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Feast Master
By Raider X

Part One

Marcus is awakened by a beam of light peeking through the blinds and hops out of bed. Walking toward his window, it looks cold but clear outside. Looking over to his dresser there is a picture of him and Samantha - together with her older brother and roommate Larry with his girl, Jennifer. He is thinking about the fundraiser they attended last night and how drunk Sam had gotten to get back at her mom for embarrassing her at these functions. Larry played football with Marcus at Cal State Hayward this past season, and both were the best players in their positions. Now they are going to be in the NFL Draft this coming April. Marcus is a wide receiver and Larry's an offensive lineman.

Tanya Fountaine is not only their mother, but she is also the mayor of Hayward, pursuing opposition in the California State Assembly. She always talked about Sam's weight and the importance of keeping up appearances. Her mom drilled it in her mind that if she, the mayor, could not control her daughter and her weight, could she control the city? Mayor Fountaine was formerly fat until she met Jessica Rameil, director of the DIET NAZIS whose goal is to make all people who are overweight slim and harass those who aren't. She also dislikes the fact that Sam's dating Marcus because he is a football player and her daughter's in the “Freshman Fifteen” competition. She says to Samantha, “Honey, why are you spending your time with that, uh, football player? Why not you leave him behind and date that young Senator from San Diego? He's handsome, rich, and has influential friends in high places.”

L.J. Fountaine is the deputy sheriff of Alameda County. He is a FA like Marcus, who still loves his ex-wife but because of the DIET NAZIS' meddling, they divorced. L.J. also likes Marcus and would be proud to have him as a son-in-law.

As Marcus looks inside his closet and sees ten pairs of cross trainers and basketball shoes, blue jeans, and three suits, Larry violently knocks on the door.

”What's up, are you alright?” asked Marcus.

“My baby sister, Sam, has been kidnapped, and they're showing it on the news, man!” replied Larry. “The police think it may be the DIET NAZIS.”

Larry rushes into the living room where he sees the TV, and here is the police spokesperson talking to the reporter. He drops himself onto the sofa, stunned.

“Do they know who did this and why?” Marcus says anxiously.

“I don't know, but I need to call mom to see if she's okay,” says Larry.

Marcus runs back to his room to puts his clothes on and leaves to go to Hayward State, where they are staging the competition.

When he arrives there, his biggest rival, Deuce and the lovely Sylvia, are stunned from the bad news that happened to Samantha.

“Wow! I'm sorry this happened, Marcus,” said Deuce. “Have you found out who has done this and why have they taken her?”

Larry says sadly, “No, I don't know why.”

Sylvia is pacing around the room, panicking. Although she is not as large as Samantha, she is still a knockout.

“I bet those DIET NAZIS will come after me soon,” Sylvia says in terror.

"Well, I have no other choice but to contact my cousin. I don't want to, but I have no other choice."

Deuce and Sylvia turn toward each other, and back toward Larry, mystified and curious.

"Who is he?" says Deuce.

Marcus turns away from both of them and thinks about that last time he encountered Dude. Remembering the last thing Dude says, "Cuz, you're gonna dig BBW, and they're gonna give you a lot of lovin' and kissin'!" Marcus smiles to himself as he remembered the last thing he said to his older cousin, "I will never, ever, EVER involve myself with fat chicks!" He turns back toward them, smiling.

"My cousin's name is Dude, and he is the Feast Master."

“The Feast Master? I thought it was a myth!” says Deuce.

"Dude, like dude. Or like, duuude?" Sylvia asks. They all laugh.

Marcus smiles, "No, his parents gave him the name Dudamos but gave him the nickname Dude. We used to call him Dookey, Doodoo, Cousin Ca-Ca. We gave him so much grief by teasing him."

"Well, you need to get him, or else they may go after other big girls like my Sylvia. So, how will you contact him?" asks Deuce.

Marcus ponders a bit and wonders himself. "I don't know, but he'll help us! I better go back for the apartment to see if Larry has heard any news yet! Peace!” He leaves Deuce and Sylvia.

While all of this is going on, Sam finds herself blindfolded, chained up and groggy, wondering where's she is at. When the doors open, two voices are recognizable. The blindfold is taken off and when Sam sees who kidnapped her, she is stunned.

"M-Mom?" Samantha says in shock.

“Surprised, aren't you?” She pulls out a cigarette out of the pack and places it between her two fingers. One of the police officers stands next to her and lights it up. Then she takes a puff, blows the smoke upward and looks with coldness and disdain toward her ever-growing daughter.

