Weight Room Title Bar

By Ned Fox

Sally was driving home from the Club in her BMW X5 SUV; she was in a hurry as usual. She almost ran into the old beat-up VW micro-van in the same lane. Sally, being very self-centered, was annoyed that anyone would be in her way. She swerved around the VW, cutting back in front of it and accelerating off.

The driver of the VW was a plump, pleasant older woman, who was quite aghast that anyone would be so rude, even driving. She was also a witch, not the wicked witch of the west type of witch, but a practitioner of spells and potions. She saw the skinny self-absorbed Sally and decided it was time for a change for her. She chanted an incantation while staring at Sally. She thought to herself, I bet she will be a better person for it. Sally felt a little tingle in her stomach as she drove on, annoyed by the fat old woman in the VW micro van.

Sally was quite moody. She had been quite happy up until her last child had moved out of her lovely mansion. She felt that her husband, Marvin, was not paying any attention to her. She had become friends with a group of women at the Club who were obsessed with being thin. They convinced Sally to join them in their exercise classes, swim aerobics classes, tennis lessons and any other physical activity to maintain the “burn” as they thought of it. Sally really didn't mind the exercise and the weight loss, but Marvin did.

Marvin longed for a plump, happy wife. Sally had been heavier after the births of their children. She didn't seem to mind being a plump size twelve. Marvin loved her curves, and she had a pretty good appetite. Usually gaining weight during the winter and holidays. Then losing some of it in the spring and summer. But the group she was running with now was constantly on her about her weight, though she was the slimmest she had been since finishing school.

Sally arrived home, dressed in a short tennis dress, which she hoped would arouse Marvin, but all it did for him was show how thin she had become. Sally parked her BMW in the garage and went inside to the kitchen. That's when the spell really took affect.

She suddenly felt overcome by a raging appetite. She was starved. All she could think of was getting something to eat. She opened the refrigerator, grabbed a jug of milk, in the freezer she found a couple of frozen pizzas. She put those in the microwave, grabbed the cookie jar, which fortunately their cook had just restocked that morning. She twisted off the cap of the mild jug and took a long pull. It tasted so good! She grabbed a hand full of cookies and started to eat them as fast as she could. A swig of milk, couple of cookies and swig, more cookies, before she knew it the cookie jar was empty and so was the jug of milk.

Sally patted her distended belly. She was bloated from gorging on the cookies. The tennis dress was riding up on her belly and was beginning to feel constraining. Not without some difficulty she unzipped it and let it fall to the floor. Just then the timer on the microwave went off. The two pizzas were ready! She grabbed a plate, almost breaking it in her haste, the pizza cutter and a napkin. She slid the pizzas onto the plate and went and sat down at the kitchen table. Sally could not get the slices into her mouth fast enough. She could not believe how good it felt to just stuff herself with the rich food. She ate with abandon for forty minutes until the pizzas were gone!

She sat back in the chair, rubbing her now round, distended belly. She realized that she was only wearing a sports bra, the bikini panty that went with her tennis dress and her court shoes. She marveled at the feel of rubbing her belly. She struggled to her feet. Sally tried to pick up the dress, but she was so bloated, she could not bend over. She staggered to the foyer, where there were full-length mirrors.

Sally stood in shock looking at her reflection. She looked pregnant; her belly was so bloated from her binge and gorge. Her belly was pushing down the waistband of the bikini panty, and it arched out from just below her bra. She patted her belly and felt a warm sensation wash over her. She placed her hands in the small of her back and stuck out her belly as far as she could. The sensation raced through her. She almost fell to the floor with pleasure.

She went up to her bedroom to lie down to sleep off the full, stuffed feeling in her belly. She burped a couple of times and even farted. She giggled at the thought, “God, I'm getting fat and becoming trailer trash at the same time.” She sat on her bed and tried to take of her court shoes, but she was still distended and could not bend forward enough to get them off. She got her feet up on the bed and dozed off.

