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Big Girls Inflate
By South

Judy Maskerson was a bitch. It was quite clear to the rest of the girls at Uniontown High that nothing would ever change that. It had become fact that the girl was just naturally cruel. She wasn't mean to everyone. When cute boys were around, she would turn into a fairy princess, and giggle and smile whenever it seemed appropriate to do so. She also knew just when to bend, slightly too far over, exposing her curvy ass to a more plentiful view. Her ass wasn't the only place she was curvy.

Judy was 5'8 135lbs and had the even measurements of 36D-26-34. She was a real busty little brat, and she would always fling her hair over her shoulders and wink with a smile as she walked past the less popular girls, just to let them know that, well, she was queen, and they weren't. But there was a rebellion stirring out among the peasants. At least half the female population of U.H. had become rather angry with Judy's terrible attitude toward the less fortunate girls who weren't quite as well endowed or as fashion sensitive as Judy, and some of these girls were leaning toward extreme levels to deal with the busty blonde.

Sarah Lowel and Wendy Smithton were nerds. They knew they were. They studied hard and got good grades. They had high I.Q.s and they were hard workers at everything from band to homework. They were definitely not Judy's type of people. They didn't get by with looks; they got by with brains. Neither one was bad looking though. In fact, they were far from it. Sarah was 5'6, with brown hair and matching eyes. She was a bit heavy, 165lbs to be exact, but she carried most of it in her thighs, butt, and her small, rounded belly. She was attractive, and sweet, and definitely not into getting other people mad at her...at least, not often. Wendy was 5'3 and of Asian decent. She was also a bit on the heavy side, 143lbs, and carried a large proportion of this in her belly, which protruded out in front of her, but was a nice place for her breasts (38DD to be exact) to rest. Both girls had similar passions. They liked science. They liked math. And they both hated Judy.

"Boy, I sure hate that bitch, commented Sarah as she munched on a Baby Ruth at lunch.

"Heck yeah, nodded Wendy.

Both girls were staring at the popular blond from across the large room. She was, as usual, flirting with a bunch of the football players and paid no heed to the two sets of eyes watching her every move.

"We need to come up with something big, something that will ruin that girl forever."

"What are you thinking?" asked Wendy.

"I dunno, was the reply, the Ruth bar finished. "I just have no clue."

Sarah's eyes scanned the lunchroom. People of all shapes and sizes were talking, yelling, laughing, eating, and walking around. Her eyes settled on Diana Morris. Diana was unquestionably the fattest person in school. She was 5'9 and probably around 350lbs guessed Sarah. She stared at Diana's multiple chins, and the way that the fat on her legs shook and quivered when she made even the slightest move.

"I've got it, smiled Sarah.

"Got what?"

Sarah laughed. "We are gonna make Judy get fat."

It was several weeks later when, late one night, Wendy called her friend.

"Wendy, Wendy, calm down and speak slowly, now what did you find?"


"You what?...."

It was true. The formula was a strange mix of chemicals she had discovered by accident earlier that day. Depending on the amount, and the strength of the dosage, the chemical, which Wendy had named FatCal, could make a person conceivably gain thousands of pounds in a matter of minutes. Wendy and Sarah had no intention of Growing Judy even near that large. Their plan was to simply take her out of the popularity scheme...for good.

Careful preparation was taken in making everything in the plan work. Sarah and her friend knew that they had to isolate Judy and somehow make her drink FatCal. Then, everything would work out perfectly.

"Really fat hips, ok Wendy?"

"So you want me to make this girl a real fat-ass huh?" giggled Wendy.

"You betcha, I don't want that chest of hers to get to much bigger; I just want a fat belly, and a BIIIIIGGGG butt on that bitch, Sarah said, sticking her arms out to show Wendy what she meant. A long spree of giggles followed suit.

"Ok, ok, how we gonna get her to drink it?" Wendy asked when the two teens had finally settled down.

"How about in some soda? Maybe in a bottle?"

"Yeah, but how are we gonna seal it back up?...She would notice if the can was already open, and she would think we probably poisoned it."

"Not far from the truth, giggled Sarah.

"How about in a milk carton?...I mean, if we open it carefully and then glue it back, she probably wouldn't notice."

"Good idea...we'll just have to figure out how to make her get the milk carton later, smiled Sarah.

