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Our Fattening Love Affair
(a.k.a. A Happy Fattening Couple)

By ~Jim~

Chapter I

Less than a month ago, I was watching the 6:00 news on the television set. The male anchorman was discussing our local medical center and a new experiment that they were planning to study on weight gain and the special effects of overeating. By any chances, the center needed some volunteers who were in good health, who were willing to overeat. The participants would be paid up to $2,000 monthly if they were interested to participate in the experimentation. Finally, the station displayed a telephone # to call in for further details.

Several months prior to that info, I had lost my job and I gone bankrupt so, I had to sell my automobile. Also, my rent was past due, and I surely could use the $2,000 monthly payment.

Suddenly, I dialed the number, and a friendly lady asked me several questions, and we settled an appointment for a physical examination.

At the examination, I was told that I had met all the requirements, and I should plan on attending an informational meeting in a week at the medical center.

After the week finally passed, I entered the room where the meeting was taking place. To my joy, a very beautiful young lady sat down next to the chair next to me. She was a shoulder length brunette, blue eyes and an elegant smile. But, what I found was most appealing about this beautiful woman, was her voluptuous figure. I knew that I wanted to speak to her. “Hello, my name is Jim.” I said.

“It's a pleasure to know you Jim, my name is Billie Jo.”

We sat there quietly for a time, but I wanted to say more. Especially, I felt awkward by meeting her under an unusual circumstance. Finally, she broke the silence and asked, “Why would a slender man, like you want to be in an experiment like this?”

So, I told Billie Jo about the dreadful year I was having, and my financial difficulties. Then, I asked Billie Jo the same question. “For approximately 18 months, I have been in an unhealthy relationship,” she explained. “I have recently left my boyfriend, and I need a safe place to stay.”

The meeting began. It was explained to all of us that different types of people gain weight at different rates, even when they eat the same amount of food. The purpose of the experiment was to try to learn what mechanism controls the amount of body fat a person acquires and also to determine why some people gain more weight than other people.

If we participated in this experiment, we would be required to consume approximately 6,000 calories daily. Depending on a person's individual physiology and metabolism, the extra calories would translate into about five pounds of additional weight weekly.

I looked at Billie Jo to see her reaction to what was said, and to my surprise, she had a smile on her face. After some additional info was provided, the meeting was over.

As Billie Jo and myself walked to the parking lot, I asked her what she had thought of the meeting. “It sounds wonderful to me,” she said with a smile. Then, I ask her if it would bother her to gain weight. “My ex-boyfriend was constantly deviling me to lose weight,” she explained. “He would never allow me to eat what I want,” she continued. “I am willing to look forward to eat as much as I preferred and put a few pounds on, so be it.”

Then, Billie Jo asked me if I was planning to participate in the experiment with her, and I agreed. I was so desperate and I was looking forward getting to know Billie Jo, I answered that I was. “Then, I guess we'll be seeing a lot of each other,” she said as we shook hands and said good-bye.

When the month was coming to a close, we were both at the Medical Center and being assigned our rooms. I was so cheerful to see that Billie Jo was given the room next to mine. The rooms inside had a television, VCR, king size bed, bathroom, phone, lights, stereo and coasters. After we have settled in, we were requested to report to the examination room where we were weighed and measured. The measuring tapes results: I weighed 240 lbs., and Billie Jo told me that she weighed 210 lbs. It was about 5 lbs. more than she did just a month earlier.

The rest of the day, we feelt free to do what we've preferred, but we were informed to be in the dining room for breakfast the next morning, promptly at 8 am sharp.

The next morning, Billie Jo and I sat together at a small table. Soon our food arrived, and it was the largest breakfast that I had ever seen. My extra large plate held: 5 eggs, an enormous pile of hash browns, 6 sausage links, 5 strips of bacon, 6 pieces of buttered toast and a huge stack of cream puff pancakes smothered in maple syrup. To drink with our breakfast, a large glass of whole milk.

They informed us that we must always eat all the food served to us. When Billie Jo started eating, I looked astonished to discover that I loved watching her eat, and the thought of her eating purposely excited me.

After we've finished breakfast, we walked back into our rooms together, and I asked her how she felt. “I feel like I am going to bust,” she said as she gently slapped on her tummy. “It was difficult for me to eat it all,” I said. “I don't usually eat breakfast.”

