Weight Room Title Bar

By Sasha Steele

Episode One

Three more shots rang out. A section at the side of the pillar exploded in a shower of dust and concrete debris. Tiana spun away, quickly pressing her back to the pillar, almost losing her weapon in the process her hand was shaking that much. So close, so very close - and so many of them, too many.

She closed her eyes, the heavy black mascara around them in stark contrast to her pale complexion, and a look of fear clearly evident. How had she come to such an end? Tiana lowered her head, loose strands of her long black hair falling over her pretty face as she tried to hold back a flood of tears. Tiana was not a warrior, and she did not want to die.

There was a time not so many years ago when Tiana believed - as a consequence of the affliction that had made her what she is - that she would never die. But the war had raged for ten years, the House of Karon in ruin, its defenders all but gone, and now it was up to the queen's mistresses - Tiana, Kalina, Selena, Jenica, and the rest, less than fifty of them remaining.

Randall Staff shook his head in disgust at the stupid idiots under his command, criminals and outcasts the lot. It was no great wonder that he had lost so many to so few in this war. He who had commanded great armies. "Do not rush her," he hollered. "Out-flank her!"

In order to survive she would have to fight on. Tiana spun a half turn to her left and fired a volley that echoed through the underground station, again turning quickly back to avoid return fire. If she could just hold out until the city law enforcement showed she had a chance. Tiana fired again knowing her Xionian blaster was beginning to run low on power.

"Please take a seat, Senator McGrath. Carry on, Doctor."

"The disease is sexually transmitted from a single donor," the doctor said. "We believe that most of them were infected sometime in the late sixties -1965 to 1970, in there. Few new infections since, he's slowing down. . .

"Excuse me doctor for interrupting," the senator broke in. "You said there was one donor only and that the time frame was 80 years ago. How could the same donor be still infecting? He'd have to be 100 years old."

Doctor Stanfield looked to the chief of security who said, "Bring the senator up to speed would you, George?"

"We believe he is a lot older than that," the doctor offered.


"We believe that he is immortal as are those who he has infected."

Senator McGrath looked incredulously at the group of men. "You are serious about this?" he said.

"Very serious," Security Chief Boyd said.

"What proof do you have?"

"Perhaps now would be a good time to play the disc. Put it up on the big screen." The computer was set to the task, and a black- and-white image came up on the screen. "We got this two days ago from General Staff.

"Staff! He's involved in this?"

"He's the best we have at covert operations."

The images on the screen played out, a gun battle in some underground transit station, not much unlike the one where we left Tiana. In fact the subject of this operation was very much the same in appearance as Tiana - dressed all in black, nylon/spandex tights, chunky high heel lace-up boots, black nylon suite jacket, and over top of that a long nylon trench coat - a uniform of sorts. Her long hair was auburn, not black like Tiana's, but her complexion was pale and her makeup heavy.

Senator McGrath had seen enough. "She was one of the infected?" he asked.


"Were you able to identify her?"

"DNA was no good, but we managed to lift a fingerprint before she disintegrated."


"That movie you just watched was from two days ago. This is her now. He made a signal and a new image came up on the screen, a skeletal corpse in the last stages of disintegration. "And that is with every effort to preserve her."

"Who is she?"

Boyd nodded; another image - young girl, pretty. "Minda Roberts - born January 3rd, 1950."

"That would make her 102. Are you sure of this? The girl Staff killed was young and looks somewhat the same, but hard to tell with the difference in weight. The dead girl must have weighed over 400 pounds."

"They're all fat like that," Doctor Stanfield said. "It appears the same infection that stopped her from ageing also granted her absolute perfect health but with one curious side effect - although perfect in every way the affliction has given them an insatiable appetite. A weakness we can exploit. They must constantly eat, and they are all morbidly obese."

"How do you know all this?"

"There have been a few, not many though, who have turned away from their group, wanting a normal life span," Boyd explained. "Unfortunately, they do not last very long. It would seem that periodically they must be re-infected or perish."

"Another weakness to exploit?"

"Yes, another weakness."

