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The Fatted Calves
or The Witch Twins

By Martin James

Lucy was a nerd. She couldn't deny it - she had blonde hair in a ponytail, glasses, jeans, a knitted jumper, and she was always reading.

The other nerdish thing about her was that no one was attracted to her. She was kinda cute, sweet sixteen, but not cute for the boys. She flashed smiles at lots of attractive guys, but they just shrugged and turned away.

But all that was about to change…

Recently, a young man named Dave had joined their class. He was handsome, muscular, and had red curly hair. He didn't seem to be interested in anybody, in the class, least of all Lucy. But, he seemed to be extremely interested in their teacher, Miss Hicks.

Miss Hicks had always been a nice person, if slightly naïve in everything except science and maths. She was one of Lucy's great friends, and Lucy could always go to her in times of trouble. She was like a second mother. Like Lucy, she had been a nerd during high school, but during that time, though she never mentioned to Judy how, she had become extremely fat. She had lost most of it, but then clambered back on top again.

Now, slightly older, she had become rotund, and was the butt of class jokes, as well as Lucy. Often, when she got up, she had to struggle to get out of her desk, except during science, her chief field, where a kind technician had modified her desk. Whenever she set her classes problems during maths, she would start on a candy bar, but if the class finished quickly, she would carry on eating it, and mumble through blackboard demonstrations. The blackboard was another problem, as her fat arms couldn't reach high enough to the top.

Dave seemed to be extremely interested in her. Whenever she turned to demonstrate a problem on the board, he would suddenly pay attention and stare deeply at her. Lucy noticed that once, he sighed in pleasure when she sat down, and her belly squashed into the desk.

Lucy was perplexed. She may like her teacher as a friend, but she couldn't understand that Dave was interested in her, what with her monstrously big body.

Then, Judy Masters, the bitch, gave a wink at Dave. He frowned slightly and turned away.

At lunch, Lucy sat at the same table as Dave and said hi. She lied that Miss Hicks had told her to keep an eye on him and help him settle in. She asked him how he had found math.

“Oh, brilliant, great! Your teacher really can, well, teach!”

“Oh, I'm a good friend of hers. We often talk at Thursdays. You know, girl talk. If you want, you can come too. I don't have any friends.”

“You mean, they don't come with you?”

“No. I just don't have any friends.”

“Oh, why? You seem really nice.” She got a tingle down her back at that remark.

“Well…see… I'm a nerd.”

“That's a nasty thing to say about yourself.”

“Well, it is the truth. But, I gotta be going. See you Thursday.”

“Absolutely! Oh, what was your name again?”


The rest of the day passed in a haze for Lucy she couldn't believe it! She had become friends with Dave! How cool was that?

After the first meeting on Thursday, Dave and Lucy walked together. Since being ignored by Dave, all the girls had made him unpopular, so that just strengthened the bond between him and Lucy. They often shared lunch together. Dave still treated her as a friend, but said that she should eat more portions. She did so, to please him.

Once, on the Thursday three weeks after Dave had started, Lucy was perplexed at the fact that he kept staring at her waist. When in seclusion, she wore casual clothes, and actually looked cool, like the other girls. She had a short shirt, and it showed off the small pudge poking from her waist band. She had been annoyed that her abs were gone, but what the heck.

The next week, Wednesday, on the train home, she was perplexed. Dave may have talked to her, but how was she going to become his girlfriend? Her lifetime ambition, of winning a Nobel prize, had been replaced by the ambition to become Dave's wife, or possibly lover. She wondered who he was interested in. She wondered what had made him so interested in Miss Hicks.

She sighed. She wondered if her brilliant mind would ever catch what exactly Dave was interested in, skip that mental block to get the magic number. She thought and thought, and yet she still couldn't get it.

Finally, when she was desperate, she felt a little itch on her eye. She rubbed at it, and found that a loose eyelash had fallen onto it.

She remembered when she had been little, her mother had told her that if she blew an eyelash off the back of her hand, and wished, she would get her wish. Making sure no-one was watching, she closed her eyes and whispered under her breath:

“I wish, oh I wish, that I could instantly become a woman that Dave would love always, and forever.” And with that, she blew away the lash.

