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Feeding Virgin
by Molly

Hi, my name is Diedre, and I'd like to tell you my story. First off, it is a weight gain story. Secondly, I've been a thin person for most of my life. My yearning to gain weight began during the year I was 29, nearing close to 30.....

Like I said before, I've always been tiny, except when I was a child, then I was a little plump. I always weighed more than my peers through grade school and I hated it when the pretty thin girls would make fun of me. I starved myself in eighth grade, down to 108 lbs. on my 5'2" frame. Through high school I made it down to 104, and in college I made it to my all time low of 98 lbs. When I got pregnant I ballooned up to 154, then lost 30 when my daughter was born. I lost another 20 during the next six months.

I've never dieted, just watched what I ate and coordinated that with my activities. I ate lunch at a fast food restaurant every day, but skipped the fries and just had a burger and a medium cola. I stayed thin, mostly because I didn't have a man and well, you have to be thin in order to get a guy to look at you. At least that's what I believed. Everywhere you look- advertising, magazine covers, tv shows- thin, happy, and beautiful women are handing out advice on how to keep her gorgeous, well muscled husband happy. The message? If your thin, you'll get a guy. Well, I've had plenty of men in my life. Unfortunately, I can't seem to make them stay with me. I see, especially at the beach, handsome, nice men with really large women. Most of the time they're laughing and joking around, holding hands, oblivious to anyone around them.

My first inkling that I might want to expand my horizons (pun intended) was the night I was surfing the Net and came across a site devoted to weight gain stories. Curious, I read several of them, and became slightly aroused. I touched my breasts, comparing myself to the women in the stories, and realized just how small my 34A's really were.

I've always been self-conscious about my breasts anyway, but this was new. As my hand moved lower and slid between my legs, I fantasized about how it would feel if my fingers were engulfed my very own fat, wet, dripping pussy. I wanted to start eating right there and then, but I was afraid. Afraid of what my friends and family would say. My sister was going through an anorexic stage at the time, and I knew she was comparing herself to me. The next best thing I could do besides eat was to drink. I grabbed a gallon of water out of the fridge and began chugging as I read more stories. As my stomach expanded, I got horny. As my panties rolled under my little pouch, and my tank top rolled up under my still small breasts, I was amazed at the full feeling I was enjoying. I began to rub my new tummy as I scrolled down with my mouse, getting more excited with each new adventure I read. I became envious of the girls who stuffed themselves so much that buttons popped off their pants. I fantasized about my own flesh spilling out of my freshly popped jeans, forcing the zipper down by itself. I wanted to let myself go and just eat, eat, and eat! Unfortunately, it wasn't going to be that easy. I was going to have to do this gradually, so as no one would notice or make a big deal about it.

It was easier than I thought. I had just started working in a new office where everyone expected everyone else to gain weight. I even got a kick out of bringing in something sinfully chocolate and watch them eat. I knew they were getting me ready for a feed too. Every once in awhile I would make a comment about how I would like to gain weight once I was married, the old "I expect to gain some weight" speech everyone makes. This would be followed by a trip to the bakery by one of the office girls, and a half hour break, where everyone would partake in an eclair festival.

I started bringing a lunch into work, and sometimes a mid-morning snack. Still, nothing happened. They kept me running- errands, special projects. I didn't dare eat while I was working, for fear of getting anything on the important documents I was handling. I also didn't want to indulge too much, for fear they'd realize I was trying to fatten up. I wanted it to look like a mistake, something I couldn't help.

I wore cute little dresses to work, no panty hose. Sometimes I'd stuff a pillow in my waist free dresses on my way to and home from work. I wanted to feel fat, even if I wasn't. Sometimes I'd stick a pair of folded up socks between my legs and apply my vibrator, pretending that my pussy had filled out. I'd get off on my way home, praying I wouldn't pass out or get in an accident.

When fall came, and bulkier clothing was acceptable, I realized I had to do something more. I still hadn't gained more than a few pounds. On a crisp day in September I stopped by the local gym and picked up some weight gain powder for my non-existent boyfriend. It was a Friday and my daughter was gone for the weekend. I figured I could drink this stuff all weekend and watch myself grow. I got kind of horny on the way home just thinking about it. I began to rub my flat tummy, almost wishing it to grow.

