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Feed Me
By R. B. Lawrence

(Originally published in JUGGS Magazine, 1989)

I suppose the whole thing was my fault, but it really started back in junior high when I met Carrie Ann Holmes. I was pretty stunned when I first saw her walking down the hall in school. You couldn't really miss her. I mean, how many junior high schools had a twelve-year-old student who stood 5'10", let alone a female one?

It seems my school was blessed, for they had two of them. I was the other. I was always big for my age. I was tall, a little gawky, but very athletic. I was the tomboy around my house, my father teaching me all the things he would have taught his son, if he had one. I became his substitute. By age six, I could clobber any wiseass kid in the neighborhood who made a crack about my height. By junior high, I towered over every kid in the school, even the basketball team. I met my match when I first spotted Carrie.

She was a new transfer student from out of town. It was obvious she was uncomfortable being the tallest kid in a hallway filled with "normals." She kept her head down and her books up against her chest. She had long red hair and a freckled complexion. I was in shock when I saw a person my own age who I could see eye to eye with! It seems the shock was mutual when she glanced up and saw me face to face with her.

"Hi!" I said. "I'm Kathy Collins!"

"Carrie... Carrie Ann Holmes!" she blurted out. "I didn't think any body else like me was around."

"I know the feeling," I replied. "It's kind of tough being the school amazon!"

"Amazon?" she asked.

"Yeah! My history teacher one time showed me a book about an old female race of warriors who were bigger and stronger than men. He showed it to me one day after some kid's jokes got to me. He found me crying in a corner of the library, and then showed me the book. It gave me a lot to go on.

"Can you show me that book?" she said.

I showed her more than just the book. After school, I took her home and showed her a whole stack of books on the amazons that I had collected. I even slipped her a peek at some of the magazines my cousin Julie had given me. She was a lesbian, the black sheep of the family and a bit of a dyke, but she never made a pass at me. She helped me understand what it meant to be better than most people. The magazines had pictures of women who kept men as slaves, using collars, chains and other stuff made of black leather

Carrie was a little disturbed at this, but she didn't completely dislike the idea.

"I don't think I could ever do something like this!" she said after seeing the pictures.

"I feel the same way," I replied. "But wouldn't it be nice to have those short bozos respect us the way these guys respected the amazons?"

A sly smile came to her face and she said, "Yeah... It would be nice... for a change!"

From that day we became the best of friends. We shared everything, from clothes to secrets. We even went to a local sports shop and had a couple of satin jackets embroidered with a logo we designed: The word 'AMAZONS" with a lightning bolt for the "Z" blazed across the back of the black jackets with gold trim.

The other girls shunned us, but we didn't care. We had all the company we needed with each other. And when puberty hit, things really took a turn!

We both shot up in height to about 6'4", my dirty blond hair turning gold and Carrie's red hair catching fire. Our boobs were pretty active too. My tits swelled and filled out, hanging low and jiggling with every stride of my long, big legs. My ass rounded out too, rolling and swaying with every step.

Carrie's tits also grew, but the nipples, with their big, fist sized aureoles, jutted up and forwards, poking through any top. Her ass was larger too. It jutted out back as far out as her tits did forward. I actually got hot sometimes watching her beautiful tush shift and roll in her jeans.

We worked out constantly, adding muscle to our growing frames. It also became apparent that we had a tendency to become plump if we didn't watch our food intake. The summer after high school we went to a farm belonging to Carrie's aunt, where we feasted on the woman's fabulous home style cooking. By the end of the summer, we both put on nearly 40 pounds! Although it was kind of wild seeing our tits, bellies and asses so big, we quickly worked our way back down to our normal weight.

When we started college in the fall we also discovered that boys got a real kick out of trying to go to bed with us. It was considered a great accomplishment to get a date with the Amazons, let alone get to first base. This pissed off a lot of the other girls, whose boyfriend's eyes strayed from them every time we strode by!

Some of the guys did get to home plate, but never came back to bat. Carrie and I started remembering some of the old magazines my cousin gave me and while we didn't use whips or other painful devices, we demanded total obedience from our "slaves"! Some of the boys couldn't hack it, but those who did got more than their money's worth. They spent their allowances or summer job money almost completely on us! And what they got in return blew their minds! We learned that sex is one hell of a weapon and we got good at it!

We practiced different sexual techniques, using books, movies, magazines, just about anything we could find. Since we looked older, we could get into bars and porno houses outside of town. The big day came when we saw our first lesbian love scene in a movie. It was poorly filmed and had lousy actors, but something clicked in both of us. The tension had been mounting in us for a while. My legs would get weak whenever I caught a glimpse of Carrie's beautiful tits swaying and I caught her looking at me the same way at times.

We left the movie a little flushed and began to drive back to my house. My folks were gone for the week, so Carrie and I had the place to ourselves. I lifted some gin from my dad's stash and we proceeded to get bombed.

