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The Funnel
by mjm

"Yes, yes I want the funnel! Oh yes! Pour gallons and gallons of cake batter into the funnel. Oooh yeees, ooh yes, give it toooooo meeeee!" she screamed. Eventually, she spoke again "God that was incredible. I swear you keep getting better."

He rested beside her massively fat body and massaged her great bulging belly which was still way over stuffed from the huge lunch she had gobbled shortly before they climbed into bed. Watching her stuff herself always sexually excited him like nothing else ever. More and more lately, she too was getting sexually aroused while gobbling. During sex, he spent a lot of time talking about feeding her and fattening her. At first, she just sort of played along but lately she was enjoying the fattening chatter more and more. However, nothing he said effected her like the mention of a funnel.

As she laid there in the warm after glow of her orgasm, she thought about the word "funnel". That one word effected her in so many ways that it almost made her dizzy. Yes, it made her horny but it also made her hungry. She felt spiritual and shameful. "Funnel" made her brave and fearful, obsessed and repulsed, self actualized and confused, serene and restless, love and hate, trusting and suspicious. For every emotion that came up when she heard "funnel" there was also an opposite emotion.

He too had conflicting emotions about "funnel". However, most of his problem revolved around the fact that reality is sometimes not as great as the fantasy. The excitation caused by "funnel" was normally destroyed by the memory of "the layer cake blow job" disaster. Of course, thinking about that mess normally made him giggle but giggling was a sexual faux pas.

They didn't even own a funnel and although they each had separately intended to buy one, neither had. She had even gotten as far as the checkout line with one but at the last moment abandoned it on a display of tube socks. So it looked as though ever actually using a funnel was never going to happen until one day she let a girl friend move in with her after the girl split with her hubby. The girl only stayed a few days and left. When the girl left, she took everything except for a large whit plastic funnel.

The funnel was discovered a few days after the girl had left. He found it in a cabinet near the ceiling which was too high up for her to reach without standing on a chair and after she hit 400, she stopped standing on chairs altogether.

"Hey, you finally did it!" he said.

"Did what?" she asked.

He held the funnel in the air and said, "Bought a funnel."

A tidal wave of contradictory emotions swept over her. She was literally struck dumb by the emotional maelstrom that engulfed her. Eventually, she was able to form syllables. "That's not mine" she protested. "That girl must have left it" she explained.

"Well it's yours now I guess." he said. "Wanna' give it a try?" he asked coyly.

Before words come out of a person's mouth, their brain thinks of the words. Ordinarily, this works out just fine. However, something was going haywire in her brain. Her brain had the words "Yes" and "No" superimposed on top of each other so that she wound up saying something that was the phonetic equivalent of "YNEOS" which has no known English meaning. He of course was giggling as he was recalling "the layer cake blow job" fiasco. Giggling so much that he lost his grip on the funnel. Instinctive she reached out to grab it but simultaneously stepped back so as to avoid it as though it was boiling oil.

The funnel hit the kitchen linoleum and bounced a few times before coming to rest by the stove. She did nothing but stare at it. After she hit 450, she quit bending over for anything unless it was very important. This might very well have been the single most important life or death reason to have caused her bend over but she just stood there. He got down off the chair and picked it up and put it on the counter near her. She reached out to touch it. Eve probably reached for the forbidden fruit in a similar way. As she touched the cool white plastic, she was so overcome with emotion that she became light headed and began to faint. Even as strong and muscular as he was, it would been impossible for him to have held her up. He was however able to support her and help her over to her recliner.

"Are you OK? You gave me quite a scare." he asked lovingly plus a little perturbed.

"I'm alright. I just need to rest a minute. You know ever since I hit 500, I tire easily." she replied.

"Since I couldn't find any more sugar, I'll run to store and get some so we can finish the cake. Do you want anything else?" he said.

"No, I guess not. But wait, I'm suddenly awfully hungry. What's for dinner?" she asked.

"Whatever your heart and "little" fat belly desires." he said with a grin as he patted her belly.

"You know me and my "little" fat belly. We want some of everything." she said while slapping the sides of her belly lovingly.

"Then I'll just bring you a smorgasbord of greasy high calorie fast food." he replied.

"Heavy on the grease and calories" she said with a grin as he kissed her fat cheek.

He had barely locked the door behind himself before she began struggling out of her chair. She headed straight for the kitchen and the funnel. As she picked it up, the emotional tidal wave was upon her instantly. She wanted to put it down but couldn't. Before she knew it, she had the funnel to her open mouth. Her tongue came out to touch it like a snake's tongue sensing for danger. When her tongue touched the funnel, a brand new wave of conflicting emotions washed over her obliterating the first wave. The funnel had no taste, no smell, no sound yet it stimulated all of her senses. She tilted her head back and held the funnel in the air above her open mouth and slowly lowered it until it was in as far as it could go. A queasy sensation came over her as though she would vomit while her loins burned with passion and her pussy became wet and slippery. She suddenly tossed the funnel into the sink and turned on the hot water full force.