“Why are you doing this to me, mom?” Sam replies.

“This is the only way I can get you to lose weight, and with the drug Dr. Samson injects into you, your hunger will decrease. Besides, you being fat makes ME look bad. I mean, what will the voters here think?” Her mother says with acidity. Then turning to the officer who was beside her says, “Get the doctor in here, NOW!” The officer leaves the room.

“Mom, you don't have the right to do this! It is my body and I-“ Sam yells back.

“Yes I do, young lady! As long as you live under my house, it is my rules. MY RULES!!” her mom yells back.

“You were never like that. That Jessica woman has twisted your frickin' mind and ruined our family!” Sam barks back.

“Don't talk about her like that. She made me see the light and allowed me to see that it was your father who held me back!” the Mayor replies.

“Are you kidding me? He was the one who encouraged you to run for mayor.” Sam replies.

“Jessica also said that it was his plan to keep me weighed down in more ways than one, don't you see?” Tanya answers. Just then, Dr. Samson walks in with the needle. “Just don't stand there, give her the injection.”

“I don't think that's a good idea, Mayor. I mean it is her body, and she is almost twenty-“ says Dr. Samson.

“Just shut up and do it, Neil! At least she won't be able to eat anything for a while,” she says. “Or I'll bring up that affair you had with that young lady who works at Margarita's to your wife and you know what she'll do…”

Dr. Samson had had an affair with Sylvia because his wife always said that she was not in the mood. He reluctantly walks over to Sam and injects the drug. Although Sam tries to fight the serum, she passes out.

"You-won't-succeed, Mom,” Samantha says before passing out.

“I need you to put her in a body bag I got from the coroner's office and roll her out of here to another location. Oh yes, bring that Marcus person who's been feeding her in so we can punish him too!"

"Yes, ma'am! Thin is in!" replies the officer.

Meanwhile Dude and Tina are traveling toward Tracy on I-580East in their SUV when she suggests they should buy something from the McDonald's in Castro Valley. Once they arrive there, she leaves him to go in the restaurant. During that time, Dude gets this vision so when she returns he looks frozen.

She asks him what's going on, and he snaps out of it and tells her.

“There's a young woman who's being held against her will. In addition, I'm seeing that the Diet Nazis are planning to get Marcus because he helped her get fat,” says Dude. “Unless the police get to him first.”

"He didn't believe you when you told him this was going to happen to him once he started dating cute fat chicks," Tina says smiling. “Remember that argument you and Marcus had a year ago?”

”How can I forget?” Dude replies as he's looking at Tina. “He said he would never, and mean EVVVER date cute fat chicks.” Both start laughing.

“I guess people change, after all,” Tina replies.

“We need to get to his apartment because I have this feeling he'll become the prime suspect with the police. But the DIET NAZIS will try to get him for helping her daughter get fat.” Then he hears her stomach grumble. “You should eat your food before it gets cold.”

“I hate those DIET NAZIS for hypnotizing and brainwashing people to believe that 'THIN IS IN!' Some day all men will be able to love women like me without getting harassed and made fun of.” Tina expresses in frustration. Then she turns to Dude and kisses him.

“What was that for, babe?” Dude asks.

“It's for helping me get out of the Hollywood scene and letting me be myself,” Tina says.

“Thank you, Tina!” Dude says smiling. “Isn't this better than Relic Finder?” He starts laughing and Tina slugs him in the arm.

Somewhere in the clouds, Schro and Katana are looking down through their magic wall, observing the problems of Marcus and Samantha. Schro is tall and powerfully built while Katana's love for food is definitely shown on her body.

“Schro, do you think he'll call for his cousin, Dude the Feast Master?” Katana says with a worried look.

“Now, now!” Says Schro. “I think he will need his cousin's help. You know there are many on Earth who believe that 'THIN IS IN.'”

“I just think it's a shame they have to go through this,” Katana says. “Why can't we help them?”

“Because the Earth people need to figure things out for themselves.” Schro replies as he walks toward a table. When he waves his hand, food appears there. “Come, sit, and eat with me Katana.” She sees all the food on the table and absently licks her lips.

“Oh my! T-t-here's ham, turkey, and c-c-chicken with stuffing of ALL kinds. And look at all the pies, especially my favorite, sweet potato pie!” As she's surveying the table, Katana asks, “Is this for me? Oh, you're so sweet!” She kisses him.

“Thank you, my dear!” says a smiling Schro. “And if you like, I'll feed you and rub your belly, Katana.”