Weight Room Title Bar

Fitting Into It
by JLR

Serena slowed her furious pace of pedaling on the stationary bike, and the booming sounds of the television set drowned out the churning of the bike chain and spinning front wheel. It had become a regular afternoon routine for her: several hours of daytime talk shows during which she rode the exercise bike. To compensate for the furious pedaling and steady buzzing sound of the bike, she cranked up the TV practically to its limits. No matter, the neighbors weren't too close by and, besides that, practically all of them were at work anyway. "Nothing like living with yuppies in the suburbs," Serena thought to herself.

The current show, which dealt with three sisters who each slept with the others' husbands was pretty entertaining, with a lot of shouting, bleeped out cursing and hair-pulling. The show was ending and it was getting on into the afternoon. Serena finished her bike workout and sauntered into the kitchen. She opened the pantry door and pulled out the package of rice cakes from the middle shelf. This particular type was caramel flavored and sported a whopping 60 calories with 0.1 grams of fat. Such a sin! She definitely would have to watch her fat and calorie intake during the next few months because her husband Chuck had suggested a trip to Mexico in the spring, and Serena definitely wanted to look good on the beach. "By the way," she thought, "where am I going to get a nice skimpy bikini for the pool and beach?" Most of the stores were bringing out fall fashions, so she would have to do her shopping quickly and take advantage of the sale prices.

Serena allowed herself another half rice cake and then grabbed a caffeine-free diet cola from the fridge. At 5'9" and 105 pounds, she was lean and limber with long, toned legs and an almost imperceptible waist. Her small A-cup breasts were lost under the billowing sweat-dampened T- shirt. Men's spandex bike shorts, size small, were just a bit too loose on her tiny, rock-hard butt. She knew that women would absolutely die for her hard-body, and men found her athletic, muscular physique incredibly appealing. Except for Chuck, it seemed.

Her husband Chuck was a somewhat active, essentially ordinary guy. He drank a few beers on the weekend, watched football and baseball games from time to time, and occasionally rode his mountain bike down to the river park or the video store. He was smart, funny, and relatively handsome - though no Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. Chuck had a good job with a wholesale and distribution company which kept him very busy and often on out-of-town trips. Serena thought about her husband, and decided that he had gained a few pounds since their marriage two years earlier, but he was by no means chubby. She, on the other hand, had actually shed more than 20 pounds since first meeting Chuck five years ago, through aggressive exercise, a fat-free diet, and absolutely no tolerance for desserts or calorie-laden alcoholic drinks - especially beer.

At the outset of their relationship, Chuck had been very attracted to her physically. He loved to massage her back, buttocks, thighs and calves. Chuck took great delight in allowing his hands to explore her firm belly, perky breasts, and slender arms. He always seemed to be encouraging her to have seconds for dinner or to share a piece of mocha mud pie for dessert at a restaurant, but she had always refused. After a while, Chuck had stopped pestering her to eat and, now that she thought about it, he had also stopped with the spontaneous massage sessions and exploration of her body about that time too. Now it was occasional uninspired lovemaking if they weren't too tired on the weekend. "Oh well," Serena thought, "there's more to our relationship that just sex. Like exercising and, hopefully, traveling to Mexico!" She let out a shrill "Yeeepaaahhh" like the cartoon mouse Speedy Gonzales and then went up the stairs to the bedroom.


The mall was busy, but during the middle of the day it was relatively easy to find a parking spot. Serena wandered through the two big department stores, and made her way up and down the mall through the specialty stores looking for a bikini. By the time their trip came in the spring, she knew that it would be almost impossible to find one. Finally, she found a small selection of swimwear in a sports store, and perused the rack of brightly colored suits. Things certainly had changed since the last time she had shopped for a bikini! The latest fashion included exotic fabrics like Dur-A-Tex and Bod-E-Lux and several others she couldn't even pronounce. One suit in particular caught her attention and, as luck would have it, they had it in her size. Serena tried on the suit in the store's fitting room, and even over her cotton panties (the health regulations, you know) the suit hugged her butt and small breasts wonderfully. It was pretty expensive, produced by a company she had never heard of called "BBBBuild" but she loved it and knew she would be a knockout on the beach.

