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The Growing of Gloria
(A Teen virginal weight gain story)
by Mr. Information Please

The other teenagers I know fall into two categories --- those concerned about their weight and those who never have a problem with it. My brother Jeff’s girl friend, Gloria, is a case in point. She was on the low end of normal when I first met her two years ago. Gradually she changed. By the time she began to notice the difference the underlying changes in her lifestyle had apparently become too habitual to easily undo. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to. The good news is, Jeff seems not to care.

But, let’s start at the beginning. Gloria’s mother remarried when Gloria was seven. In the space of three years her mother had both a baby girl and a set of twins. Gloria naturally found the age gap between herself and three pre- schoolers somewhat hard to take; she preferred the company of those her own age. As a result, by the time she reached middle school Gloria developed the habit of getting out of the house with a minimal breakfast (frequently none at all) and staying after school or with friends as long as possible. This meant that she was commonly eating only two meals a day at the time she met my brother Jeff. That is why she was so slender.

Jeff and Gloria shared some classes and membership in two clubs in the first semester of the eleventh grade. In one of them they were both officers. She liked him and offered to help him with some classes he was struggling with. He also liked her and so accepted the offer. As a result she began coming to our house rather regularly for dinner and then settling down to study. Jeff’s test scores soon began improving noticeably and our parents were pleased by the positive results of the relationship. They began including her in our family outings and she quickly became the sister we had never had.

What Gloria probably did not even think about was that our household of six includes four boys, a father, and a BBW mother. We like eating well, and there are usually snacks available in the refrigerator. Jeff naturally offered to share these with Gloria --- ice cream, pie, cake, cookies, whatever --- each evening just to be sociable. And she, whether from appetite or courtesy, freely accepted them. After all, she had never had any reason to be concerned with her weight.

Now Jeff was not trying to get her to gain or anything. I am the one in the family with a preference for heavier girls. He, on the other hand, has always professed not to care either way. But I couldn’t help but wonder what this 300-400 extra calories on top of a good supper might produce. But, for the first couple of months, I couldn’t discern any increase at all --- Gloria appeared to be one of those people whose metabolism simply burns off whatever it is given.

But then Jeff developed the habit of stopping by Gloria’s house enroute to school. She in turn waited for him, which meant that she started sharing breakfast with her Mother and siblings. Jeff mentioned this to me along with he fact that her mother was pleased at the improvement. Jeff even was invited for breakfast on occasion. I noted that this would mean another 300 or so calories each day and again expected some results. And, again, for a time I was disappointed.

It was not until towards the end of the first semester that I first thought I was discerning some results. It may just be my imagination, I thought, but it seems that Gloria’s jeans are getting a bit snug, when she wears shorts that the tendons in her thighs are not so visible, that her breasts are a little larger. I thought this was the case, but , if any such thing was going on, Gloria seemed either not to notice or not to care.

Halfway through the second semester I became positive that it wasn’t just my imagination. Her half blouses, which had easily covered her midriff eight months earlier, were now riding about two inches above her waistline, rising just enough to show a bit of a tummy roll peeking over her belt. Her shorts were definitely growing tighter and I estimated her to have gained at least twelve to fifteen pounds.

That summer Jeff landed his first regular job at a local fast food emporium. At the same time he was taking summer school classes so that he would only have to attend high school in the mornings his Senior year. He also wanted to get a car and discovered that he could receive a $700 discount on insurance rates if he had a B average or better. This gave him an excellent reason to have Gloria continue helping him at night --- not that he really needed it. Meanwhile, she had also landed a job --- at a local donut shop where she quickly acquired a taste for the pastries de jour.

They continued working on schoolwork while snacking together in the evenings; on the weekends they would frequently go on dates and excursions, some of them laden with calories. By the end of the summer I noted that Gloria was commonly wearing loose fitting dresses and had abandoned her jeans entirely. Jeff received an A in both of his courses, Gloria had added, by my estimate, at least another ten pounds and was on the threshold of what I consider to be plump. If she was at all concerned about this she did not let it show.

When September came Senior classes began. Jeff was assigned to work from 1:00 to 5:00 daily, plus extra hours on the weekend --- in short, a forty hour work week. She had a full class load plus a student body commissionership to handle so only worked at the donut shop one day on the weekends. Jeff’s job entitled him to a food allowance and, when Gloria showed up around 4:00 each afternoon to wait for him, he helped her occupy the time by sharing part of it with her. This meant that she now had an added a burger and shake for her daily intake, worth at least 600-700 calories.

By January the roundness of Gloria’s face and the plumpening of her arms and calves bore witness to the fact that she was definitely becoming a luscious and plump woman. Her breasts were filling out the formerly loose dresses and slight love handles were discernible on her back. She was even developed the beginnings of a modest double chin. I estimated her to be gaining at least 2-3 pounds a month.

In late May, just before graduation, I heard my mom tell my dad that her mother said she had topped 180 lbs --- nearly sixty pounds in two years! All of this she seemed to accept as the natural progression of events, a fact which I found both wonderful and remarkable.

Part of the reason for her serenity may be the reaction she has experienced from the two families. Perhaps fortunately, Gloria’s mother is also a BBW, probably near to 250 pounds. Jeff is close to 200 and two of my brothers are well over that. No one has ever thought of criticizing Gloria in anyway. We think of her as she is --- a large and lovely person who happens to be my brother’s sweetheart.

At present Gloria and Jeff are planning to continue working this summer and then go on first to Junior College and then after their four year degrees. The expectation of everyone --- to which they will not commit now but only smile coyly --- is that they will at some point get married. If so, it appears I will have a BBW sister-in-law. I only hope that , when my time comes, I get as lucky as Jeff.