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Fat Feast

Gene stood at the base of the stairs leading up to the doors of the old brownstone. Although he knew it was the right house, he secretly hoped that the address he held in his hands was wrong, that the person he was told could help him wasn't there.

To put it simply, he was scared.

He glanced down at his ever-expanding waistline. He remembered back to college days, when he had a lean, taut body that fit so well into a football uniform. A well muscled, washboard stomach which the cheerleaders loved to run their hands over, giggling as they felt it ripple beneath their touch, their hands continuing down to fondle and stroke his cock.

Two years in the pros gave him more fond memories of a conditioned body and the ladies who flocked to him because of it. Then the accident, the searing pain of torn ligaments and cartilage, the team doctors saying he would never play again. But at least the contract had a good insurance settlement.

Then the networks came to him. His natural good looks and charm were perfect for sports casting. For another year his luck held out.

But without the usual workouts, an old problem crept up on him. His tendency to put on a few pounds during the off-season became more than just a few push-up solution. Corporate dinners, network luncheons, social engagements put even more weight around his gut. The pounds piled on. Ten...twenty...forty, one hundred pounds, until the word came down. Football season was in two weeks. Image was everything to the network. They didn't want to see a fat man in the booth. Lose the weight or lose his job! There was no way he could lose that much in that short a period of time. Not even liposuction could do what he wanted. Crying in his beer at a local bar, he poured his heart out to the bartender. He didn't remember much about the old man, except that he listened well, "a-ha'd" at the right times and gave him an address and a phone number on a slip of paper, telling Gene that this was the answer to all his problems.

He held that piece of paper in his hands now. He had sobered up the next day and called the number. A woman with a honey-sweet voice talked to him, asked about his problem and said she could help for $5,000 dollars. It was steep, but he was desperate and agreed to the cost and the time.

Folding the paper and placing it in his pocket, Gene struggled up the stairs, then cautiously reached out and rang the doorbell.

A voice came over the intercom. "Mr. Curtis?" she asked, her voice losing nothing of the seductive sweetness he had remembered, even with the tinny nature of the intercom speaker.

"Yes", he replied, his voice cracking a little. "Please come in. The living room is to the left. I'll be right down."

With that, the door buzzed loudly, startling Gene. He pushed the door in, quickly following it. As he stepped into the dimly lit foyer, he was assaulted by a myriad of exotic scents in the air, most of them very pleasant. As he turned to the left, he raised his hands to move aside the curtain of glass beads and crystals, then walked into the living room.

It was sparsely decorated with old wall hangings, some exotic carvings of unknown origin, and large, wide sofas, love seats and chairs, all lushly padded. The sun streamed through the window sheer casting warm pools of light on the floor.

He heard a noise from within the building. It sounded just like the camera platforms at the stadium being lowered. He never heard her walking until she parted the glass curtain behind him. Its tinkling sound spun him around as she spoke.

"Hello, Mr. Curtis...I'm Katherine Marshall."

He was stunned at her appearance. She was tall, about 6' high and had a face sculpted by the angels. Long, strawberry- blond hair surrounded her face. Deep, green eyes drew him in as full, moist lips smiled invitingly. It took him a full second for his eyes to see the rest of her.

Her face was framed by several chins, which were as white and fair as porcelain. She was dressed in a long, flowing white diaphanous gown, clasped at the neck by a gold ringlet broach. Her many chins did not cover the ornately detailed neckpiece. Although very loose, the draping of the gown did little to disguise the fact that she was quite fat. He guessed she must have weighed as much as 350 pounds, possibly more, since much of that was hidden beneath her gown.

As she walked towards him, he saw her body shift and ripple beneath the dress. Her large, pendulous breasts rode high on her belly, which thrust forward almost as far as her tits. The nipples could clearly be seen poking through the material. Her ass was also quite large, forming a shelf where her hips were. Her upper arms were also quite rounded, and he guessed her legs were the same.

She offered her hand to him and as he took it, he felt a small surge of electricity run up his arm. She then raised her other hand and began to stroke the back of his hand, slowly moving up his arm, then down to his protruding belly.

"I see you want to take some weight off. Shall we get to it?" she said as she began to lead him out of the room.