Taking her purchase to the counter, the salesperson complimented Serena on her choice of swim suit, and mentioned that it was a new promotional design that had incredible elastic properties. "This suit essentially comes in a one-size-fits-all category, although the manufacturer has to comply with merchandising regulations and attach sizing tags," the clerk stated.

"That's nice, but I don't think I'll be testing the limits of this material," Serena commented with a smile. "Although you would," she thought to herself amusingly as she watched the plump girl placing her new bikini into a bag. Triumphant, Serena drove back home and, to celebrate the excellent purchase, treated herself to the other half of the rice cake she had eaten earlier.


Chuck was very pleased with her purchase, but didn't show a tremendous amount of enthusiasm after Serena briefly modeled the new bikini for him. He grumbled something about her "ribs sticking out" and "fill in more" but she wouldn't listen to his complaints. After all, she was going to work out even harder than ever to look especially good in the bikini while in Mexico. Additionally, the space-age material produced by BBBBuild was exceptionally smooth and silky on her body. It produced a tingling, pleasant sensation on her skin whenever she moved which added to the pleasure of wearing it. "Perhaps I could wear this under my workout clothes and give myself a little buzz down you-know-where," Serena thought with a smile. The more she thought about it, the better the idea seemed. After all, the spandex bike shorts would prevent the suit from getting abraded or worn and the bikini top was identical to the sports bra she already wore. Plus, there's wasn't much stress in holding her boobs up as they were sag-free and upright on her chest. The next day, with Chuck at work as usual and the daily range of talk shows about to begin, Serena put on the new bikini under her workout clothes and went downstairs to the exercise bike. She turned on the television set and began to pedal the bike. The feeling was incredible, as the rapid motion of her legs caused the swimsuit bottom to rub between her thighs and butt cheeks. Instead of an uncomfortable feeling, it created a warm, glowing sensation from her waist down. In fact, the frantic motion of her body caused her breasts to move slightly within the bikini top and they, too, started to tingle.

After only a few minutes, she was exhausted and virtually numb with a pins-and-needles sensation. Although the feeling throughout her body was wonderful, Serena was uncomfortably hungry and wandered into the kitchen to grab something to eat. "Must be the intense exercise routine that I'm undertaking," she groaned. "It's starving my body of calories and I can't keep up. Plus I didn't have any breakfast, so I should know to 'eat my Wheaties' before a vigorous workout," she thought.

The pantry was bare. Or, at least, out of her favorite diet food like rice cakes, pretzel sticks and unflavored microwave popcorn. The only remaining items were all Chuck's junk food: cheese flavored nacho chips, chocolate dream-puff cookies, and similar snacks that Serena found horrifying to even think about. Or at least she usually did, but her gnawing hunger overruled any diet sense that her brain held, and she grabbed the bag of cheese nachos. To her amazement, it was almost like she was outside herself and watching a movie of someone in a feeding frenzy. "My God," she thought, "I haven't eaten these things in years! But, mmmm, do they ever taste delicious!" Serena grabbed a handful of the orange-colored cheese nacho chips and stuffed them in her mouth. "Mmmmmm," she murmured while spraying tiny bits of cheese crumbs across the kitchen floor. Incredibly, she held an empty bag. "Where the heck did all the chips go?" Serena wondered in amazement. Even stranger still, she had absolutely no feeling of fullness in her stomach.

Serena ransacked the pantry, wolfing down two entire bags of chocolate dream puff cookies, a two pound bag of cashews, and Chuck's entire stock of peanut butter chocolate bars. It was nearing Halloween, and they also had bought several huge bags of chocolate goodies to hand out to the trick-or-treaters. As Serena surveyed the huge pile of now-empty wrappers she made a mental note to buy replacement candy at the store. "What the hell has gotten into me?" Serena wondered in alarm as she looked around at the devastation around her. Piles of candy wrappers, empty bags, potato chip boxes, and crumbs of every imaginable color covered the kitchen floor. All this massive consumption, more junk food than she had eaten in YEARS, and still she felt ravenously hungry.

