Weight Room Title Bar

by Iam Unknown

The doorbell rang and a young, beautiful Jenna Washington opened the door. "Hi," she said with a smile to the pizza lady standing there.

"That'll be $20," the pizza lady said. Jenna handed her a twenty and a five for tip. The pizza lady thanked her and left. Jenna carried the pizza boxes to the living room where one of her favorite movies, Dark City, was paused. She set them down on the table in front of the couch and opened the one on top. She took a slice and started eating. She reached her greasy fingers to the remote and unpaused the movie. Her mom, then walked by, carrying a big bundle of clothes. She glanced at her daughter as she passed by and kept walking. Then she stopped, took a few steps backwards, and looked at her daughter eating a whole pizza by herself.

"Jeez, Jenna. Where does it all go? I mean, how do you keep that figure?" her mom asked. Jenna shrugged and smiled and continued watching her movie, not thinking about it in the least.

Flash! "Show me sexy!" Flash! "Show me sad!" Flash! Flash! "Yes! Yes!" Flash! "Show me surprised!" Flash! Flash! Flash! Flash!


Jenna Washington threw her duffle bag over her head and around her thin, 18-year-old body. Sure, she had a little flab on her, but as long as she kept her clothes on, no one would notice. Her long blonde hair helped divert attention, anyway. She had a beautiful smile that shows almost all of her teeth. She reminded a lot of people of a blonde Jennifer Love Hewitt. She had just finished another photograph session for her modeling career and was heading out of the warehouse, when she was stopped by her manager, Lyle.

"Hey, beautiful," Lyle said, out of breath.

"Hey there, Lyle. What's up?" Jenna asked.

"Baby, I'm sorry. But the studio is getting kind of upset," Lyle said with sympathy soaking his eyes.

"Upset? With what?" Jenna asked innocently as a child.

"They think you could afford to lose some weight." Jenna was dumbfounded. "I weigh 112! I lose any more weight and I'll disappear!"

Lyle shrugged. "I think they mean that you need to tone your muscles, you know? I mean, no offense, sweetheart, but you are a little flabby."

"Where am I flabby?" Jenna asked, as tears began to attack the corners of her eyes, struggling to get out.

"You know...in...the...thing. In the thing..." Lyle stuttered. Jenna's tears were now apparent. "I'm sorry sweetheart. I'm just the messenger, you know. Just...maybe work out a little and we'll see what we can do. Okay? Now come here, you." Lyle opened his arms and embraced Jenna for a hug. Good ole Lyle. He was a sleaze, but at least he had a heart for his clients.

As Jenna sat on the bus, and as rays of the orange evening sun lit her face, she thought of nothing but what Lyle said. Her entire world was thrown into upheaval. All because of a shallow modeling agency. She walked through her front door and slammed it behind her. With my extra flab I was lucky to get through the door, Jenna thought sarcastically.

"Honey, is that you?" Jenna's mom, Carla called.

"Yeah. It's your fat daughter," Jenna said nonchalantly as she slowly climbed the stairs to her room. She moped to her bedroom, slammed that door, and fell face-down onto her bed. Her mom knocked on the door. "Honey?" her mom asked. "May I come in?"

"No, go away," Jenna said monotonously through her pillow. The next thing Jenna heard was the sound of her door opening and her mom slowly walking in. Then she felt the bed sink a little as her mom sat down next to her. Jenna raised her head and met her mother's gaze.

Carla, Jenna's mother, was a beautiful woman. She had short blonde hair and her facial features were apparent in Jenna's own. Her mom had sharp cheekbones and was very thin. She was a model when she was Jenna's age, which is part of the reason Jenna became a model. "Honey, what's wrong?"

"Lyle told me the agency thought I was getting too fat. They think I need to exercise," Jenna complained.

Carla was taken aback. "If anything, you need to gain weight!" Carla exclaimed.

"That's what I said!" Jenna pleaded.

