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The Girl Next Door
By Sasha Steele


The garden was a mess when John finally got at it, trimming and raking up the leaves. He thought that he saw something move just the other side of the fence, a glimpse of something in the cracks between the fence boards, something huge and white. He could hear the rustle of the leaves over there, almost hear the heavy breathing. It had to be her.

John had first caught sight of his new neighbor a week ago, the day after he moved in, struggling to haul her massive body from her mother's car and watched as she waddled into the house. She was wearing her school uniform, white blouse, short grey pleated skirt, white knee socks, and she was really pretty with long kinky curled blond hair.

She's as big as house was John's first thought as he stood at the window watching. He saw her again wearing a huge pair of tight blue jeans and a red sweater, struggling to get back into the car. John couldn't believe his luck, a huge beauty like her living right next door to him, he would have to find a way to meet her.

Tonia had just got home from school. She polished off the plate of sandwiches that her mom had left to hold her until she got back to make supper, and was eating a large piece of chocolate cake with ice cream to wash them down when she noticed her new neighbor cleaning up his back yard.

Tonia's new neighbor was a hunk. It was a warm fall day and he was wearing jeans and a tee shirt, she had to get a closer look. Tonia waddled into the back garden and quietly as she could stole along side the fence trying to see through the cracks between the slats.

Weighing almost 600 pounds Tonia was awkward enough on her feet, and even more so on the uneven ground in the garden, especially with the chunk heeled shoes that she had on her fat feet. Trying to peek through the fence she lost her balance stumbling side ways, and then rather gracefully went down on her side then over onto her back.

Tonia had not been hurt or even bruised in her slow motion fall, but because she had only recently gained a lot of her weight she had not totally adjusted to it and so of course taking a fall had frightened her, that is why she screamed.

When John heard Tonia scream he jumped onto the fence looking over to see what had happened. There on her back was the behemoth beauty that he found so attractive still in her little school uniform, kicking one massive thigh over the other as she struggled against her oppressive weight to right herself.

John leaped over the fence to help, taking in the flash of white panties on Tonia gigantic backside as she managed to roll onto her thick knees. "Here let me help you," he said taking Tonia's soft fat hands in his own and helping her to stand back up.

Close up John saw how beautiful Tonia was. She was breathing heavily from her exertions, none the worse for her ordeal but looking rather sheepish. John removed a leaf from the curls of her long blond hair. "Are you okay?" He asked.

"Yes, thanks, just embarrassed that's all," Tonia said.

"Embarrassed, why? You have nothing to be embarrassed about."

"It's just that I've let myself get so fat that I could hardly get up. You must think that I'm really disgusting. I guess that I should try to go on a diet." Tonia said looking into John's eyes.

Tonia was well aware of her size and weight, and the effect that she had on people. And although she said that knew that she could never go on a diet because she just loved food too much. She waited for the yeah you should lose like 400 pounds, but it never came.

"I don't think that at all," John said, still holding Tonia's hand, "I think that you are beautiful."

"You do? Even though I am so fat?"

"Very beautiful."


That Tonia Taylor had problems goes without saying. She had been bulimic for years; she'd eat-eat-eat to gain weight, then feel guilty about it and diet and exercise like a maniac to loose. Of course she liked the eat-eat-eat part much better than the other and so her weight steadily increased to the point where Tonia is now on the verge of tipping the scales at the 600 pound mark, something that she feared.

Her dreams complicated things even more so. I mean now normal was it for a beautiful young woman to dream about becoming so fat that she can barely move, and how normal was it to equate eating to sex, turned on by a dream lover who feeds you and takes care of you because he also wants you to keep on growing larger?

In the end Tonia's abnormal desires had won out. The diet-and-exercise-like-a-maniac part no longer a problem, Tonia had embraced the eat-eat-eat part of her life even more so and as a result was much more happier for it, not to mention the fact that over the last two years she had gained almost 400 pounds.

Of course, being as large as she was did have certain advantages for Tonia beyond the fact that she saw herself as becoming more beautiful the bigger she got. For one thing, no one bothered her about gaining weight, they just thought of her as being huge as a house and that was the end of it. And she could eat as much as she wanted, eat whenever she wanted to, and eat whatever she liked.

So for over two years now Tonia had been quite content, happy even, and now this had to happen. Like all relationships, Tonia and John's started off tentatively, and as usual was simply a matter of miscommunication.