Lucy waited a minute, and then, she gave up. Nothing would tell her what was in Dave's heart. Then, like a hammer being hit into her from behind, she suddenly got the shock of her life. A strange, electric sensation went right up her body, all over. She had a brief sensation that felt familiar. She recalled years ago, when, for a party, she had tried out an inflatable sumo suit. She had been extremely big, but there had been no padding. It had felt nice but empty. Then, the sensation was replaced by a sort of filling out, like dough rising ultra-fast.

When she looked up, she almost fainted.

She was HUGE!

She had somehow become fattened beyond her wildest imaginings. Far fatter than Miss Hicks! Her teacher had always been a plump 195, but Lucy seemed to now be 230 or over.

All her clothes had seemed to transform to match her bulk. Her jeans now showed off her mammoth ass, and her tree-trunk legs. Her jumper had become a mass of wool big enough for two sheep.

Her breasts were two giant melons, not watermelons, but still melons. Her arms were now pressed to the side, and were ended in pudgy, sausage fingers. They pressed on her huge belly. Her belly itself was now far larger than a small pudge poking out. It was now a leviathan, stretching around her body, and flopped over her jeans, sticking out underneath her jumper. Her navel was now a deep, gaping hole.

Her face now had a double chin, and in fact it stretched around her entire face, and her glasses were a little out of place. Even her lips had fattened a bit, making her look as if she was pouting.

Getting used to her new weight, while on a confined train, was hard. She didn't dare sit down for fear of her jeans ripping, and yet her legs were getting more and more tired. Moving around was difficult, as she didn't have room to waddle, so she had to shuffle from foot to foot.

To make it worse, another woman who needed to get past her was also extremely fat, and there was a huge squeeze.

Eventually, Lucy stumbled home. On the way, she looked in a store mirror. She looked at herself long and hard. She was shocked that she liked what she saw…

When she got into the house, she was greeted by her mother. There was no look of surprise; no gasp in recognition of her fat form. It was as if she had been that way all her life. In fact, the door was built extra-wide to accommodate her. Her mother set her down at the table. She was offered an entire packet of cookies instead of her usual one, and a jug of chocolate milk.

She was about to take one and ask if they were expecting company, when a strange thing happened. Her mind switched form normal mode to a realm of hunger, where she must eat and eat, or starve! She took a bite of the first cookie. It was unlike any tasting sensation she had ever had before - food was ecstasy, it gave her huge waves of orgasmic pleasure when she chewed.

At dinner, Lucy was served a portion twice the amount that she usually took. It was also a fatter, greasier food. She was about to protest, but her belly got in the way. It gurgled, and felt empty. So empty…so empty she must fill it! She began to shovel the food in.

After second helpings, Lucy sat back at the table. She breathed out contentedly, and her jeans bust a button, and the zip went halfway down. She snapped back into reality.

“Mom, urp, Dad, urp, I'm going on a diet, urp, burp.”

Her mother looked hurt and shocked. Genuinely. “ But - why would you want that, honey?”

Her father also looked bad. “ we've always loved you the way you are. We're proud that you make such a fine figure.”

Lucy could not believe her ears. Her parents, those people who had always told her she should be a sex goddess, loved her fat! It was partly a nightmare, and partly, partly, a dream come true.

She said she would change her mind, excused herself, and ran to her room. She sat and though of living the rest of her life as miss hicks had done. Then, the same feeling she'd had when she had eaten came over. She started to feel sexy…unlike how she had ever felt before! She pulled off her clothes and flopped onto the bed, which was reinforced.

She began to 'explore' the different parts of herself… She unsnapped her bra, not without difficulty, and felt her breasts, barely managing to cup them in her hands. Slowly she ran her hands across her big flabby belly. She felt the now bumpy pale texture of her skin. She grabbed huge rolls of fat on her thighs, then begins to explore her 'lower regions', feeling the orgasm from between her fat legs. She masturbated, for the first time in her life, for the rest of the night.

