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Genie in A Bottle

It was an unseasonably hot morning even for early July as Matt Richards made his way toward the beach. The sun had not even come up yet and it was already close to eighty-five degrees as he trudged across the sand carrying his metal detector beside him. He liked to get an early start so he could be long gone before the obnoxious beach going crowd grew too thick and this morning had been no different. As he had done every summer morning for the past couple of years, Matt turned on his little machine and began to scour the beach looking for lost treasures from the day before. Living in a tourist rich, seaside community had its perks and Matt had done pretty well for himself since he invested in this little machine of his. He smiled to himself as he casually meandered his way through the sand thinking what today's catch might bring. "How can these people be so stupid?" he wondered as he thought about some of his past discoveries. Tourists seemed to bring everything they owned with them to the beach and between pawnshops and rewards; Matt was actually able to support himself throughout the summer thanks to these morons.

He looked around and was happy to see the beach was so empty this particular morning. Matt was not the greatest looking guy on the planet and he was uncomfortable at the thought of being judged by the bikini crowd that frequented this place, but the money was too good to resist. He'd always been a little overweight and hated these sun-worshipping goddesses who looked down upon him for being able to maintain the perfect human form. He spied three or four women spread out along the beach getting a head start on the sun and quickly glanced away when one of them spotted him staring at her. She gave him the dirtiest of looks and Matt trudged away muttering, "Bitch" under his breath.

He'd not gone an eighth of a mile when he stumbled across something in the sand that caused him to trip and fall to his knees with an "Umph!" All the gear he had been carrying crashed all around him and he heard one of the earlybirds somewhere in the distance giggling. "Fuck!" he shouted as he began to brush himself off and gather up his equipment. He glanced down at the area where he had tripped and saw something gleaming in the sand as it caught the early morning rays and reflected back at him. He reached down and began to dig and pulled out an odd shaped bottle that had been buried in the wet sand right about where the tide was breaking. "What's this?" he said to himself as he slowly turned the bottle around in his hands and viewed it from every angle. It appeared to be covered with ornate looking stones and looked almost antique and Matt began to grin contentedly. "Score!" he thought to himself as he opened his booty bag and pulled out his brush to clean some of the excess sand off the vessel.

He began brushing and was startled when the bottle began to smoke profusely out of the top. "What the fuck?" he shrieked and let the bottle fall to the sand. He glanced around quickly to see if anyone had seen what had just occurred and was a little relieved when he realized this had apparently gone unnoticed by the earlybirds. When Matt turned back around, he bumped face first into a sumptuous blonde dressed in an outfit straight out of The Arabian Nights. "What? Who?…W-Who are you?" he asked in astonishment. "Where did you come from?" "I'm the Genie," she answered in a friendly yet sensuous voice. "I came from the bottle silly. I've been waiting for you Matt. What took you so long?" Matt immediately deduced that this stunning blonde was one of his detested 'earlybirds,' and he grew annoyed. "Yeah, okay, and I've got three wishes coming to me, right?" he said as he began to once again gather up his equipment and brush the sand from his knees. "Actually, you get as many as you want," the blonde haired woman responded as she bent down to help him retrieve his belongings. "I'm yours Master."

"Very funny," Matt shot back. "Thanks for the scare. You got a name, Genie?" "My name is Jeannie, Master," she answered demurely. "And I am at your service." Matt rolled his eyes and laughed out loud. "Let me get this straight, Jeannie the Genie? How very original of you. You couldn't do better than that?" The girl looked a little hurt and saddened. "You don't believe me? What can I do to prove myself to you? I can read minds also." Matt finished gathering up his possessions and was ready to turn and leave when he stood up pointed at the women who had giggled at him a few moments earlier. "Okay,” he said sarcastically. "Why don't you tell me what that girl right over there is thinking about me?" When Jeannie didn't answer immediately, he nodded his head and said, "I thought so.”