About an hour later, Marvin, Sally's husband came home. He pulled his BMW Z3 in next to Sally SUV and got out. He went in through the kitchen and called out, “Honey I'm home.” He didn't hear any response. Setting his brief case down by the garage door, Marvin noticed Sally's tennis dress on the floor. He thought, “That's odd; she usually is so particular about the way the house looks; she never leaves anything lying around, especially clothes.” Then he noticed the empty pizza boxes, empty cookie jar and the empty milk jug. Marvin thought, “Who would eat this stuff; the kids have not been home from college for weeks?” He cleaned up the mess and started to look for Sally.

When he went into the bedroom, he could not believe his eyes. There was Sally, still asleep on the bed, dressed only in her bikini panty, a sports bra and her court shoes. Her belly was not quite as bloated as it had been earlier, but still substantially bigger than Marvin had seen her in years. She was lying there, her hands on each side of her belly; she had a slight grin on her face as she slept.

Marvin was becoming aroused just looking at her. He remembered how much he loved to hold and make love to her when she was pregnant, especially with their last child. Sally had gained a lot more weight with her last pregnancy than the earlier one. She seemed to enjoy and attention and being able to eat as much as she wanted while pregnant.

Marvin could not resist any longer, he ran his hand over Sally's belly. She stirred and looked up at him, “Hi honey, I don't know what came over me, but I overate a bit when I got home,” she said.

Marvin gave her a big kiss, “You look fantastic to me, Sally, my love.”

She cried, “Oh Marvin, really, dear!” Marvin grabbed her, pressing her still bloated belly against his body. Sally struggled to get Marvin's tie, shirt and trousers off. He fumbled with her sports bra and now tight panties. Sally giggled like a schoolgirl at Marvin's attentions.

Finally free of the clothes, they made love for the first time in several months and the best love making since their honeymoon years before. The lovemaking only served to rekindle Sally's appetite; she was ravenous again - all she could think of was eating.

Marvin went to the kitchen and grabbed a jar of peanut butter, a jar of jelly and a loaf of bread and brought it upstairs to the bedroom. Sally ate the sandwiches as fast as Marvin could make them. She ate five in a little less than a half hour. Her belly was bloated again; she burped a couple of times. Marvin got her into the shower; Sally could not believe the feeling of rubbing her belly with soap. She got out toweled off. She got out a bikini panty and matching bra, pulled a loose fitting, but short dress out of the closet and pulled on some panty hose. Marvin already dressed grabbed her hand and lead her downstairs to his car. Sally asked, “Where are we going, I'm still hungry honey?”

Marvin answered, “We are going to that Farmer's Buffet restaurant over by the highway.”

Sally giggled with glee, “Oh that sounds fantastic, dear. Let's hurry; I'm starving.”

They got there in fifteen minutes. Sally could hardly hold still, she was so excited. She didn't even wait for Marvin to pay the cashier; she just headed to the buffet lines. She filled a huge plate with spaghetti and meat sauce, smothered it with parmesan cheese and sat down as fast as she could. Sally ate like a woman possessed, which in a way she was. Marvin had just sat down when Sally finished off the plate. He quickly went to the line for her, selecting only the richest, heaviest and fattening entrees for his ravenous wife.

Marvin brought over plate after plate to Sally. She cleaned them off as fast as she could, gorging herself with the wonderful food. She burped and farted frequently, giggling as she did. “I'm making such a PIG, burp, urp, of myself!” she exclaimed. Marvin could hardly control himself, he was so turned on by Sally's largesse!

Finally after nearly two hours of eating bliss, Sally began to slow down. Her belly was bloated out, lying on her thighs. Her dress was splattered with sauces and bits of food. Marvin fixed her a massive sundae and carried it to her like an offering to a goddess, which Sally was now in his eyes. She burped again, looked up at Marvin, “Oh, honey, this is the most erotic thing I have ever done, urp, urp, burp.” She dug into Marvin's offering, finishing off the sundae in fifteen minutes. It was now nearly ten o'clock in the evening.