"I mean, you eat all the time! You gorge and never gain an ounce! Why I remember one time..."

"Mom, I just think I need to be alone, now." Carla nodded and left the room. Jenna sat up in her bed and looked around the room. She had a typical teenage girl's room. It was pink with teddy bears and such decorating it. She had her own private bathroom, which really was no big deal since she was an only child. Her father ran off when she was little and never really knew him, but it didn't affect her. It was just her and her mom in a huge, upper-class house. She snapped back to the present when an ad in the newspaper on her desk caught her eye.

Jenna stood up and walked over to it from her bed.

Want to lose weight
and gain cash?!

Come to 242
Haverwood Dr. at 4:00
on Saturday to
participate in an

Jenna felt that she had nothing to lose, aside from her health, her integrity, and possibly her life, so she decided that she would take part in the experiment.

The large metal doors slid open like on Star Wars, and Jenna stepped in. The room was cold and sterile, but had very modern looking equipment. In the middle of the room was a horizontal tank, with an open lid. It reminded Jenna of the beds at the tanning salon. She was wearing a blue sheet that made her feel like she was at the hospital. She saw three other girls her age in the room, each standing off to the side. She noticed one of them as Laura Overtone. Laura hated Jenna with a passion, and vice versa. Laura was a brunette and was also a model. She and Jenna were always at odds.

“Hello, Jenna,” Laura said coldly.

“Hello, Laura,” Jenna replied in the same tone.

“Why, Jenna. I didn't know you needed to lose any weight. You're already so beautiful,” Laura mocked.

“I wouldn't be making the jokes. We're both in the same room, genius,” Jenna replied.

Laura looked around and her eyes went to half-open. “So we are,” she said monotonously. Just then, a lab technician stepped forward with a clipboard.

“Washington, Jenna!” the technician called as she made her way to the tank.

Jenna nervously stepped forward to the technician standing next to the tank. She stood before her with a look of curiosity on her face.

“Strip down,” the technician said. Jenna removed her sheet and was completely nude. She heard giggling coming from the group of girls who were with Laura. She wanted to cry but remained strong. The technician smiled. “You'll do perfectly,” she said. “Now, lay down in the tank.” Jenna got in the tank and lay down. She felt cold as the lid of the tank slowly closed. She slowly started to warm up and began to relax. She then fell asleep.

Outside, the technician and an assistant played with a control panel. They spoke to each other in what seemed like code. Laura could sense the apprehension and fear in their voice. Something was wrong. Then, a flash occurred. Electricity was flowing from switchboards and computers all along the sides of the room. Jenna was in a deep sleep and didn't notice any of it. There was an explosion of light and sparks on one of the computers. The volunteer girls screamed and tried to shield themselves, even though nothing was really happening around them.

“Shut it down!” one of the technicians shouted. There was a low hum as the power was calmed, and the lights in the room dimmed. The pod opened, and Jenna slowly sat up, as if awaking from a sleep. The technicians ran to her side. “Are you all right? Is everything okay?” Jenna rubbed her eyes and looked at them like they were crazy.

“I'm fine,” Jenna replied. She then looked down to see a beautiful flabless body. The experiment worked! She was now lean all over. She had a perfect, beautiful body. She screamed and hugged the technicians.

Jenna busted through her front door, flailing her arms. "Mom!" she shouted. Carla swung around the corner from the hall with a worried look on her face. "No more flab!" Jenna shouted. "I'm cured!" Carla sighed, then smiled.

"Well, I'm glad, honey," Carla said. Jenna shouted some more and ran to her bedroom to call her friend Evelyn. She was about to tell Evelyn everything that happened, but remembered the contract she had to sign before participating in the experiment. She stayed mysterious on the phone and remained as quiet as possible on the whole thing. After the phone call, it was about midnight, and Jenna decided to get some sleep. She put on her pajamas (the old fashioned button down, striped, shirt and pants) and got into bed. She closed her eyes, and dreamed.