The girls sat at Wendy's desk up in her room. The experimental formula sat in a squeeze bottle on the edge of the desk. There was enough in there for a 70 pound gain, and Wendy was sure they would be making quite a bit more later. Suddenly, without warning, Sarah absentmindedly picked up the bottle and drained it. Wendy went pale.


The color slowly left Sarah's face, as she looked at the empty bottle in her hand.


Sarah just stared at the bottle, her face whiter than newly fallen snow. "I don't know...I-I was just thirsty, and I grabbed it without thinking..."

"Sarah! We're supposed to be the smart ones! There is no cure! In a couple of minutes you are going to blow up like a balloon! And there is nothing you can do about it; your body will accept the extra pounds as if you gained it naturally, and if you want to lose it, you are going to have to work it off."

Sarah did not reply; she simply thought about how she was going to weigh over 230lbs in under a half an hour.

"Well, there's nothing to do now..." Wendy trailed off. Something was definitely different about Sarah's features. Her jaw was a bit less well defined. And her belt looked a bit tighter.

"OH GOD!!!!" screamed Sarah as her clothes began to tighten. Her growth was now quite noticeable, and she was indeed looking like a human balloon. Just as the formula had been made to do, it mostly concentrated on Sarah's hips, legs, thighs, and especially her butt. She stood up, and gasped as her belt snapped. An instant later her jeans button blew off, and the jeans unzipped themselves, and slowly slid down and off her widening hips. Her shirt rose up higher and higher as her belly poked though, her belly button getting deeper and deeper by the second. Her exposed legs began to dimple as they ballooned thicker and thicker. She passed 200lbs and continued to grow. Her face thickened, and she developed a double chin. Her butt cheeks grew and grew, going from her once stocky ass, to two giant orbs of soft, yielding flesh. Her panties valiantly tried to contain her expanding rear, but they soon disappeared into her crack, giving it the look of a string bikini. Her belly grew even farther out, folding down on itself and covering her pussy. At around 220lbs her panties gave up the ghost and silently slipped from between her quivering thighs. Finally, her growth began to slow, and ground to a halt. In a matter of under 5 minutes, she had gone from being slightly plump, to quite fat. Wendy was sobbing, holding her face in her hands. Sarah simply turned and looked at herself in the full-length mirror.

I-I....like what I see, she thought to herself - and smiled.

The Plan was carried out almost exactly as the girls had planned it. Wendy had recovered from seeing her friend develop in such a way, and had accepted her friends new, well, "look," Sarah had decided she was going to make the most of her expanded curves, and was dressed in a tight, and sexy, tank top and skin tight blue jeans. Her blubbery butt bounced and jiggled as she walked down the street toward school on the morning of the plan. She now dwarfed her smaller friend, and walking side by side, Wendy was constantly being bumped by Sarah's broad hips. She didn't mind. In fact, she was getting aroused by the thought of her big lover pressing her soft body against her. Yes, lover. After Sarah's morph, they had measured her changed body: 237lbs, and she now measured 40D-42-61. She had been standing there, naked in all her glory as Wendy had measured her, when she felt the smaller girl begin to playfully fondle her belly folds. Sarah had begun to moan, and what had followed after had been an exploration of Sarah new body using Wendy's tongue. Both girls now realized they were whole-heartedly in love with one another, and Wendy had to admit that the change in Sarah's body had only added to the fun.

Judy was right ahead of them when Sarah pretended to slip.

"Oh! Ow!" she exclaimed painfully.

Even a bitch like Judy had some compassion, and she ran over. But as soon as she recognized the duo, she began to laugh. She set down her lunch bag and her book bag, and walked up.

"Oh my god! Sarah? Is that you? Oh god! It is! How could you have let yourself go like this? I mean you've always been chubby, but you're just a fat pig to let yourself get this large!"

Judy continued to taunt Sarah, as Wendy slowly slipped behind the blonde bombshell and set the milk container into her lunch bag.

"...My god! I've got to go and tell everyone what a fat bitch you are! Bye!" She laughed and walked away.

"I thought the plan was to do it in private, said Sarah. "Slipping it in her bag means she'll drink it at lunch.

"Nobody insults my lover and gets away with it easily, smiled Wendy.

(To Be Continued)