He resisted for a moment, then said, 'Just how are you planning to do it?"

"Didn't George at the bar explain it to you?" she asked. Gene shook his head in reply.

She tugged at his hand once more. "C'mon...I'll give you the fifty cent tour."

As scared as he was, Gene no longer resisted. He found himself willingly following this big beauty out into the foyer, then down the hall as she spoke.

"I am a practitioner of white magic. For lack of a better term, I am a White Witch. None of the secrets and practices I delve in- to involve sacrifice of flesh, blood or soul. I do not worship any of the agents of the Dark Lord. My magic draws off the forces that bind the universe together, the magic of love, balance and order. For every act I perform, there is an exchange. One of my specialties is weight loss. I was once slender, but saw how uncomfortable and miserable some were with their weight. I became the last resort for many men and women. I took their fat from them and became as you see me now. I have been much bigger at times too, which is why you see all the fixtures in my house to be much larger than normal. And that is why I no longer have stairs."

"I had this special freight elevator installed after I found I couldn't fit into the staircase, let alone climb it each day."

They came to a stop and as the doors opened, Gene found his voice once more.

"But, don't you hate yourself being this fat?" he asked.

She turned to face him and said, "How can I hate myself when I'm no different than the person I was before, just in a larger package!" She lifted his hands to her breasts and began to guide them over the soft, expansive flesh. He felt the warmth of her skin easily through the sheer material as she spoke once more. "Besides, I like the feel of my flesh, the sensations that run through it when it's touched, the sight of it rippling with each step I take. I don't have to eat as often, as my body provides me with enough to live on for months without food. I stop taking in clients to allow myself to lose some of it when I get too large to move comfortably, but there have been times I have grown so fat I didn't leave my bedroom for weeks on end. I just sat back, let my apprentices clean house for me, took on a few more clients and basked in the fullness my body had achieved."

Gene heard the words, but his mind was concentrating on the sensations his body was feeling. His cock was harder than he ever could imagine it being. His pulse was quickening as he felt the passions rise.

Sensing this, she let her hands drop away from his, slid them up his arms, then cradled his head. She tilted it slightly, then moved against him. Her bulk backed him against the wall. He felt her softness press into him, knowing she would feel the hardness of his stiff rod poking through his trousers into her fleshy belly.

An electric spark passed between them when her moist lips brushed against his mouth. They fastened there and he quickly found their tongues thrusting together, darting in, out and around each other's mouth. Her height made it possible to kiss him without him hunching over, or her standing on her toes.

She backed away, a little flushed and said, "I see you're ready for me."

She took hold of his shirt and began unbuttoning it. Slowly, deliberately, she worked each of the buttons down, each time planting a small kiss to the area of his chest that had just become exposed. He was so wrapped up in the experience that he hadn't noticed she had led him into what must have been her bedroom. It was dimly lit by dozens of candles of various size. Their scent mingled with the many incense sticks and cones that were lit around the room. The combination of them, along with the intoxicating scent of Katherine's musky odor (Perfume or her? he wondered), made his head begin to swim.

She had finished with his shirt and as he began to slide it off, she started to unfasten his belt buckle. He was desperate to ask any number of questions, but couldn't find his voice through the fog that shrouded his mind.

With the belt now open, she settled to her knees and began to make slow, methodical work of his pants buttons and fly. As she was crouched down, he could now see the furniture in the room. Like downstairs, it was also sparsely furnished. A large canopy bed stood at one side of the room. It went beyond king size several times over. He began to imagine how big she would have to become to occupy so much of a bed that size.

That thought made him even hornier.

He glanced to the right to see an unusually shaped chair. It was a high backed recliner, very wide, like the rest of the furniture, but it had a very odd configuration. The leg rests were set up so whoever sat in it would have their legs opened wide. In the pocket formed by the legs, there was a low sofa, much like a well-padded futon.

The fog cleared enough for his brain to recognize the design from a fellow team member who had his own make-out palace. He too had a similar device in his home, and Gene remembered very well the name that it was given. A Blow Job Chair!!!

The heat he felt rise within him was almost too painful not to let go, but he couldn't. His hands, which were massaging her shoulders and upper arms began to knead the firm, full flesh there. Sensing his arousal, she slowly stood up. Rising to her full height, she stared eye to eye with him and said, 'You're ready."

