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Living Life in the Fat Lane and Fat Land

I have so enjoyed discovering and reading these types of stories on the Internet that I wanted to give something back to the community. This is my first attempt at writing a story of this type. I hope that everyone enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This is a long story. I started writing it and simply couldn't stop for two days. I would love to hear from anyone that has suggestions or comments about the story. Cheers, ssbbws_rule@yahoo.com

Susan stood in the grocery store with the freezer door open as she stared at all the frozen dinners. None of them looked good, but she knew that she needed to continue losing weight if she ever expected to catch a man.

After a few minutes, she found a couple of items and placed them in her cart. Susan was 22 and loved food, but after putting on more weight lately, she decided it was time for a change in her daily diet.

She continued down the aisle heading for the produce department when she caught a tall handsome fellow looking at her. She glanced away and then back to see him smiling. She smiled back. He was on the opposite side of a bank of open freezers in the middle of two aisles.

She continued to walk towards the produce section thinking that he was just being nice. Susan was 5 feet and 8 inches tall, weighing 200 pounds. She wasn't really fat, but for her height and shape, she made a very nice well-rounded plumper. Every part of her body was rounded giving her a soft warm glow about her. Susan had beautiful blond hair and an ample face with cute dimples.

Susan wore a large tight t-shirt accentuating her large firm breasts and shapely arms. Her arms were rounded and soft but not quite large enough to jiggle. Susan had not dieted for most of her life, so her weight was focused on her hourglass figure. Her thunder thighs and bubble butt expanded outward nicely for being only 200 pounds. She wore a pair of dark blue stretch pants that hid some of her features, but also had the effect of making her thighs and rear even larger.

She entered the produce section and began a search looking for the perfect head of lettuce. She glanced up to see the nice man approach her. He was over 6 feet tall and about 200 pounds. He had a small potbelly and solid build.

The man introduced himself as John and mentioned that he was an employee of the store. He also mentioned that he had seen her previously in the store a couple of times and thought that she was very cute and had a nice smile. John didn't normally pick up women in the grocery store as management frowns on it, but he was attracted to her and sensed that Susan was a nice person. He mentioned that Susan had a pleasant way about her.

Susan turned red and was obviously embarrassed. She mentioned that she thought he was pretty cute too and was flattered that he would ask her out even when wearing such plain Jane clothes. She asked him if he often picked up women without make up, wearing sweat pants and in general not looking their best.

John assured her that he liked real people and real women and told her that she would look great no matter what she wore. John then asked Susan for her phone number and asked if she was free a night this week. Susan replied, and a date was set for Friday night.

Susan was careful what she ate all week, but she had not lost any weight. After spending several minutes looking for the perfect outfit, she settled on a red flowery dress with a low cut top. She looked great. The dress was skintight and followed her curves very nicely.

Considering she was not a waif, she figured John was a boob man, and made sure to pick the right dress. Susan hadn't been on a date in over a year, and since it was a blind date, it didn't go well. Susan was a loner and a homebody. She enjoyed her work but also enjoyed the quite life at home.

John picked Susan up and took her to the best Italian restaurant in town. It turned out that it was both one of their favorites in town. He asked permission to order for her and she agreed. He ordered a huge five-course dinner for both of them. John insisted that she enjoy herself.

John had a great sense of humor and they laughed often enjoying the wine, food and atmosphere. John had trouble finishing his meal, but was amazed at Susan's capacity. She ate every nibble and still had room for dessert. She said that she hadn't had that much to eat all day and was really starved. Italian food was also one of her favorites. They finished the meal ogling over each other. John then offered to take her to a movie. She agreed and they both got up slowly feeling very stuffed.

They got to the movies and John purchased tickets. He got a huge jumbo bucket of popcorn dripping in butter with two large cokes. John mentioned how stuffed he was, but he couldn't resist popcorn when watching movies. She laughed and agreed. They plowed through the popcorn and huddled together during the movie.

John took Susan home and kissed her passionately. Susan offered John a nightcap, but John reassured her that he really wanted to do things right and get to know her and respect her. He also told her that he had to go soon or he might change his mind. She was really looking very pretty tonight.

And so the process continued over the couple of weeks. They met several times during the week and spent each weekend together. They continued to not make love and talk and get to know each other. Food became a way of communicating their passion, taking the place of sex until they felt the right moment. They cooked often for each other and enjoyed making each other's favorite meals. They both enjoyed food so much that most of their activities focused around it. It was love at first bite.

After two weeks, they finally made love. It wasn't planned, but neither of them could wait any longer. They had just finished a huge massive dinner when they retired to the couch with giant banana splits. They teasingly spoon fed each other and began kissing after completing the desserts. They continued kissing pulling each other's clothes off while still sitting on the couch.

John noticed that Susan's belly was poking out more than when they had first met. Her hips and thighs were wider and her lower arms and fingers were fatter. Her upper arms jiggled just slightly when she moved to hug him. As she sat on the couch, John hugged her. Her breasts were large and soft. He glanced down at her naked butt and noticed that it too looked bigger and stuck out, forming a larger ample shelf. She was a goddess.

They spent the night together, waking up in each other's arms. John told her he was in love. The feeling was mutual. She told John how happy she was.

The next two weeks was constant lovemaking and huge exotic meals. After a month of retreating from her diet, she finally broke down and hopped on the scale. In one month, Susan had packed on 15 pounds. It was quite a bit for one month and she knew it. At 215 pounds, she was now borderline fat.

She knew that John had put on a little weight as well, but not as much as her. She loved John and their new life style together, but she was concerned that this new life style would continue to affect her body. She really didn't know what to say or do and resisted talking about it.

About a week later, one Saturday night, Susan decided to speak to John about it. They had just finished dinner and banana splits along with a heavy petting session. John went to pull her top off, when she carefully broke his bond and touched his lips with her finger gently sliding down them. He asked if something was wrong, and she explained that she wanted to speak to him about something.

She said that she loved him and wanted him, but she needed to explain something about herself and family. He mentioned that she never talked much about her past or family. He was hoping to meet them soon. She explained that she felt uncomfortable talking about it, but that she knew John well enough now that she wanted to share her most inner thoughts with him.

She left the room and returned with a large photo album. The title said "Susan's Life, Part I." Susan explained that she had put on some weight lately. John reassured her that it was ok. He had put on five pounds as well, and he felt she looked great even with the extra weight. He just loved food and enjoying it with her. She agreed and reassured him that she felt the same way.

But, she wanted him to know that she didn't always look this way. She explained to him that she likes food and food loves her and has a habit of staying with her as she pats her tummy. She mentioned that she had put on 15 pounds in the last month, and if she continued their current diet, there would no doubt be much more.

He starred at the photo album, and she told him to open it. He opened it and carefully looked at each page. Each photo showed her at various stages of her life.

She was a very fat baby, and by the time she was in school was obviously beyond plump. By the time he got to her high school years, she was at least 250 pounds. He commented on how pretty she looked, and he was surprised she didn't tell him sooner. He continued going through the photo album, trying hard to keep from getting overly excited. He wished he would have known her when she was so pretty.

By the time he got to her college years, she was just over 300 pounds. Almost all of it was on her huge massive butt, thighs and legs. Her arms were giant flabby bouncy things with thick lower arms and fatty fingers. Her face had three chins and was fat like a ball. Her massive back had role after role of fat with a butt shelf that extended outward at least a foot. There were photos showing her at all angles in skimpy outfits forcing John to wonder why so many of such pictures were taken. At the same time, John was lustfully excited. He was shocked and sat dumfounded in disbelief.

Susan: “You like me that way, don't you, John?”

John: “Why didn't you tell me? When did you lose all the weight? Why?”

Susan: “Most men would get up and leave or have a disgusted look on their face. They wouldn't be able to look at me the same after that, especially after gaining 15 pounds in one month. Think about it. Most men would fear me getting fat again. You're not like most men, are you, John?”

John: “No, I love you. I don't care what you weighed in the past.”

Susan: “Oh, I think you do care, judging by the bulge in your pants.”

John blushed.

Susan: “I saw how you looked at those photos. The reaction you gave is totally the opposite. You actually like me fat like that.”

John: “You are beautiful, no matter what you weigh. I fell in love with the first time I saw you, and I love you more than ever at your weight now.”

Susan: “That is sweet that you say that, and I believe you, but you still didn't answer my question. I saw how you looked at the pictures. You would love me if I were huge like that, wouldn't you?”

John: “I feel strange admitting this, but it is true. I have always loved larger women. I love fat and women that are fat are very erotic to me. While most guys would laugh at me or think the opposite, I'm different. I wish I would have known you before you lost the weight. I would have asked you out and loved you just the same as you are now. But why do you ask me now like this?”

Susan: “John, I have always been fat. My whole life has centered on food and fat. Everyone in my family is very fat. It is expected and encouraged in my family. I didn't know how to tell you. My momma weighs just over 500 pounds. I am the youngest of four sisters. My sisters, named Michelle, Cindy and Karen, currently weigh 350, 375 and 400 pounds from youngest to oldest. I followed suit with my sisters, weighing in at just over 300 pounds before I decided to change my life.”

