Weight Room Title Bar

A Fattening Love Story
by ~Max~

Chapter 1

A little more than a month ago, I was watching the news on T.V. The anchor woman was talking about our local medical center and an experiment they were planning to study weight gain and the effects of overeating. The center was looking for volunteers who were in good health, and who were willing to overeat. The participants would be paid $1000 for each month they participated in the experiment. The station then displayed a phone number you could call if you wanted more information.

Six months earlier, I had lost my job. Last month I was so broke, I had to sell my car. And now my rent was overdue. I sure could use the $1000 a month.

So I dialed the number. A friendly woman asked me a few questions and then we scheduled an appointment for a physical examination.

At the exam, I was told that I met all the requirements, and that I should now plan on attending an informational meeting to be held in one week at the medical center.

After the week had past, I entered the room where the meeting was being held. To my delight, a very attractive young woman sat down in the chair next to me. She had shoulder-length auburn hair, sensuous green eyes, and an endearing smile. But what I found most appealing about this beautiful woman, was her voluptuous figure. I knew that I had to talk to her.

"Hello, my name is Max," I said.

"It's nice to meet you Max, my name is Natalie".

We sat there quietly for a time. I wanted to say more, but I felt awkward, having met her under such unusual circumstances.

Finally she broke the silence, and asked, "Why would a thin man like you want to be in an experiment like this?"

So I told Natalie about the disastrous year I was having, and my pathetic financial situation.

Then I asked Natalie the same question.

"For more than 2 years, I have been in an abusive relationship," she explained. "I have recently left my boyfriend and I need a safe place to stay for a while."

She then asked me the same question, and Just then the meeting began.

It was explained to us that different types of people gain weight at different rates even when they eat the same amount of food. The purpose of the experiment was to try to learn just what mechanism controls the amount of body fat a person acquires and also to determine why some people gain more weight than others.

If we participated in the experiment, we would be required to consume approximately 5000 calories each day. Depending on a person's individual physiology and metabolism, the extra calories would translate into about five pounds of added weight each week.

I looked at Natalie, to see her reaction to what was said, and to my surprise, she had a big smile on her face.

After some additional information was provided, the meeting ended.

As Natalie and I walked to the parking lot, I asked her what she thought of the meeting.

"It sounds pretty good to me," she said with a smile.

Then I ask her if it would bother her to gain weight.

"My ex-boyfriend was constantly badgering me to lose weight," she explained. "He would never let me eat what I wanted. I'm looking forward to eating as much as I please, and if I put on a few pounds, so be it".

Natalie then asked me if I was planning to participate in the experiment.

Because I was desperate, and I was looking forward to getting to know Natalie, I answered that I was.

"Then I guess we will be seeing a lot of each other," she said as we shook hands and said good bye.

By the end of the month, we were both at the Medical Center being assigned our rooms. I was happy to see that Natalie was given the room right next to mine.

After we had settled in, we were asked to report to the examination room where were weighed and measured. I weighed 182 pounds.

Natalie told me she weighed 180 pounds which was about 5 pounds more than she did just a month ago.

The rest of the day we were free to do what we wanted, but we were told to be in the dining room for breakfast the next morning promptly at 8:00 AM.

The next morning, Natalie and I sat together at a small table. Soon, our food arrived. It was the largest breakfast I had ever seen. My extra large plate held four eggs, a huge pile of hash brown potatoes, four sausage links, four strips of bacon, and a large stack of pancakes smothered in syrup. To drink, there was a large glass of whole milk.

We were told to that we must always eat all the food served to us.

When Natalie started eating, it surprised me to discover that I liked watching her eat, and the thought of her deliberately overeating, excited me.

After we finished breakfast, we walked back in to our rooms together and I asked her how she felt.

"I feel like I'm going to burst," she said as she gently rubbed her tummy.

"It was hard for me to eat it all. I usually don't even eat breakfast," I said.

As soon as I was back in my room, I opened up my pants, and sat down on the sofa feeling uncomfortable from all the food I had eaten.

Just when I was feeling a little better, there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and an attractive young woman smiled and handed me a huge hot fudge sundae she had taken from a cart full of sundaes. I took the sundae and thanked her even though I didn't want it. I then watched as she knocked on Natalie's door.