As soon as I returned to my room, I changed my pants to my pajama bottoms. I sat down on the sofa feeling so uncomfortable from all the food that I'd eaten.

Just when I was feeling a little better, there was a knock at my door. I opened the door; there was an attractive young lady who smiled and handed me a hot fudged sundae she had taken from the cart full of them. I took the sundae and thanked her very little, that I didn't want it. Then I watched as she knocked on Billie Jo's door. Billie Jo accepted the sundae and thanked the woman who then advanced to the next door. Billie Jo then turned and looked at me and said, “Would you like to come in and join me for dessert?”

“Yes, I would,” I replied, “Thank You.”

We sat at a little table in Billie Jo's room and began to eat our sundaes. “I'm still full from breakfast,” I said. “Me, too,” she said, “but this sundae is scrumptious.” I watched Billie Jo, lifting spoonful after spoonful of the rich dessert into her mouth, and once again I became excited. “You better eat,” she said, “it will not be too long before our lunch is served.” So I started eating, and after I was done I looked up and saw Molly staring at me. I wondered if she liked watching me eat.

At lunch, we sat together again. Our lunch was a high-in-calories feast served with: three fatty double cheeseburgers, an enormous pile of French fries, a chocolate malted and a gigantic slice of blueberry pie.

After lunch, we walked back to our rooms together. I was so overstuffed; it was very difficult to walk. When I got into my room, I changed my clothes, slipped into my pajamas and fell into bed. Within seconds, I was fast asleep. Then, I awoke to a knock at my door; I took off my pajama bottoms and slipped on my pants. I tried to button them, then discovered that they couldn't allow it. So, I left my pajama top on and covered my opened pants to make sure.

It was my afternoon snack being delivered. This time, it was a colossal chocolate cupcake with white frosting. “Thank you,” I said and quickly closed the door before she could notice that my pants were open.

Dinner served: a bowl of beef barley soup, tossed salad, buttered rolls, 48 oz. thick steak with onions and peppers piled on top and a big slice of lemon meringue pie.

Later that evening, my nighttime snack arrived. I finished the Oreo cookies, milk and I crawled into bed feeling completely stuffed and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up and felt better so I decided to wear a knit shirt that didn't need to be tucked in and a pair of slacks that were a bit looser than the one pair that I had worn the other day. After I was finishing dressing, there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and saw Billie's beautiful face.

“I hope that I'm not stalking you,” she said, “but I thought that we could walk to breakfast together.” As we walked into the dining hall, Billie Jo took my arm and asked, “Are you ready for another day of pigging out?”

“I'm looking forward to it,” I said, and what I thought was an evil smile appeared on her face.

Breakfast was another sky-high calorie banquet; Billie Jo and myself once again, sat at our usual table. Billie Jo was wearing a long sleeved red shirt, which showed off part of her large breasts. I found myself staring, at Billie Jo's breasts and imagining that they were swelling up like water balloons with each fork full of food that she was devouring inside her mouth. Billie Jo looked up and caught me staring at her breasts. Then, she drew her elbows together and rested them on the table. This made her breasts swell out of her top even more and permitted me to look deeply down at her crevice. “You know, if I keep eating like this, they will possibly inflate even larger,” she said with a smirk. I do believe that she was reading my mind at that point.

Chapter II

We were requested to report to the examination room after breakfast.

Billie Jo went in first, and I had a seat outside the door. As I was sitting there, I imagined Billie Jo stripping and stepping on the scale. I especially pictured to myself her having her measurements taken: the tape measure being stretched around her voluptuous body…her large breasts…her full waist…and her wide hips…

Suddenly, I was startled when the door opened up and Billie Jo walked out. “Good news,” she said surprisingly, “I've gained another 3 pounds. Come into my room when you're through and tell me how you've turned out.”

“All right, then,” I said and entered into the examination room. Shortly after, I arrived at Billie Jo's door; just as the cart with our morning treats was being hauled. I knocked on her door and then took two of the desserts from the cart. Our morning treats turned out to be cherry cheesecake, smothered with whipped cream on top.