Marvin and Sally were the only customers left in the buffet. Marvin came around the table to help his gorgeous, engorged wife to her feet. He pulled back the chair and was rewarded with a fantastic view of Sally's now huge, bloated belly. She was so stuffed that she was sitting back against the back of the chair. She could not lean forward at all the pressure from her belly was too much. She arched her back and Marvin gently helped her to her feet. She was a little shaky; she put her hands on the small of her back to arch it out to relieve some of the pressure. Her dress now clung to her belly and lifted up in front to the bulge.

Marvin had to help her waddle to the door. Sally had a glazed look in her eyes and a small smile on her face. Her dress was barely covering her panties as she and Marvin got to the car. He helped her sit down which took quite a while. Sally had to back into the passenger's seat. Marvin had to carefully swing her legs in without putting any pressure on her belly. He could barely get the seat belt around it.

Marvin had to stop the car in the driveway and help Sally out. He didn't think there was room to open the car door in the garage far enough to let Sally get out. He helped her into the house and upstairs. He undressed her, washed off her face and found a bikini/teddy nighty for her to wear. He had to help her into it. She still could not bend over at all.

Marvin slipped the teddy over her head, had her sit down on the bed and slide the panties up to her knees, had her stand again the pull them, not without some difficulty up the rest of the way. He caressed her round belly and kissed it several times. Sally burped. “Urp, do you like this?” she asked, patting her huge belly.

“Oh, yes, dear, I love your new tummy.” He helped Sally into bed and tucked her in.

Sally was so stuffed she fell asleep immediately. Marvin lay next to her trying to figure out what was going on. He was aroused at the thought of his skinny, self-absorbed wife becoming fat before his eyes. He noticed that Sally was sleeping in a fetal position, cradling her distended belly in her arms and against her thighs. He gave her tummy a poke, and Sally smiled in her sleep. Marvin only thought was this had to continue!

Sally woke up around 8:30 to the wonderful smells of a huge breakfast sitting on a tray next to her bed. She giggled with glee looking at the large omelet, stack of pancakes and French toast, a large pile of bacon and sausage, a big pitcher of orange juice. She got up and used the bathroom, when she came back to bed Marvin was there waiting.

“Oh, there you are, honey; I had Maria prepare a special breakfast for my girl,” he said, smiling at her, barely in control. She looked so fantastic, nearly bursting out of her bikini panty and teddie. Sally looked about four month's pregnant; she was still bloated from all the rich food she had eaten yesterday.

Sally was about to protest that she would get so FAT eating all of this when a raging appetite kicked in. She hopped into bed, Marvin set the tray in front of her and Sally dug in! Marvin really wanted to stay home and watch Sally stuff herself again, but he had a lot to do at the office that day. On the way out, he left instructions with Maria, their cook, that his wife was to have all she wanted to eat. Maria, who thought of Sally's losing weight as a near tragedy, assured him that, “La Senora would have all she could eat!” Marvin also instructed her that if la Senora's friends from the club called they were not to speak to her. Maria readily agreed, she winked at Marvin and said, “ I will take good care of Senora,” patting her own substantial belly. Marvin gave her a hug and thanked her as he headed for his car.

Maria was true to her word. After Sally had cleaned off the breakfast tray, Maria helped to her into the bathroom and a shower. Sally was so taken by what was happening to her body that she didn't want to get dressed at all. Maria found an old maternity bathing suit, a two-piece with a high rise waist panty and bra. The front of it was spandex to allow for a growing belly. Sally giggled as she put it on, “I never thought I would ever wear this again.”

Sally could feel her body expanding with the rich calories. Her thighs were getting round again, and her belly bulged out from under her bra, to the point she had to look over it to see her feet.

She waddled downstairs and Maria insisted she go out and lie down by the pool. Sally settled herself into a lounge chair and dozed for a while. Maria woke her up for an early lunch. Sally was about to say she was still full, when her appetite kicked in again. Maria set a tray with three large cheeseburgers, onion rings, French fries, a bowl of ketchup, a bowl of mayo and a liter of cold Coke. Sally just started to shovel food into her mouth as fast as she could, while Maria stood, by admiring the sight.