Jenna walked down the halls of her school with Evelyn next to her. She was wearing skimpy shorts and a t-shirt that was nearly skin-tight. She was the epitome of teenage girl of the new century. She was happy to show off her new, lean look. "Hey, Jenna! Lookin' good!" she heard.

"Thanks!" she replied with a smile.

"Wow, Jenna! You're beautiful!" they said. She smiled and continued to walk in the fashion of a model. Then, Laura stepped into her path.

"You really think you're beautiful, fatso?" Laura asked with an attitude.

"Fatso? I weigh 112 pounds! And there's not one inch of flab on me!" Jenna snapped back. "I am a bit hungry, though." She pushed Laura out of the way and continued walking with Evelyn. "I'm feeling a stomach ache," she told Evelyn. "But I'm so hungry." They busted into the lunch room. The double doors swung open and Jenna and Evelyn stood in the door way, surveying the area. They marched into the room and Jenna began taking food off of people's plates. She shoved the food in her mouth. Her stomach inflated slightly, just barely noticeable. But Evelyn noticed.

"Um...Jenna? You're getting a little..." Evelyn tried to warn.

"I don't care! I'm starving!" Jenna shouted. She continued to shove morsel after delicious morsel of fattening school lunch. Her body slowly expanded. Her butt was becoming a shelf; her stomach was both widening and pushing forward. Her small t-shirt began to rip at the arms and started to push up, revealing more of her torso. Her tiny jean shorts stretched, and the button popped off and flew across the room. Her growing stomach and torso pushed the zipper down. Her thighs tested the limits of the shorts. Her cheeks puffed out and a second chin was forming. She was losing any trace of a neck. She was suffocating, and threw whatever food she had in her hands into her mouth while she ripped the rest of her shirt off, leaving her in her bra and shorts. Her widening body ripped the jeans in half, starting from her buttocks and going all around, leaving her in just her bra and thong. She was now practically naked, taking food, eating, gorging, and moaning. Her body flowed as she moved from table to table, from plate to plate. Some students were in awe, and others were laughing. She was getting too fat.

She fell on her butt, and continued to eat. Students began bringing food to her. She was fed and fed and fed as she continued to grow. There was a gurgling sound that emanated from within her stomach. Many students gathered around, thought she was going to blow and leaned back. Everything froze as she sat there. Evelyn watched with worry on her face. Silence...


Then, BOOM! Jenna farted loudly, sending students gathered behind her to fly back 20 feet. She opened a new hole in the group around her. She smiled; feeling much better, but soon went frightened and embarrassed as she realized people were laughing at her. She was scared, and before she could start to cry, a hamburger was shoved in her face. Her cries were muffled, as were her pleas. "No more!" she pleaded. "I'm too fat!" But no one heard...or no one cared.

Jenna shot up in bed with a scream. She was breathing hard, but began to calm down. Her heart slowed as she panted. She looked around her dark room and could barely see. She felt for her lamp and turned on the light. She looked down at her body and was relieved. She was still thin. But something wasn't right. She was too tired to figure it out right away, but eventually she realized that her pajamas were torn. Her pajama shirt was wide open, revealing her bra and torso. Her pajama pants were a little loose and along the side of the legs, there were holes and tears. She was also, on top of the bed sheets. And the scariest thing to her was that the room smelled of a fart. She got freaked out and tried to button her pajama shirt back, but there were no buttons. They had just disappeared. She got under the sheets, and went back to sleep.

She woke up a few hours later, at about 10:30 AM. She got out of bed and drug her feet across the carpet to her bathroom. She rubbed her eyes and looked down. As she walked into the bathroom, she noticed something that caught her eye. She went back, to the bottom of the wall of her bedroom and saw a button. It was a button to her pajama shirt. She turned and saw that in the corner of her bedroom, was another button. She ran over to it, slid on her knees, and picked it up. She examined it. She then thought. Was she as thin as she previously thought? She shot up in an instant and ran to the mirror. She examined herself thoroughly. She was perfect. She was thin. She thought about it some more, but decided that it was just one of those things that you write off as weird and tell it as an amusing story to your friends or at parties. There was nothing more to this incident.

