Weight Room Title Bar

A Fat Man's Life
by Psychosanta

The woman who sat next to William Mason on his flight to Europe didn't much like him. For one, he spent the entire fifteen-hour flight typing away noisily on his laptop, and for another, he spilled over onto her seat.

You'd think someone with as much money as he had could afford to fly in first class, where the seats might fit someone of his physical size.

He stood at average height, about five foot eight, but due to his interests and his job, plus his severe animosity towards exercise, he was fat. Excruciatingly so. His driver's license from the state of Ohio listed him as follows:


M 5'8" 363 LBS. 47 YEARS


However, that was issued two years ago before he had to increase his belt size three times. He loved to eat, and his job gave him every opportunity to do so. What, exactly, did he do? He was a restaurant critic. All day, every day, he went to the classiest restaurants and gorged himself on first-class food. For free.

Most of the flight to his job stint in Europe was spent online in a chat room, where he was talking to a "FaTMenROoL." She described herself as mid-thirties, with average breasts and an insatiable lust for a sexy fat man's belly. William had a hard-on the entire flight as he read what she wanted to do to him. They coordinated a meeting at his hotel room the second night he was to be there.

After extracting himself from the seat and rubbing the bruises on his love handles, he straightened his shirt and pulled up his pants, picked up his briefcase and waddled out of the plane into the terminal, where he hailed a cab to his hotel. Checking in under his name, he ordered a double cheeseburger room service (on the magazine's tab, of course) and took the elevator up. No way in hell was he going to make it up to the thirty-second floor on the stairs!

After tripping on the way out because his belly obscured the view of the elevator door ridge, he waddled down to his room, opened it up, and entered, dropping his briefcase on the table before pulling off his jacket and undoing his belt, which needed to be sized-up again. He stepped into the bathroom and splashed some water on his face and beard, then took a chance and stepped on the Voice-A-Scale, which promptly replied:

"Scale will not read in excess of three hundred fifty pounds."

The door to the room knocked, and he answered it, taking his double cheeseburger and wolfing it down in three bites. It was decent, a little greasy, but of better than fast-food quality. He shrugged, dropped his pants, and plopped onto the bed, feeling his belly jiggle and shake, his thighs wiggling side to side, his double chin vibrating, his jowls hopping, and his fat arms wobbling. He laughed a little before he fell asleep.

He woke up at exactly nine o'clock to the sound of his stomach gurgling. He slid out of bed, easing his weight up onto his feet, and then got dressed before heading down to his first assignment: The hotel's restaurant. It would take him at least ten hours to sample their entire menu. His gigantic stomach was up to the job.

At seven thirty he got up from the table, stuffed almost to his own limit and feeling oddly romantic. Eating massive amounts always made him horny. Thank god he had the belly to cover up his hard-on.

At seven thirty-five a woman entered the restaurant, looking around. She saw him and smiled, then walked up to him, offering her hand. "Hi, my chat name is FMR. Are you Perry Mason?"

He shook her hand and smiled. "Yes I am. Shall we go someplace and talk?"

"How about your room?"

"Sounds good."

She leaned back and looked his belly up and down, then stepped to the side and put her hand in his back pocket, squeezing his blimping ass cheek. "Let's go."

William was ecstatic as he stepped into his hotel room and Fiona (that was her first name) ran her hand up his back and across his shoulder, then stepped in front of him and undid his belt as her breathing sped up.

"Mmmmm. . . . I've been looking forward to this . . ."

"So have I . . . can I suck your dick?"

"Go right ahead."

William stood there as she unzipped his pants and pulled them out of the way, pulled up his shirt and licked his navel. He groaned as her warm tongue caressed his belly flesh, her hands squeezing it and molding it, finally running down the underside of his belly and stopping while he felt his boxers being yanked down. His dick soon felt the warm wetness of her lips sliding down the shaft, her tongue licking the bottom vein as it slid back up. He groaned again, reaching around his belly to grab her hair and push her farther down the shaft, as his dick felt better and better the farther it was inside her mouth, as he felt absolute ecstasy when her tongue slid around and around his shaft, toying with the head until he grunted and then pulling up and off.

"Nooooo. . . ." he whispered. "Don't stop, don't stop . . ."

"Did that feel good?" She asked.

"Yes, yes, do it again,"

And his flaming hot hardon was greeted by her mouth yet a second time, but this time she slid down the shaft and back up quickly, toying with the vein underneath only briefly before sliding back down and sucking up before pulling up again. He groaned and she slid up, then down and up, swirling her tongue around his dick, sucking up and letting off while pressing down all the way and stroking his balls with both hands, bringing him to a grunting, moaning, wet shudder, before he started to thrust his pelvis slowly against the back of her throat while she sucked up and slid up and down, suddenly twitching and screaming out

"Oooooohhhhh, Goddddd yesss, unnnnhhhh. ... ."

as the semen jetted from his dick and down her throat. She swallowed twice before standing up in front of him, stroking his belly softly with her fingertips and giving him goosebumps.

"How did that feel?"