John: “I can understand that. You must have felt like it was your destiny to be like the rest of the family. You wanted to prevent that.”

Susan: “No ,John, to be honest I wanted to be fat. I love being fat.”

John: “What?”

Susan: “John, being fat was a way of life for me. I call it living in the fat lane. I have been fat my whole life and nobody told me it was wrong, unhealthy or bad until high school.”

John: “So you were happy?”

Susan: “Heck, yeah, I could eat anything I wanted without caring. We were all rewarded for being fat. We were rewarded with special treats and food. A special event in our house was when one of us would gain another ten or twenty pounds. We would always celebrate with a huge feast. Special events in our house were going out to eat or having contests to see who could eat the most. Of course, the prize was more food.

“By junior high, the four of us girls were so obsessed with fatness. We began taking pictures and documenting our weight gains. Momma encouraged it and even allowed us to document her own weight gain. I coined up the term Fat Land where all of us lived in an imaginary land where everyone was fat and life was wonderful.”

John: “Wow.”

Susan: “Nobody told us it was wrong; we lived in a small town with lots of different people, including big people. By the time I heard being fat was ugly and unhealthy, I was so huge that I decided to shrug off comments by others and newfound health risks. I figured if I was already fat, why bother losing the weight when I was happy? My oldest sister Karen and I took after each other and were the largest for a quite a while. Michele and Cindy didn't fully blossom until getting married and having kids. Once Karen got married, she became the leader of Fat Land and surpassed all of us. I gave up after a while.”

John: “What happened?”

Susan: “When I left college, I found that I was lonely. My sisters were all near their 30's and already found men that loved them for who they were. Michele and Cindy were plump and lovely when they found Scott and Mark. After getting pregnant along with Mamma's life style training, they both became large women, just like momma. Scott and Mike care very much for them. Karen is the one that really lucked out. She met a very special man when she was 25 that loved her and her body. I didn't know it at the time just how much, but over time as her weight ballooned from 300 to 400 pounds I noticed how much her husband Tim admired and looked at her so affectionately when she walked or sat within his view. I know now that my father is obviously that same special kind of man as Tim.”

John: “So, you and your sisters took after your mom and purposely gained weight and enjoyed it while being encouraged to do so, but you didn't think you could find a man like your sisters were able to do?”

Susan: “I just wasn't having any luck. Maybe I was impatient. Michele and Cindy had Scott and Mark that loved them, but I wanted more than what Scott and Mark provided. Everyone I met was disgusted with me. I decided that I would need to lose weight to find someone special enough to love me, but I knew I would probably fight the rest of my life to keep the weight off.”

John: “Were you concerned that you would gain the weight back after finding a man?”

Susan: “Yes, terrified...until now.”

Susan sat down next to John and took off her shirt.

John: “Susan, you never have to worry about your weight with me. I will always love you.”

Susan: “Yes, but I want more than that from you. I don't want to live a lie anymore. You have given me the confidence and strength to be who I am.”

John: “What do you mean?”

Susan: “I want the kind of relationship my oldest sister and mom have. Will you be that man?”

John: “You mean, give you permission to be fat?”

Susan: “No, that isn't quite it, lover.”

Susan began rubbing his manhood.

John: “What more can I give you, babe?”

Susan: “I want you to feed me, make love to me, and promise that you will never stop feeding and loving me. I want you to make me fatter. I want to become so fat, that you can make passionate love in my fatty folds of flesh. I want to become a mountain of woman you call your wife forever.

“Please fatten me until I can barely move or walk and every part of my body jiggles with love for you. I want you to help me achieve my goal of becoming the fattest person in my gloriously obese family.

“My sisters and I have been competing for years, but I want to be the winner. Will you be the man of my dreams and help me grow past that goal, lover?”

John looking like he was going to pass out do to all of the blood rushing to his manhood collapsed, hugging Susan tightly while gently kissing her shoulder.

John: “I would be honored to be your husband and partner in life. I actually was going to ask you to marry me this weekend at the Italian restaurant where we had our first date. You have made all my dreams come true; god, I love you so much.”

Susan began kissing John.

Susan: “I didn't mean to steal your thunder, baby. I still want you to ask me Saturday. Of course you realize that Italian food is very fattening for me, don't you?”

John: “Susan, this is only the beginning. When I'm done helping you grow, you will make your mom look small. When do you want to start?”

Susan: “When do you think, lover?”

John: “I'll be right back with the most fattening snacks I can find for you, my sweet.”

John spent the rest of the night stuffing Susan. They make love after each feeding process was done. This gave Susan a rest until she could be fed again.

After several cycles of this process, they fell asleep holding each other around 4:00 am in the morning.

That Saturday night John proposed to Susan and they began their new life that day. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months.

After just two months of constant feeding, gorging and pure gluttony, Susan wasn't 200 or 215 pounds anymore. Each passing day, she grew fatter and fatter. She averaged around 15 pounds a month and after only two months, she broke 250 pounds.

For her height, she was now a small blimp. Even with her recent diet, she lucked out and most of her weight gain didn't go right to her gut, although she still had several nice love handles giving her a very nice ample belly.

The weight poured right back from where it was originally. Her ass filled outward extending her rear shelf yet another inch. Her now dimpled thighs were giant and rubbed together with every move she made. In fact they rubbed even when she waddled along trying to not make them rub.

As she walked, her legs would rub causing them to wiggle and jiggle like Jell-O. Her ass now bounced up and down and wiggled from side to side.

Her arms jiggled with every move she made and even her lower arms were filled with fat. Her hands and fingers became even fatter.

They made constant love and couldn't stop eating. The effects of Susan's eating habits had a direct affect on Johns, but not to the same degree.

John's weight slowly moved up the scale increasing his weight to 215 pounds in the same time period. His small potbelly was now replaced with a serious gut that drove Susan nuts playing with his soft bouncy flesh.

A wedding date was finally set and was based on an estimate of when Susan would gain enough weight to reach her previous glorious fatness of 300 pounds. John was so happy he couldn't contain himself. He was going to have a 300 pound blond bombshell for his bride. After two months had passed, Susan sat down with John.

Susan: “John, I've been thinking. I love our life together and you have made a great weight trainer, helping me with my goal of becoming the fattest in Fat Land. However, I have another request.”

Susan offered a donut to John; however, he refused due to being full from lunch.

John: “Yes dear, no problem - what is it?”

Susan: “Well, I don't want you leaving me after I reach my goal. Especially when I'm large enough, I will no doubt need assistance. It's not that I don't trust you, but I need some assurance and piece of mind that you won't leave me.”

John: “That's why we're getting married, sweetie. I will never leave you.”

Susan: “I want you to meet my family this weekend.”

John: “Oh, well, that's no problem. I have not met them yet, and I suspect you have wedding plans to go over, right?”

Susan: “Well, honey, that is part of it, but I think you will understand more by the end of the weekend, after spending some time with them.”

John: “What is it, babe? You can tell me.”

Susan: “Please, just be patient, honey. It is hard to explain without showing you or asking you directly. I'm not ready to ask you directly, but you will keep an open mind, right?”

John: “You bet, babe.”

John couldn't imagine what was bugging her. He figured it was a new house or some other obligation. He wrestled with his thoughts the rest of the week and on the drive up. Susan munched on food the entire trip. She offered John some of the treats, but after the huge breakfast they had, John was not very hungry. He was anxious to meet her sexy sisters, mother and to see what the deal was.

The drive was five hours away from the city they lived in, so they both were tired from the trip. He helped her out of the car and they approached front porch.

There sat her mom, stuffing herself with potato chips, saying hello with food in her mouth. She defiantly would be hard to beat, he thought. She obviously was more than 500 pounds at this point. After a big hug and introductions, they were led to a very large living room, with sofas all the way around the outer edges of the living room.

Most of the entire family was there, and they all were very big people. John got to meet the legendary three sisters with their husbands. John was surprised to see all the husbands were very fat, too. John noticed they were probably only 50 to 75 pounds less than their wives. In a normal world that would seem like a lot, but here everybody was larger than life.

The sisters hugged and giggled with each other.

Michelle: "Look who is living in the fat lane again?"

Karen: "Wow, last time I saw you, you were so thin. You look great. You are healthy again!"

Cindy: "So, does this mean you're back in the contest?"

Susan: "There is no contest; I just met the most wonderful man in the world and he knows how to treat a woman right. Please meet my future husband, John."

Sisters: “Welcome to Fat Land, John, where you will be seeing more of us soon!”

Susan: “Hey. Tone it done a bit, please.”

As the group got acquainted, Susan's mom emerged from the kitchen with tray after tray loaded with massive quantities of food. The sisters all began helping her. The amount of food was devastating. Susan and John were arranged on one of the sofas around the living room. After saying grace, all of the men began picking items off the tray and feeding their wives. The tray was a large cookie sheet filled with baked potatoes, gravy, meat, etc. John was amazed at the group feeding. He had never heard of, let alone experienced, anything like it. Susan and John smiled ear to ear as bite after bite was shoveled into Susan's mouth heading into her now swelling belly. They took breaks from the feeding process where John would stop and rub her belly so more food would fit. It was hard to contain himself and stay focused.

