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Gaining Confidence
By Charissa

Part Six

Sophie and her mom left, with Jenny's assurance that of course Sophie hadn't eaten her out of house and home - she hadn't even asked for a snack (which Sophie's mom took to mean that she hadn't had one). Jenny set out to the airport in her car to collect Luke.

As Luke came through the barrier at the airport, he glanced around the crowd of people waiting but didn't pick Jenny out. She had to shout “Over here!” to him before he saw her, and then he pushed his way through the crowd as quickly as possible and enfolded her in a hug, raining kisses on her upturned face. “Oh, Jenny, my lovely honey girl, you look…” (he held her off at arm's length and grinned wickedly) “totally delicious.” With that, he dropped to his knees, right there in the airport, and buried his face in Jenny's soft bare belly, throwing his arms around her hips and squeezing her tightly. His muffled voice seemed to be saying “wonderful, wonderful.”

Back in the car, Jenny said with a smile, “Do I get the impression that you took a moment to recognise me?” Luke smiled himself, a little shamefacedly.

“I hadn't expected you to be quite so beautifully rounded out, in such a short time…” He put a hand out and began to fondle the rolls of fat around Jenny's midriff. She wriggled playfully.

“I'm driving! Wait till we get home.”

As soon as Jenny could park, Luke grabbed her again, burying his hands in her yielding embonpoint. He kissed her passionately, and it was a few minutes before either of them could bring themselves to stop. At the point where they had to catch a breath, Luke produced a bar of chocolate from his jacket pocket, broke a square off and popped it in his mouth. He reached to kiss Jenny again, and they slid the chocolate from tongue to tongue till it had all melted away…

“Sorry, that's it, we're out of chocolate,” said Luke 10 minutes later or so. They finally got out of the car, got Luke's bag out the trunk and went up to Jenny's apartment. As they climbed the two flights of stairs, Luke couldn't take his eyes off the way Jenny's ass, so boyish and flat when he left, was now gently padded and beginning to undulate with every step she took.

They rushed into the flat and right into the bedroom, where they continued to kiss while Jenny took Luke's clothes off by feel. He peeled her T-shirt off but had some trouble with the clasps of her skirt, so she helped him out as he undid her C-cup bra. Her breasts fell forward, larger and rounder by some way than the small ones she'd had 34 pounds ago. Her bikini panties were stretched to the limit by her hips and stomach (really ought to get some new ones) and only the creases just above the tops of her legs were preventing them from losing the battle and sliding off her roundness. Luke twitched them off, held her close for a moment and she could feel the blood pumping through his inflamed loins - and her own! - as his erection pressed against her round belly. Soon neither of them could wait any longer and they fell on to the bed and made cataclysmic, wonderful love. If Jenny had thought it was good last time, it was nothing to this. Oh, yes! The extra fat on her body seemed to make her skin far, far more sensitive; there was so much more of her to touch, and every touch opened up new dimensions of astounding sensuality. Luke's body pressing down on her was so satisfying… but this time her stomach wasn't full, so, with an effort, she locked her legs around his back to squeeze him even harder into her (in both senses)… She arced her back in a convulsion of pleasure as he stimulated what seemed to be a private firework display inside of her.

They lay quiescent for a while, happy and exhausted.

“So,” said Jenny, “good change or bad change?”

“Good change! Definitely. You hungry?” asked Luke, jiggling her belly with the flat of his hand as he liked to, and marvelling at the much greater effects since he last tried it. “Takes a lot out of a guy, that kind of thing… they say it burns lots of calories as well, and we wouldn't want you running out of energy, would we? I've got a reservation at 8.” Needless to say the doughnuts and eclairs had gone down completely, and Jenny was hungry again: ravenous!

They went back to the same restaurant as before. While the portions had been generous for Jenny last time, now they seemed rather miserly, and it was just too difficult to decide between the delicious-sounding appetizers and entrees. In the end, they had four appetizers between them, the famous - and very ample - seafood selection for a main course, then Luke pointed to the Dreamboat Sundae (for two to share) and ordered two of them. Six scoops of homemade chocolate-walnut and vanilla icecream, with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. (The waiter was looking on amazed.) Luke could not finish his, so full was he, but Jenny's slid down nice and easy and she polished off the two remaining scoops melting in Luke's dish. “After all, I didn't have any lunch,” she told him.