Like most beautiful fat girls, Tonia fell prey to the falsehood that men wanted only women who are thin. So Tonia's desire for John competed with her desire for food and her goal to become the fattest woman in the world, little knowing that in fact John wanted exactly the same thing.

She should have seen it. After all Tonia did weigh almost 600 pounds when they first met, and even though she tried to, she couldn't completely hide the fact that not only did she eat an enormous amount of food but that she enjoyed eating so much.

It should have registered that her eating didn't turn John off. Just the opposite, in fact - it turned him on. John loved to see Tonia stuff her fat face, and he fantasized about her massive body, about Tonia becoming even bigger than she now was; in fact, John could see her two, three, or even four times as large as she now was.

It came to a head one night at a dance in the school gym. John couldn't get past the fact that as huge as she was Tonia still liked to dress in short sexy outfits. A fact that turned John on almost as much as watching Tonia eat.

That night she was bulging out of a tight black front button sweater. Tonia's breasts were huge, standing out in front of her a foot or more like two great watermelons, but her belly swelled outward even further. Her massive arms, filling the long sleeves of her sweater, rested at an angle on her torso so wide that John couldn't reach his arms around her middle.

Tonia's hips flared out even wider, over three feet at their widest point, and her massive rounded backside jutted out in back like a pair of basketballs. Covering those hips and that big magnificent ass of hers was a black pleated mini skirt, cutting into the fat on her ballooning stomach and bulging love handles.

Tonia's legs, clad in black tights, were so massive that she was forced to walk with them spread apart, causing her to jut side to side as she waddled along. She had wore black platforms, and a leather coat that was off right now as John held Tonia close on the dance floor.

Looking into Tonia's sparkling green eyes, John saw the most beautiful woman that he had ever known. Her long kink curled blond hair framed her beautiful fat face, pouty lips, big smile, round cheeks, a double chin collar of fat covering her neck. There was no one else he ever wanted to be with, just Tonia. He kissed her.

A lunch had been provided at the dance, just sandwiches, and Tonia had tried not make a pig of herself for John's sake, but still. Anyway, there hadn't been too many of them, and although she had eaten a big supper before they came out Tonia was getting really hungry again but didn't know how to tell John that she wanted more.

She thought of her supper as they danced: sausages and mashed potatoes. Tonia had eaten three large helpings - maybe twenty sausages - they were small. Her mouth was watering. God, she was hungry.

John had gone back to the lunch table three times for Tonia, and when he saw her there a fourth time, too late as everything had gone, he realized that she must still be hungry.

"Are you still hungry?" he asked.

"Yes, a little," Tonia said, hoping this was leading up to something more to eat.

"Want to leave and get something to eat at the restaurant?" he asked.

Of course, Tonia did, and so they left. Tonia ordered the hot beef sandwich, which, although large, she thought might not be enough.

John read it in her expression. "What's the matter?" he asked.

Tonia wanted to tell him, wanted to shout it - this is not enough I want more - but she didn't. "I can't help it," she said, "I'm always so hungry, and this looks a bit small is all. God, no wonder I can't lose any weight for you."

"Is that what has been bothering you lately? You think that I want you to lose weight?"

"Well, don't you? I mean you must have some concerns about having a 600 pound girlfriend, about me gaining even more weight."

"You're right Tonia, I do have concerns. I am concerned about your happiness and well being. You don't have to lose weight for me, I like you the way you are, and if you gain more weight that would be okay, too."

"So you don't think that I am too fat?"

"You could never be too fat, Tonia."

"What if was 700 pounds, 800, what if got so fat that I couldn't walk anymore?"

John was getting excited. He wanted to tell her that was exactly what he wanted. "I would take care of you Tonia, no matter how big you were, even if you weighed more than a ton."

Oh God, Tonia thought, oh, how she would love to weigh a ton. Her breath rate had picked up. "I like to eat, and like being fat, I-I want to get fatter, a lot fatter. Would you be okay with that?"

"Yes, Tonia, that is what I want to. Will you let me help you?"

Tonia shook her head yes, her mind racing ahead to a mountain of flesh being fed by her lover. "Yes," she said, "I want you to help me get really fat, I want you to feed me and take care of me."

"Okay," John said.

Tonia looked at her meal and back to John, "this isn't going to be enough," she said.

"Do you want more of the same, or something different?" John asked.

"The same," Tonia said as she dug into her meal with gusto.

John called over the waitress, "bring another hot beef," he said, and then to Tonia said, "if that doesn't satisfy you we'll get another - you are going to be the fattest woman in the world."