The next morning, Lucy got up. She felt that this transformation had affected her mind as well as her body. She felt different…cool. She was till smart, but she was stylish and fashionable. Fashionable! What about her wardrobe? She opened a cupboard. It was full of clothes extremely similar to those worn in the latest fashion, except her size. She put them on, and felt good. She felt like she could wrestle a tiger without blinking. Speaking of blinking, she took off her glasses. Her eyes were perfect!

At school, Dave sat with her at lunch. He looked over her incredulously, and said, “Whoa! How the heck did you get so fat n' sexy in a week?”

She smiled flirtatiously, hiding the fact that he was the only one who seemed to have noticed in the entire population of the country. “Well, big boy, that's for you to find out. I” m glad to see you like me this way, 'cause this fat mamas never getting thinner. Now gimme your dessert, or do you wanna play dirty?”

Dave breathed in, and handed over his chocolate pudding. Then, he whispered, “Meet me my place, tonight. I'll be sure to wear a condom.”

She showed no signs of her excited joy, but teasingly said “I don't care about the loving. Just bring me some food.”

“Will do, bay-bee.”

Lucy got up out of the seat, and walked out of the lunch building. She was immediately confronted by Judy.

“Well, well, if it isn't miss smarty-pants. Oops, did I say Little Miss? I forgot that you've been even fatter than usual recently. What? Are they serving fries with chocolate sauce now? I know you'd love that.”

“Bite me, bitch.”


“I'm sick and tired of you trying to make fun of me just because I can actually walk and think at the same time. Or is it the fact that my boyfriend, Dave, is treating you the way that boys have always treated me? And your puny brain has finally found out?”

“You think that you can even get the energy to beat me in a fight, fat-ass?”

“Yup. In fact, let's start right now.”

Judy lunged right at Lucy, trying to knock her with a stomach-punch. Her hand sunk into Lucy's tough bell rolls. Lucy breathed in deep, entrapping Judy, and breathed out, throwing her away.

Judy fell to the floor…right at the feet of Miss Hicks. She was sorely told off, despite protests, and sent on detention for two weeks for bullying.

As Judy marched across the campus, grumbling, Miss Hicks asked Lucy to walk into her office. As she led the way, Lucy couldn't help noticing her favourite teacher seemed to have caught up with her.

When they got in, Miss Hicks sat her down and said, “Lucy, don't say a word. I have to explain everything.

“First, my name isn't Hicks. It's Laura Guinn. I come from a long line of witches. I know, you don't believe in witchcraft, but that's it.

“When I was your age, I met a man like your David, a man named Martin. We fell in love, but he always wanted more of me. He knew about my magic skills, as he was a professional warlock.

“I was much like young Judy in that time, using my powers in a nasty way. Once, my boyfriend was in a chapel service, and was reading out a bit about a fat calf. I saw a girl whose weight was much like mine, and I fired a little spark form my finger. She was so fat that I thought she wouldn't have noticed, but she gave a loud cry. My lover knew it was me, so he used his power - far greater than mine - to stop time.

“He told me that I must pay for my selfishness, and then, pointed his hands at me and the girl. She instantly became cool and thin, and I became a fat nerd. He then said that he had lost interest in me.

“He then explained that I could redeem myself by waiting until I became an adult. Then, when a friend of mine became like me, and found a lover, I too would find love with him...but as myself. I would return to the age of sixteen. Then, this girl would become my witch apprentice. Until then, the permanent removal of the gain would be impossible.

“And, here we are… He said that my friend would only get the weight gain by wishing for it, and that only she, her love, and mine would know it.”

“Well… all that's hard to believe…”

“Alright, I'll prove it…I've waited for this all my life… goodbye teacher…”

Miss Hicks closed her eyes and concentrated. Instantly, the casual suit, the normal, everyday teachers clothes, were replaced by a tank top and boots a size too small…and the woman herself got an inch smaller in height until she could look Lucy in the eye. She whipped away her horn-rims. Lucy gasped. She was drop-dead gorgeous! Plus, her hair was no longer short and brown - it was long, curly, and blonde!