“Saving room for tonight? That's what I should have done,” said Luke, stuffed and leaning back in his chair, impressed that Jenny could now outeat him.

“Nah, nervous you wouldn't like my new look.”

“Silly girl, only a fool could resist you, you luscious thing… Did you know you have whipped cream on your cheek?” asked Luke, leaning across to her (with only a slight grunt of effort) and licking it off as discreetly as he could manage.

This time, as Jenny checked herself out in the mirror as they left, she could see why Luke had almost not recognised her. The girl she saw now had something of that ripened and serene air she had noted in Sophie the first time she saw her. Indeed, stuffed with food as she was, she was almost as large as Sophie was then. Her fully laden belly, unconfined by her outfit, was beautifully round and taut and stuck out majestically in front of her, peeking sexily under the hem of the clingy green top. Her hair seemed shinier and her rounder face glowed with wellbeing and happiness as she held the hand of her lover.

Jenny hoped that Luke had managed to recover his strength, because she didn't want to miss the opportunity to make love with a really full stomach again… She was not disappointed. Neither of them got much sleep that night, and they lay in bed most of the next morning, eating pastries and drinking coffee until it was time to go to Luke's parents for lunch.

Luke's mom and dad were very happy to see him, and even happier that he and Jenny had become a couple - such a nice girl, whom they'd known so long. Luke's dad jokingly ticked him off for wasting time all these years. Luke's mom, who loved to cook, had prepared quite a spread in celebration of Luke's coming home; “The house has been feeling so quiet with you away and Laura at music camp.” There was home-made quiche and pasta salads with ham, sweet corn or sundried tomatoes and olive oil, cold cuts and cold roast chicken, potato salad, poached salmon, sliced avocado and mozzarella salad, three-bean in French dressing… the table was covered - it looked like a buffet for eight or more, not a modest lunch for four. Jenny was wishing she hadn't worn her tight jeans.

“I made plenty,” said Luke's mom. “Don't worry about leftovers, I reckoned you might want to take some home with you - save you cooking for this bottomless pit.” She looked fondly at her son. Little does she know I can outeat him! thought Jenny, remembering last night. She smiled fondly too.

Needless to say, both Luke and Jenny managed to pack away quite a bit of the delicious food, but at Luke's house nobody stopped talking long enough to notice what anyone else took. Luke's parents were very nice, non-judgmental people - before he was born, they'd travelled a lot and had probably seen a bit of everything. Luke's mom had had two miscarriages before his sister Laura was born four years after him, and often said that her children were so precious that she could never criticise them or make them unhappy, and that she thought of Jenny as another daughter.

It was hard to keep count, but Jenny thought about half of the 10-inch cheese quiche had gone into her, along with four large pieces of salmon, about twelve thin slices of chicken, three generous helpings from each of the pasta salads, an avocado and a half and… oh, who knew how much of the regular dressed salad leaves and three-bean? She hadn't been keeping count. When Luke announced “I'm full!” Jenny was about to concur when she realised the twinkle in his eye, and his mom stood up to bring in dessert - chocolate cheesecake and her own speciality, applesauce cake. Luke put a hand under the tablecloth as if to pat Jenny's knee, but instead his hand wound up on her gorged belly, which he stroked gently. The waistband of her jeans was absolutely cutting her in half - if she didn't undo it soon, the button would come off. It was compressing her hips, forcing rolls of fat on her sides to overflow, while at the front it was digging right through her four-inch layer of blubber. She had to lean all the way back in her chair to undo it…aah, that was it! Her unbounded stomach pushed her zip down again, and Jenny noticed that the T-shirt which had been hanging a little loose when she came in was now stretched tight around her pudgy midriff, clinging to the rolls of fat around her waist. Now she could manage some dessert, she thought, and she did… a piece of applesauce cake and two of cheesecake, with plenty of whipped cream. She reached over for Luke's hand, and guided it to her belly, so he could feel how under the now considerable padding it was totally packed solid. The crease that was usually formed when she sat had filled out, there was so much food in there, and her belly described a smooth arc outwards from her breasts until it met her lap, three or four inches out. It was resting on the tops of her thighs, sticking out further than it had ever done, and she wasn't even leaning forwards - she couldn't have if she'd tried. She could feel the weight of all the food inside of her whenever she shifted in her seat. Mmm, she thought, I wonder if just one more piece of cake would fit in there? Ah, yes, seems to be going down… delicious!

