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The Gazebo
By Thump

She noticed him from across the room immediately. Her senses pointing to him like a bird dog. He stood with a drink in hand as he talked to several people. His size a huge statement in that small space. She stood fascinated by his belly! It was as wide across as it was in depth and her own fingers itched to sink themselves into its softness. Like most men she could tell that his belt lifted it higher and her imagination reeled with the desire to walk over and release it from its confinement. Knowing that once released that it would spill into her hands.

She stood there dazed and full of dreams not noticing that he saw her too. He liked what he saw. A petite sized woman with generous curves that hinted at a potential that he knew could become a reality with the right man. Her belly pouting out with a graceful curve that left his fingers dying to run themselves across the bottom of it.

"He's looking at me!" and she felt the room tilt and raised her hand to her heart feeling the rhythm of it gallop against her palm.

"She's looking at me!" and he stared back with heated interest. He wondered if the blush that rose upon her face began somewhere else?

She didn' know what to do. Maybe he thought she was staring out of rudeness. She needed to go say hello.

He stood there and watched her cross the room. Envying those passer bys that she bumped into.

"Hello...how are you tonight? Lovely party dont you think?" she blurted that out in one quick breathy sentence

"I am good. Hungry as a bear though. Care to join me?"

Her eyes ran over him from top to bottom, but remained fixed on his belly.

He smiled and rubbed it, "It keeps me company"

She gulped and stammered, "I think it's beautiful!"

He grinned at her heartfelt statement, "Thank you. Then why don't we go get a plate of food to keep this beautiful thing happy and then go out to the gazebo and get to know one another?"

He put his hand on the small of her back and shivered when he felt a hidden fat roll.

They continued down the crowded hallway and she could feel his belly bump against the small of her back as they walked. She wanted to turn around and bury her face in that softness!

They approached the buffet table that was full of delicious appetizers, desserts and the main course. He handed her a plate and waved her on ahead as he began filling his plate. She watched with a dry mouth as he stacked it higher and higher and imagined him adding them to her mouth instead of his! He watched her fill her own plate sparingly.

"A girl can't grow with that sad empty plate"

She looked at him and grinned and began filling hers up as well.

After filling them up he guided her to the back garden of the house. It was quiet and peaceful. Enriched with the scent of gardenias and the little gazebo in the back covered with thick vines and lit with pretty Japanese lanterns.

She turned and looked at him. "This is very nice" as he indicated that they sit down on the benches.

She noticed how his belly drooped between his thighs as he sat and she sighed.

"Everything all right?" he asked with another grin.

She nodded slowly and began eating. He watched her small mouth as she ate and wondered how it would feel against his. She watched his strong fingers and wondered how they would feel across her.

They ate in silence. The sound of the distant party only a reminder where they were.

She set her empty plate down and unknowingly swept her hand across her fuller belly. His eyes darkened at the thought of doing that himself.

He sat his plate down and leaned against the wall resting his hands upon his now higher belly.

She looked at him. The air between them crackled. He looked back at her. She scooted closer. He scooted closer. She touched his knee. He answered that touch with his arms as they went around her and their mouths exploded upon each others. His belly flush against her as she moved her small hands up and pulled his shirt out from his pants and then began unbuttoning it frantically. He kissed her deeply and tasted the sweet remnants of strawberry shortcake upon her tongue as her palms splayed themselves against his now naked chest.

His kisses deepened as his own hands searched for her soft belly and breasts. The sound of her soft sighs and gasps left him shaken and wanting more. She twisted in his arms and scooted back. Her brown eyes wide and her dark hair like a cloud around her pale face. Already her mouth was swollen from his kisses and with a male smile he reached for her again. She shook her head and pushed him gently back onto the cushioned seats. She then knelt before him and buried her head into his soft belly. Flicking her warm tongue into his navel as she held onto his plump sides. Her tongue moving in and out...in and out...in out. He began to unbuckle his belt, but she pushed his hands aside and slowly began to unsheathe it.

He watched her with stunned fascination as her plump breasts wobbled against his inner thighs leaving him hard and with such desperate need. His legs locked around her drawing her nearer to him as her hands fondled and stroked him as she released his buckle and then the button at the top. Like a waterfall his belly flowed pushing down the zipper on its own accord as it spilled onto his lap. She cooed with delight and dove her hands into it scooping it up.

Feeling the full force of its weight in her palms and then rubbing her cheek across it like a satisfied kitten. The cool breeze drifted across him as she leaned up and suckled upon his nipples. Leaving them wet and shiny and aching for more.

He pulled her mouth away and kissed her hard again as his own hands traveled the across her round bottom as she wiggled against his lap. Her curious hands never stopping their search upon his enormous belly that caressed her as he kissed her again and again.

“I need to see you, too,” he said hoarsely.

She hugged his belly and ran her tongue down the center of it as her hands found the sweet shelf between his belly and his groin. She ran her fingertips across that tender pathway and pushed him back against the bench. Nudging his rolls of fat with the top of her head she lifted it and then marked the spot with her teeth and then her tongue. He shuddered with surprise as she then nuzzled her face into his hardness that begged to be released from his boxer shorts.

She leaned past him and gathered up several cushions from the bench and spread them upon the wooden floor. Then helped him take off his trousers as he stood up against her.

“Now...I need to see you now!”

She smiled and ran her own hands down across herself. The pinpoints of her nipples straining against her dress.

“Not until you lie down on your back,” she whispered

With effort and her help he laid down upon the cushions upon his back. His mountainous belly waiting eagerly for her touch again. His eyes waiting for a glimpse of her.

He would never forget the picture she created. Standing there against the glow of the Japanese lanterns that were hanging from the gazebo rooftop. She quickly undressed displaying a body ripe and round. Soft and feminine. Pale and fragile. Her breasts round with pink tipped nipples. Her belly a perfect round ball that then drifted down past the dark curls that he could barely see. Her hips small accenting the full generosity of a belly that begged to be fattened and a deeply shadowed navel that he ached to search.

Just as suddenly as she was framed by light she was suddenly cloaked in darkness as she had turned off the lanterns.

He felt her kneel beside him. Sweeping her hair across his belly and groin. The whispery feel of it leaving a trail of goosebumps. The darkness wrapping itself around them leaving each of their senses more alive. Her mouth made love to every fattened part of him as she gloried in the feel of his hands upon her naked body. Soon his boxers were slipped off as she then slipped onto him leaning forward across belly. Her breasts bouncing against him as his strong hands helped lift her and guide her. Their bellies pumping against each other as they each found their own climax. She collapsed across him as he rolled her over against him and held onto her. His belly against the curve of her back as his hands stroked her breasts.

“Hey John! Are you out here? You're our designated driver and we need to get home!”

He quickly sat up and grunted a “Yeah. I must of fallen asleep out here from all that good food. Be with you guys in a minute.”

He put out his hands to find her, but found nothing.


He put his clothes back on and went back inside to leave. He looked around the room for her, but didn't see her. He had so much to say to her and he wanted to be with her again and again.

“Come on you guys...let me take you all home.”

He dug into his trouser pocket for his keys, but instead came up with a pink business card engraved with HER NAME, HER ADDRESS and HER PHONE NUMBER!

A smile spread across his face as he wondered what kind of roses she would like and if it was to soon to call.