Weight Room Title Bar

The Foreplay
By Curve Watcher

Part One

“ID?” the bouncer asked me - a statement I was used to hearing. I pulled my wallet out and quickly got out my driver's license. It showed my statistics. Sex: Female; Hair Color: Brown; Eye Color: Green; Height: 4'8”; Weight: 92 lbs. I reached out and handed it to the big bouncer. His hand was huge and engulfed the plastic card as I gave it to him.

His entire body was huge actually, which was why I loved to see him there - always on Thursday nights. I estimated he was over 6-and-a-half feet tall, and at least 400 lbs. He always wore a tight, black t-shirt, which clung to his impressive upper body. His shoulders and arms were huge, and his forearms and hands were big and meaty, too. He had big bulging pecs, which were a bit chubby as well. The thing that really made me stare though, was his big, round belly. It was a perfect, gigantic sphere of bulk. I thought about it when I slept. That was not to mention his nice big butt, in those tight denim jeans. He had a cute face too, with big cheeks and a double chin, all covered by a finely trimmed beard.

“All right,” he said, handing the card back to me. “Have fun.” I said thanks, and tried to smile as seductively as I could as I walked away. The actual nightclub itself wasn't all that exciting, just the usual. Loud, hot, dark, and full of people. I didn't really like that. Not the people I disliked, just the people who wouldn't stop hitting on me.

There was a certain type of guy I found, who seemed to be numerous in my city. I called them “Cheapus Colognus” They could be easily spotted by their long, slicked back serial rapist hair, and an open dark blue or black dress shirt that came down over their wife-beater underneath. They also usually had some chain around their scrawny necks. I tried to avoid them.

After a few drinks and a few attempts to take me home, there was one guy who was quite persistent. It was almost 2:00, and he was desperate to get someone home before the bars closed. He had cornered me against a wall when my friends had left for the bathroom. He was soused, which made his attempt to pick me up even more lame. I kind of squirmed as I thought of a way to get him to leave.

Then, out of nowhere, my huge knight in fatty armor came in to save me.

“All tight, buddy, time to go,” the gorgeous bouncer said. My big, bulky savior shoved the drunk away with a flick of his powerful wrist. “Are you okay?” he asked me. I stared at his thick lips as he spoke.

“Uh...yeah, I'm okay, I guess.” I broke away from my drooling stare and thought fast. I pushed my chest out as much as possible, revealing the cleavage of my surgeon-blessed chest. He turned to the side slightly, shifting his belly so that he could see. His eyes locked on to my body momentarily, and he smiled. “So, you seem a bit shaken up from that guy. Do you need me to drive you home?” he asked. I could barely speak, but I managed to say something that sounded like “yes.”

And then, as if in some kind of modern, alcohol splattered fairy-tale, he was driving me home, with very strong urged intentions on hid mind. We made some small talking the car, but I didn't even remember anything he had said by the time we arrived at my apartment. I just thought about his big presence filling up my little apartment. As he closed the door behind him, I told him to make himself comfortable as I went to the bathroom. I quickly brushed the taste of alcohol out of my mouth, and prettied myself up as much as possible. When I came back, I had kicked off my shoes, which finalized our height difference. My shoes had given me four inches, and as I stood barefoot in front of him, I could appreciate how colossal this man really was.

I began to think of some kind of line that would allow us to engage in our physical desires without me seeming to whore-ish. I very quickly gave up on that notion though. I couldn't wait a second longer, and I asked him to lie down on my bed. I stripped off my shirt and pants, as he took off his own shirt. He then turned around with both hands grazing the sides of that he stomach. I was frozen at the sight of him shirtless. I was left in nothing but a bra and thong, as me clothes fell to the ground. A big smile came to his face and he licked his lips, looking at my breasts. He then squatted down and placed his big, powerful hands on my lower back. Without the slightest strain, he lifted me up and pulled me close to his chest. I felt the overwhelming, furry bulk of his chest, arms, and belly, as he gave me a strong squeeze. He then leaned in as he locked his fat lips onto my face, and nearly engulfed me with hungry kisses.