She made her way downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast, even though she wasn't necessarily hungry. She turned the corner into the kitchen and was astonished to see what she saw. The kitchen was wrecked. Cabinets were wide open, the fridge was open, food packagings were everywhere, and only one chair at the dinner table was broken. It appeared to have been broken under great pressure. Suddenly, Jenna heard her mom coming.

"Honey, is that you?" her mom asked as she got closer. "Did you feel that freak earthquake last night? It was surreal. We haven't had an earthquake here in..." she stopped when she got to the kitchen doorway. She saw the mess and gasped. She surveyed the room. "What happened?"

"I don't know. I just woke up," Jenna replied without taking her eyes off of the disaster. Jenna was beginning to think that this morning wasn't just another incident...

Jenna was watching television when the doorbell rang. She waited a few more seconds before getting up, but eventually went to answer the door. She was shocked as to who was waiting on the other side. "What do you want?" Jenna asked.

"Must you always be PMSing? I just wanted to see how you were doing," Laura answered.

"Well I'm doing just fine," Jenna replied.

"May I come in?" Laura asked.


"I want to talk about the Ms. Creekview Pageant coming up." Jenna thought for a moment, and decided why not? Laura walked in and looked around. "Nice place." She looked into the kitchen as she passed by it on their way to the living room. "What happened there?"

"Earthquake," Jenna said coldly. They walked to the living room and they each had a seat on the couch.

"So what about the pageant did you want to talk about?" Jenna asked.

"Well I want to have it postponed."

"Why?" inquired Jenna, nonchalantly.

"Well since the accident in the experiment, they didn't let any of the other girls try it. You lost all of your flab and are now perfectly toned. I will admit, I have some...you know. And there is no quick way to get rid of it except for that tube. And I wanted to wait until I'm able to get in it and tone up before I partake in the pageant."

Jenna thought deeply about it.

"It's only fair," Laura added.

"No, Laura. I'm sorry, but I want to get this over with as soon as possible."

Laura stared at Jenna with squinted eyes. "Fine," she said coldly. "Have it your way." She then got up and saw herself out. Jenna was left a little disturbed.

A few hours later, Jenna and Evelyn were in the food court, talking about the incident with Laura. Evelyn was eating some chicken and rice from a Chinese section while Jenna was drinking her water. Jenna was on a diet for the upcoming pageant. Evelyn was about Jenna's size, perfect model. She had black hair and was a little darker mentally. She wasn't Goth, but all of the preppy blonde girls seemed to think she was. She didn't blame them. She pitied them and their closed minds.

"That is weird," Evelyn said. "Do you think she has anything to do with trashing your kitchen?"

"No. My mom seems to think the earthquake did that."

"Earthquake?" Evelyn asked with food in her mouth, but with the food pushed aside in her cheek.

"Yeah, I didn't feel it either. And there was nothing on the news about it," Jenna said. "Man, I wish I weren't on a diet," she added out of nowhere.

"What?" Evelyn asked. Then, there was a rumble coming from Jenna's stomach.

"I'm starving," she said. She began to breathe heavily. Evelyn looked concerned.

"Jenna, you okay?" Evelyn asked, pushing her food aside. Jenna looked around the room. She felt weird.

"I feel weird," she said. There was another rumble coming from her stomach. She put her hands on her stomach and looked down on it. Then, it began to grow...