All of the women finished their trays. The men were asked to gather the next set of trays. John retrieved the tray, sat down and began to feed Susan when she stopped him.

Susan: “This tray isn't for me, sweetie.”

John: “Oh, well...It's a bit much for me. How about we split it?”

Susan: “Actually, it is half of what my allotment is. It is family tradition for the guys here. You don't have to eat all of it, lover, but I'm supposed to feed you now as you have me.”

John: “Oh, well...I was kind of hungry anyway.”

Susan: “We do this at home, right honey?”

At this point all the guys were being stuffed as the women switched to feeding the men. Susan's sisters began to stare at their new guest in between feedings.

Karen: "John is very handsome, Susan. He seems like a very nice man. He is a little on the thin side now, but I bet that doesn't last long."

John: “Susan, it's ok, I am hungry. I'm just not used to this amount of food. I would be honored for you to feed me your families cooking and take part in your tradition.”

Susan: "God, I love you, darling. You really do look hungry. Let's take care of that baby. You need nourishment right away, my lover."

Susan began to stuff her husband-to-be. She had to stop several times, rubbing his belly and letting things settle. He made it halfway through the process when he just couldn't eat anymore.

John: “I thought it would be easer than this. Don't stop yet; I don't want to look like a wimp.”

Susan: "It's ok, babe; we will take our time. Here, let me rub your sexy tummy for you."

The guys started laughing. One spoke up and told him not to worry. This was a fairly new process that they just started last year, just before Susan became a diet nut. All the guys loved food and wanted to share the experience with their wives to show there true love. It was a new family tradition. With that said, the feeding continued. The other women brought their men new trays so they could be fed again. The trays were smaller but still packed with several fattening desserts.

John struggled eating small bites as best as he could. He felt so stuffed. He was almost near bursting, but then after a couple more minutes, his pain vanished and he was hungry again.

Susan: "It happened, didn't it?"

John: "You mean I got my appetite back?"

Susan: "Yes, that happens sometimes after you eat too much. Your stomach is actually stretched to the point it increases in size and your capacity for food increases with it."

John: "Is it permanent?"

Susan: "No - if you eat less over time, your stomach will shrink to a normal or an even smaller size. Here, honey, let's pick up the pace a bit; I'm getting hungry again. You're not worried, are you?"

John: “Just a little.”

Susan finished filling John with the entire tray of food. It took almost two hours, but John ate the whole thing. He could barely move. He then began feeding Susan her dessert tray. By this time, all the other women were done and most of the men were half done with their dessert trays. Susan, after waiting so long, was very hungry again and quickly ate everything on the tray. Her distended belly stuck outward like a pregnant person having twins.

John: "I'm not sure if I can eat all that, but I will try."

The first three desserts went down pretty quick. Susan rubbed his distended belly several times and gave him juice with added sugar to help extend his stomach. After a half an hour, he was hungry again, and they were able to finish the tray in within the next half hour.

It was late by then, and everyone had left except for her parents. Susan and John were escorted to their room, where dishes of candy were everywhere. There were also boxes of cup cakes and other fattening treats piled everywhere. John couldn't believe his eyes, but he also was in too much pain to care. John lay on the bed, sitting halfway up attempting to watch TV. Susan rubbed his belly while continuing to munch on fattening treats. They soon fell asleep, and their bodies began the process of converting all those extra calories to fat.

John awoke with his future wife lying next to him with candy wrappers everywhere on the bed. It was past ten in the morning, and he was surprised that they had slept that long. Susan woke up a minute later, and they made passionate love.

They walked into the living room where Susan's parents had prepared another massive meal. Breakfast was served and Susan began stuffing John. John made it 2/3rds of the way through before stopping. He was in pain again. Susan had him drink a strange tasting milky liquid to help. He asked what it was.

Susan: “It is a special drink momma makes. It is made of cream, regular milk, eggs, vanilla and lots of sugar. It helps fill those cracks in your tummy and stretch it so we can squeeze more food in you.”

John: “It is good, but a little sweet for me.”

Susan: “You will get used to it, John. It's an acquired taste, but I'm sure you will be craving it with every meal soon enough, my little piggy.”

John drank two glasses of the stuff. Both drinks combined contained thousands of fat calories and enough carbohydrates for an entire day. After a few minutes, John's appetite came back and he completed the tray. He could barely move and was starting to fall asleep.

John managed to rustle up enough energy to feed Susan. She finished the entire tray in just under 30 minutes. John couldn't believe it. They relaxed, watching TV and talking with Susan's folks for a few hours. Lunch was prepared, and the process was repeated.

John was able to finish his servings in less than an hour. Susan knew that his stomach had been stretched, and his body was beginning to adapt to the massive food intake. Susan herself was still full from the last meal, and it took her longer this time around but was able to eat every morsel of food.

After two hours, a large tray of brownies was brought in for the couple. In addition, more of the creamy milk was passed out.

Susan and John ate the entire tray together and each drank four glasses of the drink. Exhausted, they both waddled to their room to rest. They both fell asleep instantly and didn't wake until dinnertime around 8:00 at night.

John: “Are your sisters coming over again?”

Susan: “No, they just visit every month for special events or just so we can see everyone. We live far enough away that I haven't come in a while. Plus this isn't the best place for someone on a diet.”

John: “No kidding. I still can't move. Your dad can really eat. How much does he weigh?”

Susan: “Well, he told me yesterday that he hit 400 pounds last month. Momma really loves him being so fat. It makes her feel more comfortable and secure with her own obesity, having him fat, too.”

John: “So, is that your big secret?”

Susan: “What do you mean?”

John: “If I become fat with you, then I am less desirable to other women and more likely going to stay with you. Is that what you are asking me to do? I already was putting on some weight, you know.”

Susan: “Yes, baby. I know you were. You look awesome. But did you notice who the biggest guys in my family were?”

John: “I would imagine that would be your Dad and Karen's husband.”

Susan: “Yes, that's right, lover. I want you to join our family and the tradition of both partners growing together. You don't have to worry about getting too big.”

John: “Is that why the guys get half servings?”

Susan: “Yes, we need someone to help us and if both partners get too big, then there isn't anybody to help us. It is kind of a strange concept, but there is a reason why the tradition was started.”

John: “I still don't see why you don't trust me to stay with you. Wouldn't it make sense to have someone who is less fat to take care of you so there isn't a problem in the future?”

Susan: “This is a new tradition, John. By growing with me, you prove your love as I have done for you by growing. I want you to become a mountain of fat with me, so when we make love we feel and experience more together.

“If people stare at me when I walk done the sidewalk, I want someone to hold my hand that understands what I'm going through and feels the glory of what it is like to be fat with me.”

John: “I'm not sure if I can become that man you want or not. I love you, but you are asking for a lot. This will affect my job, career, health and mobility. I know it is the same for you, but I will be taking care of you and you won't ever have to work. In my heart, I already feel as thought we are one. I don't mind putting on at least a little more weight.”

Susan: “I understand John, but this tradition was started because two of my sister's husbands were caught cheating on them two years ago. It broke my family's heart and, of course, my sisters. They have children and responsibilities.”

John: “Why on earth would they cheat on such beauties?”

Susan: “Remember, how I said that I wanted a man like my dad and oldest sister Karen?”

John: “Yes.”

Susan: “When Cindy and Michele got married, they were borderline fat and definitely plump. As they grew, their husbands became uncomfortable with their weight. They didn't love their fat and desire for growth, as they should have. They were good men, however and did their best to stick with it for a long time.”

John: “What happened?”

Susan: “They both had short flings with thinner women and were caught. The sad thing is that deep down, the men loved my sisters, but they were uncomfortable dealing with our family's obsession with being fat. It drove them crazy, basically.”

John: “I still don't see how they could get back together after that considering what those guys did. They should have been honest about their feelings in the first place.”

Susan: “I agree, however, a solution was provided.”

John: “Punish the men by making them fat?”

Susan: “Punish is the wrong word, John. Both men loved my sisters, but they couldn't deal with life in the fat lane. By making them fat, my sisters were able to have the men experience what being fat was like. Both men are happy now and have no fear of fat. They are fed by the women so that they will always be fat with them in our odyssey known as Fat Land.”

John: “I thought it was strange enough that the women in your family wanted to get fat, but to force everyone to become fat. It almost feels like a cult.”

Susan: “Do you love me?”

John: “Yes, of course I do more than ever, but…”

Susan: “My sisters are in love with their husbands, and their husbands love them. They could have chosen to leave. They chose to stay and become fat for their wives and prove their love. I think that is romantic, sexy and very erotic.”

John: “Is that what your dad and Karen's husband Tim did?”

Susan: “They already were plump or borderline fat because they shared our love of food and love making just like us. They put on weight at a similar pace as you have until the tradition started. Look, we only meet once a month. After that, the rate of fattening is done in each couple's home at rates both feel comfortable with.”

John: “Well, when you put it that way it sounds a little less scary. How much do you want me to gain?”

Susan: “Oh, well, lover, I don't really care that much. But, it would very much turn me on if we could win the contest!”

