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Better than Glazed Donuts
By Thump

She was waiting for him. All nice and fat and warm in their bed. Her belly rising like a pale island above the ocean of her soft self. She was languid from their night of lovemaking and feeding. Her bones felt like liquid and with great effort she snuggled down deeper into the covers. Her small hands rubbing her still distended belly and sighing at the pleasure of it. She cupped her blossoming breasts and her nipples kissed the hollow of her palms in answer to her thoughts. They were still swollen from his suckling and the roughness of his large hands that caressed them. Her stomach rumbled with early morning hunger, and she patted it with assurance and then closed her eyes and drifted back to sleep. "Soon," she thought to herself. "Soon," he will return and we will begin all over again.


He drove quickly down the darkened street. His mind filled with thoughts from last night. He had filled her and filled her. He had never seen her so full! His hands curved on top of the steering wheel, and he smiled at the comparison of its curve to the swing of her belly. "God!, but she was getting so fat!" He laughed again with male pleasure as he knew HOW she had gotten so fat! and as he tried to turn onto their street his own belly bumped the steering wheel reminding him that he was getting FAT, too! She was waiting for him and for the warm treasure sitting beside him. His groin tightened at the thought of her and he stepped on the accelerator. "Soon!" he said to himself. "Soon!"


With effort she rolled over on her side clasping his pillow against her. It smelled like him. A mixture of his cologne, the outdoors and of pure concentrated male! She pulled back the covers and looked at her belly with wonderment. It looked like a pool of spilt milk against the dark sheets. She scooped her hand beneath it, marveling at how heavy it felt, but how soft it was. It poured like melted butter through her plump fingers, and she shivered with anticipation of it growing more and more. He had filled her and filled her. She had never been that full before. Her stomach rumbled again and she grinned.


He pulled up in the drive way and quickly switched off the ignition as he grabbed the box that sat beside him. The warmth of it seeping into his heavy belly that groaned with anticipation of the sweet delights inside it. He entered the back door, and his heart beat loudly inside him at the thought of her waiting for him and his treasure. He was pleased with his early morning gift, and he knew she would be, too.


"Baby, I'm home!" He peered into the still darkened room. Their sheets a tangled mess wrapped around her pale, swollen, delicious body! He came closer to the bed as his eyes raked across her. "My God! she was swollen from last night." Taking in each curve, each roll and the huge jut of her belly as it raised high above her hips. It begged him to conquer it… fill it and fill it again. He reached out and cupped her breast. The pink nipple responded to his touch, and like a morning rose it unfurled against his hand. She moaned in her sleep as he quickly took off his clothes. His hand stroking his own enormous belly that bounced against his thick thighs. He set his treasure down by the pillow and joined her on their bed. He was hungry for her. He placed himself between her legs and gently drew them apart. He smiled at the memory of using his razor to shave her thick, dark, curly patch. Her bare pubis now exposed and plump and so easy to enter. It beckoned to him as he scooted her closer against him. His hands kneading her fat belly as he dipped his head and drank from her.


She was lying on a beach close to the shore. She could feel the warmth of the ocean ebbing in and out and in and out within her. It teased. And filled. Teased. And filled. The crash of it licking deep within her as she moved restlessly opening herself up wider and wider. She was a dark cave filled with heated, throbbing light that beckoned her, entreated her, invited her to match its brilliance. She felt like she was drowning…floating upon the tide. His tongue flickered within her as the sounds of her restless sighs moved him to slide his hand beneath her round bottom and press her closer to him. The feel of her belly bumping rhythmically against his head and the earthy scent of her drove him deeper and deeper as her thighs stroked him to near frenzy. She could hear him calling her name. It echoed against her as she reached out for him and felt his reassuring firm grip. His nearness and familiar hands cleared the dream from her mind and she laid back and let his passion devour her.