There was a moment of silence in the room broken by Security Chief Boyd. "There's one more thing; the weapons that they use are highly advanced and of a material unknown to us. So far we have been unable to unravel their secret." Another silence. "You do understand the implication of all this, and why it must remain top secret?"

"Yes, I do," the senator agreed.

Sure, the immortals had superior weaponry, but at the moment it was no advantage for Tiana - hers had powered down. Her broad back against the pillar, she knew it was just a matter of a few minutes now. Tears welled her beautiful brown eyes and rolled freely over her round cheeks. She was finished.

Korban Ward knew little about her and was most certainly unaware of what he was about to get himself into by pursuing her. He had met Tiana but once by chance, and a second meeting by design; only twice and yet he loved her. His love would most likely be termed infatuation to the unbiased for it is true that Korban had an infatuation with beautiful women who allow themselves the luxury of living large.

Fat women were by far more attractive than their thinner sisters - and the-fatter-the-better far as Korban was concerned. So it can be understood why Tiana's nearly 500 pounds body weight was irresistible to him. And the way she liked to eat - Korban had never before met a woman who enjoyed stuffing herself as much as Tiana did. No wonder she was so incredibly fat.

Korban knew that Tiana was in some sort of trouble when he followed her into the underground where he lost her. And when he heard the commotion back out on the street - a gun battle raging in the station - he didn't hesitate to run back down in order to protect the woman he loved.

More than gun battle, it was a war zone down there: a group of about twelve men with automatic weapons were after one woman dressed in black, Tiana trapped in a blind corner as they moved to out-flank her. Korban had a lateral view of Tiana backed up to a pillar her head lowered, her long black hair obscuring her fleshy face - that fat beautiful face upon which Korban longed to plant a thousand kisses.

Korban did not hesitate to take up the automatic weapons that lay on the concrete beside mounds of red pulp that were victims of Tiana's Xionian blaster - and wade into the midst of them with both guns blazing.

"What the fuck!" Randal Staff yelled, thinking first that it was the police, then, as his men were cut down from their flank, realizing that his quarry had an ally - a dangerous ally. He knew when to retreat. "Let's get the hell outa here," he hollered at those who were still standing, and they fled.

"Come on," Korban said, his had outstretched to her. Tiana looked at what he had done, the mortal she had met only twice, and she knew that Korban Wade had not lied when he said that he loved her. She took hold of his strong hand, and Korban led her away.

On the street, Tiana buckled over, taking hold of a rail to stop herself from falling as she felt faint.

"Are you okay?"

"I have to eat," Tiana said, and, eyes still closed, placed a pudgy hand to the underside of her belly not completely covered by the nylon suit jacket she wore but visibly protruding in her black tights. Korban took Tiana's hand and led her across the street to a restaurant.

In the restaurant, Korban watched Tiana stuff herself, amazed at her gluttony - and even more amazed at how much it turned him on. With eyes glazed as though in a trance, Tiana said nothing as she engulfed four cheeseburgers and fries with gravy, washing them down with four large Cokes and topping it all off with a whole lemon pie.

Finished, Tiana sat back, placing her hands on the sides of her enormous bloated stomach. She closed her eyes and, puffing up her cheeks, let out a long breath of air. "Sorry about that," Tiana said. "I shouldn't have let myself get down like that. Hope my pigging out didn't embarrass you."

"Think nothing of it. I enjoyed watching you eat. Do you want to tell me what's going on? Why were those men trying to kill you?"

"Not here."

"Okay, my place then. Are you ready to go?"

Back at his apartment, Korban helped Tiana out of the long black nylon overcoat she had over her suit jacket. He took her in his arms, and they kissed deeply; he undid the buttons of her jacket and slid his hands inside to the warmth of her titanic torso, onto the immense stomach that loomed before him divided lower and upper by the waistband of her tights, and large breasts set in the cups of her black brassiere. Tiana like to be touched by Korban. They kissed again.

Tiana yawned, and Korban could see that she was exhausted. He sat her on the bed, and she lay back as he undid her boots, pulling them off, then lay down beside her. Her head on his chest, Tiana began the telling of a tale so fantastic that Korban could scarcely believe it. . .

