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Fat Bastard's Pretty High and Tempting
By Spectre Creel

One day, Agent Shagwell heard some strange sounds coming from Austin Power's room. Clad in her tight clothes, with golden blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, she made her way towards the room. She found torn clothes all through the room, and a huge bizarre figure stood in the darkness.

"Fat Bastard!" she spat.

"None other, lass," the behemoth laughed.

"Where's my Austin?!" she snapped.

"You're looking at him, my dear. He accidentally ate some of my mojo and look what happened!" Fat Bastard laughed.


Shagwell rushed the monster, only to get an intoxicated whiff on a bagpipe.

When Shagwell came to she was chained to a bizarre scale of some sort. Fat Bastard stood in the center of the room, clad in a weird disco suit with "Shake Your Booty playing. He laughed heartily.

"Now you and I are going to be lovers!" Fat Bastard imitated Austin's voice. "Just like old shags!"

"What do you want with me?" Shagwell asked.

"Only your love, which will be possible all too soon. Thanks to your man, I locked and loaded. Sexy man! Sexy man!" Fat Bastard sang.

"You're disgusting . . ." Shagwell gasped as she felt her stomach hurt.

"With this Sympathy Ray, you will see what it's like to be me. And nothing gets sex off better in the morning than a snack!" he laughed.

"What are you doing to me?" Shagwell retorted.

"You're feeling an orgasm as a result of the food. You just swallowed a bag of chips via my ray. But now for some fruit cake!" he snorted.

“You'll never get away with this you . . .monster." She grinned when she said it, disgusting herself, until her mouth was full and she passed out.

The naked Fat Bastard leapt up from his lovemaking. Surprisingly, Shagwell wasn't crushed. Nor was she complaining or even fighting off Fat Bastard's control. She came up slowly.

"Once you have fat you just can't go back," she laughed.

Shagwell was a changed woman. Her belly had pushed past her tank top, and her breasts were equally huge. Her legs, where once slender, now were fatty. She had even grown a double chin. And her buttocks were so huge her pants had torn away.

"They're playing our song, lass," Fat Bastard said to his new love slave, as "I Like Big Butts" started playing.

Shagwell started shaking her huge hips, her butt along with it.