Jenna's stomach was growing wider and outward. Her breasts were inflating as though milk was being poured into them. Her jeans were growing tighter on her and the seams were straining. She leaped up from her chair and pushed it back. She didn't even seem to notice her growing. Her body jiggled with each movement. Her upper-arms spread as they were pressed against her side. A clear crease formed between her upper and fore-arms, as well as on her wrist. Her fingers we becoming chubby. Her shirt ripped on the sides and a little at the neck. She was becoming strangled and ripped the rest of the shirt off. Her ass was growing with the rest of her, wider and thicker. Her thighs pressed together as her jeans button shot off, across the food court. The sides of her jeans ripped, as well as the line along the butt-crack. Her feet busted out of her shoes. Her neck was now gone, replaced by four chins. When her metamorphosis stopped, she was 10 feet tall, and 800 pounds. In a low, rumbling voice, she shouted, "Feed me!"

Everyone, including Evelyn was in awe. Some people panicked and fled the food court. Jenna looked around the court for some food. She saw a McDonald's section and made her way to it. She threw tables aside and people aside. Her fatness jiggled about her with each movement. She had an angry look in her eyes. She was moving on hunger.

Everyone ran from her. Evelyn stood in her same place, seriously concerned for her friend. The workers in McDonald's were frightened for their lives and threw wrapped-up hamburgers at Jenna. She fumbled with them. She got annoyed and screamed at the workers. A gust of a strong wind came from her scream, and their visors and headsets were knocked off of their craniums. They stopped throwing food and just watched as Jenna bent down with much difficulty to get the burgers. She grabbed them and ripped through the wrappers. She shoved the whole burger in her mouth, which to her, was the size of a Chips-o-hoy cookie. She opened more and ended up eating about thirteen hamburgers.

She looked around for something more to eat. She then began to move toward the pizza corner of the food court. Jenna screamed (it really was more of a feminine roar) at the employees in the booth. They ran to the back and took cover from Jenna. She broke the glass guarding the stunning array of pizzas. She picked up whole pizzas and ate them. She gulped them down. She felt the chewy dough in her mouth, the tangy pizza sauce singe her tongue and the pepperonis dance against her cheeks for only a few minutes before they were flushed down her throat. The inside of her mouth was lined with grease residue. The fattening pizzas were helping with her hunger, but not much. She shoveled pizza after pizza into her mouth. She stopped when she felt a tingle in her stomach and lower abdomen. She looked down at her torso with wide eyes. She thought she was going to explode. Then, suddenly...BOOM! A powerful fart exploded out of her massive behind. Tables and chairs were blown back.

Evelyn, as well, was blown back in the tremendous wind. She flew behind the counter of a Burger King. She slowly stood up, disoriented. She made a face of pure disgust from the smell before checking for her friend. There was no sight of her. "Jenna!" Evelyn shouted, scared for her friend. She leaped over the counter and ran toward the pizza place. On the floor, in front of the pizza place, Jenna was on the ground, thin, unconscious, and in her stretched bra and panties. Evelyn didn't panic. She tried to remain her cool, but was scared to death. She checked for a pulse by putting her hand on Jenna's heart. She then tried to lift Jenna, but Jenna woke up.

"Wha...where am I? What's that smell?" Jenna asked. Evelyn didn't know how to respond.

"Can you stand?" Evelyn asked.

"Yeah," Jenna said, slowly standing up. She suddenly went stiff and wide-eyed. "Why am I naked?"

"I'll explain later. Right now, we have to get you out of here."

Later that afternoon, Jenna was lying on the couch in her sweats. Evelyn was with her and Evelyn was explaining to Carla what happened at the mall. The news was on, but no one was really paying any attention.

"Wow," Carla said, after hearing the story. "That's great how you escaped. It's so simple, yet I never would have thought of it. Genius."

"Thanks, Mrs. Washington, but..." Evelyn started before she was interrupted by a shocking headline on the news. All three women turned their attention to the television.

