Weight Room Title Bar

by R.B. Lawrence

I don't know how it first happened, or why it happened to me, but there I was, standing on the corner watching the traffic go by when I first spotted her. She was tall, about 5'9", with long red hair, creamy skin with a freckle complexion, but she was just too skinny for me to be attracted to. If only she was bigger, I thought.

I narrowed my eyes and began to think of how she would look if her small breasts were fuller, rounder, more pronounced. Then, as I watched, her blouse began to rise and fill out. Her breasts were growing before my eyes! She too noticed the change. She watched with an expression of fascination crossed with shock as her small tits swelled and grew heavy. She wasn't wearing a bra, for her nipples began to thrust through the flimsy material of the blouse.

Seeing this, I somehow knew I was responsible. Someone, somewhere, had given me the power to make my wishes come true. I narrowed my eyes again and concentrated.

She looked up across the street and saw me and she knew it was me. She stepped back against a building , out of the way and sight of most of the people walking to work and stopped. She turned and looked with a smile at me as the change began again.

Her skinny legs, covered only by nylons below the short skirt, grew thicker, fuller, fatter, her feet fattening up in the high heels she wore so the instep rose above the straps. Her belly grew and pushed against the elastic waist band, quickly folding over it. Her arms inflated and her flesh on them began to sag like melting cheese. Her slender face puffed up, forming dimples and surrounding her chin with several rolls of fat.

I watched for a time as she grew and then crossed the street to the small alcove where she rested against the building. She now must have weighed over 300 pounds of luscious flesh. She reached for me, cradled my head in her hands, and gave me a slow, wet kiss while I slid into her warm, soft body.

We parted and she said, "Let's go."

"Where?", I asked.

"My place," she replied. "You're not finished yet...We have a long way to go and I'm not fat enough for the journey."

"What journey?", I asked in confusion.

"You are the chosen one. Your powers will save my people. Your thoughts will make us fat once more. The women of this world don't know what it's like to be alive...to be true fat."

"Where is your place?", I inquired.

"Right here," she said and with that she took me by the hand and turned to face the building. Leading me, we walked right through the wall!

My breath caught in my throat as I realized that I was passing through a solid object with little or no resistance. It felt like I was passing between two soft, warm, surfaces, almost like a fantasy I had of being pressed between two tremendously huge women. It seemed to take minutes to pass through, but I could clearly hear my heart slowly pounding in my ears, so I knew the passage of time was a few scant seconds.

We emerged into bright sunlight, and as my eyes adjusted, I saw we were on a hill overlooking a lush forest bordered by a bright blue ocean. Dome-like houses dotted the shores which were lit by the suns high in the sky. As I looked I...what the?...suns?...plural?...I checked again to see three suns, one bright orb with two paler brothers sharing the sky.

My newly fattened friend tugged at my hand. "Come," she said and I obediently followed. We walked just a few minutes, all the while seeing the faces of thin, but very pretty women staring at both my round companion as well as myself. I saw no men nor children about.

We entered the archway for one of the larger dome structures and found myself in a beautiful tropical setting. As we came into what appeared to be the living room, a lithe young woman darted from the shadows towards us.

"Is he the one?", she asked with yearning eyes.

"Yes, he made me plump with just a thought." she replied.

Plump!, I thought. At over 350 pounds, my red headed beauty was downright rotund!

"Please, oh please make me fat!", the girl begged.

I was bewildered until a squeeze of my hand by my new friend urged me to focus my attention towards the girl. I once more narrowed my eyes, and this time, my subconscious must have gone haywire. If 350 pounds was plump, her idea of fat must be off the scale! I watched and squinted as the girl's figure slowly began to fill out, then went into overdrive as she grew at an incredible pace, pounds passed like seconds, inches passed like minutes. I nearly passed out after I saw I had turned the once thin girl into a woman of gargantuan proportions! She must have tipped the scales at about 700 pounds, with rolls of fat piled on top of each other, turning her into an almost round ball of flesh.

I was carried to a room where I slept for God knows how long. When I awoke, the suns were low in the sky, and my companion glided into the room carrying what looked to be a picture in a frame. She showed it to me and said, "Please?".

I looked at the picture and saw a familiar face. It was the redhead, looking every bit as fat as the girl I had transformed. I concentrated and found an equally big woman next to the bed. Then, before I could talk, she was beside me.

We made love for what seemed like hours, then was joined by her friend. I never have made love to one woman this large before, let alone two. The experience was one of sheer bliss.

As we rested in the warm afterglow, the redhead began to talk. "It is lucky I found you," she said. "My people had given up all hope of being fat again. Now that you're here, we can accomplish two things. Regaining our size and start preparing."

"Preparing for what?", I asked.

"War!", she replied.

"War?", I gasped, as if choking on the words. I mean fun and games and fantasy are fun, but war can ruin a guy's day!

"Yes," my amourata replied. "Let me explain further. We are not native to this world. After our home planet was destroyed by an ecological disaster of our own foolishness, my ancestors fled into deep space in hundreds of ships, looking for a new home. We found it here. But, there were some anomalies involved in our settling. "

"We were as most of your population now is. Slender humanoids of average weight and bone structure. But, a short time after landing, an accident destroyed our food supplies, forcing us to try to raise crops on the surface of this world. Our plants, although vibrant and cultured in proper scientific manner, grew with a slight mutation. The most notable was a fruit tree, similar to your apples, but their growth turned them into something very different."

"After a week of eating these foods, the women of the world began to grow at an alarming rate. They grew fatter, wider, stronger. Able to resist disease, be more fertile, and their children became superhuman in mind and body."

"Each generation grew in strength, the men in physical size and wisdom, the women in their ability to gain weight and give comfort. We lived without war, famine or plague for eons."

"But, about one of your years ago, a biological experiment got out of hand, killing our "manna" trees, as we called them, as well as desiccating our size to what you first saw me on your world. Our scientists reversed their process, but too late. The women had all grown thin and only one manna tree was left."

"But, now that you have that bug beat, why do you need me?", I asked, still lost in her eyes.

"Because the tree will not bloom for at least two more months, and the men have lost heart. Some so much that they have joined with a women who one time was our greatest statesperson, but has gone mad from seeing herself grow thin. She has raised an army to destroy the last manna tree, claim victory, and perhaps lead our people in wars against those who look different, worship differently, are not the so-called perfection she seeks for anyone unlike themselves."

"I know how you must feel!", I said, knowing of such persecution on Earth in everyday life. My own experiences in large sized club dances were enough to fill volumes.

"So, you are one who legends have foretold. One whose imagination and love for women of greater size will lead us to victory."

My mind was still spinning from the implications. I was expected to be a messiah, to fatten up the women of this world with my rather unique abilities. But, would there be enough time? That question was answered for me by a wailing sound from above.

Looking up, my lady's face took on an expression of horror.

"It is too late!", she screamed above the siren. "They are attacking! There's no way to stop them!"

"Yes there is!", I yelled. "But you must get me as close to their leader as humanly possible!"

"But, what can you do? There's not enough time to enlarge the troops needed to hold them back!"

"Let them come.", I said with a wry grin. "I have something special in mind!"