He blindly reached for the box beside her as his tongue stroked her tender flesh. With practiced experience he popped it open, exposing the two dozen varied donuts. They were an array of different shapes, types, fillings and colors. A treasure trove of calories that would soon grace her already fattened body. He withdrew a fragrant, soft donut drenched in chocolate. He leaned back suddenly leaving her legs wrapped around his hips and his fat belly against her. She opened her eyes and started to speak, but he shook his head silencing her with a slow grin. With slow purpose his ran his finger across the chocolate icing . She looked at him and cocked an eyebrow. He grinned and accepted the challenge. He leaned forward again and re-positioned her. Using his chocolate covered finger he painted the outside of her now bare pubis. He held the donut like an artist palette and applied the thick icing upon her until she was a sweet canvas of chocolate. She waited in anticipation and gasped as his tongue began slowly licking it off. The rasp of his tongue and the feel of his wandering hands coursed through her leaving her trembling and breathless.

"Eat, baby! Eat!" he croaked as he reached for a raspberry filled éclair and began squeezing its contents inside her.

She grabbed a caramel covered éclair and poked her tongue inside and began sucking it empty and then pushed it into her mouth. She grabbed another one and repeated it again. His mouth greedily sucked her raspberry ripened inner bud as she gasped and her hips danced on the sheets. She frantically rubbed and cupped her breasts as his hands cupped her belly, feeling the rise of it as she filled it with more donuts. She moaned with frustration because her hands could not reach him. He withdrew his mouth and slide up next to her kissing her hard. Placing his hand on the back of her neck and diving his tongue deeper and deeper into her mouth.

"He tastes like chocolate, raspberries and me," flickered across her mind.

"She tastes like melted chocolate," flickered across his mind. He grabbed another donut and fed it to her. She hungrily ate it and sucked his iced fingertips. He took another and stroked it across her swollen mouth watching her sweet pink tongue trying to catch it. He pulled it away and with a wicked smile rubbed its sticky contents on each puckered breast. The nipples were hard as sprinkles as they desperately begged for his attention.

"Oh my God! You are so delicious!" as his warm mouth and tongue teased each breast leaving them ripe and ready for more. His hands drifted to her fattening belly as she ate another donut.

"I'll be right back," as he rolled off the bed with effort, cradling his own belly and his very hard self.

She laid back shaken to the core. Feeling the sticky wetness of herself and the icing. She ran her own hand across her swelling belly and felt it sway back and forth sending another shiver throughout her. She reached for another donut and waited for him.


He came back carrying four tall glasses and a gallon of cold chocolate milk. Her belly was magnificent! It towered above her, but then drifted down between her pale thighs.


She nodded her head as he filled each tall glass with chocolate milk and set them in a line on the dresser near the closet.

"Come here. I want to see and feel you fill up."

He bent down and helped her stand up in front of the large floor length mirror attached to their closet. She swayed and leaned against him as her belly belled out and down. He steadied her against him and then turned them both to the side. His hands clasped around the round center of her and his chin upon her shoulder.

"Drink," he whispered.

She took the glass and leaned back against him drinking it all quickly as she watched the both of them in the mirror. The milk fanned out inside her. She could feel the cold explosion of it inside her as it pushed her belly out even more. He watched in amazement as his hands rose and her belly blossomed.

"Another?" he asked with hope.

She silently nodded and leaned forward for another. He felt himself shudder when she placed the glass upon her lips. She tipped it back quickly and once again emptied it. His hands rose higher caressing her now very swollen belly. She moaned and placed her own hands beneath her lower belly lifting it stroking it as she began to pant. This time she could feel it spread throughout her. It seeped into each empty part of her like rain upon a dry desert until it reached the pinnacle of her and blew her belly up like a balloon. She felt like she had swallowed an anvil and she reached to hold her underbelly to keep herself upright. She leaned heavily against him as he kissed her neck and stretched out his hands to catch her heavy belly. He began to help her to the bed to let her sleep.


"No baby."

"One more…please."

"Only if you let me help you to bed first."