"An attack in a local mall food court was captured on video today, and we have the exclusive footage. Warning: what you're about to see, is quite...intense." The television was now showing black and white footage of Jenna from earlier in the day. Jenna's eyes went wide. Evelyn was the least affected by the footage, since she saw it already. "The figure shown in the footage is being called Giganta."

Jenna felt incredibly embarrassed. Then, she realized something. "Did the camera catch us escaping?" Jenna asked, nervously.

"Oh, no. I didn't think about that," Evelyn said. They both looked back at the screen in terrible apprehension. On the screen, Jenna was at the pizza stand. She farted and all of the furniture was blown back. One chair even flew straight at the camera filming all of it. Static ensued, and all three gave a sigh of relief.

"How did this happen?!" Carla inquired. She was scared for her daughter. Jenna was bewildered with the other two, until she thought about it.

"Of course!" Jenna shouted. "The experiment I volunteered for! There was some sort of freak accident, or so I was told. If anyone knows what happened to me, they do."

Carla drove Jenna and Evelyn to the laboratory where the experiment took place that changed Jenna. They walked into the lab and saw Laura waiting for her turn to go into the tube. Two lab technicians were prepping the control panel.

"Wait!" Jenna shouted. The technicians stopped and looked up to see Jenna running at them. She got to them and stopped. "I need to talk to you," Jenna said. "What's happening to me?"

"What do you mean?" one of the technicians asked.

"Watch the news lately? I am Giganta!" Jenna shouted. Laura could barely believe her ears.

"You're Giganta?!" Laura stated with a big smile on her face.

"Shut up, Laura," shouted Carla, Evelyn, and Jenna at the same time.

"We thought everything was fine. You don't seem to be Giganta, now," the technician said.

"No, I only become Giganta when I'm hungry," Jenna explained. Just then, Laura took note of a tube with the label "Appetite Stimulator." She began scheming. She was brought back to reality by Jenna's voice. "I need to know what you did to me."

"We didn't do anything. Whatever Giganta is, it was already there. All it needed was a way out, and I guess the experiment gave that to her," the other technician explained.

"Oh my god," Jenna said to herself. She thought about it, and it made sense. All of the times she had eaten so much, and gained so little. All of the food she took in went somewhere, she just didn't know where. And now she knew. It all went to Giganta, her alter ego.

"Yeah. And, you know, they say there's a fat person in all of us. I guess with you, it's literal," the technician said, half jokingly. When she saw that Jenna was about to cry, she got serious. "Look, you go on with your life and eat when you feel hungry. We're going to work to find a cure. And since Giganta may be an alternate ego, we'll try to find some psychiatrists to help you out. We're going to cure you, okay?" Jenna nodded and left with Carla and Evelyn.

The night had come. It was time for the Miss Creekview Pageant. Jenna was pacing back and forth back stage. She was in a nice, silky red dress that hugged her thin form. "Ten minutes!" a voice shouted to the girls in the back. The sound of giggles flowed throughout the area. Two girls walked pass Jenna, scuttling their feet in their high heels. Jenna failed to notice. She did however notice when Laura came from behind a random rogue curtain.

"Hello, Jenna," Laura said with a cold tone and a sly smile.

"Hi Laura," Jenna said nervously. "Laura, I know you don't like me very much, but you know something that would place me in danger if it got out. I could be arrested. They could do lab tests on me. Horrible lab tests! Please, Laura. Whatever you do, you must keep this secret," Jenna pleaded with wide, glassy eyes.

"Oh have no worries, my friend." Laura lifted a glass of wine from, seemingly, out of nowhere. She then revealed another one in the other hand. "Just a good luck toast. After all, this is your big night." Laura gave the sly smile.

Jenna was rather hesitant, but had no real reason to turn down the offer. She took a glass. "May the best girl win," Jenna said. Laura gave a slight nod and they dinged their glasses. Jenna downed her wine and Laura watched. Then, while Jenna was turned away, Laura dumped her wine on the floor behind her. She quickly whipped the glass back in front of her to show Jenna that it was empty. Jenna smiled, placed her empty glass on a stool, and walked with Laura toward the stage.

