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Gaining Confidence
By Charissa

Part Nine

Jenny was determined to make her “winnings” from the eating contest stick, and to reach 210 if possible by next weekend. That would exactly equal the 38-pound gain which had come between the previous visits from Luke. So she ate determinedly and constantly that week at work, and not only her usual snacks; she prepared sandwiches the night before, and ate one midmorning and midafternoon as well as at lunchtime. It wasn't long before Carrie noticed this.

“You have just inflated lately,” she said conversationally on Wednesday. “So, how much did you pack on since last Wednesday?

“Nine pounds,” said Jenny, now at a definite 203, between mouthfuls. Her double chin bounced gently as she chewed.

“Well, I hope this is the kind of surprise that boy of yours likes. Go on, stand up and show us the damage.” Jenny looked around, and when she saw no-one was watching, lifted up her shirt and displayed her belly, which with the padding and plumpening of her sides had passed roundness, becoming wider than it was high - all that prevented it from being a perfect oval was the hint of a crease beginning where each padded hip met it. It began to bulge out right below the underwires of Jenny's bra, and stuck out nine inches at its fattest part, just below her navel. It was really beginning to enter rooms ahead of her. Hidden under Jenny's skirt were two shallow creases above her pubic mound, which might be the beginning of an overhang like Sophie's. Her back had also gained a lot of fat, and now had three sets of love handles. The lowest of these was hiding, at the back and sides, the waistband of her drawstring skirt, which now had very nearly 47 inches of waist to get around. Her newly wider hips were at 54 inches. Her breasts were bigger again too, and Jenny was wondering about going to try some 42 or 44D-cup bras. Her arms were beginning to look distinctly pudgy, as were her calves; her thighs had been that way for a while. She'd been thinking the gain was not very noticeable now that she was fatter all over, but apparently Carrie had been paying attention.

“Jen, I'm lost for words!” Carrie was half-shocked, half-admiring. “You don't do things by halves, do you? Are you still fat and happy?”

“Yup. Hungry, though,” said Jenny, taking a slug of coffee and tearing open a carton of crackers. This wasn't entirely true; her determination to reach her goal meant she felt full almost all the time.

Sophie had called her up to say that her tattoo was no longer pulled out of shape, because she had lots of new stretchmarks on her belly from the day at the lake. Jenny had no new marks, just a slight widening of the ones on her hips. She wondered, sitting at her kitchen table working and snacking that night, why it was that people gained weight so differently. Carrie for example had DD breasts and curvy hips, with rather chunky arms and legs but a little waist and nearly flat stomach; though somewhat overweight, she looked more voluptuous than fat. Sophie put it on all over but especially in belly, thighs and ass, and was stretchmarked all over - belly, breasts, even upper arms and back. Jenny, on the other hand, had this huge gut but only a moderately chubby body - she had now seen pictures of Sophie thinner and she had had a slight double chin even at 150 pounds, whereas Jenny's had taken another 40 pounds to get there. Her breasts weren't even as big as Carrie's, though her gut had reached the point where she could place her hands on the underside of its curve and it would fill the circle of her arms completely. She could hug it, like another person or a big stuffed toy.

She was beginning to wonder about setting an upper limit to this rapid gain. It had only been eleven weeks, after all, since all this had started, and she'd gained - let's see - about eighty pounds. Oh my God, thought Jenny, I weighed 80 pounds when I was 13! All of me! She remembered the girl she'd been then, four foot eleven tall, and still childlike and as flat as a board while other girls needed bras and were developing hips. Perhaps that was why she had started to feel invisible - looking young for her age, she had been cut off from the new, exciting teenage gossip about bras, makeup and boys. Her body had never changed dramatically; she had continued to look younger than she was, and had never quite caught up; by the time she got to college, she'd become used to her invisibility. Except with Luke. Luke had always made her feel part of things, and always let her know she was worth talking to, worth consulting on important matters, a good person to be around. But with others she felt too shy to come out of her shell, and had stayed on the sidelines of life, looking on. And there she had remained until that amazing Saturday.

It was unbelievable how much more self-assured she felt now; she could talk to anyone and hold her own in situations that would have made her want to run away and cry before. Standing up to those boys at the lake had been easy. Dealing with telephone queries from writers, who could be very difficult, had become a breeze. She was no longer afraid of the chief editor, with his height and his immaculately polished manner.

This new-found self-confidence had to be a result of her changing body. I don't look like a meek little girl anymore, thought Jenny. There was now no chance of her sneaking into a room unnoticed. What she lacked in height she made up in breadth, for her stoutened body gave her presence - she was, literally, no longer a “lightweight” or “pushover.” She might not run around as fast as before her gain, but once moving she looked unstoppable, like a small tank. Her striking appearance made heads turn, and if some of the gazes she drew were critical, she no longer cared. She was ready to stand up to anyone who couldn't accept her the way she was.