Finding an opportunity to do up her jeans again was pretty difficult, but she managed to heave herself up and excuse herself while everyone's back was turned. Luke slipped out after her and watched as she oiled up her vastly bloated midsection in the bathroom, her rear parked on the edge of the tub and her legs parted. Luke grabbed the body oil, and began to massage it too, causing her to groan with pleasure. She'd had the odd “kind-of” binge over the past few weeks, usually late at night, but nothing to equal this, oh no. She felt wonderfully sated, ecstatically round and heavy. The sight of Luke's hands on her big hard bulging gut was turning her on, but she knew that the pressure of him on top of her would be too much.

Luke, able to hold back no longer, took off his trainers, unzipped his own jeans and stepped out of them, pulling his T-shirt over his head. “No, Luke!” begged Jenny. “I can't, you'll squash me!”

“I don't think I packed quite as much away as you did,” grinned Luke, patting his own slight paunch. “How about if you squash me instead? You go on top.” He kicked the bathroom rug into the middle of the tiled floor and lay down. Jenny undressed and gently, gently lowered herself on to him (Luke guiding her with his hands, as she couldn't see past the bulge) and her big firm fat belly rested comfortably on top of his soft one. By rocking forwards and back a little, she could control the amount of pressure on it, which manoeuver seemed to be provoking some interesting reactions in her boyfriend…

As they came downstairs again, Jenny and Luke were both rather pink and Luke's parents carefully didn't ask them what they'd been doing up there. Jenny's hand was unconsciously checking her waistband as she drank her coffee - getting that zip up again had been the hardest thing she'd ever done, and she was sure any sudden movement would cause it to break. When Luke's mom suggested that they must have other things to do that day, they didn't say no, and once they had loaded up Jenny's trunk with the remains of lunch, they drove back to her apartment. Jenny took off the jeans, feeling thankful that Luke's mom wasn't like her own; that T-shirt was really graphically tight. She pulled it off as well, and climbed onto the bathroom scales.

“Well?” asked Luke. “Let's hear the magnificent total.”

“184!” said Jenny, grabbing the tapemeasure. “That's twelve pounds since yesterday afternoon, and… three extra inches round the middle, which makes my waist bigger than my chest or hips! It doesn't last, though. I guess about three to five pounds might stick if I'm lucky, and half an inch on the waist. I'm just stuffed full of food now.” She patted her bulge affectionately.

“You're getting to be a real expert at this, aren't you?” Luke congratulated her. “Any targets for this weekend? We've got this evening, Sunday and Monday still to go before I leave.”

“How about we try to get me to 185, permanently? Let's see… if by the end of today I do manage to gain five pounds of fat, then I only have another eight to go. I can do it if we stuff me all weekend, but I'll need you to help me. I need to be careful not to use it up by running around, and I'll have to go all-out at Granny's tomorrow, so I'll need your moral support there, too. Right now I'm too full to eat a thing.”

Luke went through and fetched three large slabs of chocolate from his overnight bag. “Maybe a little kiss would help some of this slide down?”

Jenny spent the rest of that blissful Saturday just sitting on the couch in her underwear, her belly bulging out on to her spreading thighs, her hips overflowing her stretched and fraying panties at the sides. Whenever she felt a little space develop inside of her, Luke would fetch a slice of cheesecake, a few cookies, a doughnut or a carton of chocolate mousse from the refrigerator. Inbetween, they passed a lot of time with chocolate kisses. It really was an easy way to make the chocolate melt and trickle down Jenny's throat. In the evening Luke cooked his tagliatelle dish, with extra cheese, and she lay back while he forked small mouthfuls into her, a bit at a time, until the dish was empty. The gradual nature of the feeding meant that she always felt nearly as full as when she had left Luke's house, but never so full that she truly couldn't manage “just one more bite.” Luke kept massaging her stretched skin with cocoa butter, so she smelt as sweet and chocolatey as many of the treats he was bringing her. That crease above the navel seemed to have been plumped away for good as her swelling belly rose, like a shallow dome, out of her gently widening hips. Luke fetched some ice cream and two bowls.

“Is it an illusion, Luke, or has quite a bit of this delicious food gone into you as well?” Jenny would have poked Luke's stomach to see how full it was, but he was out of reach and somehow she just couldn't summon up the energy to get off the couch.

“I can't let you have all the fun. It won't hurt me, I'm a growing boy.” He made certain that Jenny's helping of ice cream was twice the size of his.