John: “The contest? I thought you were kidding. Your mom is over 500 pounds and eats quite a bit; that is going to be tough, babe. If your mom is still gaining, it may be even tougher to catch up and pass. How fat do you want me to become to help you win the contest?”

Susan: “Well, regardless of the contest, I want to achieve my goal. But in all honesty the contest requires that both of us win by being the fattest in the family. Please, before you say anything else, hear me out. I won't have to worry about how fat you or I become if we win the contest. There is more to the story.”

John: “How much more? I'm starting to get scared again.”

Susan: “I can't win the contest without both of us being the fattest people in our family. If we win the contest, neither of us will have to work a day again in our lives.”

John: “How can that be? You didn't say there was a prize.”

Susan: “In the beginning, the contest was between us sisters. After the tradition started, my parents found out about the contest. They enhanced it by giving a dowry to the fattest and most happy couple in our family. I know my parents don't look like much but they have quite a bit of money. The dowry is over ten million dollars.”

John: “Ten million dollars?”

Susan: “Yes, we could live like a king and queen and be fat together forever.”

John: “Man, no wonder all the guys are eating.”

Susan: “They were already well on their way to Fat Land before the dowry was announced. The couple has to truly be happy, in love and fat because they love it, or the dowry would not be handed out. I don't see us as having that problem.”

John: “Look, I love you and want to marry you. I would love the ten million dollars, but if we make the choice to go for it, we have to recognize the fact we might not win. If that is the case, I could wind up being pretty big and still lose.”

Susan: “You will have me and my love for you.”

John: “Yes. I know, baby, and after thinking about it, that is what is really important to me. Contest or not, you would really like me big, wouldn't you?”

Susan: “John, my life dream would be complete for both of us to be as fat as possible and as in love as we are today.”

John: “I guess I can't really blame you. Susan, you have made me the happiest man alive and my dreams have come true. I want your happiness, too, and I don't need a contest to prove my love. If fat is what you want, then fat is what you're going to get. Winning the contest would of course be wonderful, but it doesn't matter either. I'm willing to prove my love to the fullest and become however fat you want me to be. Will this make you as happy as I?”

Susan: “Make love to me, John.”

After making passionate love, they entered the living room for dinner. They fed each other like never before. They finished the huge trays of food in less than an hour. After watching TV for two hours, ice cream was served. An entire gallon was given to Susan and John along with several brownies and more of the cream drink.

They finished it all. It took over five hours, but they ate the whole thing together. Halfway through, the ice cream melted and they just dumped it into their creamy drink glasses and chugged it.

Neither of them could move. By two o'clock in the morning, they were again exhausted and retired to bed. The plan was to leave early in the morning so they could get home before dark.

After undressing each other, they climbed into bed, but they didn't sleep as planned. They continued feeding each other out of the trays of candy dishes for another two hours. They both could see the stretch marks forming on their now enormous swollen guts.

Susan: “These stretch marks mean that I'm becoming fatter. Do you like what you see? I'm growing, John. Feed me more; I must grow more for you.”

John: “Yes, more. Feed me, too. We must grow together.”

And so the night continued with the happy couple gorging themselves until early morning. After falling asleep finally, they didn't wake until noon well after the time they wanted.

They attempted to get dressed, but it was obvious that more damage had been done to their bodies than anticipated. None of their pants would fit. All the late night feedings combined with an extremely high fat and carbohydrate intake had firmly planted itself on their newly expanded bodies.

Shocked, but happy and aroused at the same time, they embraced and hugged each other. They took every advantage to touch and feel each other's new deposits of fat and lard. Both were amazed and impressed with the rate of their growth.

Susan: “It has happened.”

John: “What has happened, baby?”

Susan: “I have become my mother.”

John: “Well, actually I think you still have a little ways to go, honey. But you look fantastic!”

Susan: “No, it's not that. I have become fat and happy like my mamma and papa.”

John: “Oh, yes you have, baby, and I love the new look on you. I feel kind of aroused seeing myself too. Weird huh?”

Susan: “No, not weird, just life in the fat lane here at Fat Land. We hope you enjoyed the ride.”

John: “Speaking of rides, do we have time for a quickie?”

Susan: “I would, lover, but we should pack and get out of here before we grow out of all of our clothes. I'll check with mom and see what older outfits she can loan to us. Be back soon lover.”

John decided to climb on the scale in the bathroom. Making sure it was calibrated he stepped on. His jaw dropped when he saw the number climb and stop.

John: “How the hell could I pack that much on in two days?”

John didn't know it at the time, but he was being fed an enormous amount of calories, carbohydrates and fat. Carbohydrates take time to convert to fat, but after eating enough of them, there is no stopping the process. Higher doses of fat calories have the effect of converting directly to body fat. Susan and John had no doubt consumed several weeks if not months of fat calories in just two days.

Each of the regular meals that they were served contained over 10,000 calories not including the desserts. Each dessert tray contained 6 individual servings with 2500 to 3000 calories. The half-gallon of ice cream they each ate contained over 16,000 calories. This doesn't include the hundreds of extra calories for all the munchies they ate in between meals. Nor did it include the 8-10 cream drinks they each consumed with thousands more calories. In two days, John's newly expanded stomach processed over 100,000 calories. He had been quite a pig.

It is no wonder that his pants didn't fit. John had packed on 25 pounds in two days. He had plenty of new stretch marks to prove it. Then he smiled and thought if he had put on that much, think how much had Susan must have packed on.

John was now adapting and becoming addicted to the world of fat known as life in the fat lane.

He examined himself, poking at his new pudgy self.

Susan entered the room with new clothes. He tried a pair of pants on while watching his future bride hers on. He could now see that Susan had obviously gained more than him. She was an amazing sight and instantly became rock hard.

Susan had stretch marks on her upper arms as well as in her inner thighs and huge marks with red dots everywhere on her belly. Even her breasts now had stretch marks.

Her whole body looked as though every part of it has expanded. She walked towards him after getting her pants on. They were skin tight showing every curve.

Susan: “You aren't bailing on me, are you? I know this is different and not really normal. It's just my life and I love it so much.”

John: “Susan, screw normal. This is different, but I've never felt so alive. My heart is beating so fast. I'm excited just looking at you. I am enjoying taking measure of all your new features. How much do you think you have gained?”

Susan: “Not enough, lover. It must be pretty bad, though. I see my skin couldn't keep up with my blubbery growth. Do you think the stretch marks are ugly?”

John: “Actually, I don't. I think they look sexy on you. I am surprised how they in so many different places.”

Susan: “Yes, it happens when you gain too much too quickly. And, I will have many more for you very soon. These marks bear my love for you and gage my success in the fattening process.”

John: “You should weigh yourself, I'm curious where you at.”

Susan finished putting her top on and walked into the bathroom. She emerged from the bathroom beaming ear to ear.

John: “So how much, honey?”

Susan: “Guess!”

John: “Ah, I don't know, 30 pounds?”

Susan approached John and whispered in his ear.

John: “Wow...Wow... 40 pounds. How much do you weigh now?”

Susan: “Like I said, lover, food loves me. I have no problem gaining weight. I was built for it. No wonder none of my clothes fit. I think you better move the wedding date up because I'm only ten pounds from being your husband. This scale says that I'm 290 pounds of pure womanly fatty love.”

She shook her entire body so John could see how fat she had become.

John: “How about we get married next month here at your parents' house? We could have the reception here and spend our honeymoon at the lake resort down the road from here.”

Susan: “You read my mind, lover. But I want you now. Let's keep it simple, family only. I want to be yours two weeks from now. I can't wait any longer to say you are mine and give myself to you.”

John: “No problem, I'm sure you can reach your goal in two weeks considering the damage we've done here in two days.”

Susan: “Say, those pants are petty tight on you. Is that a pair of sexy man tits I see poking through your shirt, you sexy man?”

John: “I packed on 25 pounds, so I'm at 240 pounds already. I'm not really that far behind you babe.”

Susan: “Yes, and I have even bigger plans for my little piggy.”

John and Susan grabbed a quick bite to eat, as they didn't want to fall asleep on the way home. It was dark when they got home and they were starving. John ordered two large pizzas with everything on them. They took turns eating a feeding each other and devoured the two pizzas in less than 20 minutes. They washed it down with two entire two liter of Pepsi and then headed for the couch.

They were stuffed, but after an hour passed, they dug out the ice cream and each consumed a half-gallon of ice cream containing thousands of lovely fat calories.

They spent the next two weeks moving into Susan's house and getting ready for the wedding. No matter what they were doing, there was always some kind of food in their mouth or hand waiting to be processed in their mouth.

John's intake began to surpass Susan's, which she couldn't believe it. His stomach had expanded so much along with his capacity to eat he could now out perform her at every meal. John didn't snack as much, however and Susan could pretty much eat or nibble all day. They both were gaining so quickly that nobody could believe it they were the same people.

John was averaging a pound of fat a day, while Susan was averaging a half-pound a day. Since Susan was larger than John, she burned more calories and it took more to continue gaining at the same rate as John.

