Weight Room Title Bar


By Sasha Steele

Kory arched her back, stretched, and then yawned as she hauled herself from the pod to the control console. Everything was in order; she had arrived safely on the planet Org. Standing naked in front of the mirror Kory snapped a porta comp onto her wrist. "Body stat," she said into the tiny device no larger than a wristwatch.

"Weight 195 pounds, Org evac time, 7 days less 30 minutes Earth time, and counting," came back the reply in an artificial female voice from the micro- computer on Kory's wrist.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Kory could see that she was slightly below her regular weight of 225 pounds at a height of 5'8". Her belly wasn't quite as round as it should be, flattened a bit, though her boobs were still large. Kory supported them with cupped hands to check. Her hips were wide, legs thick, and turning to check - yes, her bum was still big and rounded. Weight loss was to be expected in a trip of this duration. She undid the tie and loosed the kinky curls of her waist length white-blond hair

In the year 2050, a new propulsion system was invented enabling long distance space travel. By that time the average weight of women had risen to 200 pounds. It was discovered that women, because of their body fat ratio, were far better suited for space travel, and for long range travel - such as all the way to planet Org - women only could manage it. The cryogenic units demanded a lot of energy, and that could only be managed by the metabolization of body fat. Gone were the days when muscular young men trained hard physically a year in advance of a space mission, replaced with women stuffing themselves to gain enough weight to meet the energy requirements.

For Org, Kory had trained a year at the space center in order to gain the 700 extra pounds she would need for the flight and weighed 925 pounds when she sealed herself into the cryo pod. There were other problems as well. Time, it was discovered, varies from place to place in outer space. On Org for instance, one earth hour equals ten Org hours.

Star radiation varies as well, having an adverse effect on the few Earth women who had made it out this far. To function at all they must eat constantly, and Org's radiation caused rapid weight gains. For Kory's metabolic rate, her weight gain was calculated at 10 pounds per hour, Earth time, which meant that with a safety factor, seven days to the outside was all the time she had to complete her mission. If Kory saw the full seven days, she could expect to weigh 1875 pounds when she sealed herself back in her pod for the trip home, but so far no earth woman had stayed on Org for that long.

After stuffing herself with twenty pieces of fried chicken, a mound of French fries, and two bottles of pop, Kory stepped into the prep unit, which instantly cleaned and clothed her. She had selected an Org style of dress so as not to be conspicuous, consisting of low cut black tank top, flaring black mini skirt, black underwear, black pantyhose, and shiny black five inch lace-up platform boots. The clothes were linetic so that they would grow to a certain extent with Kory's rapid weight gain.

She clipped a hand pistol into the waistband of her skirt and checked herself in the mirror. Two hours had passed. "Body stat," she said into her wrist comp.

"Weight 215 pounds, Org evac time, 165.5 hours earth time," came the reply.

Eating one chocolate bar after another, Kory boarded her shuttle, which looked like an egg standing on end, the front transparent, and headed into the city of Ban. Kory had to stretch to reach the controls and looked lost on the shuttle's seat, which was wide enough for four of her. The planet Org is much like Earth and the city of Ban like some sort of futuristic Wild West freak show. Kory had a side arm clipped into the waistband of her mini skirt for good reason, and in the tiny purse slung over her shoulder was a rapid transpare unit, RTU.

It took her a an hour and a half to reach the city, dispose of her shuttle, stop at a restaurant to eat a pizza, and find her contact, Shenda, who Kory was to replace. Shenda had been on Org for five days and now weighed 1400 pounds; she was dressed much the same as Kory, only in white, her long black hair in braid, and was breathing heavily from the effort of answering the door when Kory entered and kissed her hello.

Orgian thieves had stolen an RTU, and space police constable Shenda had been dispatched to retrieve it. She was close, but had gone past break off time and so Kory had not been sent in to replace her. There would not be a replacement for Kory. If she could not successfully retrieve the RTU within her time frame, then another seven days later Org would be destroyed.

"Kiel Rees - find him at Ratts Bar in Citycore; he knows where the RTU is," Shenda breathed, between bites of her sandwich. Kory kissed her goodbye and Shenda took a lift chair to the roof where she would summon a shuttle with her own RTU to return to her transport ship for home. Kory finished the plate of sandwiches and lifted her wrist com; another hour and a half had elapsed. "Body stat."

"Weight 245 pounds, Org evac time 163.5 hours."

Ratts Bar was crowded when Kory asked the bartender where she could find Keil Rees. He made a call and said, "Ya, wait here; Keil will talk to you."

"My, my looky what we got here," some Org Goon, standing behind Kory and looking at her big ass, said.

