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The God of Feeding
By InvizKing

He wandered this world for aeons, searching. Searching for women to feed, to make fat, to watch them grow. But they are rare and the God of Feeding has not found many. Most of the time, he sits in his castle, high above the Earth, pondering. Waiting to find the woman he is looking for. His plump angels fly around to Earth occasionally and assume human form. They report back any news for their master of a female who is looking for his gifts.

Well, now the year is 1999, and for nearly 150 years, he sat in his castle. Bored. Tired. Sad. He looks down at our world and shudders in disgust. There is nothing but thinness. Being thin is considered beautiful. Being fat is considered disgusting. He sighed. Until one day...

One morning, one of his round angels returns to him, telling him of a human female that he can feed.

“Forsooth, thou hath searched high and low for me, and I commend thee.” He pointed his finger at the angel's stomach. It gurgled and rumbled. Her belly began to grow larger... to a point where it nearly tore the fabric of her heavenly garment.

“I thank thee, Lord Zel,” the gracious angel grinned as her belly was full of Ambrosia, the liquid food of the gods.

“Where is this maiden?” he questioned.

“Her name is Toni, she lives in America.” Zel thinks of America, the land with the highest obesity rate. A fitting place.

“Hmmm... Good. Tell me where she resides.”

“In a small village called Thornton near the city of Chicago.”

“Ah, then I shall find her. Thou art dismissed, fair angel.” She tried to fly away, but alas, her belly was too full. Zel waved his hand and gave her a boost out of his chamber.

“I hath waited long to find thee, Toni... now I shall meet ye.”

Toni was a beautiful young woman. Her hair was long and brown; her eyes were a beautiful hazel. She was not a thin woman; she had a slightly round stomach, but not big enough to stick out. She was large-breasted and had quite a cute face. At the age of 25, she had not married yet. She could never find a man who thought like her. She enjoyed force-feeding. She loved the feeling of her stomach being filled until bursting, but she had yet to find a man who would feed her. She chased away so many boyfriends by asking them that. She was quite sad, until the day a woman came up to her in the park.

Toni had began to walk her dog when she entered the park. She walked around, watching the children play. They came up to her, petting her dog, grinning like only children do. She decided to sit for a while at a bench, allowing her Yorkie to run and play with the kids. She sighed as she wished for a man to come to her. A handsome, strong man to rub her belly as he fed her. To massage it, lick it.

A woman broke her daydream. She was a full-figured woman, at least in her early forties.

“Hello, my name is Daphne,” she said, holding out her hand. Toni gave her an odd look and shook it.

“Hi, I'm Toni.” The woman sat next to her and studied her.

“Hmmmm...” Now Toni was beginning to feel strange.

“Can I help you?”

“I was just looking at you, that's all.” Now Toni was really beginning to feel odd.

“Well, I'm sorry, but I'm straight.” The hearty woman laughed.

“Oh, so am I. I know what you were thinking.” A shocked look played upon her face.

“You do? What was I thinking about then?” The woman laughed.

“You are looking for a man to feed you, aren't you?” Toni's mouth dropped to the ground.

“How... how did you know that?” Daphne laughed.

“I know lots of things. My... boss... is just the man you are looking for. He will meet you tonight.”

“What do you mean he will 'meet' me?” Daphne stood up and began to walk away. “Wait! Where are you going?” She turned to call her dog, and when she turned back to the mysterious woman, she was gone. “What...? Where did she go?” Now Toni was really confused. Who was this man she spoke of? What did she mean by “meeting” her?

Toni thought about what happened as she walked home. It was beginning to grow dark, and she hurried back. She raced down the suburban blocks back to her home. She unlocked the door and quickly slid inside. She found herself scared.

“Why should I be scared... he can't get me inside.” She was looking for a man to feed her, but not some creepy weirdo she never met before. He might chain me up to a wall and feed me until I explode... I'd enjoy that last moment, but... she thought. The dog yipped at her feet.

“Oh, I forgot all about you, Toto.” She walked over to the kitchen and retrieved the dog food from the cabinet. She kept thinking about what Daphne said as she opened the can and fed her hungry dog.