On the Friday Luke was due to arrive, Jenny was sitting comfortably at 212 pounds. There wasn't much physical change noticeable - maybe slightly chubbier cheeks and a modestly rounder rear. An eight-pound gain didn't make nearly as much difference as once it had: at 112 it had been a fourteenth of her bodyweight, and now it was a mere twenty-sixth. After work, she poured herself into a short size 20 denim skirt, which had been Sophie's in the spring, and a shell-pink stretchy top which let a few inches of belly peep out between hem and waistband. The skirt wasn't skin-tight yet, but sat fitting closely to her 56-inch hips. Her waist had passed 48 inches - four feet! - and her bra size was 44DD. The wide scoop neck of her top revealed plump shoulders and a hint of tempting cleavage, while its elbow-sleeves hugged her meaty upper arms, leaving her delicately plump forearms bare. All her visible skin was lightly tanned - she had been sitting out in her bikini when possible, determined to appreciate it before she outgrew it completely. The tan set off her shiny dark hair and made her eyes look bluer. Her sturdy legs were bare and under the skirt her thickened thighs were touching. She looked relaxed and pretty - and totally satisfied with her appearance in the mirror, round and cuddly and delicious. She stepped into her sandals and set off to the airport.

This time Luke had been fully briefed to expect at least 200 pounds of girlfriend, and lost no time in making straight for Jenny, who headed for him too and threw her arms around him, nearly knocking him over. Kneeling, Luke embraced her in an act of pure belly worship, a little surprised to find that he could only just get his arms all the way around her at her widest point, her hips; but he was so pleased to see her again, passionately kissing her bare stomach, hands and arms, then standing up and raining more kisses on her upturned face. Jenny hugged Luke as closely as she could, though she could not even nearly make her own shorter arms meet behind his back.

“My growing girl! You just get more beautiful each time I see you,” Luke enthused as they made their way to the car. As Jenny eased her way into the driver's seat, he complimented her on the way her belly, dominated by one big roll, spilled forwards eagerly into her lap, and the way her hips now filled the seat from side to side. Jenny glanced over to Luke as they stopped for a light, and saw that his gaze was riveted on her breasts, bigger by two cup sizes than when last he saw them and pushed up by her bellyfat; they were displayed to perfection in her clingy top. He realised she had caught him staring and met her eyes with a grin. “Well? You're gorgeous! No excuses needed…” She looked down at his lap and saw a telltale bulge in his pants, which made her grin in turn. She couldn't wait to get home.

Jenny bounced gloriously as she ran up the stairs, and as she lumbered warm and breathless to a stop outside her door, Luke, just bringing up the rear, backed her up against it and kissed her again, cupping her face gently in his hands. She didn't need any chocolate to improve this kiss… Gasping, completely out of breath and weak at the knees, she managed to unlock the door and they almost fell inside. Luke fell to his knees again and Jenny ripped his T-shirt over his head as he grabbed handfuls of the thick, thick, cushiony layers of fat on her belly. He moved his hands around to explore her billowing rear as she released the drawstring on his shorts and tugged them down. Soon he stood naked before her, tall and broad and solid - maybe a little more solid than before?

“Did you gain a little yourself, by any chance?” asked Jenny, stroking his stomach as he unzipped her skirt and eased it over her hips and around her ample rear.

“Yes, my little honey. I told you, you put a few pounds on me last time I saw you,” said Luke, struggling to unhook her well-filled bra. “I think I've added another 10 or so. Had to get some new pants.”

“What are you at now?” panted Jenny eagerly, standing there in just her black lace size 20 panties and her sandals. She kicked the sandals off, which made her belly and breasts bounce again.

“232 this morning. How about you? 200-and-some yet?” He gathered Jenny to him and squeezed her in his brawny arms, trapping hers against the fat of her soft sides. She wriggled delightfully and managed to get a hand free to tickle the side of his belly. His hard-on was pressing into her hip, where the hip-bone had once been visible.

“212 - impressed? I beat my previous gain by two pounds - it's exactly a hundred pounds since college - and I only weigh 20 less than you!” She could feel a moistness and heat between her legs, increasing every second…

“Jen - that's unbelievable! In only four weeks! What is that, 10 pounds per week?” Luke knelt again and drew her in so he could bury his face in her bountiful breasts. He stroked her hips, caressed the multiple rolls on her back, and then slid his hands under her waistband and began to ease the black lace panties down. Jenny shivered with pleasure, causing her belly and breasts to rebound against him and every inch of her to tremble tantalizingly.