"Let's get in bed."

"But I'm still dressed."

William tore his shirt off, ignoring the popping buttons, stepping out from his boxers and pants and waddling up to her in his socks, bumping his belly into her. "Come on, let's go . . ."

She smiled and pulled off her top, unbuttoned her bra, and pulled off her skirt before leaping backwards onto the bed and spreading her legs out sideways. She was wearing her heels and her panties.

"They're edible. So am I," She breathed in, letting her pert breasts point skyward as she rubbed her crotch with her fingers. William needed no further urging, and climbed onto the bed behind her, his belly falling onto the sheets as he leaned forward, his jowls and beard tickling her thighs, which she gladly squeezed against the side of his head. He quickly bit a hole in the panties and stuck his tongue through, flicking it around the inside and occasionally shaking his head from side to side while she groaned and moaned. Suddenly her juices started flowing across his lips, and he got up, crawled over her, letting his belly fall onto her stomach and breasts, before leaning his hips down and inserting his fully erect dick into her waiting and lubricated vagina, moaning as he entered and slid forward

"Yes . . fuck me, fat boy, fuck me . . . unnhhh . . . .unnnnhhhhh . . ."

until his balls were touching her buttocks, then pulled back slowly and shifted his weight so he could slide in zig-zagging on the next run

"Ohhhhh . . . yes, yes, faster, faster . . . unnhhh"

which he cut short so he could pull back quickly, then thrust it in just as fast, his entire fat body jiggling with the motions

"Please please please, faster. . . . .fatter faster . . . .faster . . . .unnnnhhhh. . fatter ."

as he pulled back faster, his belly picked up and slapped down again on her stomach before he pushed back in, then clapped again as he pulled out and thrust in hard and far

"Unnnhhhhhhh . . . . deeper, fatman. . . .fast and deep . . ."

he pulled out as fast as he could, his belly dropping from a full six inches and making her yelp as he thrust in the full eight inch dick as far as he could go and as hard as he could do it, backed up by his three-hundred-fifty pound fat body. He pulled out quick and thrust in faster, his belly clapping with her stomach, then did the same again and again before grunting and thrusting in hard, keeping it there as he shuddered and his semen jetted off inside her.



He pulled out and rolled onto his back beside her on the bed, his chest heaving as he panted from the exertion. She got up and picked something up from her clothes, then climbed up beside him on the bed. Suddenly he felt something cold dripping onto his belly. He looked up, but his double chin limited his motion, and he could only see her holding up a bottle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup and was pouring it all over his belly. She finished pouring and set it on the nightstand, then kneeled between his blubbery thighs and licked the syrup slowly off his belly with her tongue, tracing every chocolate pattern. This surprised William with the eroticism of the sensations, as he was flaming hard shortly after he began. Suddenly she pushed his belly up and dove onto his cock, sucking hard and ramming his cock down her throat while her tongue set about an intense dick whirlpool. Up and down she slid, swirling around and around, the force of her head bobbing up and down sending vibrations through his fat belly and blubbery thighs before he thrust his pelvis up into her mouth and cried out as he shot off into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh... . . . God, yes, more . . . ."

He laid on the bed and listened to Fiona get up. He watched her get dressed in curiosity before he sat up, letting his belly fat spill over his thighs and rest on his knees. "Where are you going?"

She pat his stomach affectionately. "That's enough for tonight, honey. You've just about burnt off everything you've eaten today."

He seriously doubted that. "When can I see you again?"

"Call me in a few days, let us both recover. Plus, you can carbo-load so you won't risk actually losing any of that glorious fat."

And with that, she opened the door and left. William just sat there for a few minutes, the image of her body still fresh in his mind, his dick still hot and hard from their activities. Frustrated, he grabbed one of the extra pillows, laid on his side, pushed his belly up out of the way, and fucked the pillow until he shot off again.

He fell asleep almost immediately afterwards.

The next morning was one of his few days off (his company did give his stomach time to recuperate, although he really didn't need it). He woke up to the mouth-watering smell of milk chocolate.

Opening his eyes, he found himself looking down at what appeared to be a six pound box of See's chocolates.

"Good morning, Mr. Mason. I hope you're ready to start the day?"

He looked up into Fiona's face, stopping momentarily on her naked breasts before the effect of her sentence fully struck him.


She slapped him on the side of the gut, watching the waves of fat jiggle and vibrate. "We've got to get some stuff inside you before we go off again, don't we? Couldn't have you losing weight."

"Ohhh .. ." He rolled over and sat up, his belly fat spilling over his thighs as he slid back against the wall, his back fat cushioning him and ignoring any need for a pillow. He took the box from her, and began to eat the chocolates, one by one. They were, as always, the best in the business.

"Don't suppose you brought anything to drink?" He asked after about four bites.

"Be right back." She took her backpack and his water glass into the bathroom, ran some water, and came back a minute later with a glass of thick white fluid. "Here you go!"

He downed half of it in a gulp, then gagged slightly. "Whoa, what is this? Tastes very strongly of vanilla."