At that moment, we sat on the sofa eating our desserts. “Here we go, stuffing ourselves again,” I said. Billie Jo explained, “I'm so tickled that I can eat stuff like this again.” She continued, “For the past 18 months, I have been starving myself to death for a man that treated me like a slave. Besides, it's kind of erotic to be a self-indulgent person.”

I realized, as I watched Billie Jo's sensuous mouth closing around a fork full of cheesecake, I even agreed with her: it seemed erotic. We could let ourselves go, stuff ourselves to the limit and not to worry about the consequences. The truth of the matter is, I was looking forward to seeing Billie Jo's body swell up daily. If I wasn't not totally mistaken, Billie Jo loved it that my body was getting also colossal.

As I was thinking and watching Billie Jo eat, an irresistible urge popped into my head. I placed my plate down, leaned over and kissed Billie Jo's sensual mouth, and to my joy, she kissed me back.

Inside my room the same evening, I couldn't stop thinking about how dazzling Billie Jo was and the sweet cherry flavor of our first kiss.

Our lunch the next day, we were served with: four 12” hot dogs with chili, cheese and cooked onions piled up, a huge stack of crinkles, huge glass of chocolate milk and a big slice of vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.

It had been explained to us earlier that it would take time for our bodies to become accustomed to the extra food, and they had suggested that we get plenty of rest. I have no idea if it was the amount of food that I had been eating or being so inactive, but I was usually feeling exhausted. Finally, after lunch I went into my room to rest.

Once in my room, I removed my belt and sat down in a chair to remove my shoes. Suddenly, I heard a stifled burst while I was taking off my shoes; the button just came off my pants, and the zipper broke open. So much for these pants, I thought, as I was crawling to bed.

Immediately, the cart lady with my afternoon snack knocked on my door. This time, an extra large Hershey's chocolate bar with almonds, and I ate it up as quickly as possible. Finally, I got back for a good doze.

I woke up about 4:45; I was feeling better from all the food that I had crammed, into my gullet. I was about to put my clothes on; I remembered the last pair of pants that I had worn earlier was ruined. The only pair that I had was the ones that I had worn yesterday. I tried to button them; my ballooned belly would not permit it. So, I pulled up the zipper as far as it would go and buckled my belt on the last hole. I took out a buttoned down shirt from the closet and slipped it on. I realized that I could not tuck in the shirt in my pants, so I left the tails out. The shirt seemed so tight, and I barely fit, and there were big gaps between each button.

Suddenly, Billie Jo knocked on my door, and I noticed that she changed her clothes. She wore a maroon low cut dress that looked tight on her. “C'mon,” she said, “it's time to eat.” I said to her sarcastically, “It's always time to eat in this joint.” She told me with a smile on her face, “I know, isn't it wonderful!” Then, she took my arm and walked to the dining room.

The supper that we were served: a bowl of split pea soup, a massive plateful of spaghetti with 8 meatballs and 7 sweet sausages piled with tomato sauce, garlic bread dripping with butter, garden salad, milk and a huge slice of cherry pie.

After supper, we walked back into our rooms; I was beginning to notice that Billie Jo's dress looked a whole lot tighter on her. Then, I looked down and discovered that my shirt had not hidden my belly - part of it was stuck out from under my belt and between my zipper. I looked up and was hoping that Billie Jo hadn't noticed. But when I looked directly at her, she was staring at my stomach. I said to her, looking embarrassed, “Those are the only pants that I've got.”

Immediately, Billie Jo leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I think you look endearing.” When we got to the door, Billie Jo told me that she wanted me to come in for a while. First, I had to get my pajamas and get a couple of movies. The movies that I brought: “Jaws,” “China Moon,” “Dangerous Minds” and “The Crying Game.” Then, I picked the first two and went back into Billie Jo's room. Then, I put the tape in the VCR, and we were watching “Jaws,” and I turned the lights off. Billie Jo liked to watch movies in the dark, and it's a good thing because the lights reflect on the television screen.