“Yeah, on average.” Jenny hauled Luke upright and backed him against the wall himself, running her hands up and down his sturdy sides. “But I gained seventeen permanent pounds from you feeding me up, remember, and then eight last Saturday, which only leaves seventeen more. So it's more like five or six a week when I'm not stuffing myself.”

Luke grinned, tracing circles on her bulging belly with the tip of his finger; it was brushing the tip of his member even though Jenny's face was almost a foot from his. “I'd have liked to see that competition you told me about! You'll have to introduce me to this Sophie girl.”

“Don't get any ideas, she's only sixteen and has a very, very devoted boyfriend!” Jenny stepped sideways and traced a hand up Luke's soft inner thigh.

“Ideas?” Luke put on a mock-innocent tone and raised his eyebrows. “Right now the only idea in my head is bedding you - because I can't hold out any longer!”

They did not make it to the bedroom, but made love on the livingroom floor; Jenny's back fat cushioned her against its hardness. She was aware that her pillowy belly was raising Luke up, giving him excellent access to her tender plump breasts. As Luke thrust powerfully into her, Jenny attempted to lock her legs around his broad back as she had done before, but her thighs were much fatter than last time, and Jenny and Luke's combined waists had thickened so much that she just couldn't reach to hook her feet around each other any more! However, she gripped him firmly between her padded thighs, and, holding hard to the flesh of his shoulders, flexed her back and pelvis as they rocked together, back and forth, cushioned by her fat. His increased weight pressed down on her. Then, supporting himself on his hands, Luke slid his penis slowly out, then in again, out and in. Ahhh, he was coaxing her slowly towards an orgasm greater than she had yet known! Electricity seemed to pervade every part of her. Luke eased himself downwards, gently increasing the weight which rested on her belly, buried his face in her breast and took her pointed nipple in his mouth, flicking it with his tongue as his now-freed hands ran up and down her sides, setting off sensuous ripples and quivers aplenty, all of which he could feel lapping against his body… He could withhold no longer. He pushed himself back up and thrust as deeply as he could, Jenny's own bodyweight anchoring her quite firmly. As he came, Jenny's body, already vibrating with pleasure in every nerve, heaved with the force of the sensations he was creating within her, and they both cried out with ecstasy, again and again.

As they collapsed exhausted on the rug, drenched in sweat and dizzy from pleasure, Luke told her again how very much he loved her, and how beautiful and sexy her new figure was. He rested his chin on her well-padded chest and gazed into her eyes.

“You are amazing, you know that?” He smiled at her. “I've never felt so strongly about anyone, Jen. You've got something unique - and it isn't just the ability to pack away enough to feed an army, either.” He grinned and put a finger on Jenny's lips, which she bit playfully.

“I can't go on not seeing much of you once class starts again. I can't do it.” He rolled off her, and she heaved herself to a sitting position, belly and breasts cascading forwards.

“I want to see you more often too. I love you, Luke. You are the amazing one; you set me free to be someone I never could have imagined a few months back. You've changed my life - and I've only spent a few days actually in your presence! Think what it'd be like if I had you for a whole week…”

“Jen, I got an unexpected bonus for a project that I helped to finish ahead of schedule. I'd already budgeted for paying my rent and my tuition, so I've got this money free, and some savings. I want to get a car, so I can come and spend weekends with you - what do you think? Of course you can come spend them with me as well, but I can come down earlier on Friday afternoons so we'll have more time together.”

“Oh, Luke!” Jenny's eyes were shining. “I'd resigned myself to giving you up again as soon as I'd got you back… and maybe losing you to some curvy law student, who knows? One who's got DD breasts without having to grow a beanbag-sized belly.” She laughed, and slapped her gut, causing it to bounce and make the thighs it rested on jiggle and sway.

Luke came near and kissed her, stroking the belly very gently. “I don't care what her breasts are like, she couldn't be half the woman you are, my big-bellied beautiful babe - and even if she were, I'm sticking with you!”

Jenny and Luke went back to their favorite restaurant that night. Their waiter remembered them from the last time - when they had eaten almost enough to feed four people - and said he hoped they would do justice to the chef's cooking. They did not disappoint him. Neither had had much to eat that day, by consent, and they tore into the food as if they hadn't eaten for a week. Jenny's hips now overflowed her chair by a few inches on each side, and she had had difficulty edging between the little tables. It was a dinner to remember. Pounds of moules marinières, followed by unctuous deep-fried Mozzarella; large shallow bowls of fettuccine Alfredo, then the steak Jenny had been promising herself, and finally the dessert, a double portion of a rich, dark chocolate truffle torte, redolent of Amaretto (and reputedly containing about a thousand calories a slice). She had eaten more than Luke had again, though he had not done badly, forgoing the tasty Italian bread and one appetizer in order to be able to finish his dessert this time. He leaned back with a satisfied sigh, and loosened his belt by two notches. His paunch looked tight and firm under his shirt. Jenny had unfastened Sophie's old skirt and was discreetly rubbing her stuffed stomach. “That was magnificent,” she said as the waiter brought them coffee.