"Two doses of Weight Gainer 4000, for a total of 8,000 calories per glass!" She giggled a bit.

"Jesus Christ, I'm going to weigh fifty pounds more when I get back."

"That's the idea."

He looked at her funny for a moment. "Well, I never cared before, and I won't now, especially since I'm getting the best sex of my life."


An hour later, Will set the empty box on the floor next to the bed and called Fiona in from the other room. She came in, naked and beautiful as always, her breasts pert and full and bouncing as she walked.

He patted the bed next to him. "C'mere. I have something to show you."

She crawled on the bed, but sat at the end as he took up most of the bed. "Yes?"

He leaned back and lifted his belly, revealing his eight-inch long monstrosity of a hard-on. "I'm waiting . . ."

She reached underneath his belly and tickled his dick, listening to him moan in pleasure. Then she crawled up and sat in front of him, pulling his head in close and kissing him on the lips. His arms snaked around her back and pressed her close against his warm belly flesh, her breasts brushing against his chest.

Suddenly she broke off. "I've got to go to work."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"I am saying something. Afterwards I'm taking you to Mandelaire Park and we're having a night out."

"Sounds good." He smiled even though he was disappointed.

"In the meantime, eat something." She prodded him in the stomach and got up, pulling on her clothes. "And save some for me." She winked and closed the door behind her.

"Damn," he reached over and grabbed the second pillow, rolling over so his belly fell to the bedspread. It took him a good twenty seconds to get his belly up and over so he could slide his dick into the pillow, but he managed, and pumped furiously as the cloth of the pillow tickled his dick to a mediocre orgasm. He stopped and panted, his face beet red, but still felt as if he had something left, so continued pumping, huffing, puffing, and grunting until he shot off a second time. He pulled out slowly, cleaning himself off with the pillowcase before standing up, waddling into the bathroom, and pissing a river. Back in the bedroom he pulled on his underwear, rubbing his crotch as he pulled up his gigantic pants and throwing on a shirt. He didn't bother to tuck it in, yanked on some socks and his high-tops, and grabbed his wallet and keys before leaving.

He didn't have a rental car, so hailed a cab and squeezed into the back. The cabby was also an enormous man, probably tipping three hundred pounds. He had a deep German accent that showed when he asked, "Vere to, meester?"

William sighed, finally giving up on trying to buckle himself in. "Someplace fat friendly."

"For food or fun?"

"Both, preferably."

"I know just zee place." He gunned the motor, making several turns and more than a few illegal traffic maneuvers. He pulled up to a small unmarked building and parked.

Will squeezed his way out of the cab and waddled over to the driver's door. "How much do I owe you?"

The cabby reached out the window and rubbed the front of his belly right above the navel, then poked him in the stomach. "It's real. No charge." Then he smiled and pulled away, waving.

"Weird people in Europe." Will muttered as he worked his way inside.

Will knocked on the door when he found it was locked. A small panel opened up, and he was stared at by a feminine pair of eyes.

"What do you want?" "A cabby just dropped me off here . . ."

"One moment." The door opened and a woman stood there, dressed only in a pair of crotchless stockings and black leather boots. She was beautiful to say the least.

"Are you coming in or are you just going to stare at me all day?"

"I'll come in, but I'd be happy to do the latter."

The woman laughed as he waddled in, and she slapped his fat butt as he got in front of her. "It's dead right now, so you're pretty much alone. Take a seat wherever."

He waddled around the corner into the main room, where there was many tables situated around a stage. Two tables had single men sitting at them, one chubby and the other rather thin. One table had a couple at it, an average-weight man feeding a woman who looked as if she tipped three hundred fifty pounds. Yet another table had the opposite (reminds me of my love life), a fat man being fed by a cute woman. He sat down at one of the tables in the corner. A waitress came quickly.

"Hi, I'm Wanda, your head supervisor. What's your choice?"


"I'm sorry, are you new here?" "Yeah, a cabby just dropped me off . . ."

"No problem. This is a feeder bar, where you can go to have fun and be unmolested about your preferences. Do you go for fat-on-fat, heavy guy on thin girl, or thin guy on heavy girl?"

"Fat man on thin girl."

"No problem. I'll get Sherry. I believe she's the one who let you in."

"Bonus." He muttered to himself as Wanda left. A few minutes later Sherry arrived.

"Hello again. Can I get you anything?"

"A menu and a schedule of events would be nice."

"No problem." A few seconds later . . . "Here you go. Anything else?"

"Not yet."

"Call me if you need anything!"

He opened the menu to a dazzling array of foods that were notorious diet no-nos: fettucine alfredo, lasagna, mashed potatoes with extra butter, cakes, pastries, and other assorted goodies. Mildly unimpressed, he switched to the schedule of events.



10AM FAT MANS FEAST -- men receive 20% off

11AM BIG GIRLS BUFFET -- women receive 20% off

12PM MIDDAY MILKING -- 2 women adore each other's breasts, one heavy, one thin, both the cream of the crop in cup size

1PM CHUNKY CHIPPENDALES -- two men performing their version of the Chippendale's dances, one heavy, one superheavy

3PM FLABBY HOUR -- half off all food!

