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I have always wanted to be fat, hugely fat - so fat I was immobile. As a little girl I was chubby and cute, and all my adult relatives would pinch my cheeks and comment on how fat I was: “Oh you're a little fatty just like your mother, how cute.” I knew my mother was a big lady, and as I reached six years old I saw she was much fatter then the other kids' moms; I began to notice the stares and comments about her size and realized most people were cruel and hurtful towards fat women; however, in our own home food was celebrated and fat was something to be proud of, the fatter the better. My stepfather kept an industrial scale in our garage and I would hide behind the boxes on Saturday afternoons and watch him weigh and measure my mother, and it soon became obvious that the fatter she got the more excited they both became. The older I got, the fatter and fatter she got; by the time I was eight all the doorways in our house had been widened so my mother could get from room to room. When I was twelve, she weighed over 700 pounds, had an immensely obese stomach and waddled like an elephant, which seem to really excite my stepfather.

My mother spent all of her days watching TV and eating while dressed in gigantic flowered tent dresses that would allow lots of room for her ever-expanding girth. She filled up every bit of space on our couch with her mountainous body; her huge belly hung over her knees and down her fat ringed legs almost to her ankles. When my stepfather would come home from work, her chubby face would light up and all four of her chins would quiver with delight. My stepfather would then bring my mother mounds and mounds of food for her to consume and seemed to get great sexual pleasure from feeding my mother and making her fatter. I was fascinated, and I would watch them cuddle and kiss while he stuffed her with very high calorie deserts. His favorite nickname for her was my gluttonous piggy, which would always bring a giggle and a request for more food. I quickly associated food and gluttony with sexual gratification and started to really crave high fat high calorie goodies that I would stuff in my mouth with one hand and with the other hand; I would fondle my clitoris until I would explode with pleasure.

By the time, I started Abraham Lincoln High School, my hidden obsession with food and sex had started to show up in the rolls of fat that quickly began to pile on my already chubby body. On my first day, I already weighed 285 pounds and could not fit in the standard desks. My hips were wide enough to cause some concern when I tried to fit in the restroom stalls. I was sent to the nurse's office to be weighed, measured and given a reducing diet along with a lecture about my health. I actually got very hot and wet realizing I was so fat the nurse was calling me obese. I was then sent to see Mr. Matthews the vice principle who was supposed to arrange a conference between my parents, myself and a councilor to work on my “weight problem.”

Walking into the office the first thing I noticed was Mr. Mathews staring at my fat belly that was barely contained in my size 26 jeans. I had gained so much weight I could feel all the seams on my pants straining to keep my fat belly and thighs from bursting loose. My 2x tee was so stuffed it would not cover my gut, leaving over 2 inches of my soft fat midriff exposed to his lustful eyes. Having lived with my stepfather all my life, I knew a man who was sexually attracted to fat women – or, in my case, girl. I looked at him and smiled, then ran my wet tongue slowly over my lips while I leaned back and pushed my corpulent belly out as far as I could. I then stared deep into his greedy eyes, letting him know I knew exactly what he wanted. Deliberately teasing him, I raised my right hand and very slowly began to moisten and lick my fingers while making soft moans. Looking downward, his sexual arousal was obvious as his hot throbbing cock was straining to get out of his pants. I allowed my wet fingers to pass my lips and travel down my chins to my breasts where I drew damp circles across my 60-inch chest. I then slowly did an exaggerated waddle until my immense stomach was pushed up against his erect cock and whispered in his ear, “My mother won't be coming to a conference at the school about my weight because she's so fat she can't fit in the car. I bet that really turns you on: imagining me in twenty years with my belly so grossly obese it runs way down my fat distorted legs, making it all most impossible to even waddle.”

Mr. Mathews turned bright red and started to sweat as I kept teasing him by backing him up against the wall and pushing my belly against his swollen manhood. I put my moistened fingers in his mouth and asked him if he wanted to feed me; I thought he was going to pass out from sensory overload.

He grabbed his car keys and asked if I wanted to go to lunch with him; I could feel my pussy dripping in anticipation of eating in front of this man. As we drove to an all you can eat buffet, his right hand kept rubbing my huge thighs while he groaned softly to himself. I was so hot and wet, realizing that my fantasy of turning a man on by my gluttony was really going to happen. At the restaurant, he was obviously known, and we were immediately let to a series of private dinning areas where we were seated at a table. He quickly blurted out that his name was Jim, and that he would go get us each a plate if I would allow him to choose the food for me. This really got me hungry and ready to let loose my appetite that I usually kept in check around other people.

The first plate was piled high with mashed potatoes and gravy dripping with lots of extra butter and sour cream, and a companion plate had a dozen pieces of greasy fried chicken; he then left and cane back with his modest plate and a large pitcher of pepsi. When he returned, I had already begun stuffing my mouth with spoonful after spoonful of mouthwatering potatoes. I couldn't help myself or slow down because I was already looking forward to plate after plate of incredibly fattening food. I groaned and moaned as I shoveled the buttery rich food into my gluttonous mouth, bite after incredible bite. After the potatoes, came the chicken then the ribs, which were so good, I had two huge platters full. The whole time I kept looking at Jim and opening my mouth and running my tongue around my lips, fully aware that both his hands were occupied under the table, cumming in to the big white cloth napkins conveniently provided.