Matt turned his back to her and was about to begin walking when he heard a muffled cry coming from the direction he had just pointed to. He looked over that way and saw the girl sit up and grab her stomach as she continued to wail. She appeared to be in pain and Matt saw her body begin to swell beneath her form-fitting one-piece bathing suit. Her skin tone had also begun to change to a pale shade of pink and she was wrinkling her nose as her hands ran anxiously up and down her swelling torso. He stopped dead in his tracks and his jaw dropped open as he sat and watched her continue to transform right before his very eyes. Her nose was now becoming a pronounced pig-like snout and her arms had begun to recede into her body. Her cries for help became nothing more than animalistic grunts and squeals as he stood there gawking stupidly and he turned to Jeannie with a look of shock on his face. "What's happening to her?" he asked as he rubbed his eyes in disbelief. "She's turning into a Pig," Jeannie answered matter of factly. "Serves her right too,” she added as Matt turned his attention back toward the squealing woman.

Her body had more than doubled in size and Matt had to suppress a giggle when he saw her try to stand and fall comically back down onto all fours as her hands and feet slowly transmogrified into small cloven feet. Her head was swaying from side to side and Matt could see that her ears had now become pointed as her face continued to become more and more piglike. Her suit was straining against her enlarged form and when she turned around Matt saw a curly tail had sprouted above her once curvaceous ass. He stood there stunned and watched the scene continue to unfold, and in a matter of minutes he was looking at nothing more than a three hundred pound pig dressed in a flowered bathing suit writhing around in the sand. The pig stuck its snout in the woman's lunch bag and grunted happily as it began to forage through all the foodstuffs within.

"My God," Matt said slack-jawed. "Did you SEE that?" Jeannie only smiled modestly and said, " I DID that. Believe me now, Master?" Matt's mouth was still hanging open and he was about to answer when a tall slender woman dressed in a red thong rudely brushed into him as she jogged down the beach. "Outta the way tubby,” she huffed as she passed, nearly knocking him and Jeannie over. She had not gone ten steps beyond them when Matt saw her 'jog' suddenly become nothing more than a saunter, then grind to halt altogether. She turned toward him with a look of dismay on her face and Matt saw her hands unconsciously go for her belly. She looked down and saw it began to surge forward and her mouth fell open. Her ass and hips followed and in a matter of moments she had nearly doubled in size. Her legs were growing thick and heavy and her arms began to be pushed upwards from her expanding waist. She was growing fatter by the second and Matt was stunned. He turned to Jeannie and said, "But I didn't say anything…" "You didn't have to." She smiled. "This one's on me. I can read minds, remember?" He turned back to the expanding jogger and was shocked to see that she already appeared to weigh about three hundred pounds and was still growing fatter. She was now strewn with rolls of flab and blubber, and her once firm body had now become a sea of movement as her paunch shook and jiggled as she tried to get a better look at herself. Her ass had grown so huge that her thong was nowhere to be seen, and Matt saw that it was swimming in cellulite as she appeared to grow fatter and fatter. Her huge drooping mams now hung on either side of her hugely swollen paunch and she looked more like a circus fat lady now than a trim, fit jogger.

"Who's tubby now?" Jeannie giggled as the hugely obese woman began to slowly waddle away aimlessly down the beach crying. "I don't understand,” Matt stammered, still not having a chance to even catch his breath. "How did you?…What?…Where?…" "You ask too many questions silly," Jeannie chirped as she took his hand and began to lead him back up the beach. "Can't you just let it be?" Matt looked at her dumbfoundedly. "But…"

He was about to continue when they suddenly came upon the young brunette woman who had shot him such a dirty look earlier that morning, and as they passed she looked up him and smirked, "Found yourself a little beach-toy?" Jeannie looked a little confused and insulted. "Beach-toy?" Matt grabbed her by the arm. "Uh, uh, uh…My turn now." He turned to the woman and grinned broadly. "Can you say Beachball?"

The young woman only stared at them blankly, then gasped loudly as her stomach started to slowly expand and swell out of nowhere "OMIGOD! WHAT'S HAPPENING? I'M BLOWING UP LIKE A BALLOON!!!" "Like a Beachball!" Jeannie corrected her triumphantly. The brunette looked down and saw her belly continue to expand until it actually DID resemble a beachball. Then her torso and appendages also began to expand around her ever tightening blue bikini. “WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME???…MAKE IT STOP!!!" she cried as her body continued to slowly inflate. Her torso was becoming round now and it began to swallow up her arms and legs as she lay there helplessly. She was flapping her arms ferociously in protest as she continued to grow but it wasn't doing her much good. "Help! HELP!" she cried as her flesh continued to stretch and grow larger and larger and her arms and legs became nothing more than mere afterthoughts in the face of her ballooning torso. Her skin appeared to be getting tight as well as she continued to expand, and it began to look shiny and squeak like the flesh of a balloon as she struggled.