4PM FOUR O'CLOCK FUCK -- three pairs of sexual action, all onstage at the same time!! One fat on fat, two fat on thin!

8PM BLUBBER BLOWJOBS -- one fat man and one thin man both get a BJ from two women from our cast, random every night!

9PM SEASON'S EATINGS -- one fat woman and one thin one both get eaten out from two men from our cast, random every night!

10PM TEN O'CLOCK TOAST -- All drinks half off!

11PM LATE NIGHT LARGESSE -- All food clearance priced!!!!

12AM MIDNIGHT MADNESS -- a superhuman sexual orgy, where six of our members are onstage in action, switching partners after they're done three times!


"Wow." Was all he had to say. He glanced at his watch: 11:03 AM. He had just missed the Fat Man's Feast, but what the hey? Might as well have some fun. He ordered their Colossus Burger and a Super Soda.

The Colossus Burger was bigger than he thought! It was about six inches around, but almost eight inches high with six patties, lots of cheese, mayo, bacon, and barbecue sauce. He finished it, but was relatively full afterwards and only ordered one dessert.

As the dessert came up, he watched the curtains pull back and two naked women, one gorgeous and the other obscenely fat, walk (waddle?) onstage and sit down on chairs. A moment later, two men brought out stools and sat on them in front of the women, and slowly began to toy with their breasts, kneading them, suckling them, and toying with the nipples. Will watched with mild interest.

The clock ticked twelve thirty, and Will left. It was definitely a place to remember, however!

He waddled around town for several hours, then hitched a ride back to the bar. He walked in and sat down at his table again, but was mildly disturbed by the grunts and moans that were coming from the audience. He looked over at the other patrons to find that the men were stroking themselves, and the women had there fingers going! He was disgusted at first, but when he began watching the onstage action, he unzipped his pants and started stroking his hardon as well.

He was watching the Four O'Clock Fuck, especially the fat man on the huge woman. The way their flesh rubbed up against each other was most erotic, as was the way the other huge man was being ridden by the beautiful girl, who looked no older than nineteen. Will imagined himself onstage with those women, and stroked himself a little faster, his pudgy fingers massaging his dick, the head rubbing up against the soft fat of his belly. The sensation of his fat rubbing against the head drove him crazy, and he spanked his arm up and down fast enough to make his entire blubbery body jiggle and the chair squeak momentarily before he grunted and warm semen sprayed into his fat belly, which he quickly cleaned up with a napkin.

He hadn't even been paying attention to the fact that the stage was empty and most of the other people had left. He zipped himself up, squeezed out of the chair, and left, hailing a taxi back to his hotel. It was the first ride he actually had to pay for.

No sooner did he waddle back into his room and shut the door than Fiona opened it right back up, ran up, and hugged him fiercely from behind, her hands clenching his belly and pressing his back tight against her chest.

"I hope you ate a lot today," she said with a giggle in her voice. "I couldn't stop thinking about you all day long." She spun him around and unbuttoned his pants, yanking them halfway down his thighs. "All I want to do now is suck you till you come in my mouth." She pulled down his underwear, revealing his flaming hard dick.

Her tongue snaked out and tickled his head, making Will moan. "But I can't." She got up and looked him in the eye. "Because we're going to Adventureland!"

He frowned and pulled his pants back up. "Then let's go!"

Fiona tucked her arm inside his and they walked (er, waddled) down to her car, which promptly began leaning to the left as Will got in the passenger side. Fiona gunned the engine and zipped through a drive-thru, handing Will a bag, then continuing on their journey to Adventureland while happily munching away.

It was only an hour and a half drive, but it went in a flash for Will, as the sights of the area were totally new. Fiona found an easy parking spot and hauled him up to the gates, where she handed him a note. The gateman looked at it, handed it back to her, and nodded, letting them inside.

"What was that?" He asked.

"Don't worry about it. Come on! There's the Tunnel of Love."

Will smiled. "Now that's what I'm talking about."

The line was short, and Will took up most of the entire boat when he sat inside it, so Fiona draped herself across his knee and laid back against his chest. The second the boat sunk into the darkness of the tunnel, she turned over and kissed Will emphatically on the lips, her hands holding the back of his head, ruffling his hair as she pressed him closer. He held her butt and the middle of her back, leaning away so she was almost laying on his gargantuan belly. Will opened his eyes just in time to see the light at the end of the tunnel and break the kiss.

Then she hauled him off to the Super Spider, a traditional carnival ride with three arms, each arm spinning a wheel of four carts as the entire contraption spun the opposite direction.

Will was about to walk inside the room when the doorman stopped him. "I'm sorry, sir, but the cart might not hold your weight."

"What's the weight limit?"

"Five hundred pounds."

Will pulled the doorman to the side and talked quietly. "I weigh three hundred sixty three pounds."