Finally, we plopped our jumbo bodies on the couch, and, suddenly, I heard a loud tearing sound. The seam above Billie Jo's waist had ripped open, and a swelling of buttery white flesh pushed its way through the opening. We both looked at the bloat and then at each other and laughed. I reached over and began to stroke the fat that seductively pushed its way through the hole of her dress. But as I did, my hand got caught of the loose thread of her dress, and it ripped more. I said to her, “I'm terribly sorry.” Billie Jo said, “That's all right, this is the final time that I'll wear this dress, anyways.” I replied to her, “All right, then.” Now, both of my hands were holding on both sides of the dress with the ripped areas; I pulled and tore it in half from her body.

I could see Billie Jo's face; she was shocked and humiliated about, what I had done. Surely, her expression changed from disbelief to excitement. Instantly, I grabbed her robe, and I asked her to put it on, and she agreed.

I yanked Billie Jo close to myself and kissed her overpoweringly. While I was kissing her, I hugged her. She was so soft and cuddly, and after it was over, I asked her; “Could you put my pajamas on for me, like a good girl?” Then, she went over to the sofa, picked up my pajamas, and she even took my clothes off. All of a sudden, my tummy got bigger. After she had put the bottoms on, she patted my belly and watched it rattle like a waterbed. After she put my PJ's on, we started kissing again, and we plummeted onto the bed. I was lying down, and she went on top of me, and we were still kissing, and it was a deep fervent kiss. In essence, we were just kissing and hugging, and we lay together and watched the movie.

Suddenly, the treat lady knocked on Billie Jo's door, and she took the covers off and answered the door. “I can take my neighbor's dessert, also,” Billie Jo said, “He's with me tonight.” Finally, the lady at the door and gave Billie Jo a significant smile. She gave two plates to Billie Jo, and each plate had a colossal éclair on it.

“Look what the angel has just brought in,” Billie Jo said, “just in time, to feed me; I am starving.” She went back into bed and set one plate on her nightstand. “What, don't I get to eat?” I asked her but no answer.

“Is my baby hungry?” she said and proceeded to hand feed me one of the éclairs. Once again, the sight of her shaky body provoked me. Her new rolls of blubber surrounded her mid section, and her swollen breasts swayed from side to side as she fed me. When I finished eating, I reached over to get the other éclair and began feeding the fattening pastry to Billie Jo. As she took her last bite, the creamed filling squirted out onto her nightgown, and I took my finger, snatched the cream off and put it inside my mouth. Finally, after it ended, we kissed each other good night, turned the television set off and went to sleep. While I was sleeping, Billie Jo turned over and put her chubby arm around me and started to laugh in her sleep, and I was like, 'Man, I believe she is deeply in love with me.' When the alarm read 3:24 a.m., I put my arms around Billie Jo's soft swollen body and cuddled with her, and I was so comfy on this big girl. After we got up at 7:00 the next morning, Billie Jo interrogated me, “Did you enjoy sleeping with me last night?” I answered her with excitement, “Yes, it was the best night that I have spent with you, watching television, enjoying the dessert last night, and you are the cutest girl I have ever met in my entire life.” I concluded, “Well, I have to get back to my room and get washed.” Billie Jo kissed me, and she said to me, “I will see you at breakfast.”

Afterwards, I went back into my room to shave and wash up for breakfast. I had done my best to deny the problem about my pants. As we walked together in the dining room, Billie Jo stirred and asked me, “Did you wear the those pants just for me?”

“Yes, I did,” I said, “but, why aren't you wearing the same dress you had on last night?” We looked at one another and smiled.

My oversized plate was served with: 6 poached eggs on toast, 7 sausage links, 5 bacon strips, 5 biscuits smothered with margarine, a huge mountain of home fries, 4 chocolate covered donuts, an immense stack of waffles drenched with maple syrup and a giant glass of chocolate milk.

I was worried that my pants would fall down in front of everybody as we walked. I'm so sure that thought had also occurred to Billie Jo because she kept on looking right at them. Basically, I managed to keep them pulled up and get through the morning.

After breakfast, we decided to drive inside of town to get some new clothes at the mall. Once we got there, I had already insisted that we first buy larger pants for myself, but, unfortunately, they didn't come in my size. Instead, Billie Jo picked out a skirt, 2 dresses and several pairs of panties, a couple sizes larger than what she used to wear during the experiment. She also purchased two pairs of queen sized panty hose, 3 nightgowns and 3 sizes 42D bras. She even told me her usual size was 40C. Then, she noticed a sheer nylon full body suit, and she asked me, “How do you think my chubby body would look in this?” “Perfect!” I said.