"I'm going to be an absolute whale on the beach in Mexico!" Serena wailed. But, as she looked over at the exercise bike in the other room and the wreckage of the pantry junk food on the floor, she was becoming less and less concerned about continuing the exhaustive exercise routine and more concerned about satisfying her insatiable hunger.


Chuck got home late, yelled his usual "I'm home, Honey" from the front hallway, and put his coat and jacket in the closet. He stopped abruptly in shock and horror when he got a few feet from the kitchen entrance. "What the hell...!" Chuck blurted out, as he encountered a mountain of empty food containers and junk food wrappers heaped on the kitchen floor. The pile practically came up to his waist. Serena was sitting propped up against the pantry door in the corner, with a dazed look in her eyes and some brown substance smeared around her mouth.

"Oh my God!" Chuck shouted. "Serena, Serena, are you alright? What the hell happened? Did someone break in? Oh my God, what happened to your face? Are you hurt?" The questions issued forth in a stream and Chuck was nearing panic at the sight of his obviously dazed and food- stained wife. By the looks of it, Serena's face had somehow become plastered with chocolate sauce - apparently in some type of struggle with an intruder.

"Mmmmm, Chuck I'm so hungry," Serena murmured as she finally focused on his concerned face and sat upright against the door. "I was exercising and all of a sudden I had these severe hunger pangs and I guess I went a little nuts. Sorry about the mess, dear, I'll clean it up. And yes, I'm fine. There was no intruder. But I'm afraid I ate all the Halloween candy plus your stash of chocolate bars. We'll have to get some at the store next time we go."

Chuck opened the pantry door and gasped. It was completely empty. He checked the fridge as well: empty, except for a few cans of beer and some ketchup. Serena had eaten everything in the house in one sitting - or as he noted, one standing. He moved back to his wife and gently pulled up her XXL t-shirt and nearly fell over at what he saw: Serena's stomach was bloated and distended like she had swallowed an entire beach ball. She looked like a cartoon figure with her tiny breasts, skinny arms and legs, and gigantic belly sticking out. In fact, she looked as if she were nine months pregnant with triplets! Barely containing his excitement, Chuck coaxed Serena to her feet and helped her upstairs to bed where she immediately fell asleep. He went back downstairs and cleaned up the huge mess in the kitchen, then slipped out the back door, got into the car, and drove off.


Serena awoke with a start, and looked dazedly at the bedside alarm clock. It said 11:39, but that couldn't possibly be right, she thought. After all, her typical schedule was up at 7:30 to see Chuck off to work, then several hours of exercise in both the morning and afternoon. It certainly wasn't like her to sleep in. Serena got to her feet and strode into the bathroom. She peeled off the oversize t-shirt and spandex shorts and put them into the laundry hamper. She still had the bikini under her clothes, but decided to leave it on because it was so comfortable. "Wow, I'm so hungry," she murmured as she tried to remember the events of the previous day. "WHOAAA!" she yelled out loud as she caught a look at herself in the mirror. "What the hell! What's happened to me?"

Serena had gained weight, and quite a bit of it considering her extremely thin body. Her ribs didn't barely show at all, her breasts seemed somewhat larger, and, for the first time ever, she thought she detected a slight jiggle in her butt when she hopped up and down on the bathroom floor. When she stepped on the scale, it spun around into unfamiliar territory: 117 pounds.

Serena raced downstairs in a panic to begin a tortuous day of exercise to begin shedding the mysterious pounds that had appeared overnight. In the kitchen, however, she lost her enthusiasm and walked directly to the pantry to see what food might be salvaged from yesterday. She still had such an incredible hunger! "And to hell with the exercise anyway," she thought angrily. "Such a waste of time and here I am still looking so good!" Opening the pantry door, Serena gasped in amazement. It was absolutely packed from floor to ceiling with snacks and junk food. Chocolate-fudge covered cookies. Cheese puffs and nacho chips. Peanut butter chocolate bars. Boxes of candy truffles and chocolate-covered nuts. Cashews, Brazil nuts and honey-roasted peanuts. Bags and bags of potato chips in every flavor. She went to the fridge. It too was absolutely stuffed with chocolate sauce, various types of cheese, whipped cream, high-calorie drinks and packages of salami, pepperoni, and sausage. Opening the freezer, she was amazed to find containers of chocolate-nut-fudge-chunk ice cream, frozen cheese tortellini entrees, and frozen vanilla mousse. Obviously, Chuck had gone shopping while she slept. Normally, this type of food she wouldn't even allow into the house, let alone have stocked in her fridge, freezer and pantry. But she felt a strange detachment about all of it. It all looked so good! The food was tantalizing - rich sauces, gooey chocolatey fillings, scrumptious pictures on frozen entree boxes.