Maria fed Sally every three hours that afternoon. When Marvin came home around five thirty he was greeted by a sight he had previously only dreamed about. Sally was asleep on the lounge chair, she had eaten so much that day, she now looked six month's pregnant. Her belly was filling out the maternity panty, her thighs were softer than even that morning, her breasts were barely contained in the bra of the swimsuit. Marvin was elated by Sally's appearance. He hugged Maria, gave her a C-note for a tip and told her to be back early the next day. Maria had prepared a rich, fattening meal for Sally's dinner and gave Marvin instructions on how to serve it and when.

The timer on the stove went off, signaling that Sally's feast was ready. Marvin pulled the heavy dish out of the oven and set it to cool for a few minutes. He went out to the pool to wake up Sally. He could hardly control himself; Sally looked so fantastic. The calories she was stuffing into herself were definitely sticking to her figure. Marvin noticed that the panty was getting tight around Sally's expanding tummy. Her bottom was spreading out of the leg openings in the panty to fill the seat of the lounge chair. Her thighs were now touching each other as she lay asleep. He woke her by rubbing her bloated tummy; Sally smiled as she began to wake up.

“Is that you, burp, honey?” she asked.

“Yes, my precious,” Marvin answered. “I have dinner ready for you, babe.”

“Oh that sounds wonderful, dear, but first I want to change; I seem to have out grown this bathing suit panty,” said Sally. “Up in my lingerie drawer there are some larger bikini panties; I need something that won't get in the way of my tummy sticking out.” She giggled. Marvin's knees almost let go with that comment. He rushed upstairs to Sally's dresser and found the panties for her. He rushed back to her with them and helped Sally to the cabana to change. He had to help her she could not bend over; her tummy was so bloated out.

Marvin helped Sally waddle to the dining room table, where he had laid out a feast for her. Sally gasped at all the food, but again her appetite took over and she was ravenous again at the sight of the wonderful bounty of food before her.

Sally gorged herself as Marvin got serving her dish after dish of Maria's cooking in front of the ravenous woman. It took her two hours to finish everything. The rich food flowed into her mouth, with the tight swimsuit brief off and no dress to constrain her tummy she gorged away as her tummy bulged with all the food.

When she finally finished, Marvin could hardly believe his eyes. Sally now looked fully nine months pregnant. She was so round and stuffed she could not move from the table. Marvin cleaned her up, wiping bits of food off her breasts and the top of her massively distended tummy.

Finally, Marvin was able to help Sally to her feet. She half staggered, half waddled, she was so bloated and stuffed. Marvin helped her into the den and lowered his bloated wife into a soft chair.

Sally, burped saying, “Oh, Marvin, I am turning into such a fat pig. I can't believe how much I am eating; all I can think about is food and eating! I can't believe how much I am enjoying it, as soon as I see food all I can think about is stuffing it into myself. I love the feeling of being so full!”

Marvin was so turned on by Sally's revelation he nearly fainted with desire for her. He remembered how much she turned him on when she was pregnant. He had begun to lose interest in her when she started losing so much weight with her new friends. Now though, his dream was coming true; not only was Sally eating, she was intent on gorging herself into a satiated oblivion, and he wanted to help.

Sally looked up at him, “Marvin, are you okay with this?” She patted her huge belly as she asked. Marvin put his hands on Sally's huge belly and shook it. She giggled and burped as her massive belly jiggled at her loving husband's touch. Marvin then kissed her belly and her squarely on her lips.

Looking into her eyes, he said, “Sally, this is a dream come true for me. I loved your plump body for years, especially when you were pregnant, and now you are becoming even more beautiful with every bite of food you take.”

“You don't mind that I am becoming so fat?” she asked.

“Honey, I insist that you become as fat as you want and then even fatter,” Marvin replied.

