dinner, I escorted her back to her room.

"I hope you're coming inside, because I'll go crazy if you don't," she beckoned, almost completely filling up the door frame once more. She had her hands folded in front of her protruding tummy, as if to showcase it.

"Sure, I'll come inside." I entered, and she instructed me to sit on the bed. I got to watch her amazing body walk around the room several times as she dimmed the lights, lit three candles, and shut all the curtains.

"So, are you a man who likes numbers?" she said, standing directly in front of me.

"What do you mean, numbers?" I said, somewhat nervously as manhood pressed firmly against the inside of my pants.

"How about this for starters: I'm five foot four, and I weigh four hundred and twenty pounds." She then began to undress, unzipping her dress to reveal a minimal sports bra and a black slip. The slip's elastic held tight to her waist, but the material was a bit stretched at the ends of her hips. She pulled the elastic as far as it would go and was barely able to get it over each hip. She edged it slowly down her thighs to reveal black satin panties. "Ever seen panties this large? I had to have them custom made for my ninety inch hips!" As she waddled slowly towards me, her whole nearly-naked body became engulfed in waves of motion. Her breasts, still cradled, wobbled side to side, and her large, smooth, round thighs quivered up and down just a little with each step. "Do you mind undoing my bra? It's so constrictive." she said when she met me. I was still sitting at the edge of the bed, and the enormous round things were inches from my nose.

"Sure," I said, being careful not to touch any of her body yet without permission. It was a front clasping bra, and I began with the top hook, making my way down. It took considerable force to hold one side up in order to let the other one out, and which each hook released, the soft breasts fell lower and lower, and towards her sides, until finally the last one was released and she let out a gratified moan. She took the bra and slowly pulled each side away, exposing the massive chest to me. My heart began to race as she leaned closer towards me, grabbed them with her hands, and pushed them into my face. I felt a rush of joy, and nestled my face further and further between them, until I felt the sides of her breasts close in around my ears. I then felt the bed sag tremendously to my left, meaning that she had put her right knee up on the bed. The left one soon followed, and she pushed me backwards into the bed, slowly lowering her immense form on top of me. I felt so completely immersed and dominated that my heart began to sing with ecstasy. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, she lifted her torso up, brought her knees beside me, and rested the full weight of her back end on my thighs. She was so wide that I felt each cheek rest well onto the bed beside me as well. I smiled as she unbuttoned my shirt and then began on my pants. In the meantime, I could now not help but caress the huge hips, rear, and tummy that were still encased in soft black silk. She wasted no time in extracting my now pounding erection, and caressed it with soft gentle hands and a look of great eagerness and excitement.

"Oh, I need you now, Dan!" With a sudden change of gear, she pulled herself off of me, yanked off my pants and underwear and finally pulled off her own panties as well. "Ready or not, here I come!" I scooted myself backwards so that I was fully lying on the king-size bed and secretly thanked the universe for the experience I was about to have. Goldie's completely naked body now climbed on top of me, and with a little mix of fumbling and dexterity, we were able to achieve coitus. Goldie screamed with delight, and I grabbed fistfuls of the blanket. Slowly she pulled out again, and then slammed down around me once more. There was no control anymore as each of us began to build our pleasure to greater and greater heights, achieving orgasm after orgasm, with seemingly no end. I found great joy in grabbing her huge, soft thighs, or reaching for her super wide hips. Her breasts dangled so closely in front of me that I was able to suck a nipple the entire time, alternating between one and the other. After what seemed like an eternity of ecstasy, the final, incredible climax came, and went, and our bodies separated gracefully. I made room and she lay down beside me, moaning softly with each exhale, and holding my hand. I moaned a little too, for not in many moons had I felt so completely satisfied and spent.

Yet instead of feeling sleepy, my mind was charged with activity and raced through the possibilities of this relationship. After a long pause, I took a deep breath and spoke: "I think I've fallen in love with you Goldie." I didn't want another one night stand for the rest of my life, and I wanted to make this work, because somehow, deep inside, I knew it would be worth it.

"I believe you, Dan," she said, and my heart leapt with relief. "Because I think I've fallen in love with you, too."