Back at Jenny's flat, Luke took off his pants and collapsed on to her couch, which creaked loudly in protest as she sat beside him. “Whew… I'm so full I can barely move.” Jenny raised her eyebrows in mock disbelief. “Yeah, I'm stuffed,” Luke repeated. “I never ate that much before… if I could cook like that, I'd be really huge.” Jenny felt very full too, but heaved herself up with a tremendous effort and pulled Luke up too - her weight was now enough to accomplish this when she leaned back a little.

“C'mon, let's go see just how much we managed to pack away, then.” The bathroom scales put Luke at 237 and Jenny at 220, with her waist just about reaching 50 inches. “Catching up on you…” she said. They made their way back through to the lounge and sat down again. Jenny put a hand on Luke's arm.

“I've got something I want to ask you. It's about… my weight.”

“Oh, Jenny.” Luke looked sad. “Do you want to be thin again? I promise I won't stop you dieting if it's what you want. I would do anything rather than make you unhappy. But you are so beautiful like this, all round and firm.”

Jenny smiled. “No, I wouldn't dream of losing a pound. I didn't do it just for you, I did it because I wanted to. I'm fascinated by my fat body, and it's an incredible bonus that you love it that way too. But I'm beginning to think about maintaining my weight, rather than setting out to gain any more. I think my body has started to make the choice for me - I have had to eat almost all the time for the last 20 pounds or so. It seems to take far more calories to maintain the same average 5-pounds-per-week gain - I'm eating around seven or eight thousand a day just now, and I feel full all the time. I don't concentrate on my work as well when I'm eating constantly, either. If I only eat when I'm hungry, I'll probably slow down on the gaining and then find a natural equilibrium.”

“What were you thinking of for a goal weight, Jen?”

“230 pounds. 224 would be twice what I weighed to begin with, which sounds good, but I'll probably go a little over that while my body adjusts. Any more than that, and I think I won't be round and firm anymore - I'll start to sag.” She pulled the front of her panties down and demonstrated how her belly was beginning to crease above her mound of Venus, and the deepening of the creases over the place where her hipbones had once been visible. “After all, I'm pretty short. I think over 250 would probably be too much for me to carry easily. So far, touch wood, my health is fine - no back problems or anything, and I take gentle exercise.”

Luke was smiling. “You do have a small build, and I wouldn't want you to be in pain, or endanger your health. I can't pretend I haven't loved being surprised by your transformations - but I think you look perfect now, so I have no problems with you maintaining. Guess I had better not encourage you to eat too much when we get together, then…”

“We can still stuff me to bursting on special occasions, of course!” Jenny reassured him - and herself.


Jenny followed this plan, and no longer actively tried to test the limits of what she could eat on a regular basis. However, it took another four months before her gain stopped completely, at 243; this was probably due to enjoying herself at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The last 20 pounds did not make her belly noticeably bigger, though her arms had become quite wide, and her thighs very round and soft with deep dimples around the knees. She did lose a little of this weight over the next few months, reaching equilibrium at between 230 and 235 pounds, around the same weight as Luke. Her waist had reached its maximum at 53 inches, while her chest measured 48 and her hips, 59. She is still feeling happy and confident, and has applied and been accepted for a new job with a publisher specialising in reprints of classic fiction: another step up the career ladder. She still meets Carrie for drinks or coffee sometimes.

Luke finished his studies and, as soon as he had found a job, asked Jenny to marry him (while they were eating dinner at their favorite little restaurant). She accepted, and they are planning their wedding. Sophie is to be a bridesmaid. Her mother is still trying to get her to diet, although she has now reached around 330 pounds, having found a way to get past her plateau (another story) so this seems pretty futile. She is becoming quite huge: with a vast pendulous belly, consisting of three ample rolls, the lowest of which hides her bikinis completely from the front; arms like sandbags; and legs whose girth has to be seen to be believed. She has managed to out eat Jenny on several occasions now that Jenny is no longer "in training." It looks as though Sophie will easily reach her 350-pound goal before she gets to college, where she is intending to major in fine arts. She is threatening to design her own bridesmaid's dress if Jenny can't find one she likes in a size that leaves some room to grow into by the wedding…