After the mall, we stopped by the “Big and Tall” store for morbidly obese men and tall slenderer men. The sizes of pants and belts were 38-70 or better and shirts XL-10XL or better and flannel pajamas are from XL-10XL or better. I picked out a size 46-inch waist khakis, and Billie Jo told me that I would outgrow them in a couple of days, so I bought 2 pairs of jeans size 50, 52; 2 Slacks, 3 pairs of pajamas, 4 pairs of underwear, 3 T-Shirts, 2 flannel shirts, suspenders and 2 button up shirts. Billie Jo liked the clothes that I picked out and I thanked her.

We left the Big and Tall store and returned to Billie Jo's room. We were back just in time for our afternoon snacks to be shipped. The delivery lady gave Billie Jo our desserts without having to be told that I was there.

Billie Jo and myself lay on the bed listening to soft music while we were eating our treats and patting each other's tummies. After we'd finished eating, I put my head on Billie Jo's large tummy and heard the sloshing and bubbling sounds. While I was doing that, she was playing with my hair with her chunky fingers that looked like cooked Ball Park Hot Dogs.

Later, she got up and got dressed. Billie Jo had squeezed into another one of her old dresses that she brought with her.

“I better wear this dress while I still can,” she concluded, “Maybe you ought to tear this one apart also on me.” She gave me a sinister smile. She took my arm and walked to the dining room.

This time for supper: 6 pork chops, mashed potatoes with gravy, buttered rolls, broccoli in cheese sauce, vanilla milk shake and 12 scoops of ice cream drenched with hot fudge.

When the first month ended, I weighed 288 pounds. Most of the extra fat, settled on my waist, which measured to 54 inches. Billie Jo weighed 255 pounds, and she told me her new measurements were now 44- 42-47. I loved the fullness of Billie Jo's breasts. For my unique pleasure, Molly would squeeze her swollen breasts into her old bras. The tender pale flesh would overflow the cups, and little rolls of blubber would squeeze out from around the straps of her bra. The roll of flab around Billie Jo's middle was getting larger. She would stand partially nude and pat her fat roll and giggle. I liked to stand behind her and massage her chunky blob with her and laugh. Billie Jo's buns were considerably wider, and she looked so dazzling when she wore her tight skirt. The fabric of her skirt would be stretched to the limit, and her chubby legs looked excellent as they gently rubbed together as she walked.

As the first month nearly came to a close, Billie Jo and myself discussed whether or not that we were going to continue with the experiment. Billie Jo started by saying, “I have never been happier, and my life is so enjoyable, and I have fallen in love with the man in my dreams.”

“I am happy, too,” I said. “The only thing that concerns me is all the weight that I have expanded. If I stay here, I will swell up a whole lot more. I have kept myself in shape throughout the years, and I have never been fatter before. Doesn't that bother you to blow up like a balloon?”

“No, not at all,” she answered. “To be honest with you, I am going to stay here until the end. Please stay with me?”

I was afraid to admit it out loud, but the truth of the matter was that blowing up electrified me, also. Furthermore, I was deeply in love with Billie Jo.

Finally, my final decision was, “Absolutely, I'd love to stay with you, as much as possible.” Billie Jo smiled and then kissed me, and I knew that I had made a wise decision.

We decided to continue to swell up like oversized beach balls.

Chapter III

When the second month ended, Billie Jo weighed 283 pounds. She said that her measurements were 46-44-56.

I was up to 322 pounds, and I was adding weight elsewhere, including my chest. I joked to myself, “If this continues, I'll need to start wearing a bra.” Billie Jo laughed and said, “You can start wearing one of my old ones.” She continued, “God knows, I cannot fit into them any longer.”

Now, I could get all my clothing at the big and tall store, and it was like I would soon be graduating from those stores.

When the third month ended, I was purchasing all my clothing from the “Fat Man's Clothing Store.” I was up to 356 pounds, and Billie Jo was up to 312 pounds and measured to a juicy 47-47-59.

It was no longer difficult to eat all of the food. As a matter of fact, we became very hungry between snacks and meals. Basically, it was against the rules and regulations, but whenever we were at the mall, we would buy something scrumptious and fattening to eat. We ate some of it there, and we sneaked it on the way back to our rooms where we would secretly feast with each other.