As we sat on my bed, we started giggling about the movie. Without warning. Carrie moved towards me and kissed me very gently. Her tongue then began to probe my mouth, the hot, wet flesh darting around my own. My hands soon started fondling her full, heavy breasts, the nipples getting erect. We quickly stripped and began to stroke, lick and rub every part of our long, supple bodies together.

That started a new twist in our lovemaking. The boys would do anything we wanted already, but seeing us making love made their dedication even stronger.

We graduated college and once more stayed together, this time relocating to Los Angeles. We quickly found more than enough slaves to support our lifestyle. Setting up house in a lavish home near the beach, we kept a large stable of men and a few women, but allowed only a small few into the inner circle of live-in servants. We got richer, a little older and eventually bored with the same old routines. That changed when Tony joined the inner circle.

Anthony DiApaldi was the son of an Italian immigrant with a flair for cooking. Tony Sr. quickly setup a booming restaurant business in New York and taught his son everything he knew. Tony used this knowledge to create the finest Italian restaurants on the West Coast.

But he wasn't happy. The skinny women of LA never appealed to him. So, you can imagine his reaction when he saw Carrie and I enter his restaurant one day. He flipped at the sight or these long-legged, big titted giantesses. He fawned over us, serving our food himself. Plate upon plate, we devoured the fantastic dishes. All the time, Tony was delighting in the seemingly bottomless pit of our stomachs. He was in his thirties and looked like a god with broad shoulders and wavy black hair. That night, he joined the inner circle gladly, waiting on us hand and foot, giving us the greatest night of sex in years.

He moved in and setup a whole new kitchen. He cooked for us constantly, surprising us with a new delicacy every meal. The kitchen table was covered with mounds of pasta, rich appetizers and oh so fabulous desserts! But, with the food came an old problem.

Within a month, his delightful cuisine had added thirty pounds to my frame and forty to Carrie's (she always had seconds on dessert)! I was getting concerned seeing my clothes fitting tighter and tighter with each passing day. But it seems that our lovemaking had taken on a new thrill, especially feeling Carrie's swollen flesh under my hands. I myself got a kick out of seeing my tits full and heavy with fat and the fleshy roundness it brought to my face. Carrie's tits had grown considerably, and her ass swelled to new proportions.

After a furious lovemaking session, I tried a new idea on Carrie. She smiled wide at it, her cheeks puffed up enough to start showing dimples, and agreed with me.

The next morning I brought together the whole inner circle and our other slaves and made an official pronouncement. They would now dedicate their lives and money to a new project. They would get us fat! Tony would prepare the meals for us with some help from his restaurant staff, the money for the food being provided by our slaves. Food would be offered to us every minute of the day! The goal? To make us so tat we could barely move.

Our slaves were more than willing to help us. Almost immediately, the feeding started. Meals were served in triple portions, with gallons of fattening beer and whole milk used to wash them down. The already large dining room table was replaced with an even bigger version, with wide chairs for Carrie and myself to grow into.

And grow we did! With our slaves help, we spent hours on end shoveling food into our mouths, stretching our bellies till the skin over them became taut and shiny. I would get a kick out of struggling to my feet after a meal, seeing how the swollen pouch of my tummy resembled a growing child. I'd rub it up against Carrie's bloated abdomen. Snacks were everywhere in the house. Every room had a plate or bowl of chocolates or other sweets we would dip into everytime we passed by.

At the end of the first month of gorging Carrie and I were unrecognizable from our early state. My body swelled and filled out to incredible proportions. I had put on almost 60 pounds, most of it going directly to my breasts and belly, which had began to fold over, forming an apron which sagged and crept towards my crotch, slowly covering my pussy. Carrie, on the other hand, was like a rubber sex doll that was over-inflated. She gained more than I did, but didn't sag at all. Her tits rose and blossomed, riding high on her ballooning belly.

Sex became a whole new turn-on. The feel of her bloated body snuggling my own fat-laden blimpness was a rush. Tony was still a favorite in bed, but we had more to make love to than he could cover, so we had other slaves with us. I always came in waves feeling their hands roaming my ever-growing body, caressing and kneading my fat.

One night after a satisfying bout of sucking on Carrie's huge tits, I had a dream. It was a parade for us. As I looked up, there was Carrie, floating through the air. She had grown to the size of a parade balloon. Her arms and legs were sticking out to her sides, her whole body of gargantuan proportions.

As for me, I was the only thing holding her down. .1 sat on a float below her, my head resting on a huge blob of fat that hid my legs. My hands were just plump flippers, holding on to the rope tied to the ever-buoyant Carrie. It looked like I had swallowed a whole elephant!

But the dream didn't disturb me. In fact, it got me even more excited at the prospect of growing so huge I would be immobile. I would be like a sultaness, with my slaves doing all my work.

