Weight Room Title Bar

Gainin' For Love
By Mink

Part Two

George walked beside Tifia, hands in his pockets in feigned confidence. Tifia, feeling self-conscious, had both her arms wrapped around her newly swollen belly to try and hide it without being obvious. She kept glancing at him through the corner of her eyes, feeling waves of pleasure and shame at her appearance flow through her.

George pointed to a clothing store and the walked in. "So, what size are you?" He asked, his voice breaking slightly in anticipation. "I don't mean to be nosey," he added as the reached the women's clothes. "I just want to help you pick out some sizes and stuff."

Tifia smiled at her secret God. "I'd be delighted, she said coyly, then wanted to slap herself upside her head. God, what am I thinking?! I'm a BLIMP! she thought furiously. To George she smiled again, this time slightly sickly. "My waist size is 34 inches, she said with a small hesitation.

George smiled, but inside he snorted. He had been watching her for quite a while and he KNEW she was a 34 a few weeks ago, but that last meal at McDonalds really did her in. Her round tummy was more like 36 or 38 inches now. He licked his lips, unable to help himself, and reached to the nearest rack, where a pair of nice 34 jeans were hanging. He handed them to her and winked. "My payment for this should be that you model them for me," was his "calm cool and collected" comment as he sauntered away.

Tifia opened her mouth to protest, but he was already walking away to look for more clothes. She shivered in shameful delight at the thought of him seeing her fat body. She clutched the pants and headed to the change room, pausing only to grab the first shirt she saw. She stripped slowly, trying to avoid the flashes of her half-clad body in the mirror.

George knocked on the stall door. "You die or somethin',? he asked playfully.

Tifia closed her eyes and slowly opened the door. Her eyes slowly rose to gaze at his face and was shocked to see admiration there.

George felt a hot, insistent throbbing in his groin when he saw her. Oh. My. God. She's magnificent! The shirt she had picked out was several sizes too small, and clung to her breasts, allowing the "jelly roll" of fat that hung from the lowest part of her belly to be exposed. Not only this, but her pants were so tight that her love handles bulged over the side, accenting that lower jelly roll as it poured out of the pants to hang, jiggling, an inch or two over the button and zipper of the pants, which were undone. The weight of her belly pushed itself down and filled the V space left by the open pants. His eyes lit up with admiration and lust. Totally unconsciously his hands reached out and sunk into that inviting flesh. God!

Tifia gasped as his strong, large hands felt her fat, feeling the wetness between her legs spreading. She shuddered in delight and her belly rippled in response, sending slight waves of fat into his hands.

George gazed into her eyes and slowly moved closer, eyes locked on hers, hands digging into her fat as she leaned forward, mouth open slightly, eyes wide and face flushed.

Is this what I think it is? Tifia wondered as they slowly moved closer.