One evening, I was feeding Billie Jo creamed filled donuts while we were in bed watching television. She had just finished the last dozen of the donuts, and immediately, I reached out and grabbed a large hunk of the bountiful fat roll that encircled her mid section. I gave the roll a gentle shake and watched her entire body jiggle. I said to her, “You know if you're not careful, you're going to get portly.”

She got this insulted look on her face and replied, “Does it look like that I've expanded my body? Maybe, I over inflated a little, but I honestly didn't think that it was too noticeable.” Afterwards, we both laughed and our bodies squirmed in unison.

When the sixth month came to a close, I weighed a whopping 393 pounds, and my waist measured 60 inches. Billie Jo insisted that I wear knit shirts that were much too small for me. Although, the shirts would be stretched tightly over my potbelly, they still could not completely cover my ballooned paunch. Billie Jo would lift my shirt, pat my tummy and ask me when the baby was due (jokingly).

At 337 pounds, Billie Jo's voluptuous body was a smashing sight. She enjoyed dressing very smashing and acting provocatively in public. She would wear tight skirts and dresses, so every one could see her plump legs. The low-cut tops that she wore let the whole wide world see almost a foot of crevice.

One day, when we were strolling at the mall, Billie Jo was wearing a pair of knit shorts that were extremely tight on her hips. We had decided to get something to eat at the ice cream parlor. In the shop, there was a group of teen-age boys. As we waddled in, they pointed and made derogatory remarks about our sizes. Billie Jo chose to sit at a table near them and loudly ordered the most fattening thing on the menu. When her hot fudge and caramel sundae arrived, she proceeded to eat it sensuously. After each spoonful, she would make a comment like, “I really shouldn't be eating this; I've been feeling like a blimp lately.”

The show was not wasted at any time on the boys, who would laugh and make derogatory comments.

After she finished her sundae, Billie Jo went into the women's room where she tightened the belt on her already too tight shorts. This caused her tummy, hips and hinny to inflate even more. When she returned to the table and sat back in the chair, a loud RIIIIIIIIPPPP! was heard. Both side seams on her shorts were torn open, and a thick roll of bare flesh stuck through the openings. The boys roared with laughter.

Billie Jo stood up and walked over to the table where the boys were seated. She stood in front of them, patted the chunks of fat that had gushed out of her shorts. She said, “Looks like I have gotten too portly for my pants; don't you think so?” Afterwards, the boys sat there flabbergasted, not knowing what to say next.

The whole experience turned myself on; I could not wait to get back into our room. Once when we've got in, Billie Jo sat on the bed with her tattered shorts. So I had to get my pajamas to slip in something more comfortable. Then, I turned on the music, which was soft music, and we started lying on the bed and petting each mountain of fat that our tummies had became. She lifted my pajama top and undershirt, doing raspberries on my blubber, and it was wobbling, and I busted with laughter. Then, I did raspberries on Billie Jo's tummy, and she laughed loudly. Then, we closed our eyes and listen to the music, and this time, Billie Jo put her head on my belly, and I was caressing her hair.

With our overblown bulk came changes. It became difficult for us to walk in any distance. To hug each other, we had to squeeze our giant bellies tightly together, and we were only able to reach each other's sides. When Billie Jo sat down, she was not able to cross her chunky legs.

We had dinner, nighttime snacks, and we slept with each other once again, and it seemed so romantic.

Chapter IV

We had been in the medical center for almost a year, and this experiment would be ending shortly. So, I was naturally thinking a lot about what I was going to do when I left the center. I had no job, and my prospects for finding one soon were not so good. I also did not have a place to live. But though my future was not that promising at all, I had to ask Billie Jo to marry me.

On our last day, we were served our farewell breakfast. It was the usual banquet, except the staff had also baked a gigantic 3-layered chocolate cake. The decorations were so sharp and the words, “THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK,” were written on top of the frosting.