Natalie accepted the sundae and thanked the woman who then moved on to the door of the next room.

Natalie then turned, looked at me and said, "Would you like to come in and join me for desert?"

"Yes, I would," I replied, "Thank you."

We sat at a little table in Natalie's room and began to eat our sundaes.

"I'm still full from breakfast," I said.

"Me too," she said, "but this sundae is delicious ".

I watched as Natalie lifted spoonful after spoonful of the rich desert into her mouth and once again became aroused.

"You better eat, she said, "it will not be too long before our lunch will be served."

So I started eating. When I had finished, I looked up and saw Natalie staring at me. I wondered if she liked watching me eat?

At lunch we again sat together. Our lunch was a fattening feast consisting of two greasy double cheeseburgers, a huge pile of French fries, a chocolate malted, and a piece of apple pie.

After lunch we walked back to our rooms together. I was so stuffed, it was hard for me to walk. When I got to my room, I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and fell into bed. Within seconds I was fast asleep.

I awoke to a knock on my door. I tried to button my pants and discovered that I couldn't. I made sure my shirt was un-tucked so it covered my open pants.

It was my afternoon snack being delivered. This time it was a large creme puff, covered with chocolate.

"Thank you" I said and quickly closed the door before she could notice that my pants were open.

Dinner consisted of a bowl of Creme of Tomato soup, an antipasto salad, garlic bread dripping with butter, a large serving of three-cheese lasagna, and a generous slice of French Silk pie.

Later that evening, my night time snack arrived. After I finished the chocolate chip cookies and milk, I crawled into bed feeling completed stuffed, and quickly fell asleep.

I awoke early the next morning and I felt better. I decided to wear a knit shirt that did not need to tucked in, and a pair of slacks that were a bit looser than the ones I had worn the day before.

I had just finished dressing when there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and saw Natalie's lovely face.

"I hope I'm not intruding," she said, "but I thought we could walk to breakfast together."

As we walked to the dining hall, Natalie took my arm and asked, "Are you ready for another day of gluttony?"

"I guess so," I answered.

"I'm looking forward to it" she said. And what I thought was a wicked smile appeared on her face.

Breakfast was another high calorie banquet. Natalie and I once again sat at our usual table. Natalie was wearing a low-cut sweater which showed-off her round, firm breasts. I found myself looking at Natalie's tits and imagining them growing larger with each fork full of food she put into her mouth. Natalie looked up and caught me staring at her boobs. She drew her elbows together and rested them on the tabletop. This made her tits bulge out of her top even more and allowed me to look deeply down her cleavage.

"You know if I keep eating like this they'll probably get even bigger," she said with a grin.

She must have been reading my mind.

Chapter 2

We were instructed to report to the examination room after breakfast.

Natalie went in first and I sat in a chair outside the door. As I sat there, I imagined Natalie removing her clothes and stepping on the scale. I pictured her having her measurements taken - the tape being stretched around her voluptuous body... her large breasts... her full waist... and her wide hips...

I was startled when the door suddenly opened and Natalie walked out.

"Good news," she said, "I've gained another 2 pounds. Come to my room when you're done to tell me how you did"

"OK," I said, and entered the exam room.

I arrived at the door to Natalie's room just as the cart with our morning treats was being wheeled up. I knocked on Natalie's door, and then took two deserts from the cart.

Our morning treats turned out to be raspberry cheesecake with a mound of whipped cream on top.

We sat on the sofa eating our deserts.

"Here we go stuffing our faces again," I said.

Natalie said, "I'm just glad that I can eat stuff like this again. For the past 2 years I have been starving myself for a man that treated me like shit. Besides it's kind of erotic to be so self-indulgent."

I realized as I watched Natalie's sensuous mouth closing around a fork full of cheesecake, that she was right. It was erotic. We could let ourselves go, stuff ourselves to the limit, and not worry about the consequences. The truth is, I was looking forward to Natalie's body growing plumper everyday. And I if I was not mistaken, Natalie liked it that my body was getting bigger.

As I thinking this and watching Natalie eat, and irresistible urge came over me. I put my plate down, leaned over and kissed Natalie's sensuous mouth. And to my delight, she kissed me back.