"And I weigh one hundred twenty nine. That's only 492 pounds, eight left over. We'll fit." She grabbed Will's thick arm and hauled him to one of the carts. Will got in and slid towards the outside.

"No, go to the inside."

"But the spinning will fling me outward."

"I know." She had a gleam in her eyes which he didn't dare question, as she had an idea for some bizarre sexual activity. So he slid to the inside, she got in the outside, and shut the gate, which pressed up tightly against his belly.

"When the ride starts, the lights go off. Don't be surprised if I do something . . . that I shouldn't do in public."

He waited anxiously, and finally the lights dimmed. The cart spun, and sure enough, he was flung into Fiona. He put his arm around her neck and felt her hands snaking underneath his belly and rubbing his crotch through the jeans. Her lips found his, and they necked for a while, his free hand massaging her breasts.

The ride ended, and Fiona blinked as the bright sun hit her eyes when they exited. She turned to him and asked, "Are you hungry?"

Will was surprised at his own response. "Actually, yeah."

Fiona smiled and led him to a building set back from the main path that he would have never seen on his own. She opened the door (he noted it said "Management Offices") and stepped inside, pulling him along with her.

The lobby was filled with wide leather chairs, photos, and a receptionist's desk, the lady behind which, who, after seeing Fiona, waved her on back.

"Stay here for a minute, okay?"

"Hurry . . ." he whispered after her. A moment later, he was peering at the photos, of Fiona as a young girl with her parents (the father looked as if he weighed more than Will did) and a beautiful mother. He saw her as a repeat of her mother's taste.

--Inside the back offices--

"Hi mom, how's work?" Fiona said as she entered.

"It's work. What's up?"

"I need some food passes for a date and myself."

"He's not treating you?"

"It was my idea."

Her mother dug around in a drawer for a few moments before procuring some cards. "Here you go, if you need more let me know."

"I'm letting you know."


"He's big, mom. I tried fat, and I got addicted." Her mother smiled and looked at her photo of her husband, the six hundred-pound man she rode stiff every night. "I told you. Here, this should be enough to cover Dad, that should cover both of you."

"Thanks, Mom."

Will woke up with a stiff feeling on his stomach, before remembering the bruise he got on several of the rides. Most of the lapbars weren't designed for men his size. He rolled out of bed, alone, with his dick still sore from last night's furious antics. He had to smile at that, his chubby cheeks bright red against his eyes in the mirror, framed by his now wet beard as he splashed water on his face. He stared at himself, turning sideways and trying to remember.

"Am I bigger?"

The bathroom scale was useless, so he ignored it and got dressed for a hard day's work of eating, eating, and eating.

The first restaurant he couldn't fit into the chairs, and that made the entire experience horrible. The second one had great food but no service, the third was a good restaurant, and the final was Health Food City, which he totally disliked.

On the way home he saw a nutrition store with a scale on it, decided to pop a quarter in and see how much he weighed.

The scale read: 371 pounds

"Eight pounds?!" He was aghast. He'd put on eight pounds in five days! That was more than he'd ever put on that fast before. No wonder his pants were tight!

He realized he was rubbing his stomach, no, more of a massage to be correct. Right near the beltline, so he could feel the fat of his belly bulge out after the belt's confinement. And he quickly discovered that he had a raging hard-on.

Glancing at his watch, he saw that he could still catch the Flabby Hour at the bizarre diner he went to yesterday. Hopping in a cab, he paid the driver who, oddly enough, knew exactly where to take him.

Handing the waitress two $100 bills, he sat down at a table and began to eat, and eat, and eat. The waitress watched his table and kept his plate filled with all sorts of fattening foods, the kind he liked. Whenever he slowed down and leaned back, she was there to massage his shoulders and get him pumped and ready to go again. It wasn't long before he had to unbuckle his belt and let his stomach go, and shortly after that he had to unbutton his pants and untuck his shirt, exposing some of his soft belly flesh. And yet he continued to eat, noticing with mild pleasure how his dick was flaming hard.

Plateful after plateful wound its way down into his cavernous stomach, and after almost three hours his belly was firm. He couldn't lift the fork anymore and force himself to swallow -- he even thumped his belly and noticed that it didn't jiggle much. Cinching up his pants and holding them up, letting his shirt hang over the front of his crotch, he got up and waddled out.

"Excuse me, sir!" the waitress called out. "I believe you have some change."

He waddled back to the cashier, and as she handed it out to him, he glanced at his waitress. "Give it to her as a tip."

"But it's fifty-seven dollars!"

"And?" He turned and left, catching a cab to the nearest Big & Tall store. The cabby, not on the small side himself, leaned over.

"For a fellow your size, I'd suggest the King Size down on 53rd Street."

"Okay, I'm visiting here. Just someplace where I can get some clothes."

And he was dropped off at the store, whose sign read KING Size Clothiers. He walked in, immediately noticing how their smallest employee was at least three hundred pounds, and their manager outweighed Will by at least a hundred pounds. The smallest size the store carried was 54.

He was greeted heartily and shown around the store, finally stopping at clothes his size. He purchased one set in size 68, his size, as well as one set for each size up to 74.