After breakfast was over, we were weighed and measured for one final time. I weighed a monstrous 433 pounds, which was more than twice the amount since I started. I now had three distinct rolls of fat in the mid section of my body. My first roll: was just below my thickset chest and encircled around me, ending at my back. My second roll: was located where my waist used to be. Third roll: formed a hanging protuberance which obscured my genitals. Basically, I couldn't see all of it; I especially believe Billie Jo told me that my butt was humongous. My waist measured to a size 72.

Billie Jo now weighed a fantastic 468 pounds. Her face had been always desirable and even more elegant. It was rounder and much tender, and she had grown a double chin. Her over inflated breasts measured 69 inches, and each of them was like oversized baseballs. Billie Jo's abundant breasts rested on top of her mammoth tummy. Her thighs were bigger than her waist had once been; her calves were like the size of extra-large beaver tails, and her feet were like two bloated footballs. She is a vision of femininity and a lovable angel.

We went back into our rooms; we packed our clothes and loaded them into Billie Jo's car. We both had to wrestle to squeeze our ballooned bodies into the front seat of her car. Billie Jo's tummy was wedged against the steering wheel, and I wondered if she was going to be able to drive that way.

After we left the Medical Center, Billie Jo suggested that we get something to eat. It was the usual time that our morning snacks should have been arrived, and we were both feeling hungry. We both drove to a Chinese Restaurant, and we were shown a booth in the back. We looked at the booth - we understood that we would never be able to squeeze into it - and asked to be seated at a table.

The place was a buffet, which meant “ALL YOU CAN EAT,, and after our drinks were served, we went to the counter and got what we preferred. After we sat down, I said to Billie Jo, “I am glad that we came here.” Billie Jo said to me, “You must be as hungry as I am.”

“Well, I am very hungry,” I replied, “but that's now why I'm glad we're here.” I continued very nervously, “Meeting you and being with you this past year has been a dream come true for myself. I am broke; I don't have a place for us to live - but I love you more than I ever thought I would in my whole life - and I cannot imagine living without you. Billie Jo…..will you marry me?”

Billie Jo's face lit - and to my joy - I could see that she was astonished by the question. She took my hand, looked into my eyes and said, “You've just made me the most cheerful lady on this planet. Of course, I will marry you because I love you with all my heart.” She concluded, “But there is something you need to know about me.” I started to hold my breath, not knowing what her secret would be.

“Have you recalled when we first met and I told you about the abusive boyfriend I had? Well, a week before I met you, my boyfriend told me to purchase him a lottery ticket while I was out shopping. I purchased the ticket, but I forgot to hand it to him. I think that he forgot about it, too. Apparently, the next day, I saw the winning #'s displayed on the television set. After hearing the numbers, I remembered that the ticket was still in my purse. And guess what…the ticket was worth $5,000,000! That meant the person would receive $500,000 each year for 25 years! I had purchased the ticket, but my boyfriend would think he owned it. So, I declared the money, packed my stuff and left him. I honestly don't know if he has been looking for me or not. That was the reason that the experiment was perfect for me. I have disappeared and, even better, if my former boyfriend would happen to see me, he wouldn't recognize my colossal body!”

I was so surprised by what she was telling me.

“So you see - honey,” she continued, “we really don't have to worry about the money.”

A week after Billie Jo's confession, we were married. We now live in a fine home in a peaceful neighborhood. We have a very relaxed life and a lifestyle that in many ways is similar to the way we lived at the Center.

Our house consisted of: couches, TV sets, DVD player, stereos, all that. I will describe the bedroom: there are two king-sized beds pushed and welded together to fit our mammoth bodies, dresser, closet, TV, VCR and stereo and phone.

We hired a maid to clean up the home and an excellent cook to prepare great meals; they are nice people. We are both over the 500+ pound mark, and we are still growing.

We had to get a truck or van because we cannot fit our extra large swollen bodies into any car. We got a red Chevy Suburban, and we both fitted in perfectly. Our first night out, we went to a local boardwalk; we walked and we played a few games, and we went on the beach. I brought a blanket with us, and we sat on it watching the waves crash, and we were talking about our times about the program, and we were glad that it was so successful right from the start. Finally, our first night in bed, I said to Billie Jo, “I would love you, if you weighed 1,000.” Then, she said to me, “I even loved you more, if you weighed 1,200.” Finally, we kissed each other good night and turned out the light. Now, we live a long happy and fattening life!