In my room that evening, I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful Natalie was, and the sweet raspberry flavor of our first kiss.

Our lunch the next day, consisted of several pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli in a cheese sauce, rolls with butter, milk, and a piece of chocolate cake.

It was explained to us that it would take time for our bodies to become accustomed to the extra food, and they suggested that we get plenty of rest. I don't know if it was the amount of food I had been eating, or being so inactive, but I was feeling unusually tired. So after lunch, I went directly to my room to rest.

Once in my room, I removed my belt and sat down in a chair to remove my shoes. When I did, the button on my pants popped off and the zipper ripped open. So much for those pants, I thought, as I crawled into bed.

I was awakened by the delivery of my afternoon snack, which turned out to be an extra large Hershey's chocolate bar. I ate it all as quickly as I could and got back into bed.

I awoke at about 4:30 feeling better. I was going to get dressed when I remembered that the pants that I had worn earlier were ruined. The only other pants I had were the ones I wore yesterday. But when I tried to button them, my bulging belly would not allow it. So I pulled the zipper up as far as it would go and buckled my belt on the last hole. I took a button down shirt from the closet and put it on. I knew I would never be able to tuck it into my pants, so I left the shirt tails out. The shirt was so tight, I was barely able to get it buttoned, and there were wide gaps between each button.

Just then there was a knock on my door. It was Natalie, and I noticed that she had changed her clothes. She now wore a sexy, low-cut dress that looked very tight on her.

"Come on," she said, "it's time to eat."

"It's always time to eat around here," I said.

"I know, isn't it great!" she said as she took my arm and we walked to the dining room.

After dinner, as we walked back to our rooms, I could swear that that Natalie's dress looked even tighter on her. Then I looked down and discovered that my shirt no longer hid my belly which now stuck out from under my belt and between my zipper. I quickly looked up, hoping Natalie hadn't noticed. But when I looked at her, I saw, that she was staring at my bulge.

"These are the only pants I have," I explained.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I think you look sexy."

When we got to the door of her room, Natalie asked me if I wanted to come in for awhile.

As we plopped down on the small couch, I heard a loud tearing noise. The seam on Natalie's dress just above her waist had ripped open and a bulge of milky white flesh now pushed it's way through the opening. We both looked at the bulge, and then at each other and laughed.

I reached over, and began to fondle the fat that so seductively pushed its way through the hole in the dress. But as I did, my hand got caught on some of the loose threads, and I ripped the dress even more.

"I'm sorry", I said.

"Oh that's all right, I know that this will be the last time that I will ever wear this dress anyway."

"OK", I said, and with both of my hands took hold of the dress on both sides of the open tear, and pulled - ripping the dress in two and tearing it from Natalie's body.

I could see from Natalie's face, that she was shocked by what I had done. But soon her expression changed from disbelief to excitement.

Seeing Natalie's abundant body seated on the sofa in only her underclothing, I became very excited.

I pulled Natalie close to me and kissed her passionately. While I kissed her, I fondled and caressed every part of her soft body. At the same time, Natalie unbuckled my belt. When she did, my partially unzipped zipper immediately flew open and my belly pushed its way out. Natalie pulled down my slacks and underpants, and began to massage my hard penis. We continued to kiss and touch one another, all the while moving closer to the bed. When we reached it, we tumbled in and I hurriedly removed Natalie's bra and panties. Natalie rolled me over, and started to unbutton my shirt. I was surprised when she stopped.

"What's the matter," I asked. Instead of answering, she took hold of the shirt and with both hands, ripped it open, popping the buttons and sending them flying.

We both laughed until I pulled Natalie on top of me and smothered her laughter with another deep, passionate kiss. Natalie then sat up, straddled me, and guided my erect penis inside her.

The sight of Natalie's abundant body hovering over me, and the sensation of our bodies pressed together, forced a powerful orgasm to flood over me. As it did, Natalie climaxed also.

We remained locked together, not wanting it to end when suddenly, we both were startled by a knock on our door.

Natalie got off of me and put on her robe, while I pulled the covers over my naked body.

When she opened the door, there stood the pretty woman with her cart of fattening treats.