After a while it became quite obvious that no matter how hot the water or at what force, it was not going to wash the funnel down the drain so she turned off the water and turned to look at the mixing bowl on the opposite counter. She liked uncooked cake batter. It was one of those "special treat" foods that she enjoyed and he knew it which is why they talked about during sex. Not that she didn't enjoy frosted layer cakes it was just that uncooked cake batter had a certain "forbidden" appeal to it. Once she read that the difference between an outlaw and a criminal is that a criminal recognizes the existence of laws but breaks them whereas an outlaw also recognizes the existence of laws but says, "they don't apply to me". Mainly she saw herself as an outlaw which she could live with.

The funnel made her feel like a criminal. There's a social law against being fat but that law did not apply to her so she was fat. There were health and social laws against getting fatter by choice but those did not apply to her so she gained weight on purpose. However, she was convinced that there was a categorical imperative forbidding funnel usage which did apply to her so if she used it she would be a criminal. The question was, could she live with being a criminal?

She heard his key in the lock and hurried back to her recliner and just had time to get it adjusted as he entered.

"I hope you're really hungry 'cause I got a little carried away" he said as he set the armload of fast food bags and boxes on the kitchen table. "Actually, I got very carried away" he added.

He moved the special dining table he had made for her into position. She rested her arms on the padded arm supports while he laid out the fast food feast on the lazy susan in the center of the table. This contraption worked incredibly well for her. Her arms didn't get tired, there was no lost motion and she could get at anything she wanted by spinning the lazy susan. He stood back to admire his handy work and was quite pleased. She was quite pleased too.

"Boy you weren't kidding about going overboard were you?" she said as she bit into a greasy cheeseburger dripping with mayo.

While she gobbled, he went back to the kitchen to work on the cake batter. Before he could stop himself, he dumped three times as much sugar into the bowl as the recipe called for.

"Oh shit!" he muttered under his breath. "Well, I guess I'll just triple the recipe" he thought. Then he remembered her straw extensions.

"Sorry, I forgot" he said as he attached a length of latex tubing to a straw in one of her assorted milk shakes.

"Thanks, I was getting a little thirsty." she said as she took a long pull on the plastic tube and her mouth filled with shake.

She resumed her gobbling and he went back to work in the kitchen. The job thankfully didn't take very long so he could go back and watch her gobble. Damn, he loved to watch her pig out. The only thing he could imagine that he might enjoy even more would have been watching her being funnel fed but would it turn out like "the layer cake BJ".

He took a seat on the couch and gazed in absolute amazement at her she gobbled. He had watched her put on the feed bag many times and every time he was amazed by her capacity and voracity. However, this time was different. She had never gone at it with such gusto. Never had he seen her gobble so fast or with such determination. It was as though she intended to gobble all that he had brought which was completely out of the question as the quantity of food set before her was at least twice as much she had ever consumed at one sitting if not three times as much.

She had been hungry before but never anything like this. Having him watch her gobble always gave her added incentive to push herself to the absolute limit but she was planning to go beyond that. She didn't know why or how and didn't care. All she really cared about was stuffing more into her gut than ever before as quickly as she could. It was as though she had something vitally important to do just as soon as she packed herself with more food than ever before.

Both of them were amazed by what she managed to accomplish before throwing in the towel.

He surveyed the carnage and wreckage left by the most incredibly gluttonous performance he had ever witnessed. All she could do was burp and moan as he pulled away her dining table. Her belly bulged out bigger and farther than ever, almost cartoon like. He really couldn't believe his eyes. She could barely breathe and really needed the portable oxygen tank she used on occasion once she hit 550.

As he went about clearing the mess, he heard her faintly say, "What about my cake batter?"

"Well I made a mistake and put in too much sugar, and...." he tried to explain.

In a panic she queried, "You didn't throw it out?"

"No, I didn't throw it out. I ah....." he responded.

"So what if it's a little too sweet. It'll be fine." she said expectantly.

"Oh, it's not too sweet. I just increased the recipe to accommodate for the extra sugar." he said as he went for the mixing bowl.

When she say the how much cake batter there was a horrified look shone through her eyes yet her lips curled in a coy grin. She looked up at him and said, "Get the funnel."

For a moment he started to protest but he couldn't help himself. He fetched the funnel for her. She tipped her head back and opened her mouth. Just before he inserted the funnel, she said, "I want it all!" with a determination in her voice he had never before.

He did not even try to protest. He inserted the funnel and began pouring in the cake batter. She began gulping and choking and gulping like a fiend. It was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. She breathed deeply of the oxygen and kept gulping. Her belly grew even larger. As she gulped the last gulp, she orgasmed. An orgasm to beat all others ever before. She felt good and it felt good to be a criminal.