"I am not what you think, Korban. I - I don't know what I am. I have no place. . . no one. I am a monster." There were tears in Tiana's beautiful brown eyes.

"But you are beautiful, Tiana, and I love you."

"Please, Korban, let me finish, and then tell me if you still love me. I am 20 years old. I have been 20 years old for 60 years."


Tiana continued, ignoring his outburst. "It was in 1990 that I met the person who made me a monster. I had always been overweight, even as a child, so I was never the most popular girl in school though I had boyfriends and was not totally unhappy with myself. I didn't feel that I was ugly and nobody wanted me, but longed to be thought of as beautiful the way I was.

"It was at the Labras Club in LA where I first met Makisha. The Labras Club was in vogue, frequented by celebrities and the richer members of society, where drugs flowed and sex was open. It was the gay nineties in LA; gender lines were bent and the Labras Club was a hot spot for cross dressers. So it wasn't a shock that when I first met Makisha he was dressed in feminine attire.

"In fact, Makisha was very effeminate - his voice high pitched, his soft fat body having a little paunch, hips wide, a rather large rear end, heavy thighs, and slight breasts. His skin was smooth and flawless. His slightly chubby face hairless, his entire body in fact hairless except for his eyelashes, eyebrows and scalp hair - a thick main of jet black long tight curls, which that night were in a single braid that hung past the mid of his back. With makeup on - and Makisha wore heavy makeup that night - he actually looked somewhat pretty, though perhaps slutty.

"That I was attracted to him in the first place was a wonder in itself. Perhaps it was his poise - a bisexual transvestite and so secure in his sexuality. Perhaps it was the way he made me feel: that I was beautiful, the desire of all, because he had chosen me, because he had great wealth, because he had great influence, because he was the chosen one.

"I found out that Makisha had a cult following, the rich and famous of LA among its members. Men and woman alike loved him. I loved him. And as I learnt, that in spite of Makisha's femininity (he always dressed in feminine attire and behaved as a decadent queen might have behaved), when it came to sexual intercourse he was a he-man. That might have been due to the extreme size of his male sexual organ, or to his extraneous indulgence as he inflicted upon his conquests what amounted to consensual rape.

"I was hypnotized by him, unable to get away even if I wanted to. I depended upon him, longing for him, craving his sex, my appetite growing for it like a drug. Along with a growing appetite for Makisha was a growing appetite for food. I had to constantly satisfy my hunger as did all the other members of the cult (Makisha more than all), and as we grew fatter we also became more beautiful - flawless, as Makisha was, perfect in health, and we did not age.

"When we realized that Makisha had made us this way, there was a rebellion until we discovered that without sexual intercourse with him we would soon die - and also that we rapidly weaken if not constantly fed. We are dependent upon Makisha in order to survive - and upon great amounts of food in order to function. Because of our insolence, Makisha has subjugated his cult. Now we pay homage to him our queen and in return we are granted eternal life by rape of our orifices.

"Although I love you, I still lust for my queen. I accept my immortality and my increasing size. Because I do not want to die, Queen Makisha must be protected at all costs. So now you know. Do you still love me Korban?"

Korban kissed his beloved beauty. "I still love you, Tiana," he said.

Then, undressing, Tiana lay on the bed, spreading her massive legs. Like Makisha she too was hairless of body. She could feel Koban's warm breath on her naked pubic mound, and feel his kisses on its fleshy softness. Korban's tongue found her wetness, and Tiana moaned as he made love to her.

Korban knelt before his enormous beloved, spreading wide her raised legs, her belly against his chest as he entered her. Tiana's heavy arms rested on the bed beside her head, her eyes closed, a look of troubled pleasure on her beautiful face that lay back half buried in the great flesh of her breasts and the fat of her double chins. She hissed as Korban penetrated her and moaned with every undulation of his muscular body.

When they had finished their act of love and lust, Tiana lay in Korban's arms. "I love you, Tiana," he said once again. "I would take a moment with you rather than a lifetime of any other alternative. I will protect you, Tiana. I will fight for you until my last breath." And again he kissed her.