Sally cried, “Oh Marvin, help me up; I want you right now, my love.” Marvin helped the bloated Sally out of the chair and upstairs to their bedroom. He carefully undressed his engorged wife and helped her get onto the bed. He undressed and climbed in with her, stroking her magnificent belly and caressing her round breasts. They made love for hours and finally fell asleep.

The next morning they were awakened by Maria carrying in a large tray, again covered in only the richest most fattening breakfast foods. Marvin helped Sally sit up and watched with loving eyes while his beautiful wife joyfully stuffed herself with the rich food.

Marvin took a shower and dressed. He found Sally asleep again, with her bloated tummy pushing the now empty breakfast tray up with each breath. He patted her tummy and removed the tray and carried it down to the kitchen.

Maria was waiting for the day's instructions. Again, Marvin told her that Sally was to have all she could hold and as often as she wanted it. He asked her to order Sally some clothes to wear while she was gaining. He also wanted to make sure Sally's friends did not see or speak to her. Maria was to make sure that Sally did not get any exercise at all. Marvin gave her a hug and told to take good care of Sally. Maria smiled and assured him that she would follow his instructions to the letter.

When Marvin got to the office, he cancelled their membership in the club. He and his wife had no need of any exercise and besides the food was terrible there. He ordered two scooters for Sally to ride around the house, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. He ordered a lift for the pool and an elevator for the house to be installed as soon as possible. Marvin arranged for a food service to deliver to the house three times a week. He ordered another commercial model refrigerator for the kitchen. He called his accountant and had him increase Maria's salary by fifty percent.

When Marvin returned home, he found that the loyal Maria had followed his instructions to the letter. Sally was asleep by the pool in a lounge chair. She was now so bloated that she could not get up without help. Her hands were lying on her magnificent tummy that now dominated her once lithe figure; she had a smile on her face as she dozed, digesting her fourth feeding of the day.

Marvin went upstairs to change. He had done a little shopping himself that day. He bought several pairs of black nylon brief style swimsuits for himself in progressively larger sizes, starting with a pair that were now one size smaller than his current waist size. He pulled on the tight brief and admired himself in the mirror. Patting his small nearly flat belly, he thought, “why should Sally have all the fun in the family, I enjoy eating, too.” He headed downstairs for the rich sumptuous meal he had told Maria to prepare.

Marvin headed out to the pool. He had Maria bring out the dinner to the patio adjacent to their pool, where Sally was still asleep. Maria smiled as seeing how Marvin was dressed, she asked, “Is Senor planning to eat with La Senora tonight?” Until she asked that question, Marvin had not noticed that Maria's belly was straining at her uniform buttons.

Marvin answered, “Yes, Maria, I am going to enjoy myself with La Senora.”

Maria smiled, “Muy Bueno, Senor Marvin, La Senora does not like to eat alone,” she stated patting her own bloated belly for emphasis. They woke up Sally with the smells of all the wonderful food.

She looked up and saw Marvin in the small brief style swimsuit. Marvin caught her gaze and said, “ I thought I would join you, if you don't mind, dear?”

Sally just sighed, “Oh, honey, that would be so wonderful.”

Maria help set up the feast for them and left for home. Marvin and Sally almost literally dove into the massive meal. It was a huge casserole, with several pounds of meat, cheese and rich sauce. There were condiments of sour cream, more cheeses grated, chips and more sauces covered the table. They ate for nearly two and a half hours.

Sally's belly now stuck up so far that she was nearly immobile. Her belly pushed her legs apart when she sat and she could not stop rubbing her massive globe of a belly. Marvin had stuffed himself pretty well considering there was no spell on him. Watching Sally eat was such a turn on for him that eating was the only outlet at the time.

Sally and Marvin marveled in each other's bloated bellies. Marvin helped Sally to her feet, bumping her with his now bloated belly. Sally giggled in delight at the feel of Marvin's distended belly pushing against her own massive orb. They waddled hand in hand to the bedroom for what would become their only exercise from now on.