"Let me see first…then bed."

"All right baby."

He turned her towards the mirror, letting her sag against him as she stared at her own reflection. He marveled at her transformation. Stunned at her belly's enormous proportions. It began now just below her breast bone and created a high shelf that than slide down into an enormous arc. Her breasts were heavier and swollen from his mouth and massages and they sat pink tipped and erect upon that mound of induced fat. Once the arc reached her navel is began a downward slope that now passed her pubis and bounced against her thigh. He reached underneath it to help support it and it quickly enveloped his large hand.

"Beautiful," he whispered as he took the two glasses and set them beside the bed.

She smiled and took his hand and rotated it in slow circles across her belly.

"Feel good baby?"

She nodded sleepily and then let him help her to bed. He sat down first with his back against the headboard and helped her cushion her weary back against the soft pillow of himself. Her legs stretched out with her belly now completely in her lap and falling off the sides. He rubbed it slowly and with great care as she moaned and panted for breath. The sweet pain of it leaving her weak with tremors of electric orgasms that snapped and crackled across her.

"You promised."

"I know baby, but it's time for you to go to sleep. Those fat cells are snoring already."

"I have to know."

"Have to know what?"

"If this feeling is better than glazed donuts."

He nuzzled his face tenderly against her and hugged her gently. He understood her needs as well as she understood his.

"All right, but I am watching over you."

She took his hand and smoothed it over her belly.

"I know baby...you always do. Now help me drink these last 2 glasses."

He leaned over and took the first glass and felt his fingers tremble against the coldness. Curiously anticipating what this next glass of milk would do.

She drank it slowly. Letting the coldness slide down her throat. Her own hands feeling it flow inside her and fill her even higher. It now began to fill in her sides as they bagged heavily against her.

She finished it and he took it from her exhausted fingers. He leaned forward and set it down and then began rubbing and stroking her incredible belly.

"Time for bed, baby. You did good."

She shook her head slowly against him.

"One more. I have to have one more...or I will always wonder."

He sighed, but he understood.

As he shifted her to reach the glass the movement made heavy ripples course across her. Her belly lifting and fanning out like water. She moaned with the combination of pain and pleasure. Silently and with great care he placed the glass to her lips. She at first only took a few sips. Then would sigh and rub her belly. Then take a sip and sigh and rub her belly.

"Baby...I am stopping you now."

Her belly looked like a waterbed filled to nearly bursting. She was all stomach now and her filled weight pressed him hard against the headboard.

She drowsily shrugged against him and softly moaned.

He began to place the glass back on the table when she took it from him and drank the last of it. It rushed into her with the force of high winds and pushed her belly up and out. It swung up before his eyes and then swooped down again quivering back and forth across her like the evening tide. It rocked back and forth. Back and forth as he felt her tremble and rock with the kind of pleasure that he understood. Her eyes shut and mouth opened she gasped and panted. Her legs opened wider to allow it to pool between her legs.

He was drawn to it like a moth to flame. He gently set her down with several pillows to support her head or else her own fat would of washed up and smothered her. She lay there huge and almost unrecognizable. He placed himself beside her to caress it and touch it. It was like liquid. Warm liquid as it quivered between his fingers. He pressed his mouth against it and nibbled on it like fresh gingerbread. He played with it like sand at the beach. He stroked it and fondled it with rapture. He shuddered at the sight of it before him. He ached with the need to plunge himself into her over and over again.

She smiled drowsily.

He smiled in return and took a shaky breath. She needed to sleep now and let all that food and milk seep into her and turn into more beautiful fat. He crawled up next to her and with great effort turned her over on her side. Placing several pillows underneath her belly to support it. It spilled down and across them like a fleshy waterfall and he sighed again.

He curled up next to her placing his own huge belly into the hollow of her back to give her some more support. Wrapped his arms around her belly as far as they would go and fell asleep against her.

His last thought before sleep overcame him: "It was better than glazed donuts."