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The Story of Fatty Cathy
By Fatty Cathy

It’s 11:30 PM, and I am at my computer, trying to take my mind off my incredibly swollen belly that is stretched beyond its capacity. After massaging my huge gut for the last twenty minutes, I decided to take my mind off both my enormous stomach and -unbelievably as it seems - my desire to call up a friend and go out for a third all-you-can-eat dinner. I know from the way I waddled into the bedroom to get to my computer I could not shovel any more food in my swollen and abused mouth without doing bodily harm.

Before I go further with my story I think I should go back a few hours, so you will know how I got in to this situation.

When I woke up this morning, I was looking forward to having a relaxing Sunday starting with my usual weekly treat of an enormous brunch with my girl friend Sandy at the all-you-can-eat buffet on the next block. Sandy and I have been friends since high school and as a reward for “watching our weight” all week have been pigging out every Sunday morning for the last 10 years. Well, our “weight watching” has not been as successful as our glutton sessions at the buffet. Sandy’s 180 lb chubby form had blossomed into a very fat 320 lb BBW in a little less then 10 years - thanks to our mutual encouragement and love of food. Well, I can’t really take credit for Sandy’s beautiful expanding waistline; you see two years ago, Sandy married Bob, the love of her life, and he is happiest when Sandy is eating and growing so he encourages our pig out sessions. In fact, at least once a week they invite me over, and Bob puts on a magnificent feast so he can watch his two favorite obese ladies engorge themselves, and then he happily massages our swollen tummies so we have room for his incredible homemade cheesecake or other extremely rich and fattening delights.

Last night at Bob and Sandy’s went way beyond anything we had done before. After a humongous six-course dinner in which I inhaled, among many other items, three huge servings of pasta in cream sauce with loads of butter and sour cream along with massive amounts (four plates heaped to overflowing) of fried chicken along with an ocean of mashed potatoes and gravy and a whole large loaf of garlic bread covered with cheese and lots of butter, I then managed with much effort to consume an incredible cheesecake covered with whipped cream that would easily have fed twelve “skinny” people. Bob and Sandy were so proud of me, and after clapping at my incredible accomplishment Bob, as a reward, squirted a whole can of whipping into my hot swollen mouth. Yum! I felt like I was ready to explode; my belly was hard, shinny and so distended, I felt like it was a good ten inches bigger then in the morning.

I was hot and starting to sweat; my breathing was coming in gulps and I was afraid I was going to pass out from gluttony. And I suddenly realized what a turn on it would be to stuff my self until I passed out. The waistband on my 8x stretch pants was threatening to cut off my oxygen intake, and I knew that the side seams were about to give way. Sandy and Bob managed to pull my pants down enough to allow all the massive fat rolls of my belly to overflow on to my immense thighs. What a relief to be able to breath! However,I knew my 8x wardrobe was about to be history. I chuckled to my self, realizing Sandy would soon be needing my outgrown clothes if Bob kept feeding us this good. I struggled to get my 450lb bulk to sit up and realized my overly distended corpulent stomach was in the way.

The intensity of the sexual excitement almost overwhelmed me - knowing that I was really growing my belly so big and heavy that I could hardly move. It also had the same effect on my two friends, and the sexual excitement in the room was intense. Between them, they managed to move my swollen and abused stomach enough to lift me off their extra large steel reinforced couch. My rotund thighs seemed to be fat locked and having a hard time supporting my massive food-engorged belly, and I struggled to waddle with the support of my friend Sandy and her ever helpful husband knowing that if I went down they could never pick up my severely obese body mass by themselves.

Between the two, they managed to get my enormous stuffed sexually fired up body on to the ever-shrinking queen-sized guest bed. After much struggling, my too-small 8x pants were removed, and I found my self face down, resting on my colossal food-crammed belly with my fatted rolled thighs spread apart to make room for my ever enlarging gut. Because of my sheer mass and weight, I was actually suspended on my incredible stomach, my fat knees hanging against my belly being several inches off the bed. My immense butt being pushed upward and out so my huge sweet wet pussy could easily be reached between the fat rolls. I could feel Sandy’s chubby hands massaging my soft fat butt cheeks with oil, and it was so sensual and aroused in me feelings I did not know I had toward Sandy. She then climbed on the bed and rubbed her naked fat food-engorged belly on to my waiting fat jiggling rear end. I couldn’t hold it any longer, and wave after orgasmic wave hit me, causing my massive bulk to roll and shack with every lb of fat in motion.

I had never experienced such sexual delight, and the more I rolled on my food-engorged belly the more I came. Sandy climbed down, came to the other side of the bed, and stuffed my swollen mouth with rich liqueur filled chocolate pieces. She then started whispering into my ear, saying, “Your fat belly is so huge and sexy! Please let me feed you until your massive belly overflows on to the floor. I can see you weighing 1000 incredibly sexy lbs. Please please let me stuff and expand you until your belly covers your feet and overflows the bed.”

I heard Bob laugh and he said, “I thought that was my job, but the thought of you feeding my insatiability gluttonous beauty to immobility makes me weak in the knees.” I knew I was in fat heaven; my appetite for food and sex had swollen to incredible proportion. I was thrilled that my two best friends were going to take care of me and keep me happy and fed, a difficult job considering the immense quantities of food I was going to need to be fed, keeping in mind the bigger I get the more I need. Sandy started stuffing more goodies in to my already full mouth while Bob climbed up on the bed. Without warning, I felt Bob’s hard swollen manhood enter me and start thrusting in to my hot wet pussy. The harder he thrust the more I rolled, all my billions of fat cells on fire and moving. On and on the orgasmic waves hit; my moaning could be heard 100 miles away.

When Bob was finally done, I knew my fantasies were coming true. He returned in a minute and helped Sandy turn me over and then use the controls on the electric bed to raise my head. He then handed me a huge 32-ounce glass of his weight gain milk-shake as a bedtime snack and reminded me that before our Sunday brunch in the morning was our weigh and measure session. “I know from the size of your so so fat gigantic belly you have put on at least ten inches and 20 lbs since last week.” With that, he came over and took the half full glass from my hand and grabbed my fat-encased neck and tilted my head back and poured the half quart of high calorie high fat weight gain drink in to my exhausted mouth!

I was so satisfied and full that I fell asleep all most immediately, dreaming about my overflowing fat rolls growing meal by glutinous meal until my corpulent gut rested on the floor. I could really see myself with a severely obese 300 lb stomach that would be so colossal I would be unable to move. In my dream, I’m whispering, “Please feed me and stuff me engorge me until my corpulent belly covers my feet and immobilizes me. Please Please feed me!”

Well it’s almost 3:30 AM and my fat swollen belly has softened and will allow me to sleep. Therefore, you will have to wait for another day to read the rest of fatty Cathy’s story.

I am now going to struggle to reposition my massive stomach, so I can raise my 468 lb body from my huge chair. Yes, you read right: I gained 18 beautiful lbs of fat, and I will leave you with that teaser and attempt to waddle to my bed. Good night and may all your fat fantasies be fulfilled.

What do you think about my story? Please give me feed back and encouragement and maybe even an obese sexual fantasy of your own.