By the time the wedding had come, Susan had indeed hit just over 300 pounds. She was so happy. With John's newfound gluttony, he was able to pack on 15 more pounds and now weighed in at 260. She fondled and loved every pound of it.

Michelle, Cindy and Karen could now see that they had some real competition on their hands. All the husbands were pigging out during the wedding to the point of being disgusting. After seeing John balloon upward 45 pounds in less than a month, they knew they were in trouble.

The race was on.

The honeymoon was two weeks of pure gluttony. Being close to Susan's mom was a huge advantage. Meals were brought in everyday and they did nothing but make love and eat all day and most of the night. They drank so much of the cream milk that the small local store ran out of cream. John continued to out pace Susan by just enough his gains were higher than Susan every single day.

They took pictures and measured each other compiling the photos and numbers into a logbook tracking their progress into marital “fat bliss.” Since they had both become so fat by this point, the amount gained each day slowed, but there was no end in sight. They were both in love and obsessed with fatness.

By the end of their honeymoon, Susan had small stretch marks on her lower calves and lower arms. She was incredibly fat and her belly couldn't be contained any more. It was as though the fat ran out of places to go, so it picked her belly.

This isn't to say nothing else grew. Her lower and upper legs now had rings and folds of fat dangling off her body wiggling and jiggling no matter what she did. Susan loved to move her body just to feel the fat shake. Her butt stuck out at least a foot now from her back. Her ribs and middle frame were now encased in at least six inches of lard. Her face still dimpled was round like a ball with several chins hiding the neck that lay beneath.

Her lower arms and upper arms had sheets of stretch marked skin dripping with fat. When she sat, her arms where pushed out to the sides of her due to her enormous girth. Susan was amazingly fat everywhere. Her love handles were rings of fat from her but to her shoulders. She looked like the Michelin man when naked. Her breasts had outgrown anything should could possibly buy in the store.

In just 14 days, she had become even more beautiful than John could have ever imagined.

John had become so addicted to food by now that he would often wake up in the middle of the night and gorge for 30 minutes falling back to sleep. Susan constantly kept his belly full and to the bursting point in between her feedings during their intense two-week odyssey into Fat Land. John's belly was now enormous and far surpassed Susan's. John had become so proud of it that he rubbed and touched it constantly. This made Susan hot and she would start rubbing and playing with John's soft fat wherever should could find and touch it on his body.

John now had man tits the size of hers when they first met. He could never get enough to eat anymore and Susan made no attempts to limit or contain his appetite. She wanted to win and make sure John was the fattest.

Susan: “You are my fat little piggy, aren't you, lover boy? I'm going to grow you so fat you won't be able to move with out me making love to you. I want you as wide as this bed lover so I can lie on your vast tonnage and we can mate like giant whales in heat.”

John: “I'm so hungry, Susan. I can't think of anything else any more but eating and making love to you. We better win the contest at this point. I don't know how to stop. I can't believe how addicted I've become to this life style. Please fee me now baby. God, I'm so hungry, I can't stop.”

Before they left to get married and go on their honeymoon, Susan secretly had done some research on the Internet and discovered an over the counter appetite stimulant used for chemo patients and victims of the Anorexia disease. She bought over four packages of the stuff, and it was all long gone.

John never had a fighting chance or knew what hit him. She broke the pills up ahead of time into a powder and periodically dumped it in his creamy drinks. It took a couple of days to kick in, but it did the trick. John was in a constant state of hunger even after running out of the powder two days before the trip ended. It didn't matter at this point as he was now accustomed to eating such large quantities of food, he didn't need the pills anymore. The results were amazing and Susan was happy to see her lover had now caught up with her and become her equal in Fat Land.

After two weeks and thousands of fatty calories they both now weighed in at 340 pounds of pure love and fat.

They went home and John went back to work. Nobody could believe how fat he had become. His boss told him to get a check up and take a couple of days off to find a gym or whatever he needed to put his life back together. They were disgusted, shocked and in disbelief that anybody would let themselves go to the point of such grossness. John would have been sad, but his hunger and love for Susan was now in control. Nothing else mattered.

John didn't do anything except stay home and eat.

John: “Susan, I can't stop. I can't go to work tomorrow. They don't understand. You should have heard what they said and thought. Why can't I just be fat and they leave me alone?”

Susan: “Don't worry, honey. We can win the contest ok? I'll pack you a cooler for work tomorrow and I'll take you in. When they see how fat I have become they will understand we are together forever and leave us alone. Get on the scale lover and let me see your latest handy work. Maybe were closer to victory. Regardless you look great and are really turning me on John.”

John waddled into the bathroom. They had become so fat, that Susan bought a second scale. John put his foot on one scale and then the other. Two scales would work up to around 500 or 550 pounds before they would have to get an industrial scale.

Susan: “My god, lover, you may have to pace yourself soon. You racked up another ten pounds in two days. What have I been feeding you?”

He was now 350 pounds. Susan stepped onto the scale and John monitored. Susan had gained 5 more pounds putting her at 345 pounds.

Susan: “I don't want to put you on a diet, lover, but the contest stipulates that I must be fatter. So I've got to put you on a diet. Don't worry. You will never really need a real diet. It will take thousands of calories just to maintain your current weight. My little piggy has grown up so beautifully!”

John: “I can't stop, Susan. I'll eat whenever you aren't around. Any chance I get I must eat. I can't get it out of my brain. You told me you wanted me to be as wide as a bed. It is my destiny now as it is yours. You need to eat more because I'm not capable of any kind of diet any more. Will you please eat more and become fatter for me so I don't have to diet?”

Susan realized now that she has created a monster. However, she loved a challenge and was so turned on, she couldn't resist.

Susan: “Feed me now ,big boy.”

So, Susan sucked it up and fought to beat her husband's newfound gluttony. It took another week of hard work, but she beat him. Susan could now out eat her husband every time and he ate a lot. The weight began to pile on at an alarming rate.

Two weeks went by and they drove up for the monthly feast and checkup by their parents. They slowly waddled up the stairs one after the other and entered the living area. They were the first to get there this time. They spoke with the parents while munching on appetizers. They both looked very fat and the parents couldn't believe how much they had gained. After two weeks, they both had packed on another 25 and 30 pounds each putting them both at 375 now.

Papa: “You guys have really impressed me. You obviously are in love. I can tell you aren't just eating for the contest. I hope that you both win however everybody is nervous now. Your sisters know you guys are going for it and since they already were so large, it has given them a big advantage. I wish I could afford to give this prize to everybody, but I can't. No matter what your momma and I will do our best to take care of all of you.”

Susan: “I know that my sisters were big, but John is fatter than Scott, Mark and Tim.”

Papa: “That was weeks ago. When they saw you two at the wedding, they knew they were in trouble. They have been stuffing themselves since. Tim is bigger than me now. Scott and Mark are at least as big as John now.”

Just then, the door opened and the family started pouring in. The old man was right. If the contest were to be held today, Karen and Tim would win hands down if it weren't still for Momma. Tim must have weighed at least 420 pounds. He didn't recognize Karen at first. She was breathing heavy and struggled with every step.

Just like her Momma, Karen was fat everywhere and she wasn't 400 pounds any more. She had to have weighed somewhere around 450 now. John couldn't wait until Susan and he were that big.

Cindy and Mark waddled in. Most of her Cindy's weight was in her gut. It was mammoth and she was obviously over 400 pounds now. Her husband Mark was also huge. He looked about the same weight as himself at 375 pounds.

Michele and Scott now walked in and John and Susan just shook their heads in disbelief. They looked totally exhausted as though they hadn't slept in days. The kids rolled in after them, looking like tiny blimps or “Weebles” ready to wobble but not fall done.

Scott had caught up to Michele in weight and they both were over 400 pounds by now. Like Susan and John, they had been playing catch up fast.

John and Susan slowly got up and everyone began to hug each other. It was amazing the floorboards held. Susan then pulled John aside in their room and began talking in a quite tone.

Susan: “John, something is up. We have pigged out like crazy and Michele and Scott are huge.”

John: “Yeah, I know. What the heck happed to Michele and Scott? They were the least fat and now they obviously weigh more than any of us except Karen and Tim.”

Susan: “I do have a solution if you're interested.”

John: “Heck' yah, I'm not losing at this point. I have too much invested."

John patted his enormous gut, and it quivered like Jell-O.

Susan: “Ok, take a couple of these appetite stimulants.”

John: “Yeah, I figured something was up like this.”

Susan: “What do you mean?”

John: “It is so obvious you used these on me. There is no way my appetite could have increased so much on our honeymoon. I figured something was up. But when you are too hungry to care, you don't ask questions.”

Susan: “Will you forgive me, lover?”

John: “Yes. I'm fat now. There isn't anything I can do about it. I hope you like big men, baby, because there is no way I would be able to stay on a diet now without living somewhere without food.”

Susan: “So, how do you feel being so fat?”

John: “I love it. I get tired more quickly, but I like how it feels on me. It feels like your being constantly loved and hugged by yourself. When we make love, I can tell how much more you find me attractive as I do you. There is so much more of me to feel and experience it. Hard to describe, but I want to grow and become fatter than ever for you.

