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Giant Mountain of Fat
By Grublove

I'm so fat, my friend Jenna said. I just laughed and said, No, you're not; you're beautiful. I had always liked her but never could tell her. She always thought she was fat, but she was far from it; she was 5,10 and about 120, with dark eyes and hair. But now she was beginning to look a little chubby. I was liking her new weight. I now started to invite her over for dinner almost every night and I always cooked the fattiest foods. By a few week our so I think she was getting the picture that I liked her, and we started going on out. I kept preceding my secret feeding every night, fixing her tables of food. She always asked if I was trying to fatten her up or something. By now she weighed about 150; she had fat soft love handles and a fat round ass that would jiggle with every step that was the biggest part of her all. So was her belly; it was soft and very round. This was all happening so fast. She hardly noticed that she was putting on so much 'cause she stayed at my place and wore loose t-shirts and robes. Then she realized how fat she was and started to cry. So that's when I told her I was a F.A and that I loved the way she was. After making her feel better and two bowls of ice cream, she felt better and wanted something more to eat. So this is when I started to have my fun.

That night I fed her more than she had ever eaten before. I went out that day and bought $300 of food, mostly junk food, and ordered a few pizzas to get started. She took the first pizza like it was nothin' and then another one. Then her belly started to hang over her thong, and her ass looked as if it swallowed the back part of the thong, and her legs were huge as were her arms - she was going out of control. She stopped for a min for a break. I asked her how can this be possible; how can you gain so much so fast? She said it was some chemical formula that she got from her father; he was some kind of scientist that was working on a new formula that would help people that had trouble gaining weight. For every pint you drank, you would gain 30 pounds, depending on how much you ate. I thought that was amazing.

She had drunk 3 pints, and the outcome was amazing and getting better. She was doubling her food required and drank a few more of the weight gain drinks. I was having a dream come true; she was now at least 250. Laid out on the floor, she looked like a ball of blubber that kept growing. Her legs' thighs touched together, and she was constantly jiggling, her body making slosh like noises as she grew and shook her tits, her huge basket ball size her ass 4 foot wide. Her stomach was touching the floor as it went over her sides and between her legs. Her legs were now the size of tree trunks, and she was at least 600 pounds. The pounds keep on coming, and I was almost out of food, when she stopped for a break. Now she was about 800 lbs.

Her belly almost touched the floor, swaying from side to side. She looked at me and smiled, then wobbled to me, every ounce of her fat rolling and bouncing. I hugged her; of course, my arms would not come close to fitting around her. I squeezed her - she was sooo soft - then I grabbed handfuls of fat and dropped it and watched it jiggle and bounce. I wanted to get of top of her and stick my dick in one of her soft rolls of fat. But she said, No no not yet - we still have a long way to go.

She wobbled off to sit back down. I watched her gigantic ass squeeze through the door way to the next room; her ass rolled and seesawed, making her unbalanced when she walked. So now I went and got some more food and rigged a blender like machine with a tube that would run to her mouth. Now we were ready to start again.

She lay down on the floor, a little propped up from some pillows, then I hooked the tube to her mouth and began the feeding. She was putting on 100's of pounds on top of the others in matter of minutes. She was jiggling like a giant water balloon being filled up under a faucet. Her stomach started to gurgle and a loud fart came out, sending waves of fat over her body. I turned off the machine for a moment. She was at least 1,200 lbs or so, then she let out a belch and another fart. Still jiggling from the gas, she then somehow swayed her fat from side to side and rolled over. Her ass was huge it was about 6 foot wide and had dimples on it. Then once again she let out another fart, louder than the others. Her ass checks slapped together as the long fart came out of her titanic ass.

She jiggled and swayed for 3 minutes from the fart, and then she told me to slap her ass so I patted her ass very gently, and still it swayed like a ocean. After having my fun, I knew that some how I had to get a scale and ways to lift her around the house. My house was big so I had plenty of room. I just took out almost all the walls so I could fit her and a scale in the room. I had one of those giant scales to weigh 18-wheelers put in and a crane that moved across the ceiling, so I had to also redo my roof with steel beams.

The only thing I had to do now was get more food and more Gain drinks from her father. Being broke it was hard to do but I got the Gain drinks from her father for free since I told him we were using it on her to put on a little weight, and he thought that was great so now he had someone to test it on. Now I was finally ready.

Now with every thing prepared and a better machine built for her, we were ready. I strapped harnesses around her body, so when I was ready to move her, I could. I left some slack 'cause I figured she would bust out of them, anyway. I turned on the machine and put the tube into her mouth and began to poor food and formula into the machine. This time the gain was much more: she was putting on 300 lbs about every minute. Her fat was flowing, her arms the size of barrels and her legs were about the size of three put together. She could barley see her feet and hands.

As she put on weight, her body sloshed and swayed like a bucket of water and sounded of sloshing fat. Before she got too fat, I drug her to the scale, and right when I got her on it the harnesses all snapped at once from her mountains of fat. The scale's numbers were going up by the thousands. Finally, they stopped at 5,432 lbs. She was FAT!!!

Her belly, high off the ground and about 15 foot in front of her, was mounds of fat. Her legs, barely visible, were farther big around than your arms could stretch. Her tits hung to the floor. She was, no doubt, a giant mountain of jiggling fat. She burped and farted all night, jiggling and sending giant waves of fat from the top of her belly to the bottom, coming back up again. She could jiggle for 5 minutes with the slightest movement.

She could be no happier - and same for me. I had to show Jenna to her father, who was overjoyed with the fact that his formula worked and did not much think about how fat she was. Jenna's father made billions of dollars from his formula and split it with me and Jenna. So now we never have to worry about running out of food or going poor from buying so much to feed my mountain of fat.