Nine sets of clothing only came out to $138. He was shocked.

The cabby waited for him outside and took him back to his hotel room, which he opened to find Fiona laying on his bed.

"Hi, honey." he greeted her as he dropped his bags in the closet.

"I've been waiting for you," she breathed as she walked up to him. "Where ya been?"

"Out working." He thumped his belly. "Quite a day."

She felt it up. "Oooohh, this will do nicely. Lay down and get ready for bed."

He undressed and slid into bed, noticing how the bed creaked loudly as he sat down.

"All the way undressed."

He pulled off his boxers and tossed them onto the ground, just in time to allow her direct access to his flaming hard dick. Her tongue stroked it up, and the coolness felt good, the pleasure screaming for more. He groaned as her tongue licked it again, before she dove onto it, swirling her tongue and sucking up at the same time. His moans escaped although he tried to keep them in, her tongue played with his head, and his already stimulated penis shot off into her mouth shortly afterwards.

She pulled off and wiped her mouth, stroking his flabby thigh as she reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a chocolate bar, which he grudgingly ate as darkness took over his sight . . .

Will woke up, once again, alone. It was kind of aggravating at times. However, he guessed that she needed to work as well. Without bothering to get dressed, he dialed up a large meal from room service, pulled out his laptop, and began to type up his reports from the restaurants he'd sampled so far.

He figured that, by the time he finished, Fiona should be coming back from wherever she had gone.

Leaning back and yawning, flexing his fat fingers, Will sat against the head of his bead and turned on the TV. He had just finished typing up his reports, and Fiona hadn't shown up yet. Channel surfing revealed nothing interesting, and he spent most of the time spacing off.

Until he heard the door open and Fiona came back inside. She dropped her bags in his closet and came over to the bed, practically leaping on top of him and making his fat body jiggle. She ran her hands over his belly, pinched his nipples briefly, and kissed him on the lips. Smoothing out his beard, she whispered in his ear.

"You know what you haven't done to me yet?"


"You haven't rammed that big, thick cock of yours up my ass and shot off inside me."

"You never asked."

"I am now. So come on, fat man, fuck me! I'm dying here, I haven't gotten any from you in almost three days!"

Will swung his legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, heaving his bulk off the bed. "Hurry up, fatman! I'm wasting away!" He turned and watched as she ripped her shirt and pants off, his dick flaming hard. Fiona bent over, her ass inviting him.

Heaving up his stomach, he set it on her back and thrust his loin in between her cheeks. Fiona grabbed the table for support, as he thrust violently enough to shake his entire body and move the table around. At first she moaned in pain, as his dick was thick and he was thrusting hard, but then it felt good to her and she tightened her buttocks so that he could barely pull out. He shot off quickly, grunting and moaning.

"Don't pull out, fatman, keep fucking me. Yes, yes, faster, faster, faster!!!"

He complied, pushing his dick in farther and farther, feeling her ass press against his flabby thighs.

"Fatter, faster faster, deeper, fatman, deeper and faster!"

By now his fat was moving in unison, adding more force to his thrusts and making him shoot off that much quicker. Tired from his days work and spent from his antics, he pulled out and crashed on the bed.

Fiona lay in bed next to him, panting and cuddling up against her fat walrus of a man, feeling his love handle press against her stomach. She played with his beard and toyed with his double chin before falling asleep next to him.

********ONE MONTH LATER*********

"If a man wants to eat, then a man should eat," Fiona was smiling wide, chatting happily with the salesman while Will checked out a new shirt in the mirror. It was kind of nice, just not quite big enough. They were standing in a new branch of Big & Tall store which specialized in super-sized men.

"What do you think, hon?" he called to her, and turned to show her the shirt.

Fiona looked him up and down, letting her eyes linger on his wide middle, then said, "The way you've been eating lately, I give it two weeks. Although," she said playfully, "you busting out of that might be kind of fun to see." She turned to the salesman and winked, "Might even be worth the forty bucks for the shirt." The salesman smiled back, not knowing what to say. He was a fat man, too - nowhere near as fat as Will was, but certainly more blubbery than just a butterball - and Fiona was shameless. She loved flirting with fat men, and to be honest, he didn't mind her doing it. She would never act on anything, and her flirts boosted many a fat man's confidence (also made them awfully jealous of him).

He went into the dressing room to try on pants, and listened as Fiona talked to the salesman.

"I just love a man with an appetite. A man who sits at life's table and samples every dish. Twice."

"Life's a banquet for my man. I've never met anyone who gets so much pleasure from one of life's simplest activities. You should see the joy in his eyes when I show him what I've made for dinner. Do you like to eat?"

"Well, you look like you could put it away. Don't be embarrassed; I'd love to see you let go and get down to some serious eating. You should see how much my boyfriend can eat when he puts his mind to it. We've been together almost two years now."

Will looked at himself in the mirror, cinching up the pants. His massive belly grumbled loudly, demanding to be fed. He buttoned them quickly; the faster he got out of here, the faster he ate.