Susan: “You have come a long way, baby. Now we are going to have to get creative if we are going to win the contest and take our place as King and Queen of Fat Land.”

Both John and Susan took the pills. There effect would probably not be immediate, however it was a three-day weekend, so there would be plenty of time. The feedings began as normal with the men feeding the girls. All the girls finished their food quickly with Michele finishing first. Susan was second with her Karin third.

The men were now served full platters instead of the normal size. With all the training John had done, he finished first. Scott finished second with Tim third.

Cindy and Mark just couldn't keep up. Cindy was around 400 pounds with her husband at 375. Mark had been able to pack on quite a few pounds the in the last few weeks, but his capacity wasn't keeping up with the rest of the men.

After the men finished, the dessert trays were brought out, and the women plowed into them. There were ten different desserts and only Susan and Karen finished. They both were in pain by then so John and Tim rubbed their bellies and fed them several cream drinks to help.

Once the men started on the desserts, it was tough. It took over an hour, but John and Tim made it. Karen and Tim were defiantly the fattest and could both pack the food away. However, now they had competition. John was a changed man and was living life in fat lane now.

None of them could move after the feast. They sat starring at the TV and were so bloated, couldn't even talk. After an hour, Susan told John she was hungry again and they started feeding each other one-pint of ice cream each along with popcorn and coke.

None of the other sisters or their husbands could believe it. Karen and Tim attempted to split one pint of ice cream, but could barely get it down. Michele and Scott managed to eat some popcorn, but they all were way too stuffed to pull off what John and Susan were able to do.

The house was big enough that everyone decided to stay the night. Each couple had tons of candy dishes and snacks in their room, but nobody took advantage of it except for John and Susan. The pills had kicked in after they went to sleep.

Three hours after sleeping, they awoke starving. They didn't eat the candy however, they went directly for the cup cakes and high calorie, high fat snacks. They devoured to boxes of rice crispy treats and four boxes of “Suzy Q's”. They proceeded to wash it down with the cream drink. After two more hours of feasting, they fell asleep only to wake up again around 5:00 in the morning.

They both took two more pills each and began stuffing themselves from all the candy trays as fast as they could. They barely chewed it. After an hour of pure gluttony, all the candy in the room was gone. All that was left was the potato chips and salty snacks.

They ate so much, that they couldn't do anything except sleep. They woke up at 11:00am in the morning and noticed there was definite damage to their bodies. Susan's intake had increased so much, that her body couldn't place the fat evenly anymore. They both gained over 15 pounds in one day and by the looks of it, most of it went to their bellies. They each had trouble getting out of bed.

John's belly was huge. When he sat down, his gut extended outward towards his knees. His upper thighs were so fat his legs were pushed apart. His back and neck were ribbed with role after role of glorious fat. Susan loved the fact that his butt was so wide and even had shape. Most men get flat butts, but John's huge ass had character to it.

Susan's belly due to her height reached her knees when sitting. When she stood, her ass and hips were as wider than the doorways. Both sides of her body touched the walls as she walked down the hallway now.

She couldn't walk straight any more due to the size of her legs. Her upper and lower thighs shook with every step and had several layers and pockets of fat hanging off. It was as though the fat couldn't be contained to her shape any more. When sitting the back of her butt was so large, her thighs hung off the couch. The roles of fat surrounding her mid section pushed her arms out from her sides even farther. Both her upper shoulders were over a foot in diameter and when she ate her entire upper body would shake and wiggle.

When they made love, they had to try new positions constantly rearranging their fat bodies. John loved it when she sat on him, but his belly was so fat, Susan had to push it upward towards his face just so she could get to his manhood. Once positioned, she would lean on his flabby belly, smothering her face.

They also found that doggy style worked as long as he stood off the bed entering her from behind. He had to lift his belly and place it on top of her butt. Recently her butt and thighs had gotten so fat however, this was becoming difficult too.

They helped each other get dressed and proceeded to the dinning room. Everyone was there and they got started right away pounding the food down. Susan and John had taken two more pills, so they were ready to go. The parents had extra large portions on the trays today along with two side dishes.

Susan was so fat now she had no neck. Rings of fat extended around her massive never-ending chin. Her dimples were still there with cheeks that looked like she had two baseballs in her mouth.

Even her face wiggled when she ate. She was the only girl to finish everything on her plate. None of the others could even finish the big tray, let alone the side dishes. She ate it all. She even was able to drink an entire gallon of the cream drink.

John, pretty much had to feed himself, as Susan was fast falling asleep. Her body now busy digesting the massive amount of food in her system and converting it to fat. He too was the only one able to finish his food. John also drank an entire gallon of the creamy fat drink. They both passed out after everyone clapped and applauded in their honor.

They didn't wake until lunchtime where they waddled to the bathroom taking now 4 more pills each. Their stomachs were growling and all they could think about was food. They waddled back to the living room holding hands as everyone had already started eating lunch.

Lunch was lighter, so everyone was able to finish, but an hour later each person was given an entire cookie sheet of home made brownies and two gallons of cream drink mixed in used gallon milk containers.

Most of the couples were able to eat half their trays with a gallon of the drink. John and Susan hand fed each other the entire set of trays and then chugged every last drop of the cream drink. They couldn't move after drinking the liquid. They just stood in silence as the rest of the family sat with envious grins and jealous eyes. None of them could compete any more and they knew it.

John and Susan awoke still holding hands on the couch just in time for dinner. Some of the other sisters were able to scarf down some snacks during their rest, but they were ready for dinner this time. Karen stood up laughing at John and Susan.

Karen: “Oh my god. You guys are so amazing. Look at your shirts. Oh, I guess your so fat now, you can't see the end of your bellies huh?”

Susan: “Look who's talking, fatso!”

Karen: “When you guys started breakfast, your shirts fit you. Look at yourselves now. In two meals, you have outgrown your shirts. You guys are two giant pigs. You probably do deserve to win, but I'm not giving up yet, little sister.

With that said, Michelle and Cindy stood up with their husbands Scott and Mark.

Cindy: "We've had enough. I was sick all night because I ate so much. I love my husband and our bodies. We are happy being 400 pounds of lovely fatty flesh. But, we don't want to play anymore. Were going home where we can enjoy eating for what it is. I don't want to gain this fast any more. I don't even enjoy eating at this rate anymore. I just want to enjoy life, food and being fat, not stuffing myself to the point I can't do anything else. Good luck sisters, may the best fat couple win."

Michele: “Yeah, I feel the same way and my husband Mark just can't keep up. I'm going to take him home and fatten him up slowly instead of making him feel sick. We could use the money, but were doing fine in our business, so I agree. Good luck fellow 'fatsters.' May the fat be with you!”

And so, there were only two couples left.

John: “When does the contest end?”

Susan: “The contest ends at the end of next month at midnight. Basically we have six weeks from now to prove we are the fattest couple in love in Fat Land.”

John: “Wow, you didn't tell me it was that soon.”

Susan: “Once we got married, the end date was moved up. We probably could have won for sure if I hadn't lost all that stupid weight. However, if I didn't find you lover I would have lost for sure. We have a long way to go to catch up to Karen and Tim, but were committed at this point.”

Karen: “That's right, I'm the fattest and soon I'll be fatter than momma along with Tim. We have been in love and growing from day one of our marriage.”

Tim: “Yeah, I'm pretty confidant we can pull it off. We did have and advantage though. We have been gaining for years. My goal is to be the fattest man in the family, so lets get to it, I'm hungry.”

At that point the parents spoke up and forced everyone to weigh in. They wanted to record the day's events and see how close everyone was to each other and Momma.

For accuracy, an industrial scale was brought in to weigh everybody. Everyone stepped on the scale including Momma and Papa.

The breakdown was as follows:

Momma: 520
Papa: 420

Karen: 460
Tim: 440

Susan: 405
John: 400

So, dinner continued the same as the night before. The pills together with sheer determination enabled Susan and John to finish every morsel of food. Nobody else could come close to eating all his or her food.

Two hours later after dinner, John and Susan ate an entire gallon of ice cream and two boxes of rice crispy treats. It took three hours and they waddled off to bed victorious.

Karen and Tim were still determined as they poured several cubes of pure butter over home make popcorn and absorbed it with several liters of coke to wash it down. Karen and Tim retired to their room where they fed each other as much candy as possible all nightlong.

The parents knew that it was only a matter of time before their weight was exceeded and they would have to pay for the contest. They pretty much decided to back off and eat normally so that the kids would have less work ahead of them.

John and Susan were like rabid dogs. They hadn't had sex all day. The pills made them only care about food. They finished two packages of pills each and by this point and were out of control.

Susan took a calculator and went out to the kitchen to find the most fattening soft foods. She blended up several gallons of the cream drink mixed with ice cream, lard, brownies, M&M's and more. She made sure it was liquefied to the point there were no chunks in it. She even through in some weight gain powder she bought before coming. She made enough of the high fat and calorie drink to fill 8 gallon sized milk jugs.

