Weight Room Title Bar

By Mink

Part One

This was it! Tifia had always been a well-fleshed girl, but lately, hitting puberty, she was growing. And not upwards. She looked at herself in the mirror, eyeing her soft thighs that were almost touching, and her belly swelling out slightly in a soft mound of fat that strained at her pants. She turned, looking at her love handles and flabby ass, which was starting to strain her underwear. "God…I'm a butterball! I need new clothes!" On the one hand, she needed bigger clothes, but on the other she didn't want to waste the money as she was planning to lose the weight anyway. "Oh well…no help for it I guess!" and turned, pulling on her ridiculously small shorts and top on and waddling to the mall.

George looked at his pictures of his goddess, Tifia. She had been a cute girl before, and was becoming more beautiful with each blubbery pound added to her body. He looked across the street and saw her leave her house, belly draping over her jeans and shirt straining over her rolls. He decided to follow her.

As he trailed behind her - far enough that she wouldn't see - he marveled at her beauty, determined to have it for himself.

Tifia was sweating as she pulled her self into the air-conditioned mall, and had to sit on a bench to catch her breath. Just then she saw George, the hot guy from Chemistry, walk in looking around closely, and when his eyes rested on her they lit up. He walked briskly towards her and sat beside her. "Tifia! So great to see you!" he grinned at her.

Tifia was struck dumb, only blurting out, "I'm hungry!" then wishing she could disappear, sure he would be disgusted with her, but to her surprise he only laughed and said, "Thirsty too, I bet!" then helped her up and walked with her to McDonald's casually.

"What would you like?" he asked, "I'm paying!"

"Um…just a nugget Happy Meal please," she mumbled as she walked to a table, wishing she wasn't breaking her diet but willing to do anything to be with George.

When George returned she gaped at all the food - at least three normal sized nugget meals and all supersized! She looked up at him, "I can't eat all this!"

"I know," he responded. "I'll eat what you don't, ok?" How could she refuse an offer like that? And besides, it DID look good...She slowly raised a fry to her mouth and bit in, smiling at him. Suddenly, she didn't care and started shoveling fries into her mouth. George looked on in pure lust as she shoved fries into her mouth - this was just like his dreams! He nibbled at his food and then watched her keep eating…God! She was so sexy! Finally, she finished and reached over the table. "Are you going to finish this?" she asked, then took it as he offered them to her, scarfing it down.

"All done?" George asked, thrilled. Maybe she'd put on a few!

She grinned, then flushed red. "Oh, I was such a pig!"

"Nah, not at all. Why were you here, anyway?" he asked curiously

"Oh…to get clothes" she mumbled, getting up.

George was in heaven - her gut was swollen and hanging out over her pants, rippling in waves as she spoke. "Lets go then!" secretly delighted. "I can tell you which ones look good!"

"Oh, thank you!" Tifia said, trying to suck her belly in. George reached out and tickled it, sending it cascading over her pants as she laughed. "Now none of that! Let it go!"

She laughed and did so, amazed at her fortune - this guy seemed to like her! Her, fat, ugly, Tifia!