"Skinny little thing when we met. Barely 300 pounds."

Out he waddled. These jeans were gigantic; a perfect fit. Fiona smiled and sprang over, running her hands over his stomach. Suddenly, she slid her hands in between his belly and the waistband. Her hands reached down, wanting to grab hold by his belly crease, but had to bend slightly to do it. Once she had it, she held fast.

"Good," she said, looking at how her arms fit in the pants, "room to grow."

The salesman looked a little flustered after their display. Fiona was making him crazy, and had no intention of stopping. He gave Will the once-over, leaned closer, and asked, "I hope you don't mind my asking, but how much do you weigh now?"

He smiled, "I don't mind at all. Last time I checked I was 423 pounds."

"Might have been more," Fiona scowled, "but he plateaued at 400 forever."

"She's so impatient," Will laughed. The salesman gulped.

Fiona came behind Will, stretching her arms to hug what she could. "Come on, let's go get something to eat."

"Sounds good." He pocketed the change from his jeans and waddled out of the store, Fiona waddling behind, her breasts rubbing up against his shoulder blades.

Outside the store, she slid her hands up to cup his face, holding his cheeks in her palms. She leaned over and nibbled his ear, whispering. "You're my fatman, remember that always. No one else but you." Her hands slid down his front, sliding through the crease between his love handles and stomach while thrusting her pelvis into his blimping buttcheeks.

Will moaned, his cock flaming hard. "Honey, not now, not where I can't get any . . . please, don't tease me . ."

"Who says I'm teasing you?"

"Where are we going to go, huh? The movie theater?"

"No, too public. Someplace very private, where I can take you and shake every ounce of fat on you . . .. " she grabbed a fistful of fat from either side of his stomach and swung it left and right.

"Tell me before I cream my pants,"

"Follow me," she grabbed his pudgy hand in her slim one and pulled him, waddling along, into the men's bathroom. "Pick a stall," He pointed to one. "Don't just stand there, get in, get in!"

He squeezed into the stall, the sides of his belly brushing up against the stall walls. Fiona didn't need to tell him to get undressed, he had already stripped to nothing within a few seconds of getting in.

Fiona stepped in after him, her breasts pressed up firmly against the soft warm flesh of his belly. Closing the door, she hung her clothes up on the hook before climbing on top of his belly and planting her furry crotch square in his face.

He snaked out his tongue to play with her lips, sliding up and down slowly before playing with the nub at the bottom. His pudgy hands ran along her thighs, squeezing in the middle as if testing a side of meat. Her hands grabbed his hair, clenching it in her fists in an attempt to not moan and cry out (his beard and jowls made her excited enough, and his expert tongue didn't hurt either). He slowed to a stop just before she came, and she play-smacked him before switching places, so she was bent forward, grabbing the back of the toilet. He set his belly on her back (it was HEAVY, but she endured the pain for the five minutes or so while he made her feel soooooo good) and bent forward, his enormous and flaming hard cock entering her from behind. He thrust slowly at first, then as she began to moan, he picked up the pace.

"Unnnhhhhh, faster, fatman, faster! Come one, faster, faster! Fuck me fatman, fuck me till there's no fat on you anymore!"

By this point, he was thrusting hard enough to make her yelp slightly and his entire body was jiggling with the force. His love handles were rubbing themselves raw on the walls of the stall, and he tried to think of something else to keep from coming . . .



He paused, his heart thumping in his chest ninety miles an hour and his face beet red. She pulled out, letting his belly fall back to resting halfway down his blubbery thighs. They dressed and stepped out.

The Big & Tall salesman's eyes widened when he saw Will step out of the stall, sweating, beet red, and smiling, followed by Fiona (looking much the same), after hearing their thunderous orgasm.

Fiona walked up behind him and grabbed his ass, and he jumped. "I told you I loved my man with a massive cushion on them," she said. "Bathroom sex hurts so much more with a scrawny man. See, Will here's got a cushion I can fuck until I fall over exhausted." The salesman passed out on the floor.

"What'd I say?"

"Hooofh, huufff, hooofh, nothing, huff, honey, hoofh, nothing at all."

Fiona kissed Will on the lips, long and hard, her fingers tracing his new start of a triple chin. "Lets go get something to eat,"

********ONE MONTH LATER*********

Will waddled back into the Big & Tall store, waved at Marc (the salesman who so aptly passed out in the bathroom last month), and waddled on up.

"So, did you get those new size 76 pants in yet? I'm about to rip out of these ones." He looked down at his gargantuan stomach, which genuinely seemed to be about to rip out of the pants. The shirt didn't look to good, either.

"Yeah, they came in this morning. And a shirt could help you out, too." He prodded Will's gut with his finger. "What'd you weigh in this week?"

"Fiona said I'm up to 441 pounds. I have to believe her, I can't read the scale anymore."

"I'd believe it."

Will made his purchases in silence, knowing that he would have to leave soon. His three-month stint in Europe was over tonight, and he planned to spend it with her.

