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Filling the Void
by SeahorsInk (c) 1999

The life of a surrogate. Always something different, with different women coming to you, asking to bear their children for them. And the look of absolute love when they finally received the baby that they themselves could not bear. She enjoyed that part, making couples happy. This last pregnancy had been a challenge. As luck (and fertility drugs) had it, she had carried five. Yes, quintuplets. She was lucky, however, in the fact that her body was extremely acceptable to the surrogate pregnancies, and her uterus retained an elasticity that made carrying one or five just as easy. Easy, she chuckled to herself. If they only knew.

For in reality, she loved the feeling of pregnancy. The body changes. The stimulation of the breasts, and their growth. The general feeling of well being as the pregnancy hormones took effect and her body became a perfect vessel for nine months, give or take. But by far her favorite, most cherished part of her nine-month odysseys was her belly. Her uterus swelling, her belly accommodating it, and the whole feeling of enormous weight and gravity in front of her, with her everywhere, apparent when she stood, sat, walked, slept. She always secretly wished that one of these times, she'd need to be confined to bedrest. Then she could just concentrate on eating right, and growing that massive belly girth that she enjoyed.

But right now, the need was different. She had delivered her five, and was back home. It was a few days later, and the easy delivery had left her missing the whole experience. Bottom line, it came down to wanting that belly again, to the need to be so filled. That brought her to the present time, and the package she received today. A friend of hers online had told her about it, and she had to order one for herself. She blushed a bit now as she opened the package. "Waterbelly Willy" it read, and as she opened it at the kitchen table, she saw what to her looked like a regular jellied dildo. Heck, she had plenty of toys like this within easy reach. But then, as she took it out of its packaging, she saw what now made it different. The end of it, at the base, had a nozzle attachment for water hookup. And the rest of it, well it looked realistic enough, felt very pliable. She grasped the length of it with a practiced hand, and felt its heft. The question was, would it fill her enough? Well, she'd soon find out.

She took the coil of white hose that was included in the package, and figured out how to attach it to the base of the Waterbelly Willy. She then went to her bedroom and arranged the pillows so that she could prop her back up in a comfortable position. This done, she went in to the small bathroom connected to the room, and hooked the faucet adapter to the brass fixture. She uncoiled the tubing, finding that there was plenty to reach her bed and then some. According to the wonderfully concise directions in the package, she was now supposed to "Arouse self to supply sufficient moisture. Insert Willy. Turn on water supply. Enjoy. Use at own discretion." Woohoo, how exciting could you get? Shrugging her shoulders, she decided to go for it. A gleam appeared now in her eye. And she began to think of the possibilities.

She decided to just lean back, and think over the last few months of her latest pregnancy. The size and shape of her belly then. The roundness. The way it made her feel to move around with it. Soon, she knew with a chuckle that she had acquired the requisite amount of moisture to do the job. She took Willy from where it lay on her nightstand, and slowly eased it up and down against her mound, feeling its surface softly move across her clean-shaven skin. Slowly, she teased it around the sides of her outer pussy lips, teasing it in and out of her folds, getting it slick with her juices...then, inserting it partially so that just the head slipped in, she rolled it around, and pressed up towards the top of her at the same time. The pleasure was immediate, and striking. Mmm, this could definitely work, she thought to herself, as she slid the rest of it into herself. It fit wonderfully, and felt very smooth and cool inside her.

She now had to stifle a laugh as she looked down to see a hose trailing out from her pussy, leading to the bathroom. Well now, what a problem. I don't want to have to go back and forth between the bed and the sink to check the water pressure. Well, I'll fill it a little and then work with that. That settled, she eased herself up off the bed, went over to the bathroom faucet, and turned on both hot and cold sides...a little more hot, so that it would be warmer. She then hurried back to the bed and nestled herself into the mountain of pillows she had prepared. The water took its time to travel through the entire length of the tubing, and in that half-minute or so, she worked the dildo around inside of her again, started again to think her erotic thoughts about her belly and breasts, and waited for a change.