“Hello sweet sixteen!” Laura announced triumphantly. Lucy was amazed. Her voice was so much the same… it was like they were clones!

“So, Miss, uh, Laura, we'll become Dave's…feedees?”

“Well, I had it all planned out. If you have any arrangements with him, cancel it. Then, tomorrow, there's the school disco. Tell him to meet us near the snack bar…”

“Alright! Yeah!”

“You don't mind 'sharing' Dave with me?”

“No, you deserve it! I mean, you're my best buddy!”

“Okay, see you tomorrow!”

True to her word, Miss Hicks, or Laura as she preferred to be called. was there with Lucy the next day. Lucy was now wearing a stylish long shirt and jeans skirt, with high heels, and her hair was now long and curly. So was Laura, but she explained it was a magic mental suggestion, that she had become a pro at magic these days.

They were eagerly waiting, stuffing themselves at the food bar and downing huge cans of lemonade. They eventually stood side by side and waited. Then, Dave came from behind them, and surprised them…he slowly, quietly, slipped his hands down their trousers and squeezed the baby-soft flesh. Each woman had a little jump and gave a little squeal, and turned around to see their lover. He didn't move his hands. He began to squeeze even harder, and massage the big beautiful butts.

“Hey, my beautiful twins… these asses are so pitifully small… you could make them so much softer and rounder, my fatted calves. How about your farmer takes you to the barn for some feeding?”

They giggled playfully and he pushed them out of the disco to his car. They noticed he had made it extra big.

When they got to Dave's house, they noticed that he had laid the table for three. “Well of course,” he said. “You don't think I'm gonna be a little stick while you goddesses get bigger and bigger? I'm gonna add a little fat to this muscle… just enough for me to keep feeding you. Now, get changed into something nicer.”

Laura ushered Lucy into Dave's exquisitely decorated bedroom. She then pointed her fingers at each other, and they instantly changed into red lace tube tops and booty shorts two sizes too small, as well as no bra and knee-high black boots.

They sat down at a table outside a balcony. Dave brought course after course… his always half as big as theirs… pork chops…burgers…two and a half home made pizzas… and finally a lasagne almost as big as the table. After closing the curtains, Dave and the two BBWs stripped and weighed themselves… Lucy and Laura were now 50 Ib bigger, making them an identical… 290 pounds! Dave himself had gained 20, making him 155. He was proud, and said he'd top out at 200.

Dave and his two calves jumped into bed… it was only a double, so Dave had to jump on top of the two blonde fatties. He told them to put their bellies together, and they did. He then shot a load at them, making them scream passionately and do so in turn. He slipped inside, and gave each of them in turn a good job. He got inside them, trying to do so quickly as when he did one, the other started moaning for more. He suckled their breasts by the bucketful, drinking in the soft creamy milk.

After they had finished, her told them, to great moaning, that he had been wearing a condom.

This continued for a few weeks. Lucy didn't tell her parents about the sex, but announced that she had a boyfriend. After a few weeks, she said that she would quit college, as she couldn't do it without her favourite teacher, but only after exams.

A month after Laura and Lucy started going out with Dave, they both moved in with him.

After graduating from college, Dave and Lucy both got jobs. Dave's was out of the house, but Lucy could just stay at home and laze about at a computer.

Soon, Dave had enough money to buy a new house. Laura found one by magic, totally brilliant, and perfect for them. It had had two previous owners, both weighing in at 620 pounds last Christmas, so it was especially accommodated for large people. It had three bedrooms: two with double beds, and Dave's which had a triple.

As soon as they moved in, Dave made some new rules:

  1. The Girls were allowed out of the house only on special occasions.
  2. The Girls would be punished fro taking exercise or using magic in a nasty way.
  3. The Girls must eat all given to them by their feeder.
They all agreed. Quite soon, Laura decided that she and Lucy were so similar, they might as well become the same person. She taught Lucy all she knew about magic, and in return changed her name to Lucy. Henceforth, the first Lucy shall be known as Our Lucy.