Once home, I got out the blender and some whole milk, and made myself a shake. I added quite a bit of powder and drank it down quickly. I'd been preparing my tummy for a large amount of liquid for some time now, by drinking a ton of water every night. The shake was quite large, and as I stood at the counter guzzling it, I could feel my gut growing. When I was done, I set the glass down and felt my belly. It felt a tiny bit larger, but not enough! I made another shake, bigger than the last, and added more powder. Much more. I was halfway through the can already! I ran to my bedroom and took off my dress and put on my Levi's and tank top. I wanted to feel myself expanding. I got very excited just thinking about it, but I wasn't going to pleasure myself till the button popped off my jeans, even if it took all weekend. You could probably say I was a tease. The jeans were snug, as I'd just washed them the night before. I walked back to the kitchen, careful not to burn off any calories. I grabbed the shake in the blender, and without even pouring it into a glass, I started to drink. And drink. And drink. I felt a little woozy when I set the empty blender on the counter. Without looking at my belly, I reached down and felt it. Definitely larger, my jeans were tighter, and I was getting wetter by the minute. I decided if I could pop the button this night I would reward myself with my vibrator while sucking down another shake, just like the stories I read about! Why not go crazy?! I looked in the fridge. Nothing. Nothing in the freezer either. Well, I'd just run to the store. Not a well planned eating weekend!

I made another shake and sipped it on the way to the grocery. Once there I went straight to the ice cream isle. I picked out the most fattening kinds, several different flavors, along with some whipped cream, frozen pizzas, and high fat cheese. I also picked up some cream filled pastries and cupcakes, which I planned to feast on on the way home. Stuffing my face had never been so fun! As I left the grocery I saw my favorite fast food restaurant sign in the distance. Oh yes! It would be just like the stories! I went through the drive through and ordered two of the biggest burgers they made, two orders of fries, and a super sized shake, plus a couple of their most fattening chocolate pies. I scarfed down the two burgers in the parking lot, and half of the shake. I finished the fries on the way home, along with the rest of the shake.

Once home, after the groceries were put away, I threw a pizza in the oven and grabbed a gallon of ice cream. I popped a movie in the VCR and started to chow down. Before, when I had drunk the water and made myself look bigger, I'd get so horny. Unfortunately I would have to pee, and my beautiful new belly would disappear along with any previous desire. Now, as I sat in my recliner chair, I could feel my hard belly growing. My pants were getting tighter, so much so that I had to take large breaths to make myself comfortable. My tank top was starting to roll up, I could feel it, but still I would not look down. Not till my pants popped. Then I would take a break.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I looked at the clock, it was 9:00pm. I'd been feeding myself for three hours, imagining how I would look with a couple extra pounds, and all of a sudden I was jerked out of my fantasy world. I had no idea who it could be, so I grabbed a sweatshirt and answered the door.

Shock registered on my face when I answered the door. There stood the guy I'd been secretly hoping would call, but never did. We'd known each other for a couple of years, but nothing ever came of it. He was too shy to start things up with me, plus being a couple years younger than me, didn't run in the same crowd.

"Hi Diedre, I thought I'd stop by. What's up?", he asked.

Feeling very full, I stepped back and let him in.

"Not too much Jimmy, just vegging out in front of the tube", I stammered. What could he possibly want? I asked myself.

"Need some company? I thought we could talk, y'know, about what we started talking about in the spring", he said in a hesitant voice. I looked up into his big brown eyes. Let me tell you, this guy is tall. And he's got a great body. And he has this beautiful little boy face. I've always been a sucker for a younger guy, and he could have had me with one word. He wanted to have sex with me that spring, that's what he was talking to me about, but he'd never come right out and said so.

"You got a pizza cooking here?", he asked.

"Yeah, it should be just about done now", I answered.

"Do you mind if I get a piece? I'm starving", he said.

"Help yourself", I answered and sat down on the couch. I could feel my jeans cutting into me, more than they had before I stood up to answer the door.

Jimmy went out to the kitchen, got a slice of pizza and two for me, and came back to the living room. He looked a little oddly at me as he handed me the plate, but said nothing. I figured he was just nervous. It took a lot for him to come here, and I didn't know what to say.

"So how's work going?", he asked me.

"Pretty good. Did you start college again?", I asked.

"Yeah, that's going ok. I'm trying to stay out of trouble", he said.

"Hence your visit to me", I said and smiled. "Do you have a new girlfriend yet?" I figured I'd better get the conversation turned to where we could really talk.

"No, I keep thinking about you", he answered. That caught me off guard. I smiled a little.

"You're good for the ego Jimmy"

"Your pizza's getting cold Diedre. Let's see who can finish theirs first", he said with a big grin on his face.

"No, I'm kind of full right now", I said softly, fervently wishing for my body to reverse it's quick enhancement.