She didn't have to wait long. When the water ran its course and hit the bottom of the Waterbelly Willy, the result was instantaneous. She felt the water enter the dildo and run its length, feeling nicely warm. It plumped out inside of her a bit, fattened a little. Ooh, this feels nice. And then, she could feel the head of it swell inside of her...swell, and stretch. It felt as if it knew its way inside her, and was seeking something. As she worked it around with one hand, her legs spread out to either side, she felt it find its mark. It bumped the top of her cervix, then retracted just a bit. Nahh, this thing didn't have a mind of its own...what was it up to? Then she figured it out; it had retreated a bit because it now started to plump out to the sides. It was growing fatter inside of her. The sensation was wonderfully, deliciously, sensual.

Oh God, she thought. The feeling...wanting to be so full again. Wanting to have something, anything inside of me to fill that space between my legs and up within my womb. This was unlike any dildo she had ever used. The water supply chugged along merrily from the faucet, through the hose, and in between her welcoming legs. Pushing, filling, stretching. She then thought about her recently vacated uterus, and reached down with one hand to rub the stretched out portion of belly skin she carried with her. Another week or so, and the lack of pregnancy hormones would really start firming her back into shape. Breastfeeding also sped the process along. But here she was still in her post-partum state, and she was ready to be full again within.

The Waterbelly grew more and more sideways, ballooning within her. It then reached the sides of her womb, and settled for a moment. The sense of fullness inside her was wonderful. She gingerly moved her legs to the side of the bed, and stood. The weight inside her felt snug and plump. She walked slowly to the bathroom, only half-aware she was doing so. She was enjoying too much the familiar feeling of the pregnant waddle she loved so much. She reached the faucet, and without giving it a second thought, turned the water on harder.

Standing in the bathroom, she closed the door behind her, and took a look in the full-length mirror that was attached there. There was a slight belly forming already at her middle, plumping up the flesh that had so loosely hung there before. She was amazed -- and as she stood there, admiring her profile, it was already shifting some more. She had to place one hand on the sink counter to catch her balance -- she was filling out quite rapidly now. The Waterbelly had managed to seal itself against any leaks, as she felt nothing dripping from her, except her own excitement. She opened the lid to the toilet and sat down. Cupping her hands under her now expanding waistline, she watched as her womb pushed outwards, inflating more and more, and taking her tummy with it. She then noticed that her breasts had not let the excitement escape their notice. Her nipples were plumped up, and as she squeezed one, it hardened in response, and a small trickle of milk emanated from the tip. She then held both in her hands, and pushed them together in the middle -- and what a middle! It was rising to the occasion, and reaching more towards her breastbone. Her belly now pushed her legs more to the sides, and it became clear that she once again had the familiar curves of a heavily pregnant woman. She played with her clit there, observing it in the mirror and seeing how fully plumped it had become, and how deeply wine colored. And still the device inside her pumped on.

After being mesmerized for 10 more minutes, one hand on her bulging belly, one playing with herself, she decided to get up again and move back to the bed. She staggered to her feet, reeling with the new weight after so recently being emptied. She grabbed for the towel bar that was across from the sink. Her belly now lurched forward, pulling all the weight in front of her and down...she was forced down into a semi-squatting position as she grappled with the overblown belly that now loomed before her. It took her a few tries before she could get upright again. Then, her backside arching incredibly, she waddled and heaved her way back to the bed. In her haste, she had forgotten to turn off the faucets.

Mmm, she ached...but it was the kind of ache she was looking for. She plopped herself down onto the bed, and wrestled with herself to try and get her left leg up onto the bed. It wouldn't go. She tried grabbing under her knee and lifting, but her passion had created a fine sheen of sweat over her body. Finally, she gave up fighting with it, and leaned back onto the bed, then rolled sideways. The sound of all the water shifting inside of her was a cascade of waves, bounces, and crashes. She got to her side, then bent her knees and lifted the right leg to rest her thigh against her belly. She was barely able to, but managed to kick at the sheet and cover enough to bring it within grabbing distance. She pulled them both up to her chin, then reached underneath the sheet and cradled her burgeoning belly with both arms, and her thighs. The water slowly gurgled on. She felt warm, comfortable, safe...filled. More and more. Content with the feeling that she had turned the water off, her eyelids started to close on her. She thought back, dreamily, to the fun she had had in her last months being pregnant, when she went to the swimming pool dressed in the largest maternity bathing suit she could find. One-piece, it was stretched out to maximum just attempting to hug all her huge curves at once. But oh, could she float then...float...float...she drifted off to sleep.