During the last three months, he had to admit, it was the sex with her that got the relationship going. However, afterwards, when they started spending time with each other, he began to appreciate her as a person, and she did the same. They found themselves falling head over heels (or in his case, belly over butt) in love.

He opened the door to what had become their hotel room, sat on the bed and murmured back to its creak of protest to his ponderous weight, and stripped off his shirt, staring down at his stomach, trying to remember how much he had weighed when he came into Europe.

Oh, yeah. It was on his driver's license. 363 pounds. He had put on 68 pounds in three months.

"Hi, honey." Fiona whispered from behind him as her hands snaked over his warm belly flesh.


"I'm going to miss you."

"Me too."

"Will you call?"

"Every day. I'll be chatting with you the entire flight home."

"I know." A tear fell from her eye onto his shoulder and rolled over his mountainous front.

"Now that you've fattened me up, I have to go home."

"Let's at least remember it, shall we?"

"Yes," he whispered, before turning his head to meet her lips with his. They kissed passionately, Fiona ripping off her clothes before breaking it so Will could drop his too-tight pants. She braced her hands on the bed, pointing her pert buttocks at him and inviting his massive dick to enter her from behind. She felt the familiar heft of his belly resting on her back, and then he grunted as he penetrated, sliding in and out slowly as if she were an exotic oil. His fat hands held onto her breasts, massaging the nipples and making her moan in time with his grunting thrusts, in and out

"Unnnhhhh, oh, yes, Will, fuck me . . . . fuck me, my own personal fatman . . ."

and back in again, his stomach rubbing along her back and her butt bumping into his blubbery thighs, shaking him as he felt himself about to orgasm . .

"Faster, faster, fatman! Faster!"

And he complied, pounding her from behind and making his entire body shake with the force of the thrusts, before he exploded inside of her.



He released her breasts and pulled out, semen dripping all over the carpet. She turned around and hugged him close, his belly pressing warm and softly against all her front, her lips kissing him fiercely as she clutched his head. "More," she said.

Fiona rode him on the bed once after the first time.

Will pounded Fiona on the bed once after that (they broke a bedspring in the process).

Fiona gave Will a blowjob as he laid on the floor catching his breath.

Will rammed Fiona from behind in the shower after that.

As they laid in bed trying to get to sleep while cuddling, Fiona gave Will a handjob while he fingered her.

And then they simply kissed and cuddled until they both fell asleep.

Fiona wasn't there when he left the next morning; he knew she wouldn't. She had to work, and he told her not to skip it to say goodbye. That's what their orgy was for.

The first problem he found with his new weight was that he spilled over the tiny seat much worse than on the trip there. The tray didn't go all the way down. He couldn't lean back. And other tiny things.

He chatted with Fiona until about eight hours into the flight, when the stewardess asked him to turn off his laptop as it was causing interference with the navigational systems. Of course, he complied, and then cursed himself when his laptop battery died and wouldn't turn back on.

Arriving at the airport, he paid the cabby to get back to his house, aggravated at how his belly rubbed against the front seat and the way the driver kept glancing at him in the mirror. He felt like a freak.

In his home, none of his old favorite clothes fit anymore, not by a longshot. His biggest waist size there was a 66, and his new size was a whole ten inches bigger. His shirts wouldn't even come close to going all around his belly.

Stripping off his clothes, he fell asleep on the bed without even trying.

The next day at work, co-workers prodded his gut and made comments about him.

"Whoa, the food must be good in Europe, eh?"

"Big Boy's back and better than ever!"

"Don't break the elevator, man!"

Amongst other inaudible comments. All in all, he was miserable. That night, he called up Fiona long-distance and talked for hours. He begged her to come out and visit and make him happy again.

Truth be told, she was miserable too, and had made reservations an hour after their laptop chat had ended.

Three days later, and Will was still miserable. He got out of his car, rubbing his bruise (his little sedan's seat was all the way back and he still rubbed the steering wheel) on his belly, and waddling up to the door through the rain. At least it was Friday, and he didn't have to go to work tomorrow.

Stepping under the patio to his front door, he shook off the rain and got a little pleasure at the way his fat shook back and forth with him. It didn't last long with no beautiful European woman to go with it. His smile disappeared and he dug out his keys.

"I thought you'd never get home," came a familiar voice from the left. He turned to see Fiona sitting on his swing bench, her luggage next to her. And based upon the amount of luggage, she came for an extended trip.

"God I missed you," he whispered into her ear as they hugged tightly, Fiona massaging his love handles and squeezing his ass.

"Me too," She picked up some of her luggage, and Will took the rest. "Now, let's get inside and I'll let you `warm me up'."

After he came inside her as they made furious love on his carpet, he laid on the floor next to her. "Will you marry me?"

"Under one condition,"


"You vow never to lose weight and we get to have sex at least once a day."


Will put on six pounds between then and their wedding on Monday. He was looking forward to a much -- heavier -- outlook on life.

The previous story contained an unauthorized short and edited excerpt of a story entitled "The Fat Guy," a copy of which is available in the DIMENSIONS Online Story Archive.