"Get lost asshole," Kory told him, but the Goon just reached out for her, so she let go a kick right in his balls, and he fell to his knees holding himself. Kory took a table and ordered a burger, beer and French fries to eat while she waited for Keil to show. She had just finished when a really good-looking Orgian sat down and introduced himself as Keil.

"So you're Shenda's replacement, are you?"

"I don't have much time; I'm sure that Shenda told you the consequence if we do not get it back."

"I'm on your side, okay," Keil said, getting up. "Go to Backtown in Citycore. Raif Sayers, at 241 Stand - he has it, not sure where, but that's where he is."

Keil left and Kory had another burger. She had just finished it when the Goon had returned, brandishing a side arm.

"I know what you are," he said, "constantly eating, blowing up like a balloon, you're fucking Earth cop."

His hand was close to his gun, too close. Kory stood, her hand by her gun, and faced him down. His eyes showed fear.

"Maybe I'll just wait a day," he said. "By then you'll be so fucking fat that your reflexes will be all but gone."

"Fuck you," Kory said and the Org Goon backed off.

She knew, of course, that he was right; if she didn't find the RTU by then she would weigh 500 pounds and her reflexes would be a lot slower. Kory had to return to Shenda's apartment. One of the problems with the metabolic screw-up were periodic rapid shutdowns. She staggered in and collapsed on the bed.

Kory awoke with a start. The hunger pangs in her stomach where almost unbearable: she had to eat - like right now - so she staggered over to the fridge, sat on the floor and ate nearly everything in it. "Body stat," Kory was able to ask her wrist com now that her hunger was temporarily satisfied.

"Weight 325 pounds, evac time 155.5 hours."

Kory had slept for eight hours and gained another 80 pounds. "Shit," she said, stepping into the prep unit to be cleaned and changed, her old clothes having reached their maximum stretch limit. She chose white silk panties and bra, a red rose pattern mini dress that was short low cut and tight, beige stay up stockings, brown high heel sandals, a thin brown belt, and matching purse for her RTU. Kory checked herself in the mirror: mmm sexy, she thought, fixing her long curly hair.

Clipping her gun into her belt, she hurried out to Raif Sayers' place in Backtown. He wasn't there when she blasted the lock off the door and, searching, found nothing.

"Goes to Ratts Bar this time of day," the fat lady next door told her.

"Thanks," Kory said and left, but she didn't go to Ratts. She had to eat and hit a smorgasbord around the corner where she made trip after trip in order to fill her face so that she could carry on. Raif Sayers wasn't at Ratts. Cory got a hold of Keil and got another location where he might be. Checking it out, she found nothing, so she ate at a Chinese restaurant, bought a huge stock of food at a grocery store, and returned to Shenda's apartment to crash.

She woke up and stuffed herself with half a dozen frozen dinners and a pot of coffee, then checked her body stats. Over fifteen hours had gone by.

"Weight 500 pounds, evac time 105 hours."

Kory had to use her prep unit again, coming out dressed much the same way, but in a blue flowered mini-dress and in a larger size. She returned to Sayers' apartment - nothing - then ate in a pizza shop. Nothing at Ratts either: she waited, ate there, then decided to go back and keep surveillance on the apartment from the restaurant across the street. She ate two specials over the course of five hours before returning to Shenda's to crash again.

"Body stat," Kory said as she munched on a piece of banana cake after waking up and pigging out.

"Weight 700 pounds, evac time 95 hours."

Black underwear and stockings, black stilettos, blue sequence mini-dress, her gun clipped to the black belt around her now massive ballooning stomach, Kory returned to Ratts. It was after hours, but she thought that Keil might be there. She tried the front, then waddled around back.

"So what do you say now, you fat bitch?" the Goon said.

Shit! Taking no chances with him this time, Kory pulled her gun, turned and fired. She missed, and he did, too. She jumped behind cover and fired again, this time making her mark. The Goon swung around and fell out in the open; Kory stepped out and blew him away. She'd had enough; shooting the lock off the back door, Kory entered Ratts, catching Keil in bed. "Fuck off," she told the fat hooker he was sleeping with and then to him, "Get dressed - you're taking me to Sayers right now."

Keil directed Kory to a warehouse, and, finally, there inside was Raif Sayers. "Thanks for your help; I'll take it from here," Kory said, and Keil left. She took her gun and entered . . .

Three days had passed since he had left Kory, the memory of her big wide ass flicking side to side as she waddled up to warehouse still fresh in his mind. Keil wondered if she had returned to Earth or if she was still here - and if she was, now big was she now? Then Keil got word that Kory was still here and that things had gone terribly wrong for her at the warehouse. Like all Orgs, he hated the fact that Earth could destroy them in a blink, but he had a weakness for fat women. And these girls from earth were the fattest that he had ever seen, and they just kept on growing. Keil didn't want to get in any deeper than he already was, but he couldn't help wondering about Kory.