With that, she slowly raised her arms and reached around to the back of her neck. She released the ringlet broach and let the white gown fall to the floor. His eyes left hers and began to survey the full, rounded shape exposed before him.

Her breasts were bigger than any he had ever seen before, even on the most pneumatically pumped up starlet or groupie. They were pale globes of flesh, tipped by fist-sized areolas that thrust outwards. They surrounded thimble-sized nipples that jutted up and out like ripe strawberries. He raised his hands to them and as they gently ran over them, the nipples immediately swelled with blood. The more he touched and stroked them, the more engorged they became until they had reached the size of his thumbs and became almost as hard as his cock.

He looked up to see Katherine's head tilted back, her eyes closed, her tongue running over her lips. A soft moan rose from her throat as he began to squeeze her hard, swollen nipples.

His eyes drank in the sight of the rest of her body. Her belly was indeed full, but didn't sag at all. It was as if she was 30 months pregnant! The soft fullness didn't droop, as if filled with air like an over-inflated sex doll. He ran his hands down silky smoothness, then around to her well rounded ass cheeks.

They too defied gravity. His hands then found their way between her legs, over the soft tuft of pussy hair, already moist, and then began to work back and forth from her dripping pussy to her large, swollen clit. Her moans became punctuated with short, sharp squeals of joy.

She was a china doll of extreme proportions. Her skin was smooth, unblotched by stretch marks and cellulite. As his eyes met hers again, she once again embraced him. The warmth of her massive form sent sparks running through his body as their naked flesh touched.

They parted and she began to lead him to the chair as he kicked off his shoes and trousers on the way. Reaching their destination, her hands slid down his sides, under his briefs, and eased them down, exposing his hard, stiff, swollen cock, He was well endowed, the cock reaching its full 9 inch length, and then some.

Her hand drew near it and Gene's breath caught in his chest as he felt the tips of her fingers gently stroke and tickle the delicate skin of its underside, slowly running the length of his upright manhood and circling the bulbous head, now filled with blood and nearly purple. At a couple of points, it jumped in her hand, as if eager to thrust into her moist honey pot. Gene's head swam from the full musky odor that was unmistakably hers.

Without words, she guided him into the plush softness of the chair. He settled back into the seat, raising his legs willingly and lay them on the separated rests. He watched past his stiff, upright pole as Katherine settled into the low sofa before him, her head coming to rest within inches of his cock.

She opened her mouth and exhaled on his rod, the warm, moist breath sending shock waves through his whole body. She then began to run the soft skin of the tip of her nose up along the underside of the penis. Slow, upward strokes, each one driving his head backward into the head rests.

The sensation became more unbearable when he felt the tip of her tongue begin to trace the same path. The warm, moist, silky muscle traced long, slow patterns over the sensitive skin. Up and down, she occasionally ran her tongue up underneath his balls, finding that "special" patch of skin under his scrotum, then down to run around the rim of his anus.

After what seemed hours of excruciating ecstasy, he felt her mouth clamp down over the full length of his cock and begin to move up and down on the eager love muscle. The warmth of her mouth drove his head deeper and deeper into the headrest with each stroke. As if pumping a balloon up, he knew that he would explode soon.

Higher and higher, the painfully patient peak was eventually reached. He could hold out no longer as he felt a wave rush through his body. He let go and shot a plume of fresh, hot cum into her mouth. She greedily sucked it up, and the one after that, and the next one. Over and over, she drank the sticky sweet fluid like a hungry child as it burst forth from his cock.

With each thrust, he felt a wave of fire rush through his body, blinding him, setting his brain alight with stars and explosions. But instead of sensations normally subsiding after a brief minute or two, he began to realize they weren't stopping. He was still cumming!!!

He fought the pain and the pleasure enough to look downward to see Katherine still sucking his cock's spewing payload. It was then he noticed that his fat-distended stomach was slowly beginning to lose its roundness. Inch by inch, it slowly settled like a deflating balloon. The smaller deposits of fat on his chest, arms and legs were also shrinking. With each gulp, Katherine was drinking the fat out of his body through his cum.