"I can take my neighbors desert also," Natalie said, "he's with me tonight". The woman at the door gave Natalie a knowing smile, as she handed two plates to Natalie. Each plate had a large chocolate eclair on it.

"Look what the good fairy just delivered," Natalie said, "and just in time too, I'm starving."

She removed her robe, climbed back into bed, and set one eclair next to her on the night stand.

"What don't I get to eat," I said.

"Is my baby hungry?" she said as she proceeded to hand feed me one of the eclairs. I once again became aroused by the sight of her curvaceous body. Her newly acquired rolls of fat encircled her mid section, and her swollen tits swayed seductively from side to side as she fed me.

When I was finished eating, I reached over to get the other eclair and I began feeding the fattening pastry to Natalie. As she took her last bite, some of the creme filling squirted out onto the nipple of one of Natalie's bountiful tits. I bent down and licked the creme and gently suckled her nipple. Sucking led to kissing, which led to petting, which led to another marvelously satisfying coupling.

In the morning, I returned to my room, got cleaned-up and dressed. I did my best to conceal the problem I was having with my pants.

As we walked together to the dining room for breakfast, Natalie turned and asked me, "Did you wear those pants again just for me?"

"Yes I did" I said, "but why aren't you wearing the same dress you had on last night?"

We looked at one another and smiled.

I was worried that my pants would fall down in front of everyone as we walked. I'm sure that thought had also occurred to Natalie because she kept looking at them. But somehow I managed to keep them up and get through the morning.

After our mid-day meal, we decided to drive into town, to do some shopping at the mall.

Once we got there, I insisted that we first buy some larger pants for me. I picked out a pair of casual slacks with a 40 inch waist. Natalie said that I would outgrow those pants in a couple days, and instead picked out 2 other pair - one size 44 and the other had a 48" inch waist.

"You can wear them with a belt until you grow into them," she said. I bought the slacks and a belt. I changed into the size 44's while we were still in the store, and felt relieved.

Natalie picked out a skirt, a dress, and several pair of panties. All of them were a couple sizes larger than what she used to wear. She also bought two pair of queen size panty hose, and 2 size 40D bras. She later told me that her usual bra size was 38C. Then Natalie noticed a sheer nylon full body suit.

"How do you think my chubby body would look in this?" she asked.

"Fantastic!" I said.

We left the mall and returned to Natalie's room just as our afternoon snacks were being delivered. The deliver girl gave Natalie both deserts without having to be told that I was there.

Natalie modeled her new body suit for me while we were eating. The sheer nylon accentuated all her new rolls, curves and bulges, and I immediately became horny. I quickly removed all my clothes and we embraced. I caressed Natalie' plump body as she massaged my throbbing member. We kissed deeply and fell onto the bed, where we once again satisfied our desires.

We got out of bed just in time to gobble down our snacks and get dressed for dinner. Natalie squeezed into another one of the old dresses she had brought with her.

"I better wear this dress while I still can. Maybe tonight you can ripe this one off me too, " she said, and then gave me a wicked smile.

At the end of the first month, I weighed 201 pounds. Most of the extra weight and settled on my waist, which now measured 42 inches. Natalie weighed 197 pounds. She told me her measurements were now 42 - 40 - 48. I loved the added fullness to Natalie's breasts. For my pleasure, Natalie would squeeze her enlarged tits into one of her old bras. The soft pale flesh would overflow the cups and small rolls of fat would push out from around her bra straps. The fat roll around Natalie's middle was getting larger. She would stand naked in front of her mirror, pat her fat roll, and laugh. I liked to stand behind her and massage her fat roll with her. Natalie's ass was considerably wider and she looked really sexy when she wore a tight skirt. The fabric of her skirt would be stretched to the limit, and her plump legs looked great as they would gently rub together as she walked.

Because the first month was nearly over, Natalie and I discussed whether or not we were going to continue in the experiment.

Natalie started by saying, "I have never been happier. My life is so enjoyable and I've fallen in love with the man of my dreams."

"I'm happy too," I said. "The only thing that concerns me, is all the weight I've gained. And if I stay here, I'll gain a lot more. I've always keep myself in good shape, and I've never been fat before. Doesn't getting so fat bother you?"

