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Gaining for Love
By Mink

Part Three

As their lips met, George's arms wrapped around her and brought her Plumpened body to his. He moaned against her lips, feeling her fat form to his firm body. As they pulled away, they were both flushed, and Tifia dashed into the change room to put her other clothes back on. She emerged and held his hand, smiling in delight as she noticed his erection.

She was falling in love with him, but he was much too skinny - she felt like a cow next to him. Well, she would change that! "How George? How about we go grab some KFC (Kentucy Fried Chicken for those who don't know); I'm sure I can eat a little more," she said pleadingly.

George grinned, walking faster, feeling his manhood jump at that last statement. They stopped in front of KFC and George asked Tifia what she wanted. She seemed to ponder this and then decided a 20-piece bucket of chicken and a large thing of fries - and oh, gravey!"

George grinned. "You'll get fat if you're not careful!" He laughed as Talia rolled her eyes.

"Well, I'm not planning to eat it all," She said, giggling as she sat down at a table.

"Saving some for tonight?" George guessed, pulling the food out for her.

"No, you're going to eat too!" was her response as she shoved a few fries into his mouth.

"Haha!" George smiled and ate them, taking some chicken and fries for himself, digging in with gusto as he watched her stuff her fat face - though not nearly fast enough for him.

Tifia pretended to eat a lot, taking huge bites, but actually chewed slowly, so she didn't eat that much. George seemed to be matching her, and he unbuckled his belt and button as his pants grew tight. "I have to go to the bathroom - don't wait up for me, keep eating!" she encouraged as she waddled to the bathroom.

Just seeing her hips sway in that waddle sent George diving into the food, gorging himself on the fat chicken and greasy fries. So, when Tifia returned, George had finished off all the food and sat with his eyes glazed, both hands on his significantly swollen belly. Tifia got a large milkshake and roused him, offering him a sip.

George moaned when she offered him a sip, but when she told him if he drank a quarter, she would drink the rest, he accepted. He guzzled the rich shake down, actually drinking more like half in his haste, and struggled to his feet.

Tifia snuggled up against her handsome man - soon to be a big handsome man, if she had anything to do with it - and began to plot. George walked - or waddled, really - her to her house and was invited in. As he sat on the couch, she came in with lotion on her hands and began rubbing and massaging it into his belly. He moaned in relief and let his belly relax and bulge out. In fact, it was so relaxing he fell asleep.

Tifia grinned, seeing his belly, huge with his meal, rise and fall with his breath. As he digested it would go down, but for now it was an eyeful. She waddled to her room, got changed into a loose t-shirt she used as PJs, and no shorts. She struggled back downstairs and began making dinner.

George awoke to delicious smells and his growling tummy. He sniffed the air appreciatively, and noticed his puffy belly. He figured it would just go away as he digested, and stood up, walking into the kitchen. He stopped, shocked.

There was enough food to feed about six HUNGRY people!! He noticed Tifia placing a five lb lasagna on the table and asked her what was going on.

She turned to him and hugged him around his waist, her belly squishing up against him and distracting him. "Here's the deal, I'll get fat for you, but only if you get fat for me!"

George "duh"ed, startled. "You want me fat? Why!?"

"Well why do you want me fat?" was her calm response.

"Well, um, it's sexy…soft…just, I love it!"

"That's why I want it on you, silly!"

"Oh…" He thought about it for a few moments, then realized how pleasurable it was to feel his softer belly against hers and grinned. "I'll do it!"

"Yay!" Tifia sat at the table with George, and they both began eating as fast as they could.