Sally straddled Marvin's manhood, her huge belly lying in his small, but growing paunch. Marvin cradled Sally massive tummy in his hands and shook it, marveling at the jiggle the new fat had already acquired. Sally giggled with glee at his touch on her round soft tummy. They made love for hours. Marvin got up and brought in a huge ten-pound box of chocolates with they both greedily devoured.

The next morning found two bloated bellies lying in bed. They lay in bed for a couple of hours playing with each other's expanding bodies. Their hunger finally got the better of them and Marvin helped Sally up, first to waddle to the bathroom and then down to the kitchen.

It was Maria's day off, so Marvin fixed a lavish breakfast feast for the both of them. He got Sally settled into her favorite chair and then brought out a procession of wonderful foods to feed themselves with. They binged away the morning, eating and napping, reveling in their new lifestyle.

They showered; Marvin found a pair of sweats, which he pulled on over a black nylon brief. He had another pair of sweats that Sally managed to squeeze into. She was only 5'4'' and with all the eating of the last few days, she was so round, plump Marvin could barely keep his hands off of her. He helped her waddle out to her SUV, which now was hard for her to get into. They needed to get Sally some clothes she could “eat her way into.” They got a flyer in the mail from a men's and women's “big and tall” shop. They could not get over the timing.

They drove to the address; Marvin helped his gorgeous wife out of the SUV into the store. Sally stopped for a moment, she asked, “Do you see that old VW micro-van?”

Marvin looked over, “Yes, I see it.”

Sally continued, “I saw the same one in traffic several days ago, right before my appetite changed.” She patted her now amazing tummy for emphasis. “Do you think that is kind of weird?” she asked.

Marvin just shrugged, “No, not really,” he said.

Upon entering the store the plump, round, charming little women who was the owner, came over to wait on them. She marveled at Sally's “new figure,” complimenting her on her obvious appetite. Sally smiled, accepting the compliment, she asked, “Have we met before?”

“No, dear, I would remember if I had met someone as lovely as you,” she gushed.

The owner helped Sally and Marvin to the back of the store, where there was a private fitting room. She had Sally take off her sweats and helped her up on to a pedestal in the middle of the room. Marvin marveled at the exhibition of his wife's beautiful, expanded body. The owner first measured Sally, Marvin listened with glee as she read off Sally's new measurements: bust - 40”, B-cup; waist - 42”; hips - 44”. Marvin loved the way Sally's tummy now stuck out farther than her breasts did.

The owner, whose name was Morgana, brought in some lingerie for Sally. There were several sets of panties, bikini cut that accentuated Sally's round belly and her greatly expanded bottom. Marvin could hardly stand it, watching Morgana dress his glowing bride. She then brought out several pairs of stretch pants for Sally to try on. Marvin loved the way the pants hugged Sally round belly and bottom. She then brought out some blouses that fit snuggly over Sally's breasts and arms, but leaving her fantastic waist exposed.

Sally looked fantastic in her new clothes. They were tight enough to show off her now round figure, yet allowing room for Sally's appetite to make her even rounder. Morgana found some dresses that fit Sally, a couple of bikini bathing suits, some t-shirts and nighties, too.

Marvin was only too happy to spring for a new wardrobe for Sally. He was loving every minute he was with his now beautiful, plump wife.

Sally started to feel hungry, so they paid Morgana and prepared to leave the store. Morgana insisted on helping them out to the car with their purchases. On the way, one of Sally's former friends approached them. She was stunned to see how fat Sally had become in only a few days. Diane started to admonish Sally about ruining her figure, “Sally, you're, you're, huge, how could you do this to yourself?” she shrieked, poking Sally in her round belly. They didn't hear Morgana muttering to herself.

Marvin was about to tell Diane off, when suddenly she said, “I'm sorry; I'm suddenly very hungry. Would you like to join me for lunch?”

“Oh, yes,” Sally giggled, “We would love to. I know a wonderful buffet near the highway, you'll love it.”