Lucy gave Our Lucy a necklace exactly the same to the one she was wearing. It glowed every time a physical change was made to the other Lucy, and vice-versa, and would ensure that the other Lucy would experience the same change, and be affected mentally by it.

I don't need to tell you that Dave got married to one of the Lucys. He got married to the other Lucy. She was always outgoing and adventurous, and her old bullying streak made her brave. Our Lucy stayed at home and ate, often while Dave went out with the other Lucy, and she polished off entire packets of Oreos.

The wedding ceremony was great - Dave had two cakes made for the wedding, one for Lucy and one for everyone else. They enjoyed themselves immensely, especially Our Lucy, who didn't have to go to experience it.

A month later, at 350 pounds, they couldn't decide what to wear. The other Lucy insisted that they both must dress in witches uniforms, and Our Lucy proclaimed that they must dress in fashion. Then, they put the matter before Dave. He sat down, and began to sketch new outfit designs.

They were in black spandex, skin-tite, with black fake fur trimming. They had no sleeves. They didn't cover anywhere above the bottom half of the breasts, and they were attached by loose hangings. The front, to expose the belly and breasts, was merely a large gap with strings. They also had long skirts, and loose black leather gloves. For foot wear, they wore shin-high black leather boots. A careful look at the decoration would show that they were tiny devils and demons. They would wear these outfits for the rest of their lives, and be known as The Witch twins.

They then settled down for a happily ever after. BUT… we must take one more turn…

One day, after the twins had reached 395 and Dave had gained an extra ten, braking his promise, Our Lucy was at home, in bed, pouring over her personalised spell book. She fell asleep after too much milk, as did the other Lucy, who had been upstairs in her bed.

Judy, knowing that Dave was out, slipped in through the window. As soon as she had seen Dave in the school that year ago, she had fallen in love with him. Now, for him to marry this fat, nerdy, ugly, bitch! It almost made her scream!

She took out the knife. She figured that if she used a gun, the bullets would just be cushioned by the fat, and anyway, she preferred a slow, painful death. She looked down at Lucy…and saw the spell book. She flipped through it, and was shocked at the fact that her old schoolmate was a witch. Then, she looked over a certain spell. She smiled. This revenge would be far greater.

She had been a master actress, and could imitate almost anyone's voice. She whispered into Lucy's ear, in her best Miss Hicks voice, “Now repeat after me, dear. Veni fari caristhe, lana…” and so on. Lucy, in her sleep, mumbled the spell word for word, until it was finished.

Judy sat down, and took out a digital camera she was going to take photos of the body with. She was glad that it had a video function.

Lucy, unknowingly, was beginning to transform. Judy had chosen a specific spell, one which would make the sayer either become hugely muscular…or hugely fat.

Lucy started to expand. She had been planning to go out that afternoon, so she was wearing a casual clothing - jeans, green t-shirt-over her normal suit. Her belly, already quite large, started to blow up like a balloon, flopping over her jeans and shaking with every breath. Her breasts were like two orbs, blowing and blowing. Her legs got meatier and meatier, as did her arms, starting to become attracted to the ground. Her hands remained tiny, small blossoms on huge tree-trunks.

Her double chin began to multiply, becoming triple and then quadruple. Her cheeks pressed her ever-swelling lips together, and her facial feature began to become compressed into the fat. Her hair, as it was part of her, transformed too - it became a mane of gold, rippling down her back and the side of her head. Her butt became so big that it started to push her into the air.

Her jeans and outer garments began to rip. Her inner garments, since they could stretch to any length, just expanded with her. As the outer ones made a huge loud noise, Lucy awoke. She was about to mumble the reversal spell - but she couldn't, her fat cheeks were blocking her tongue. She whined pitifully while Judy laughed.

Soon, Lucy had become so fat that she would become barely recognisable - but then she stopped.