I told Carrie about the dream the next morning as we were showering together in the super sized stall. As my soapy slick hands roamed over her beautiful fat, her slippery hands reached under my growing apron to rub my stiffening clit, massaging it until I squealed.

We redoubled our effort by doubling our portions. We stuffed ourselves at each meal, stretching our already distended stomachs until it felt like we would burst! With our slaves' help, we shoveled mounds of food into our mouths until we felt like stuffed geese ready for pate.

Every pound we gained, every inch we swelled, every seam we burst, began to take its toll. Even though we worked out on specially designed equipment, our fat began to slow us down. One day, we found it necessary for our slaves to help us out of bed! I now weighed in at almost 700 pounds of rippling, flowing flesh. I had rolls covering rolls, my legs like tree trunks, my belly and ass covered with jiggly cellulite, compounded by stretchmarks. My tits, bloated with fat, rested downward and out to the sides, my arms were laden with sagging mounds of flesh, looking like melting cheese.

Carrie was, amazingly, fatter than me. Her taste for desserts put the weight on her even faster She tipped the scales at over 800 pounds! She continued her weight gain the same as before, swelling outwards like she was filling with air, quickly beginning to resemble the parade balloon in my dreams. Looking at her distended belly, ass and breasts, I almost believed that she could bounce like a ball.

And bounce we did. Sex required four assistants for each of us, and at times they had to pull our legs apart wide enough for us to be fucked. We also welcomed several new women into the circle. A few were prostitutes, a couple were pro wrestlers, and one was a lawyer! They were all plump and desired to gain even more, the wrestlers quickly putting on enough weight to become our personal fantasy lovers.

As we grew, our space in the beach house was becoming cramped. That's when fate walked in one mote time.

One of our slaves, an older man, died (no, not while making love with us!) and left us a whole town! I'm not kidding! He actually owned this old resort town that went bust a few years ago near the mountains. It was isolated, not very big, except for a huge ranch on the outskirts, with a giant ranch house, barn, etc. And it had our name on it!

We started moving in three weeks later. Advance crews went out to help set up shop. Then, special accommodations were made for Carrie and myself. She went first, lifted into the specially designed hauling trailer by a forklift. I waved goodbye, a little teary. I wouldn't see her for a week or two, and it was the first time we'd been apart in years!

My turn came two weeks later. My slaves were very quiet and I hadn't heard anything from Carrie since she left, so I was very concerned. I finally calmed down after hearing a tape from her saying the phones were still down and they couldn't call out by cellular She said don't worry, enjoy the trip and there would be a big surprise waiting for me.

I did enjoy the trip. The trailer box was lavishly done tip in fur carpets and throw rugs, with videos and other recreation available! We arrived two days later to a beautiful morning sun, a cool breeze (a definite break from the L.A. heat wave!) and the rest of my slaves welcoming me.

I was rolled on my special lounge into the house, all the time asking for Carrie. My special slave, the once plump now very round lady lawyer, replied that I was being taken to her, but I should listen to a tape first.

I took the recorder from her and started the tape.

"My dearest Kathy. I know we're going to have a great life here together. I have always felt that I disappointed you. I remember your dream of me becoming like a parade balloon and I always ate more to try to please you. I have always tried to please you since the first day we met. You were my first true friend, then my dearest love. And now, both of us will get our wish. I won't be able to talk to you when I see you, for what will be obvious reasons, but we will soon be able to kiss once more.

The tape confused me until we burst through a huge set of double doors into a grand ballroom. Sitting in the center of the room was Carrie, but almost didn't recognize her.

She was hooked up to a huge press-like device. It was pumping something through a tube that was fastened in her mouth. As I watched, I saw vats of food being poured into the press. Pasta, potatoes, ice cream, milk, bread dough still rising, mounds of food were being compressed and liquefied in the machine and the resulting fattening paste was pumped into Carrie's open mouth.

It was obvious what was happening. Carrie must have been hooked up to the machine since she arrived. She was being fed by the machine, a constant flow of food pumped into her. And it showed.

She had surpassed the size of any woman I have ever seen in our collections of fat lady pictures and magazines. She was swollen to elephantine proportions; Her head was like a tiny nipple on a giant breast. Her body was bloated like the parade balloon girl I had dreamed about. Her tits rose and rode high on her belly, which was now her biggest feature, stuffed and stretched to infinity by food. Her legs were hidden underneath the ball of belly flesh and her ass spread backward, pulling skin away from her back and filling it with fat, so she was beginning to resemble a smooth, rounded cone with breasts! Her hands were thick, fattened flippers sticking out her sides, groping helplessly in the air.

She looked over at me and winked. I smiled, sat and watched her get bigger and fatter each passing day. Stroked by our attendants, oiled and massaged, her tits and face kissed gently, I watched, waiting for the day she would stop feeding. We would make love and if I survived, then it would be my turn to become as fat as she would be.

A goddess of fat.

An Amazon.