The plan was set. While everyone else was sleeping or gorging on candy, she was going to pump this fattening liquid into John and herself while taking hour naps. Basically, they would feed each other a gallon of her fat formula and then sleep for an hour. In eight hours, they would have both drank 4 gallons of the stuff and have slept peacefully while it was converted to fat. The problem was delivery. It was still thick enough that it would take forever to drink. This is where plan b came in.

Susan: “Wake up, lover.”

John woke with wrappers everywhere. He obviously pigged out while she was preparing the mix. John started to wake up as he saw her enter the room with a soft plastic tube attached to a large funnel and a gallon of something.

John: “Susan, what the heck are you doing now?”

Susan helped prop up her fat husband so he wouldn't choke. She then inserted the tube into his mouth and carefully down his throat. He had a shocked look on his face, but he was so tired and his arms were so damn fat, he couldn't resist. Plus, he was hungry again.

Susan: "Don't worry, honey, I read all about how to do this on the Internet. Aren't computers great? My big sister hates computers, so I bet she won't even think of this idea."

John, now frightened, was beginning to think Susan went off the deep end. She manipulated the funnel and began pouring the thick liquid into the funnel. Sheets of her fat and lard wiggled and jiggled from her upper and lower arms as she worked over him. He quickly got an erection seeing her this fat. The liquid began to slowly trickle down his throat.

His fear soon gave way to hunger as he tugged at her flabby belly perched on top of the bed next to him. He was asking for more. She carefully increased the rate.

Susan: “I know, honey, the Internet stories said that you would want more once we got started. Let me poor more into you lover. This stuff I made makes Momma's cream drinks look like diet soda. Were going to be seeing more of you very soon, lover.”

John began rubbing his own belly. It was a strange feeling having his stomach filled automatically. Ripples of fat wiggled like waves in an ocean as his arms jiggled with his enormous belly. His now larger man tits hung down from his sides like giant flaps of lard shaking at a different rate than his arms and belly.

Susan: “Don't worry ,lover, there is plenty more. And you are going to want it, too. I put all the rest of the pills in this stuff. I want us to be extra lardy for the weigh in tomorrow. Well show them who is the fattest, won't we baby.”

John couldn't respond any other way at this point. He was a machine now demanding more fuel for his expanding appetite.

Susan slowly finished the first gallon. It took only twenty minutes, but she knew she had to be careful. Too much too fast would kill him. This stuff was so thick with so many calories, digesting this much so quickly was hard on the system. She took over rubbing his immense belly. He looked like he swallowed a basketball.

Susan: “So, lover, will you do me now?”

John nodded and the tube was removed and washed in the bathroom sink. Susan had trouble getting into the bed and kind of fell on it and then rolled into position. Her vast fatness wiggled and jiggled to the point she lost her balance. When she completed her maneuvers, she noticed John practically drooling.

Susan: “I guess I don't have to worry about you leaving me, do I? You love the fat pig I've become, don't you? I'm more lard now than woman, soft and fat just for you, lover.”

John: “Yes ,I do love you and the vast tonnage you have become, but you are not fat enough, my sweet. You need more fat. Let me fill you up and make you complete.”

John inserted the tube and began pouring it in. Susan couldn't believe the experience. It was so erotic. She became very wet and horny.

After her turn was up, she explained that they would consume the other containers one every hour so there was time for it to digest without harming them. Neither of them could sleep and were already hungry for the next batch. They decided to make love while waiting.

The king size bed really couldn't hold them much anymore without laying on each other in some manner. So they huddled together trying to not put too much pressure on their bloated bellies. Finally after foreplay, John helped Susan move to the end of the bed. He rolled her over on her side while pushing her gut outward from her pelvic region towards upper body. She suckled on one of her huge watermelon sized breasts.

John carefully lifted her top leg vertically into the air closing in on her private area. He lifted his belly on top of hers and was able to penetrate her pussy. He couldn't reach his manhood, so he had to feel his way in stealth mode with it fully erected.

They had not tried this angle out before, but they both wound up climaxing at the same moment. Waves of fat bounced around for several seconds making them feel each other's bodies and tickling them to the point John came three or four times before the after shocks calmed down. At the continued rate of growth, this would possibly be the only way they could still have true intercourse.

Tired and still hungry thanks to the pills and new diet, they continued sleeping in between drinking the gallons of liquid.

They slept for several hours after the last batch was consumed. This was obviously the fattest day they have had together. Both were very anxious to weigh in.

When they awoke, they tried on several different pieces of clothing, however nothing fit. Susan had become so fat John couldn't get her t-shirt on without hurting her. One shirt he managed to get on simply ripped apart once she moved to help him. John was able to get one pair of pants on, but broke the seam after taking one step. They looked at each other and starting laughing. They waddled to each other hugged and fondled each other's new deposits of fat literally drooping off of every part of their body. They didn't really look human anymore at this point.

Susan: “Wee! We are whales of passion my darling. My plan is almost complete. Together we will rule Fat Land as husband and wife. Forget about clothes, lets walk out naked and show them what living in the fat lane is all about!”

John: “I'm right behind you. God, I love how your entire body shakes now. Move faster my sweet so I can see you wiggle and shake.”

Susan: “Yeah right, I can't barely waddle, let alone walk or run. We will have to start lifting weights and stuff to get in shape enough to carry our bulk around.”

John: “Great idea, babe.”

Susan: “Oh, crap. I'm stuck. How does Momma do this?”

John: “Well for starters, her room is downstairs next to the living room with no door, just a curtain with a widened entrance. For seconds, she lives in the kitchen and living room.”

Susan: “Good point. We are going to need a bigger house, John. See if you can push me through the door.”

Most of John's weight was still in his massive stomach, however Susan was a giant ball of fat and was now wider than her height.

John pushed on her big ass with his belly. He could not reach past his own belly to touch her any more and his arms tired quickly considering how massive they now were. His huge man tits wiggled back and forth as he rammed into his enormous wife's ass. His man tits were now at least half the size of hers.

Susan entered the hallway sideways. She carefully waddled her way into the living room. Her butt and belly scraped the walls whole way. She knocked a couple of pictures off the wall, but papa came to the rescue helping her to the couch and then picking up the mess. He couldn't believe it.

Papa: “Man, there is no way you guys could eat enough to grow that fast. What the heck are you doing?”

Susan: “There is just something about us, daddy. We can't stop making love and feeding each other. We ate all night, nonstop.”

John: “Yeah, I can't explain it either. It's like it's never enough. I just have to keep eating and eating. I've never been this determined about anything in my life before. I really want to win just to see how big I can get.”

John waddled in and sat next to his wife. Even with a full size couch, they now were so fat that layers of themselves were lying within each other fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle. Their back and sides oozed over the back and arms of the couch.

The day progressed just like the previous day except the only winners were John and Susan. They ate none stop except for very small catnaps. Karen and Tim didn't give up, but it was obvious that they no longer had the capacity to keep up.

By the end of the night, everyone weighed in eager to see who was the biggest.

The breakdown was as follows:

Momma: 510
Papa: 415

Karen: 470
Tim: 455

Susan: 435
John: 430

While Karen and Tim did an admirable job of packing on over ten pounds each, Susan and John packed on over 30 pounds each.

With three more weeks to go and the rate at which John and Susan were gaining anything was possible.

Both couples left for home and were happy with their progress. Susan and John knew that they would have a good chance if they could keep the pace up. They did decide to stop taking the pills however. They wanted to experience the pain and gain for themselves now. Both of their stomachs had been expanded to the point, they wouldn't really need them any more.

Once home, they settled into a routine of constant feeding. Foods were carefully selected for the maximum carbohydrates and fat calorie intake. They didn't really want foods with high cholesterol, but in the name of winning some of the items they picked were ridiculously high in fat and cholesterol. Susan was now resorting to dumping large quantities of corn oil into the shakes. This had an immediate effect on her figure. It simply exploded with cellulite drooping and hanging from every part of her body including her face.

Susan figured after the contest they would move to healthier foods and workout so that they might live at least a little longer than the average age for people at this weight. She began doing reading on the Internet for how to take care of yourself even when you're very obese.

She knew that she wanted a baby at some point and she would probably have to lose some weight even if it was temporary.

John went to work and by the second week was fired. He was so fat, it was difficult to do part of his job lifting boxes and taking inventory. It was obvious that his boss was being a jerk, but rather than fight it, they decided to go for the contest prize with even more gusto.

They knew that her sister Karen was still working hard too and they would call each week and take readings so each side knew out fat the other was. This was the result after the first week:

Momma: 515
Papa: 420

Karen: 490
Tim: 465

Susan: 460
John: 455

Even with Momma and Papa not trying to gain anymore, their weights wound up moving upward. Tim was pretty nervous with John now hot on his tail.

The results after the second week were even more interesting:

Momma: 525
Papa: 430

Karen: 505
Tim: 475

Susan: 490
John: 480

The parents continued to gain just by overeating as normal, but John had now passed Tim and Susan was closing on Karen. After losing his job and being even more determined the 3rd week was amazing.

Susan researched the Internet and local grocery store to find the most fattening cake possible. For the entire 3rd week until the weekend at her parents, they ate nothing but cake and used the funnel to stuff themselves with her special weight gain shake.