It's an amazing bit of creation, the uterus. From a muscular sac that starts out the size of about a fist, it can expand when filled and cajoled many times its size. In this case, it had done work, overtime, and holiday pay as well. She awoke out of a dream where she had been floating in a pool but then the next thing she knew she was leaning against the wall at the bottom of an empty pool. She opened her eyes with a start. She figured her dream out in a flash...she had drained the pool.

She looked, puzzled, at the bedspread she had pulled over her. From her vantagepoint, she saw a big mound in the middle of the bed, like she had stuffed a few pillows under her to sleep on, like she did when she was pregnant. But she didn't remember doing that before her nap. Also, her left leg, under her, had gone completely asleep, numb. She hated that. The pins and needles feel when it woke back up was torture. Then, she realized that, even though she was under the covers, her belly was very cold. She felt an aching in her right leg now...and her right arm hurt too. Now a bit worried, she reached up and threw back the sheet and comforter.

The water had been left on. The warm water had run out...minutes...hours ago? She wasn't sure. However, she was sure, incredibly, of what she saw before her. Her uterus had kept expanding, like a giant old-fashioned waterbottle. Her uterus, being made of bands of tissue that crossed in front of itself, had ballooned and swelled out to occupy most of the rest of the bed to the right side. Except for the connecting muscle strips between the uterus. The effect was that of rolls of fat, with a huge inner-tube shape, then a valley back in to the middle, then another tube shape...one stacked over another, seven total she counted. Then, the massive indentation right down the top of her belly, splitting it in half side to side. She was like a massive, segmented beachball. Her uterine muscles had given their all; her stomach walls had followed, totally losing all tone to stretch to their capacity. When the fluid got too much for her belly cavity, it had flowed down to her thighs, swelling them to the point where each felt like an overstuffed sausage. Finally, apparently the internal pressure in her was too much to allow more water in the dildo; the coiled hose had disconnected from between her legs at some point, and had fallen to the floor. She could imagine the water soaking the carpeting now.

She then attempted to roll from her left side on to her back. Like she imagined the Michelin Man must feel, she couldn't get herself to budge...she was too solid with liquid. Her thighs pumped against each other, to little avail. She reached under her overswollen breasts to grab her left underarm, then her shoulder. With a massive tug, three total, she began to roll to her back. It was a wild, slow motion, progressive sight. First her butt rolled right, then she felt her right leg tumble up, over, and down to the bed, then her belly began its arc. It started to go straight up, then buckled over to the left again, and the fluid sort of emptied from the bottom of her to rush to her right side, resettling the cargo on deck of this huge freighter of a body. Her sheet and comforter had long since been pushed off her by this activity; she now saw all of her in her monumental glory. Overswollen breasts, pushed to the sides of a massive, rounded, inner tube constructed belly, and fat thighs that pulsed with the sound of pressure, and wetness. She'd figure out how to get out of bed and empty all of this later. Right now, she didn't have much time to think of her peril. She felt the undulating waves of sensual pleasure build up within that overstuffed belly, deep down inside her clit and mound and vagina...her fertile crescent, she moaned, as the mere action of moving side to side built up the pressure inside her, brought her to the precipice of orgasm, then pushed her over the edge as she felt down, grasping and lifting her left breast with one hand and pinching, teasing her swollen nipple, while the other hand traced the curvature of her belly, unbelievably round, inordinately stretched, harboring the capacity for not one, but at least two full sets of sextuplets... She moaned softly to herself as the wave broke, and the orgasm shuddered and shook her body, sending ripples against her tightly stretched body...mmm, two full sets, yesss...and full-grown, too...