Kory woke up shivering, her naked 1350-pound body quivering like a moving mountain of flesh. There was no need to keep her tied any longer: she had gotten so large that she could hardly move, and all she did was eat and sleep, anyway. Sayers had let Kory enter and struck her from behind; now all he had to do was to keep her alive. He had the RTU unit and a rotund Earth cop to make it work. Two more days and the buyer would have both, and he would be rich - that is, if she didn't eat him out of his profit first; feeding the massive whale was a full time job in itself.

"I'm hungry," Kory said. She had burst out of clothes a long time ago, but her wrist com had adjusted itself to her growing body, and Sayers still had her purse and gun on the table. He hadn't figured out that her purse was actually a working RTU and leaving her untied was a mistake. All Kory had to do was to get to her gun, but if an opportunity didn't present itself soon, her growing weight would make it impossible; it was almost to the point now where she could hardly move.

"Tell me about it; you're always hungry," Sayers said, placing a large pizza on a tray for her. Kory struggled to bring herself to a sitting position and did so only with Sayers’ help. He watch her gobble one down and then another. "You’re not gonna explode or anything are you?" he laughed.

"Fuck you," Kory said.

"Ah ah aah, watch your manners, Miss Piggy, or ol' Raif won't feed you anymore."

"More," was all that Kory said; she knew why he was keeping her alive.

Kory had passed out a few more times since then, losing all track of the time, and her weight had increased substantially. She had about given up when an opportunity presented itself. Sayers had left, hopefully to buy more food; Kory had just woke up so she had no idea how much time she had left before he would be back, but she had to attempt to get to her gun and her RTU - it was her only chance. She raised a massive arm. "Body stat," Kory said into wrist com.

"Weight 1865 pounds, evac time 1 hour.

"Shit!" Attempting to kick one of her colossal sized legs over, Kory tried to turn over on the bed, but because she was so wide across, she couldn't. She tried squirming to the edge; it was working but seemed to take forever - and the effort was rendering Kory breathless. Her massive stomach, reaching four feet above the bed, was crying out for food. Kory's gigantic rear end caused her head to lay downward an angle - her humongous breasts laid back toward it and the extremely thick collar of fat around her neck almost choked her.

Finally Kory made the edge and stopped there, wondering if she might injure herself. Then she squirmed her legs over, moved her side to her edge of the bed, and tried to roll off onto her knees. With some effort, Kory managed it, but almost she rocked off balance on her stomach before catching herself on the bed. She didn't want to end up on her back again, on the floor. Kory used the bed and dresser to help lever herself up to a standing position. She made it and stood there a moment to regain her breath.

She took one wide step, almost losing her balance, then another and another, like tiny baby steps with her legs far apart, so huge that she couldn't bring one past the other. Just a few feet away now, Kory stumbled on something and fell into the table, upending it, and almost in slow motion went down on one knee, onto her side and then right over, ending up splayed out on her back. She tried again to turn herself over but failed.

Kory could see her gun on the floor just a few feet away and began to squirm over to it. She was just about there when she heard Sayers come back. Panicking now, she squirmed faster, reached it, and with one last Herculean effort kicked a massive leg up and rolled over onto her ballooning gut.

"What the…" Sayers started to say, dropping the food bags and reaching for his gun. Kory fired first, sending him back through the doorway and into the hallway dead. She had a moment of indecision: as to retrieving her RTU first or crawling over to the food. Good sense and a lot of will power would have sent her for the RTU, but Kory went for the food - she simply had to. Thirty Deli sandwiches and two quarts of milk later, she slung her purse over her shoulder and managed once again to bring herself to her feet.

Setting the coordinates, Kory's RTU produced a prep unit, where she cleaned and clothed herself in pink panties and bra, a crinoline like pink mini skirt, pink tank top, beige stockings, and pink heels. Her RTU summoned the shuttle, and Kory stepped inside, her extremely wide ass taking up the entire seat now. Kory blasted a hole in the wall of Sayers' apartment, and the shuttle left the city behind, depositing her safely back on her transport ship for the ride home.

She reported the success of her mission to HQ and prepared her cryogenic pod. Raising her hugely fat right arm, Kory said to her wrist com, "Body stat."

"Weight 1905 pounds, evac time expired, plus 3 hours."

Eating another chocolate bar Kory calculated what her weight loss would be in the flight back. She would arrive back on earth still weighing 1175 pounds. Hmmm, Kory thought as she sealed herself in and started up the unit, her boyfriend Rad would like that; he can never keep his hands off her when her weight was up in preparation for a mission. Maybe I'll just keep it on this time, she thought, gently massaging her massive stomach as she drifted off to sleep.