John and Susan traded their car in for a custom van. Susan took up the entire back seat now and his fatness swelled and dropped down over the sides and back of the front seat now. At least they could fit in a car again. They met drove up to their parent's to complete the contest. After entering the living room, they stripped all off their clothes.

This was the first time he had seen Karen without much or anything on. She was truly a goddess. She had eaten so consistently her whole life that there wasn't a single stretch mark on her body. For some reason her skin could absorb the fat.

Oddly, she wound up keeping her shape and firmness a little better than Susan, but her breasts were smaller and she was several inches taller than Susan. This may have something to do with it he thought to himself. She was a very lovely brunette and very lucky to have such a nice man. Karen noticed John checking her out and proceeded to wink with a big smile.

Susan was a lot of woman. She now was so wide that she could not make it to the bedroom. Her butt now stuck out almost two feet from her back hanging in space some how. Her enormous belly wrapped around her in several layers span outwards in all direction several feet. Her belly flopped down on top of tree trunk sized thighs. You could no longer make out the original shape of her legs anymore.

They were just covered with pockets of fat dripping with layer after layer of lard. The cellulite rippled through every part of her lower half. This was probably due to the massive gains in such a short time, but John didn't care. He found her so sexy, that he had a constant hard on when they were in the same room. She was all the more soft with all the fatty cellulite.

Looking at the three women it was now hard to tell who was fatter. Of the men, it was not hard to see that John had now far surpassed any of them. It was obvious when his stomach now hung below his knees while standing. His back was being seriously strained.

The numbers were amazing. John and Susan, even weighing so much, were able to pack on yet another 50 pounds in one week.

Momma: 530
Papa: 440

Karen: 525
Tim: 490

Susan: 540 John: 530

At this point Papa announced he was out of the race completely and would now monitor the process as an objective observer. Momma announced that since everyone was so close, she was back in the race to see if she could push the number up higher and see how much weight they all could pack on. She was starting to feel left out now that she would be the smallest in the family.

Susan: “Don't worry, Momma, you're still be the biggest in our hearts. Won't you be proud to have us excel beyond your own goals?”

Momma: “Oh yes, honey, I'm so proud of all my daughters. Even when the contest is over, I can tell all of my daughters and their wonderful husbands will keep the tradition alive and outgrow us. You all have the gift of fat and love living in it. I could always tell Susan especially believed in fat and loved it. I'm so proud of you honey. You both look so healthy and good for each other.”

At this point, the race was back on. With not being able to hide her tricks in the bedroom, Susan with her papa's help unloaded the containers and tools from the van. She brought an extra tube and funnel set for both her mom and sister. They were amazed at the creativity Susan possessed for pushing weight gain to the limits.

They plowed through smaller dinner trays and brownies. Everyone was able to eat everything at this point. After a couple of hours, Susan strapped the feeding tube onto her momma and began filling it up.

Momma drank and drank without stopping. She was amazed how much she could drink but still feel hungry.

Her sister could only get one gallon down, but was able to munch throughout the day.

Both John and Tim managed to get two gallons down.

Susan managed to drink three gallons but was stopped cold until just past the first part of lunch. Everyone was shocked she could still eat lunch. They all finished their lunches and John and Susan drank three more gallons each of the stuff after dumping half a bottle of corn oil into each container. They passed out cold from the calorie intake. The other family members managed to drink one container with the same amount of corn oil. Momma guzzled two containers after spiking each one with a full bottle of corn oil. They all took naps skipping dinner from the total gluttony.

Instead of dinner, each couple including the parents was issued an entire gallon of ice cream along with an entire three-layer wedding cake. Nobody finished except for Susan and John, but Momma came close. At two in the morning, Susan and John woke up and drank two containers with full bottles of corn oil. Karen was able to do the same. By then they were out of corn oil and the custom drink.

They all awoke the next day with torn clothing. All the corn oil mixed with all the other high calories had caused their weight to explode. Susan and John were completely naked. Their clothing was shredded to pieces and they were lying on the floor at this point. Only one of them could fit on the couch now. In fact, none of the couples including mamma and papa could sit together any more.

Momma and Papa began fixing breakfast while Susan and John shopped for clothes on the Internet. They ordered several sizes for everybody including larger sizes since the contest wasn't over until midnight.

They decided at this point not to do a weigh-in until midnight, as they were all too hungry at this point.

By the end of lunchtime, they were scrambling to find enough food for the next meal. By dinnertime, they were resorting to eating everything left in the house including condiments. Susan being the fat expert grabbed all the salad dressings and peanut butter. Both John and Susan guzzled them down as though they were cans of soda.

Between finishing off all the condiments and baking goods, they actually had more calories than usual for dinner. They now all sat on the floor watching TV waiting for midnight while they polished off what little remained in the house.

Papa was the only person that could fit now into each of the rooms. He was able to grab the remaining items from the guest rooms. Each of them now huddled close to their mates wrapped in bed sheets, as that is the only thing that they could ware now until the new clothes were delivered.

Susan's “fasters,” Michele and Cindy dropped by to see who the winner would be. They were laughing for several minutes at the motley crew now centered on the TV.

Susan couldn't believe how fat they had become. Even by dropping out of the contest, they were still eating to gain. Michele and Cindy looked like they were close to 500 pounds and both Scott and Mark were at least 450 pounds.

Susan: “We're going to need a bigger house?”

Michele: “What happened to you? Momma, what have you done to yourself? Wow!”

Momma: “Momma ate too much. Momma can't move. Momma too fat.”

Papa: “Heck no, you look great, babe, here eat some more.”

Momma: “Ok, why stop now?”

Sisters: “What happed to all your clothes?”

Susan: “When you live life in the fat lane in Fat Land you really don't need them.”

Cindy: “Fat lane my ass. You have become way too obsessed with this Fat Land stuff. Look at you. Can you even walk?”

Susan: “You bet I can walk. If you help, I can waddle anywhere. Besides, you should talk fat sister. Look at your wide load. You going to tell me you have not gained any weight?”

Cindy: “Good point. John, you look really good naked. That is quite a belly you have grown. You look great!” John: “Yes, I'm proud of it, contest or not.”

Michele: “You should be, and I don't think you have much to worry about. I can't believe what you have done to yourselves in such a short time. Three weeks?”

Susan: “Yup! My new secret formula I found off the Internet really does the trick.”

Midnight came soon and with all the food gone, everyone was starting to get hungry. Michele ordered two large pizzas for each person and went out to the store for soda.

When they returned, they were able to catch the pizza man and pay him before seeing everyone else naked. They all inhaled the pizza and then started the weigh in. The results were pretty much expected by this point, but all the gains were impressive.

Momma: 560
Papa: 460

Karen: 550
Tim: 510

Susan: 580
John: 575

Susan and John were awarded the prize. With financial freedom they were able to live their lives in total gluttony every day. They bought a one-floor house with swimming pool and weight room. It took months of swimming and working out, but they were able to tone their bodies and smooth out some of the cellulite. They changed their diet and intake to healthy foods with special treats once a day. Susan was able to reduce their cholesterol back down.

Susan and John still slowly gained and as a result of their size and metabolism. It would have been hard to not gain at this point. Susan by a miracle was able to get pregnant and carried her baby until full term. The health risks were great and she was bed ridden for over nine months. The doctor was paid a large sum of money so they could have the baby at home. Neither Susan nor John was able to leave the house often due to their giant size. Susan and John both weighed around 750 pounds by their mid-thirties. They never stopped loving each other or the mounds of fat on their bodies.

Karen and Tim ran their home-based business with so much success that they were able to retire. They as well are over 700 pounds now. They still love to feed each other even as difficult as it is now that they are bed-ridden most of the time. They don't care as they constantly make love and fondle each other's fat bodies.

Michele and Scott leveled off around 500 pounds and simply love to eat and make love as well. They enjoy more mobility and being able to travel, but they still gorge from time to time and Michele often dreams about being as fat as Susan or Momma.

Momma was never the same after the contest and lost all control. Papa remained at his weight of 460 pounds and focused all of his attention on expanding Momma.

Ever since Momma was introduced to the funnel, Momma was in love with her new found capacity to eat and grow. In just months after the contest, Momma lived on the funnel day in and day out. After six months, Papa built a machine to channel all the fattening supplies into his now massive wife 24 hours a day. Even when her daughters came to visit, she could only speak for a few minutes in between feedings. Her goal was to become the fattest human being ever.

After six months, she weighed 750 pounds

After one year, she weighed 900 pounds

After two years, she weighed 1200 pounds

After five years, she weighed 1800 pounds

Guinness came out and awarded her the price. She was had been on oxygen for quite some time and had to sleep sitting up. However the entire family was there to see the event. She took up the entire center of the living room. It took four king size beds together to contain her. It was quite a chore squeezing all of the family into the room, but it was the proudest moment of all their lives. Momma had achieved the ultimate goal for us living in the fat lane.

Karen and Tim had two daughters. Michele and Cindy's daughters along with the others grew up fast. All of them weighed well over 300 pounds by high school.

It wasn't long before the girls were looking for men that they could grow with and soon a new contest would begin for the next generation of those living life in the fat lane in Fat Land...