"Not at all," she answered. "To be honest, it excites me. I'm going to stay here until the end. Please stay with me"

I was afraid to admit it out loud, but the truth of the matter was, that growing fat excited me also. And further more, I was in love with Natalie.

So, just like that, it was decided.

"I'd like to stay with you for as long as possible," I said.

Natalie smiled, and then kissed me. And I knew that I had made the right decision.

Chapter 3

By the end of the second month, Natalie weighed 225 pounds. She said that her measurements were 43-42-50.

I was up to 219 pounds, and I was adding weight everywhere, including my chest.

"If this continues, I'll need to start wearing a bra," I joked."

Natalie laughed and said, "You can start wearing my old ones. Heaven knows I can't fit into them anymore."

It was also getting hard for me to find any pants from a normal men's store that I could fit into. I knew that soon I would be graduating to the "Big & Fat Man's Store".

By the end of the third month, I was buying all my clothes from the "Fat Man's Store". I weighed 240 pounds, and my waist measured 48 inches. Natalie was up to 255 pounds and measured a luscious 44-44-52.

It was no longer difficult to eat all the food that was served to us. In fact, we often became hungry between meals and snacks. Even though it was against the rules, whenever we were at the Mall, we would buy something delicious and fattening to eat. We'd eat some of it there and sneak the rest back to our rooms where we would secretly feed it to each other.

One evening, I was feeding Natalie donuts while we were in bed watching TV. She just finished the last of the dozen when I reached out and grabbed a large handful of the abundant fat roll that encircled her midsection. I gave the roll a shake and her whole body began to jiggle.

"You know," I said, "if you're not careful, you're going to get fat."

She got this hurt look on her face and replied, "Does it really look like I've gained weight? Maybe I have gained a little, but I didn't think that it was noticeable."

We both laughed and our bodies jiggled in unison.

By the end of the 6th month, I weighed a whopping 305 pounds, and my waist measured 60 inches. Natalie insisted that I wear knit shirts that were much too small for me. Even though the shirts would be stretched tightly over my pot belly, they still could not completely cover my bloated paunch. Natalie would lift my shirt, pat my belly, and ask me when the baby was due.

At 325 pounds, Natalie's voluptuous body was a dazzling sight. She enjoyed dressing sexy and acting provocatively in public. She would wear tight, short skirts and dresses, so everyone could see her chubby legs. The low-cut tops she wore, let the world see almost a foot of cleavage.

One day when we were at the mall, Natalie was wearing a pair of knit shorts that were extremely tight around her hips. We decided to get something to eat at the ice creme parlor. In the shop were several teen age boys. As we walked in, they pointed, and made remarks about how fat we were. Natalie chose to sit at a table near them and loudly ordered the most fattening thing on the menu. When her hot fudge and caramel sundae arrived, she proceeded to eat it very sensuously. After each spoonful, she would make a comment like, "I really shouldn't be eating this. I've been putting on so much weight lately."

This show was not wasted on the boys who would laugh or make some derogatory comment.

After she finished her sundae, Natalie went into the ladies room where she tightened the belt on her already too tight shorts. This caused her tummy, hips and ass to bulge out even more. When she returned to our table, and sat back down in the chair, a loud tearing noise was heard. Both side seams on her shorts had ripped open and a thick roll of bare flesh was sticking through the openings.

The teenage boys roared with laughter.

Natalie stood up and walked over to the table where the boys were sitting. She stood in front of them, patted the fat that had burst out of her shorts, and said, "Looks like I've gotten too fat for my pants, don't you think?"

The boys sat there dumbfounded, not knowing what to say.

The whole experience really turned me on, and I couldn't wait to get back to our room. Once there, Natalie sat on the bed in her torn shorts. She ordered me to remove all my clothes, and lay on the bed next to her. Natalie then fondled and caressed the mountain of fat my belly had become. She kissed and licked it. Grabbed handfuls of my blubber, shook it, and watched it jiggle. She stuck her finger into the deep hole that now was navel. Then she lifted up my paunch, placed her mouth around my painfully hard penis, and licked and sucked me until I exploded into her.

With our increasing bulk, came changes. It became more and more difficult to walk any distance. To hug each other, we had to squash our big bellies tightly together, and even then, we were only able to reach each other's sides. When Natalie sat down, she was unable to cross her chubby legs.