Jenna stood in line with a smile under the burning lights of the stage while the host, some sleazy used-car salesman type guy, sang a cheesy song. Jenna showed off her pearly whites and did her best to keep her eyes open. Suddenly, it hit her. A tremendous shock of pain bombarded her. She needed food then and there. She put her hands on her stomach and felt it rumble. She completely ignored the fact that everyone in the audience could see her.

Carla was sitting in the audience, reading the program when Evelyn interrupted her from the next seat. "Oh no. I think Giganta is about to make a guest appearance," Evelyn said. Carla looked up to see Jenna looking a little bloated, and a little uneasy. She gasped.

Jenna couldn't take it anymore, and fell to her hands and knees. The music stopped and a gasp escaped the crowd. Everyone on stage gathered around Jenna, except for Laura, who smiled sinisterly. Then, from the crowd around Jenna, a girl screamed. She ran from the crowd and off the stage. She ran down an aisle to an exit in the back. Soon, all the girls were backed up to give Jenna room. She now had fat upper arms and chubby forearms. Her stomach was stretching the limits of her dress, and so were her massive thighs. Her breasts were huge. Her neck had long since disappeared and she eyed everything around her. Her mind was still in tact, but would soon be taken over by Giganta. She breathed hard, and was scared and embarrassed. She heard rip after rip, and tears appeared across the torso of her dress, especially one that ran horizontally across her massive behind. Suddenly, Giganta took control and her face grew grim and angry. She stood up in all of her flabby, gigantic glory. She was ten feet tall and 800 lbs. She roared and took a big step toward a screaming audience. Her leg fell through the stage, along with the rest of her. A brown cloud of dust and wood chippings billowed upward and a silence fell across the crowd.




BOOM! Giganta leaped from the wreckage and landed in front of the stage in her tattered dress and wearing a mean look. A tidal wave of fat coursed through her body from the impact, and craters, slightly larger than her size 20 feet, were left in the floor of the auditorium. The audience panicked and fled the theatre. Giganta breathed heavily and looked angry, but it was all hunger. She looked as though she was getting ready to pounce, and ran toward the doors of the theatre. She crashed through the wall and found herself outside, on school campus. She looked left and right and saw the main road. She saw the rest of the city she lived in. She was going to get food by any means necessary. She ran toward the city, her body jiggling with each step. She left many small craters behind in her wake.

Suddenly, Giganta stopped when she saw the two female lab technicians standing before her. One of them had a gun. "Jenna, if you can hear me, this is not lethal! It's just an antidote to make Giganta dormant for a while! Hold her still while you can!" Giganta gave a smile and cocked an eyebrow. She spun around and bent over. Her butt was aimed directly at the two technicians when Giganta farted. The booming blast knocked the two technicians off of their feet and caused the one holding the gun to lose her grip. The weapon flew out of sight, and the technicians landed fifty feet away. Giganta made her way to the street and stepped out in the middle of it. A car was caught off guard and crashed into Giganta. She was unaffected, but the car was totaled and would never be driven again. The driver's door swung open slowly and the driver fell out, looking hurt. Giganta ignored it and looked around for food. Coming the opposite way, an eighteen-wheeler with a Little Debbie's logo on the side sped by the whole incident. Giganta's eyes shot open and she bounded after the truck. She reached the back of the trailer and grabbed it. The truck came to an immediate halt. The tires screeched against the asphalt, but it was getting nowhere. Giganta pulled with all of her might and ripped the trailer off of the truck. The truck sped off and Giganta ripped into the cargo.