His fight to remain aware was quickly lost as the wave of fire once more engulfed his brain. After what seemed an eternity, the rushes began to subside. His breathing began to slow in pace and depth. His body felt weak, rung out, and he found himself soaked in sweat.

Glancing at his wristwatch, he saw that two hours had passed. He also saw the watch was hanging loosely around his wrist, when it had been tightly fastened when he entered the brownstone. He surveyed his body to see a familiar sight. His stomach was once again flat against his abdomen. The skin on his arms and legs was stretched tightly over the sinewy muscles which where hidden there long ago by fat.

Katherine's voice came from behind him. 'Well, how do you like the results?"

Gene stuttered for a moment, trying to find words. "I...I... I don't believe it! This is fantastic!"

He weakly struggled to sit up and face his benefactor. He turned to see her standing near the window sheers. Even in silhouette, he could see the obvious change in her form.

She walked away from the windows with some obvious difficulty. The air was clear of the scents of the incense and candles, long ago extinguished. The curtains were now open and the room well lit by the afternoon sun.

She was even more rounded than before. Her belly was almost twice its previous girth, as were her breasts, which had risen even higher on top of her swollen tummy. It had sagged slightly, but still had not covered the reddish-blonde tuft of pubic hair below it. He could clearly see moist droplets of her sweet juices glistening in the sunlight from behind her. His image was of the over-blown sex doll with a few dozen more thrusts of the pump...his pump.

She walked over to where he sat, still too shaky to stand upright, He brought his lips towards her and gently kissed the bloated orb of her abdomen, then rested his head into it, feeling its warmth and hearing her heart beat along with a gurgling sound, as if her body was still digesting its "meal."

His mind was still racing, but it was his heart that spoke. "I love you," he said.

She giggled. "No, you don't. You're still under the influence of my magic. It started when you walked through the door. You were exposed to aphrodisiac incense that was re-enforced by a special balm that I coated my hands with and rubbed into you when we first touched, each exposure affected you even more. It's my way of getting by the initial rejection many men feel by my appearance. It'll wear off soon, but thank you anyway. You've been really sweet."

She kissed him gently on his forehead then offered him a small cup of tea that was sitting on a low table near her. "Drink this. It will give you your strength back."

A few minutes later he was totally refreshed. He got dressed and rode the elevator downstairs to find her in the living room, once more draped by the white gown. With his head completely clear, he could see how much she had truly grown. The soft, rounded swells of her body were even more accentuated by the dress.

Without words, he walked towards her, placed his arms around her (well, almost around her!) and planted a loving, gentle kiss to her lips.

Katherine was confused. She knew very well that her magic herbs, scents and balms had long ago worn off. Most of the men at this stage were very courteous, but not affectionate. This was new!

She looked into Gene's eyes as he spoke. "I don't want to argue, but I really do care a great deal for you. You will see me again, and not for more weight loss treatments."

As he left, somehow she knew he was right. But, that would have to come later. Glancing at the wall clock, she remembered another appointment that was due very soon.

About an hour after Gene had left, Katherine was once more in her bedroom with a client. This time, however, they occupied the large, plush bed instead of the blowjob chair.

The thin, lithe girl slowly caressed Katherine's full, soft breasts, amazed at her feelings towards the large woman next to her. She never considered herself a lesbian, or even bi, let alone attracted to a woman this size, but as soon as she saw Katherine walking through the beaded curtain and take her hand, her mind was in a fog.

The girl brought her mouth closer to the fully erect nipple before her. Flicking it with the tip of her tongue, she then began lapping at the swollen teat and the surrounding areola like a hungry kitten. This brought a series of "oohs" and "aahs" from Katherine.

The moaning heightened the girl's ardor. She firmly clamped her mouth over the nipple and began to greedily suck on it. After a short time, she found her efforts rewarded as a warm, sweet fluid filled her mouth. First contact with the breast milk sent surges of fire through her body as her mind blazed in ecstasy.

Katherine too was enjoying the moment, as she glanced down to see the young girl's flat breasts begin to swell and rise. She would allow the milk to do its work until the girl's bust line had developed to the point she would be happy with, perhaps a little more.

And if they were too big, well, there were ways of taking care of that too.

Original version appeared in JUGGS Magazine 1991