She was now almost completely round now and her head seemed tiny and inconsequential above her bloated frame as she sat there and flapped her wee, flipper-like hands. She had stopped screaming and now the only sound escaping her was a faint muffled cry and the sound of squeaking body tissue. Matt was wondering just how big she was going to get when the wind suddenly picked up and the young balloon woman began to roll helplessly down the beach haphazardly. "Well, good-bye to her." Jeannie exclaimed. "People are so RUDE here," she said as if nothing had just occurred. "I don't know how you dealt with it before I came along." Matt was speechless and only nodded his head in agreement as they continued their way toward the parking lot.

They reached the concession stands without any further incidents and Matt finally had a chance to begin to process everything that had just happened. He scratched his head and pinched himself to see if he was dreaming and Jeannie smiled at him. "Nope, I'm for real," she exclaimed happily. "I wish you would stop that." Matt said as he turned to look at her while they walked. He didn't notice that they were passing the ladies room and walked head on into two college-aged girls who were just arriving at the beach. "Hey watch it!" the shorter of the two shouted as Matt accidentally barreled into them nearly knocking them to the floor. Matt went to help them up and noticed they were both, extremely attractive. The girl who had yelled at him had long blonde hair and only came up to his chest in height. She had the biggest tits Matt had seen in a long time and he found himself glued to them a little too long. Her friend was not much taller, but she had thick brown hair and flawless skin. The pair must have weighed less than 150 between them and Matt found himself growing aroused as he reached his hand out to help them.

"Keep your paws off of me!" the blonde shouted again. She looked up at the odd couple that were Jeannie and Matt and she frowned. "Aren't you a little young to be a mother?" she asked in a nasty tone referring to the obvious mismatch of beauty and awkward teen. "Mother?" Jeannie asked. "Oh boy! NOW you've done it!" Matt blurted out as he rolled his eyes and waited for the show to begin. In moments, the blonde's nasty little smirk changed to a look of discomfort and she looked at her friend fearfully. "What's wrong?" asked the brunette sensing her friend's alarm. "I don't know." The blonde responded. "I feel funny!" Just as the words had left her mouth, the blonde's hands flew to her stomach as it began to pooch forward. "Oh my God! Look at your stomach Debbie! You look pregnant!" the brunette shrieked in horror. "Look at yours!" the blonde shrieked back. The two women looked down and began screaming hysterically as they watched their collective belly's begin to swell and bulge uncontrollably, and in a matter of seconds both looked about six months pregnant. They turned to run back into the bathroom to escape and Matt laughed as they humorously tried to squeeze through the door at the same time. Their swollen bellies met at the door and mashed into one another as they futilely rocked back and forth like a scene from a comedy.

Matt noticed that the beach parking lot was beginning to fill with cars so he took Jeannie's hand in his and began to walk her toward his car before there was trouble. "Y'know, you just can't go around 'changing' every woman we meet,” he said as they approached his vehicle and he fumbled for his keys. "Why not?" Jeannie asked. "Matt opened her door and thought about this for a moment before answering. "Well, well, um, …" "Are you not pleased with my work thus far?" she asked as she slid herself into the car and sat down. “Yeah I'm pleased,” Matt said as he closed her door and walked around to the driver's side. "It's just that…well…I'm sure I'll think of something," he said as he started the car and began to maneuver his way through the lot. "Oh, I don't know,” Jeannie exclaimed as they were passing the concession stand. Matt and Jeannie turned to look and saw the two college-aged girls come painfully wobbling out of the ladies room looking hugely pregnant now. Their distended bellies hung almost to their knees and they were having quite a difficult time waddling to their car and holding their grossly exaggerated bellies before them. They were trying to help each other walk and when they saw Matt and Jeannie, they immediately turned around and began wobbling as fast as their bloated, pregnant bellies would allow in the other direction causing Jeannie to smile." I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship," she said as they passed the tollbooth and headed out on to the freeway.