"No you're not. C'mon, I'll feed it to you", he said gently, as he came over to the couch. I couldn't believe this was happening! He looked into my eyes, mesmerizing me, as he ever so slowly ripped pieces off the pizza and almost religiously placed them on my tongue. Before I knew it, I had polished off my two slices, plus his own. As the last piece crossed my lips, so did his finger. He let it linger there as I licked the sauce off.

"I want to make love to you", he whispered, as his hand crept up my still skinny thigh. I sat very still as his hand slid between my thighs. I gasped and jumped back.

"What's wrong?", he asked gently.

"You don't want me Jimmy, you truly don't", I whispered, close to tears.

"Yes I do, more than ever before", he said as he looked into my eyes, and put his hand on my still thin cheek. "Why wouldn't I want you?"

"I'm getting fat Jimmy!", I wailed, scared to lose him, but knowing I had to say something. He just smiled.

"I kind of figured that. I walk in on you with a gallon of ice cream in your hands, a pizza in the oven, and weight gain shake mix on the counter. Diedre, didn't I always tell you that you could afford to gain a few pounds?", he said, with such tenderness that I almost fell into his arms. "So tell me, when are you going to let me see you? When do I get to touch you?"

I looked away. I was so sure this was a food induced fantasy, that I was actually here alone. Maybe I had fallen asleep. I looked back at him. He was smiling.

"What?", I asked sharply.

"It's your first night isn't it? Feeding, I mean", he said, pulling me back to sit next to him. His arm slid around my shoulder as he put his feet up on the coffee table. I leaned back and put mine up too. I could feel my jeans tighten, even in the crotch, which got me feeling horny again. I was growing!

"Yes, it was a spur of the moment thing, and I can't seem to stop. I want to see...", I started then stopped. I didn't know how he'd feel about my pants popping.

"You wanted to see what?", he asked softly in my ear. I could feel his warm lips just grazing my lobe as he spoke. I shivered. "C'mon Diedre, tell me, this is turning me on so bad. I want to see your belly, caress it. I know it's hiding under that big sweatshirt of yours, and I know you're unsure of yourself. I saw you this afternoon as you were leaving work. Your skinny self walked out the door to the car, and I couldn't help but think that another thirty or forty pounds would do wonders for you. It would do wonders for me too. You're so pretty, and I think you could be prettier. If you want to stop eating now, well, it's your body. But if you want to keep it up, I'd be glad to help you. Now tell me, what do you want to see?" His voice was hypnotizing, and so soothing to my tortured soul. I gathered up the courage to tell him.

"Well, um, you see Jimmy, I had planned on eating till the button flew off my jeans. The idea of that happening has made me so incredibly horny it's impossible to explain", I stammered.

"Just like in those stories!", he said, excitement rising in his voice, along with something else.... "Have you read those stories on the Net?" I nodded. "Me too! Diedre, you don't know how many times I've read those stories and put you and me in those roles"

"Are you serious Jimmy?", I asked. I couldn't believe this was happening.

"Jesus, Diedre! Let me help you, please? Let me see your little belly!", he said, caressing my thigh.

I stood up, turned away from him, and lifted my sweatshirt off. I shivered a little bit, it was kind of cold in there, my nipples were hard and pressing against the thin material that was my tank top. I could feel the material, tight against my body, and I let my hands caress it. My belly felt like a totally different entity of myself. I still didn't look at it. My plan was still on, with a helper now!

"Wow", was all he could say in an awed voice. I knew it was impressive for a first night feed. It felt like the fourth month of pregnancy, close to the fifth. It was so rounded and firm. I'm sure I looked like I swallowed a small bowling ball.

"Oh baby, let's get started. If those pants aren't coming off till they pop open, then we have a lot of work to do, as I'm planning on being in those pants tonight!", he said as he grabbed me and pulled me down to the couch. "You sit there while I get you something to snack on, then I'll run to town and get you a decent meal"

I could hear the excitement in his voice, see it in his eyes. I smiled as he brought me back a mixing bowl full of ice cream covered with rich chocolate syrup and mounds of whipped cream. I was amazed when I heard my own stomach growl! I thought I had filled it to capacity just a few moments ago. Apparently not! I barely heard him leave as I dove into my treat!

After what seemed forever, I heard his truck pull into the drive. I was just finishing off the last of my ice cream, so stuffed, but no pop. Jimmy came in with a couple bags and spread the contents over the table. My eyes nearly popped as I surveyed the vast assortment of goodies he had brought me. This was going to be a great feast!

"Hey baby, how ya feeling? Are you hungry?", he asked, smiling. To be honest, I felt like a stuffed pig. I rubbed my belly, looking straight at him, and told him so.