I soon realized I was having a hard time breathing and that my waistband on my jeans was painfully digging in to my fat food distended belly. I quickly unzipped my pants, pulled down my panties, and allowed my growing belly to spread out on to my thighs. By this time, Jim's eyes were glazed over; his face flushed and he was moaning and groaning in sexual ecstasy. I was so turned on I knew I had to keep going, and over the next twenty minutes I put away more food then most people eat in a week - and still I kept stuffing my belly now so full I new I was going to explode. When I finely stopped, there were twelve empty plates and three empty pitchers of soda in front of me.

I was gasping for breath and burping uncontrollably; my poor huge abused shiny gut so painfully full I couldn't move, I felt like a beached whale floundering, unable to catch my breath. I was in hog heaven, and the orgasmic rush that came over my quivering bulk was unbelievable. Wave after wave of pure sexual pleasure engulfed me; I knew then that my deepest sexual desires and fantasies, like my mother before me, would only be satisfied when I allowed my gluttony to get so out of control that the pain of gorging beyond my capacity would bring on exquisite sexual ecstasy.

As I started this dark and forbidden path, I had yet to realize that each time I went beyond my limits my appetite would grow to fit my ever-expanding grossly obese belly. I slowly became aware of my surroundings and saw Jim standing over me asking if I was ready for desert. My first reaction was: are you kidding me? Then, looking into his sexually charged lustful eyes, I groaned, gave a huge burp and said, Please feed me; I'm still hungry and unable to feed myself. I thought he was going to pass out on the spot, and I saw in his face he had never been so aroused in his life. He quickly left and came back, balancing four plates, each one having two different kinds of goodies. Sitting down in front of me, he started to spoon feed me an ice-cream Sunday with two scoops of vanilla smothered in strawberries and pineapple syrup, covered in banana slices and mixed nuts then topped of with mounds of sweet whipped cream.

I couldn't get enough in my mouth at once. I whispered, Faster I want to get so so fat, don't stop even if I blow up. I realized the tastes were changing - creamy delicious lemon cheesecake, then rich black forest cake - finally it was all a gluttonous haze of rich sweet tastes that kept filling my swollen abused mouth, I wanted more! And more! When the haze slowly lifted, I realized Jim was rubbing my huge aching engorged gut that was several inches bigger then when we had arrived. I tried to struggle to sit up; Jim talked me into waiting a few minutes. He said he had been bringing fat girls to lunch here for years and had never seen anything that aroused him so much as my gluttonous appetite and if I kept this up, I'd weigh at least a ton. I let him know I dreamed of being so fat I would be unable to get out of bed, my arms so immense with fat I would need to be fed round the clock. He groaned, and I could see his cock starting to grow again, then Jim turned around and left the room.

A moment later a huge gray man's shirt was produced to cover me and my sexy hanging belly that would never again fit the pants I had on. I was so large Jim had to help me to stand and slowly assist me to waddle out of the building. I was so excited I could hardly wait to tell my best friend Sandy of my first real sexual experience with a man.

It's been over twenty years since that momentous day, and I still think of it often. In case your wondering my mother and my stepfather Ben went in to a partnership and now are part owners of a very successful fat porn web-site called HUGE GLUTTONOUS WOMAN LIKE TO HAVE FUN TO! Or fatties, for short. All the woman on the site are over 500 pounds and do live video gluttonous feasting for a fee and will be weighed and measured before and after for another few bucks. The price is not cheap, since the fee is based on the total poundage of the sexy ladies eating for your pleasure. My mother is in all her fat glory and in great demand since her great bulk has increased to over twelve hundred pounds of obese womanhood. My stepfather loves the fact that my mother is the object of so much sexual pleasure. For a small monthly fee, you can join the site and download all the stills you want of grossly obese women stuffing themselves or being fed. If you are reading this story I assume watching fat women eat turns you on.

Oh, by the way, Jim Mathews met my mother when he took me home that fateful day and immediately realized how sexy and beautiful she was. He saw the millions that could be made by bringing my mom and other fatties like her live through the internet to all those men and women who love to see huge women. The business, as you can imagine, is very successful and as an added bonus, it pays for the enormous food bills of the gluttonous models.

As for myself, I am sitting here at my computer while my friend Sandy keeps my mouth well stuffed with chocolate truffles and admires my huge belly resting on my fat thighs and is even now helping me to add more and more luscious fat to my already obese five hundred and fifty pound sexually charged body. . .

Please let me know how you like this story and if you would be interested in more from Fatty Cathy. I also would enjoy any fantasies you might like to share. You may reach me at: fattycathy@hotmail.com