Evelyn and Carla ran to the situation. They found a traffic jam of empty cars surrounding Giganta, who was sitting on the road with her legs spread around a pile of fattening pastries. She had chocolate all around her mouth and on her fingers. She seemed to notice nothing that was going on around her. She suddenly looked up at nothing in particular. A low rumbling was heard coming from her stomach. She leaned to the side and a low, smooth fart escaped her massive rear end. She smiled with half-opened eyes from the relaxation of her stomach feeling less pressured. She continued eating for her unsatisfying hunger. Evelyn slowly walked toward her unbelievably fat friend. She heard heaving as Giganta breathed heavily through her nose, as her mouth was full of fattening chocolate and rich, white, creamy icing. Evelyn's foot hit something on her way to see Giganta. She looked down to see the non-lethal weapon meant for Giganta. She saw the technicians with it and heard them explain its use to Giganta. Evelyn picked it up and continued to walk toward Giganta. She kept it behind her back.

"Giganta," Evelyn said. "It's me, Evelyn. Look at you. You're...well what can I say...fat." Giganta stopped eating. She slowly turned her "neck" to look at Evelyn. "Yeah. I don't think you'll be able to get any more boys. Not with the way you eat. And the gas? Forget about it." Giganta's face became saddened. "But you seem to be okay with that. At least you don't have to watch what you eat anymore. Now, it's just eat eat eat, fart fart fart. I wish I were as strong as you. I would give anything to throw away my cares and responsibilities and just eat myself into fatness. The world may find you gross and sickening, but I admire you. I'm glad you can give Jenna this life."

Giganta stared at Evelyn through glassy eyes. She didn't want to be unattractive. She didn't want to be gross. She thought about everything. Although she only has an IQ of about 73, she thought deeply about everything. Then she farted. The wind blew Evelyn back, but she held on tightly to the gun. Giganta stood up and roared. She decided to stay the way she was. It would be easier that way. No more Jenna. No more diets. Just Giganta. Just fatness. She stepped toward Evelyn with the intent to kill her. Evelyn slowly stood up, disoriented. She saw Giganta coming at her.

"I knew you'd make it difficult," Evelyn said. She raised the rifle and took aim. "Give me my friend back, you fat bitch!" Evelyn shouted, and she fired the rifle. A syringe-looking tool ejected from the barrel and flew at Giganta. It impacted her stomach. Giganta began to stumble toward Evelyn. Evelyn leaped out of the way as Giganta crashed into the space she was just standing in.


Jenna's eyes slowly opened. Stale air filled her nose and lungs. She heard a constant beep nearby. She realized she was in a hospital bed. She felt her body and found that she was thin again. She was back to her normal size. She breathed a sigh of relief. Carla, who was sitting in the corner asleep, woke up slowly. Groggy, she yawned. She saw her daughter awake and smiling. "Jenna!" she shouted and jumped up from the chair. She ran to Jenna and swung her arms around her.

"Yeah, it's me," Jenna said. Carla stopped hugging her and stood there in awe. "What happened?"

"You became Giganta and unleashed havoc among the town. Jenna smiled.

"Sounds like fun," Jenna said. Then, she went grim. "Was anyone hurt?!" Her mom slowly shook her head with a light smile. Of course a few people were, but not worth worrying Jenna over. "Where's Evelyn?"

"She's at the snack machine. She should be back soon. She's the one that saved you. She gave you the antidote that put Giganta away, at least for a while." Jenna smiled, proud of her best friend. Then, Evelyn walked in the room with arms full of candy and chips. "Evelyn?! Are you going to eat all of that?!" Jenna exclaimed, shocked.

"Jenna, when you were Giganta, I gave you a speech. I don't know if you heard it, but I sure did, and have now decided to let myself go." She then dumped all of the junk food on a nearby table. The table was naturally too small and some of the snacks spilled off, onto the ground. "I can eat what I want, when I want, and not care about what anyone thinks. Now how's that for freedom?" Jenna and Carla looked at each other and shrugged. Inside everyone of us is a fat person starving to get out, and Evelyn was about to unleash hers.