"Well, you can be my little piggy tonight, and I'll help you get that appetite going", he said, with a devilish gleam in his eye. A fire of desire flashed through me, none that I had ever experienced before. I wanted him, and he could tell. I was under his complete power, and he knew it. And it turned me on like nothing else. All my life I had been in control, and here he was, taking it from me!

"Now, my little piggy, you come sit in this recliner chair. That's it, sit down gently, we shouldn't upset your little tummy now. Sit back like a good piggy and relax. It's feeding time!", he nearly whispered in my ear, as his hand slid between my legs. I was moist before, but now I was soaking wet! This was a total turn on!

He opened the first container, revealing wings and blue cheese dressing. He began to pull the meat off of the bone, dipped it generously in the dressing, then tantalizingly moved it in front of my face. I automatically opened my mouth, as a baby bird would, awaiting my nourishment.

"What a good little piggy you are!", he said softly, gently. "Tell me what a good little piggy you're going to be", he said seductively.

I began to touch my breasts, then my belly. I could feel how tight it was, and how round! I wanted to look at it, enjoy the sight, but I stared at Jimmy. "I'm going to be a very good piggy Jimmy. I'm going to eat everything you brought me, even if I explode", I whispered. I was so full that I didn't want to talk. He seemed to pick up on this, so instead of asking me questions, he continued to feed me and tell me how he was going to make me into a plumper. I finished the second container of wings and licked the sauce off of Jimmy's hand, then he started on the sour cream laden soft Tacos. He had picked up several ten packs, with a ton of extra sour cream! Halfway through the first bag my tummy started to feel odd. Jimmy felt it too, as he was rubbing it. I put my hands on it and closed my eyes. It felt as though I was seven months pregnant! My jeans were so tight by now that taking deep breaths didn't even help. Damn, they make Levi's really well!

"Oooh Jimmy, I think this is it! You better move before you get hurt!" I said in the loudest voice I could, but by that time was hardly more than a whisper. He moved to the side of me and grabbed the camera as I leaned back in the chair. I was so excited! My tank top had rolled up under my breasts, and my jeans were cutting into me. I caressed the taut smooth skin, feeling myself coming closer and closer to the edge.

"Oh God, oh God, this is it Jimmy! I'm going to explode!", the very thought sent me over the edge, and as I bucked with orgasm after orgasm, the button flew off my jeans and hit the far wall. As the zipper slid down and I felt my new body push through I had the most intense orgasm I had ever had! At that moment Jimmy took the opportunity to push his face into my swollen belly, licking and kissing it all over.

"You've got the most beautiful belly I have ever seen, baby, and if I don't fuck you now I'm going to explode all over you!", he said in a husky voice I had never heard before.

"Fuck me now Jimmy!", I said, trying to pull my pants down. Unfortunately, I could hardly bend! With absolute animal strength, he tore the jeans from my body, pushed the recliner all the way back, and proceeded to fuck my brains out! It was hard, he couldn't lean over my belly since it was so tender and sticking way out. It felt bigger than before and I still hadn't gotten a good look at it! Amazed at the sheer size of him, and of the eroticism of the whole event I let myself go and enjoyed the best sex I ever had!

Orgasm after orgasm washed over me as I caressed the hugeness that was me. That night I didn't do anything to please him back, I couldn't if I had tried! I could hardly move! Jimmy was a prince about the whole thing, he told me to lay back and just enjoy myself, the pleasure was all his. We ended up in my bed, although I don't know how I got there.

The next morning I woke up to a huge homemade breakfast in bed! Jimmy had made a dozen fried eggs, buttermilk biscuits dripping with honey, a whole package of bacon AND sausage, some fruit and whole milk. He told me I couldn't get out of bed till I finished the whole tray! I didn't think I could eat another thing after the feast the night before, but suddenly I was ravenous and my stomach growled loudly! Jimmy smiled and raised his eyebrows, I giggled. I got about halfway through the piled high tray before I took a break. I was breathing hard, feeling full. I took a couple deep breaths, trying to make room in my gut for more. Jimmy ended up feeding me the rest, at first slowly then faster and faster, shoving every last sausage down my throat. I began stroking him as I finished up. After the last bit of biscuit I was ready for him again, so wet and moist and ready to cum. He reached under my blanket and began to stroke me.

"Diedre, I want to bury myself in you!", he whispered excitedly in my ear. I came right then and there!

That was my first real introduction to the feeding experience. It was the most erotic, incredible and sensual weekend of my life! Jimmy continued feeding me that whole day! I was unable to move, my stomach felt so heavy! I ended up gaining ten pounds for those two days of feasting- I think it was the weight gain shakes that made it stick. As I think back on that weekend my stomach has begun to rumble, I think I better go now, I hear a banana split calling my name.......