Serena selected some frozen dinners, put them in the microwave, and entered the start time. Then she began her taste test inspection of the fridge, pantry and freezer and all the wonderful things they contained....


Chuck walked into the office and beamed excitedly at the man sitting behind the desk. "Mr. Wright, I think that your product is ready for the mainstream market!"

Joe Wright, President and CEO of BBBBuild, grinned back. "Do you have confirmation with any test subjects of our new prototype garments?"

"As a matter of fact, I do....Serena?" Chuck looked behind him and the door opened slowly. Mr. Wright rose from his chair with anticipation of the new visitor. She entered. Or rather, she tried. Serena had been eating constantly for five months, morning, noon and night. Each day, the house was re-stocked with the most fattening, delicious foods available, and each day they were consumed. Completely. It had gotten to the point that Chuck had made arrangements with a wholesale grocery distributor to make regular twice-daily deliveries of food to their house. Unbeknownst to Serena, BBBBuild covered the whole bill.

Serena couldn't fit into the President's office when she tried to enter normally, so she had to shuffle sideways and squeeze through the door. She was an amazing sight. Wearing only the bikini she had bought five months and 800 pounds previously, she waddled into the CEO's office. Her leg muscles were able to withstand the incredible new weight because of the strenuous exercise routine she had done daily, right up until the day of her bikini shopping trip. Although the BBBBuild bikini was promoted as a "one-size-fits-all" it was dangerously strained by her gigantic proportions. Her butt had expanded more than ten-fold, and her shelf-like hips jiggled and undulated in waves of cellulite with each step. Her calves, previously iron-hard and taut, looked like huge bloated sausages with layer upon layer of flab overlying each other. Already huge, her calves opened up to a monumental pair of thighs that each were as wide as the office door. Her legs rubbed together from crotch to ankle, no matter how hard she tried to open up her legs as she walked. Belly roll after belly roll spilled over her waist, making it impossible to tell whether she was actually wearing anything over her crotch. The only indication was a thin, spaghetti-like strand of material indenting each side of her humongous hips. A tiny patch of neon was strung tightly across each breast, a pitiful attempt to contain her mountainous cleavage and flesh spilling out from all sides of the bikini top. Serena smiled beautifully, and remarked coyly to Mr. Wright, "So, what do you think?"

The CEO was speechless. Never in his wildest dreams did he foresee this degree of success with the new garment formula. For years, he had spearheaded a research team intent on developing clothing for women that would stimulate circulation in the lower body and, it was hoped, appetite. Now, looming before him, he could see that the dream had come true.

"Congratulations Chuck, you have earned yourself that month of vacation! This is far better than I ever imagined! Consider yourself up for a handsome bonus when our new fashion line hits the stores this summer. In the meantime, we'll double our deliveries of food to your house. I want to see just how much punishment the regular size bikini can take before it breaks."

"Actually, sir, you can stop the shipments of food for the time being," Chuck replied. "We're booked into an all-inclusive resort in Mexico starting Monday, and it's all the food and drink we can eat. Serena here is going to make them into a non-profit organization!" The image of Serena eating helping after helping of cheese enchiladas, rich beef burritos and truckloads of deep fried ice cream flashed into Chuck's mind, and he grinned. "You had better send a few of the large and extra large size bikini models, sir, we're going to need them before we're through!"

And with that, Serena squeezed back through the President's door with Chuck in amorous pursuit. In the distance, a woman's voice yelled "Yeepaahhhhh!" and Joe Wright sat back down and thought about the spectacular future ahead....