When we made love, Natalie would position herself on her hands and knees with her belly hanging down to the mattress. I would kneel behind her, lift up my huge pot belly, and rest it on top of her big rear end. Then I was able to enter her from behind.

Chapter 4

We had been at the Medical Center for almost a year, and the experiment would be ending soon. So I was naturally thinking a lot about what I was going to do when I left the Center. I did not have a job, and my prospects for finding one soon were not very good. I also did not have a place to live. But even though my future did not look very promising, I had decided ask Natalie to marry me.

On our last day, we were served our farewell breakfast. It was the usual feast, except that the staff had also baked a gigantic chocolate layered cake. It was beautifully decorated and the words, "Thank you and Good Luck" were written on top with frosting.

After breakfast we were weighed and measured one last time. I weighed a whopping 450 pounds - more than twice as much as when I arrived. I now had three distinct rolls or bulges of fat on the middle section of my body. My first bulge of fat is just below my fleshy chest and goes around me, ending at my back. My second roll is located were my waist used to be and completely encircles my body. The third bulge forms a hanging paunch that partially obscures my genitals. And even though I can't see all of it, I believe Natalie when she tells me that my butt is huge.

Natalie now weighed an incredible 535 pounds. Her face had always been attractive, but now it is even more beautiful. It is rounder and softer and she has grown a double chin. Her bountiful breasts measure 64 inches and each of them is much too large to hold in one just one hand. Natalie's abundant tits rest on her enormous belly. Her thighs are larger than her waist had once been, and her calves are now bigger than her old thighs had been. She is a vision of feminine beauty.

We went back to our rooms, packed our things, and loaded them into Natalie's car. We both had to struggle to squeeze our expanded bodies into the front seat of Natalie's compact car. Natalie's belly was wedged against the car's steering wheel, and I wondered if she was going to be able to drive that way.

After she started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, Natalie suggested that we go and get something to eat. It was the usual time when our morning snack should have been delivered and we were both feeling hungry. We drove to an Italian restaurant and were shown a booth in the back. We looked at the booth - realized that we would never be able to squeeze into it, and asked to be seated at a table instead.

We both ordered from the dinner menu, even though it was only about 11 AM.

After our drinks were served, I said to Natalie, "I'm glad we came here."

Natalie said, "You must be as hungry as I am."

"Well, I am hungry," I replied, "but that's not why I'm glad we're here."

I nervously continued. "Meeting you and being with you this past year has been a dream come true for me. I don't have any money. I don't even have a place for us to live - but I love you more than I ever thought possible - and I can't imagine living without you. Natalie...will you marry me?

Natalie's face lit up - and to my relief - I could see that she was delighted by the question. Natalie took my hand, looked into my eyes and said, "You have just made me the happiest woman on earth. Of course I will marry you."

"But there is something you need to know about me, " she continued.

I held my breath, not knowing what Natalie's secret would be.

"Remember when we first met and I told you about the abusive boyfriend I had? Well about a week before I met you, my boyfriend told me to buy him a lottery ticket while I was out shopping. I bought the ticket buy forgot to give it to him. I think he forgot all about it too. Well, the next day , I saw the winning numbers displayed on T.V. After hearing the numbers, I remembered that the ticket was still in my purse. And guess what... the ticket was worth a little over 2 million dollars! That means the person with the winning ticket would receive about $200,000 each year for 20 years! I bought the ticket, but my boyfriend would think he owned it. So I claimed the money, packed my suitcases, and left him without a word. I don't know if he has been looking for me or not. That's why this experiment was perfect for me. I had a place to hide - and even better - now, if my ex-boyfriend would happen to see me, he wouldn't even recognize me!"

I was of course astonished by what she was telling me.

"So you see - honey," she continued, "we really don't have to worry about money."

A week after Natalie's confession, we were married. We now live in a fine home in a nice neighborhood. We have a very comfortable life, and a lifestyle that in many ways is similar to the way we lived at the Center. We employ a maid to clean-up, and a terrific cook to prepare the most wonderful meals for us. We have even added a little weight to our bodies.

I guess you could say that the experiment was a success.