“An intriguing thought,” said Jenny, sucking down the icecream as fast as she could manage, though it was nearly liquid by the time she spooned in the last of it.

They slept that night with Luke tucked behind Jenny, his arm around her bloated waist. She was extremely drowsy from so much overeating, but felt very secure and loved. When she woke up, her stomach felt much looser. She had rolled onto her back in the night and when, feeling too warm, she lifted up the covers, she was surprised at how far her hips spread these days when she lay on her back - her belly fat was subsiding into them and pushing the fat which now covered them further out to the sides, so that she was getting on for two feet wide at that point. Her pot still stuck up a good two inches from her mound of Venus, though, rising and falling as she breathed. She gave it a light slap and set off wonderful ripples which continued in her fat for a good few seconds, right down to her knees and up past her breasts, now big enough to subside sideways when she was lying down like this. Jenny seemed all softness and plumpness. She put her hands on her fleshy hips and squeezed, and her belly flab rose up another few inches, wobbling like Jell-O. She breathed in to inflate herself as far as she could, imagining the day when her belly would stick up that much for real. She raised her knees, shook her thighs and chuckled to see the new padding on them sway and jiggle. She rolled onto her side, and her stomach creased into its two billowy rolls and flowed out seven inches in front of her as it never did when she was standing, resting on the mattress.

“Having fun?” Luke had woken up. He joined in the exploration of her curves, and the two of them set about giving her an appetite for her breakfast.

They filled in the morning making pancakes (two for Jenny for every one of Luke's) with maple, and then chocolate, syrup. When they'd run out of syrup, and nearly out of milk, at about 11, Luke went round to the bakery to get the fresh pastries that they made a specialty of on Sunday mornings. Jenny was on the couch in her underwear again; it was a hot day. Luke returned with the pastries, some chips and other snacks, and by one o'clock neither of them was feeling very hungry, but Luke put a jumbo frozen pizza in the oven all the same. “Don't think of this as a meal, if you're too full,” he suggested as it cooked. “Just eat a piece whenever you can.” Jenny protested that she was quite capable of eating still, jiggling her belly with both hands to prove it was not yet full and firm. Luke knelt down and kissed it all over, interspersing it with licks and mock-nibbles at her fat to show how very delicious she was. Jenny, on impulse, reached for the can of instant whipped cream they'd been squirting on the pancakes earlier, squeezed some on to her belly and Luke licked it off with enthusiasm…

The timer on the oven pinged. “I guess we got a little distracted there!” gasped Jenny from underneath Luke, laughing. “You are totally distracting, though… not to say insatiable… how did you ever last for six weeks without me?” She was pretty sure he had, as they'd talked almost every night and he seemed to be always in his apartment when she called.

Luke gave a mock-sleazy smirk and answered “With enormous difficulty, my dear, enormous difficulty.” Jenny laughed again and told him to go rescue the pizza. He disengaged himself from her and stood up.

“I think maybe you helped me work up an appetite.”

“Great, another excuse!” came the rejoinder from the kitchen. “Pizza's not burned, anyway.” They made short work of it, Jenny eating eight out of twelve slices. Luke complained that he was still hungry - “You hardly left me any. If I was starting from an empty stomach I could eat a whole one of those.”

“So could I and you know it! Make yourself a sandwich, or there's ice cream if you want it.” Luke did and made one oozing with melted cheese for her while he was about it, bringing the ice cream through to soften meanwhile. By the time that was all gone, Jenny was feeling pretty fat and drowsy. Remembering that they were going to Granny's that evening, she decided to take a nap to allow a little digestion. She didn't think she was quite as full as yesterday, but she couldn't eat multiple helpings of a roast dinner if she kept on eating herself solid all afternoon. She was surprised to see in the mirror that her belly looked as full and big as yesterday already, and it excited her to think she had increased her capacity yet again. She rubbed herself with lotion as usual before going to bed.

Luke woke her at 5 and she heaved herself out of bed. She did feel less full, but still looked very bloated, and her weight on the scales was 188. She knew she wouldn't be able to get into her jeans, and opted for a loose blouse and a skirt with a stretch waistband. In a way she hoped her mother noticed a difference since last week, when she'd weighed 168; even if much of the difference was undigested food, it felt like an achievement - sixteen pounds in about two days. Her mom was sure to notice the amount of food she was planning to eat…

Part Seven