Judy watched gleefully. She had calculated that Lucy had now gone right into 920 pounds. She couldn't get up. She was just a pure mountain of flesh, only moving by breathing in and out. Judy slipped out through the window again, promising to show the film on the web. Lucy sighed. She knew that the other Lucy was right now in the same mess as her. But, she knew that the spell of transportation could only be done in the mind, and soon she and her twin were in the triple-bedroom.

When Dave got home, he couldn't find his calves anywhere. He then heard what sounded like the squeal of a pig in his room, and found them there. Lucy told him, using telepathy, what had happened. He listened carefully, and she told him that the only thing that could save them was the reversal spell, or the spell of mobility.

Dave looked long and hard. “So, I suppose neither of you can get up?” They shook their blubbery heads in answer, making their entire shoulders ripple. “Then… you're at my mercy, piggies.” When they started to cry, he said he was only kidding. He got the spell book for them, and then, he mumbled a few words. Instantly, The two girls transformed again. But…it wasn't that they got thinner. Their arms and legs became bigger still… with muscle. Their arms also became slightly longer, so as to reach around. Their cheeks receded just enough for them to speak. Their butts also receded a bit too, and their bellies and breasts stopped flopping downwards, and began to defy gravity and point forwards. Their hands were still tiny at the ends of their arms, so that they could do things with them.

Our Lucy exclaimed. “wow… I feel better than even before this mess started! I can jump high, I can run… I'm huge...yet I'm an athlete! Plus, I could never keep my balance this much at 350!”

The other Lucy felt good too, and Dave said that they would make professional sumo wrestlers.

“Oo…I've got a score to settle with that bitch Judy!” said Our Lucy suddenly. She put her fists together. Dave shushed her. “Wait. I have an idea that won't get us into jail. Just listen, and do what I say.”

A few days later, Judy had gotten the software to post the video on the net. She was walking through the night streets, laughing madly, when she heard a strange whistling sound. She looked up… and saw a huge shadow…

Instantly, a huge, soft mass, like a giant sponge landed on top of her. She figured it was an alien life form. It reached two strange proboscis towards her and picked her up. Then, it leaped away.

In a secret hideout, Dave tied up Judy while the two Lucys got ready. Judy didn't have a gag on - it would be a hindrance after today.

“You can't do this you Fat BITCHES! Anyhow, what gave you the right - or the strength - to haul your huge asses around?”

Our Lucy smiled. “ Okay, firstly, we can do this, we're witches. Secondly, our asses aren't that big. And thirdly - you have teased people like me and my twin for years on end because we were big. Now, you will have to suffer that injustice yourself. Judy - we're going to say goodbye to you. You're going to say goodbye to your feet. Goodbye, thin, nasty Judy.”

Judy refused to budge. Lucy paused for a moment - then grabbed Judy's head and shoved it into her belly. Judy's headsank into the flesh, making sure she had no air. “Judy, if you don't do what we say, You are either gonna suffocate or be crushed to death. Now KISS YOUR FEET GOODBYE, THIN-GIRL!”

Judy, weakened and gasping, tears brimming into her eyes, looked down. “Goodbye, feet…” she said, and burst into tears.

The other Lucy looked at her and sneered. “ Oh, don't cry, Judy… you're going to do just fine. I mean, you'll be like us, and what could be finer?

“ Now, say after me… Veni fari caristhe…”

Tearfully, Judy obeyed, and, gradually, she became fatter and fatter, and her hair became a mane… But, she was only half as fat as the other two. She was ordered to repeat the spell again, and soon she was monstrous.

When she was lifted by magic onto a scale, they found that she was 970, making her only twenty less than them. She was lain down onto a super-bed, which was put onto a truck.

Both Lucys said at once that she was going to become their triplet. If she was a good girl and ate all her food, in the coming moths, periodically, they would give her three prizes - she could be allowed to get to their weight; she could have her own magic necklace; and, finally, she could get her own book of spells. Then, she could be given a room instead of a barn, and even have sex with Dave.

“And then… you can say the spell of mobility all by yourself, little Judy…oops did we say Judy? We meant Lucy, or, when we feel mean, little calf, sister dear,” the Lucys said at once.

“You can say it… if you can even open your mouth long enough…”