All the time she watched TV, she thought about the stranger. What did he look like? Was he handsome? Was he ugly? She glanced at the time and saw that it was almost 10:30. She began to drift off into sleep as the sitcom reruns played on her television.

She dreamt of the stranger. She saw him. He was very tall, with a strong physique. His shoulders were broad; his chest was rock hard. Short blonde hair rested atop his head; his eyes were like shimmering pools of blue. He approached her and touched her stomach.

“You are hungry,” he said. She giggled.


“Come with me, I shall see to your every demand.” Before they got a chance to walk away, she suddenly woke up. She sat up straight in her chair and rubbed her eyes. She looked around and saw that she wasn't at home anymore.

She was in what looked like a throne room of some sort. It was huge, with beautiful tapestries draping it. There were statues of a large-bellied woman eating near the door. Huge torches lit the room. She gazed down at herself and saw that her clothes were gone. She was now wearing a, button-down pink dress. In the center of the room was a long wooden table.

She gasped when she saw what was on the table. Foods of all kinds. Chocolates, meats, fruits, cakes...it was like a dream. She pinched herself to see if she was dreaming, but she wasn't.

“Where am I? How did I get here?”

“Thou art in Valhalla,” a voice boomed. Toni jumped at the sound of the man's deep voice.

“Who are you?” she said, trying not to act scared.

“I am Zel, God of Feeding. I am who ye asked for. Thine prayers hath been answered.” The god appeared before her. He was the man in her dream! He had the same blonde hair, shimmering blue eyes, only he was wearing a crown atop his head and wore lavish robes.

“You are the one I dreamed of!”

“Verily, maiden. I hath transported you here to make thine dreams come true.” Toni was speechless. She couldn't believe this was happening. The god floated toward her.

“Come. Sit, eat.” Toni gazed into his eyes for a moment before she sat down.

“Thou art more beautiful than my angel described.” Now it all made sense to Toni.

“Daphne... she was your angel?”

“Verily. Now... eat. I know you are hungry.” She realized she was. She was starving. The pangs in her stomach were driving her nuts. Her belly growled like a Bengal tiger. Zel smiled, music to his ears.

Toni dove into the food. She slurped and gobbled and scarfed down the food. She used her bare hands to shovel food into her mouth. She downed the cake and turkey and pizza. In a matter of minutes her face was covered in food. Zel sat down and watched her stuff herself. Her stomach began to swell already after only a few minutes of feeding. She was eating so much so fast that her belly was straining to find room for the food.

“Mmmm... this is so delicious!” She grinned at the god as she ate more and more. Zel gazed at her belly, watching it as it slowly grew.

Toni grabbed a pitcher of milk and chugged it. She gulped and swallowed, her belly swelling with each swill she took. After that, she began to slow down. Her jaw was starting to get sore from chewing so fast. She nursed the ham she was currently eating.

“What is the matter, maiden Toni? Art thou full?” Toni looked at him shamefully.

“Sadly, yes, I am. Already.”

“But thou hath only been eating for ten minutes, maiden. Thou ate too fast. Allow me to helpeth thee.” He stood up and walked over to her. He placed his hand on her swollen belly. He closed his eyes as he channeled his magic into her stomach. She gazed up at him, wondering what he was doing, until she felt the spell take effect. Pleasure engulfed her, almost orgasmic. Her belly grumbled and groaned. She was starving once again; with all that she ate, her stomach was begging for food.

“My God, I am so hungry!”

“Verily. I hath used mine magics to aid in thine feeding.” She smiled up at him and began to eat ravenously once again.

Now Toni began on the gallons of ice cream that sat there, beckoning to be devoured. One by one, the gallons disappeared into her distended belly. She craved so much for him to rub it, but she was afraid to ask. Being a God, Zel heard her cries and got on his knees before her. He put his hands on her stomach and began to rub and massage it. Zel was surprised at how soft it was. In between bites of food, she moaned as his strong fingers rubbed and massaged her growing stomach.

Her stomach was beginning to poke out from the buttons. Zel stopped and watched as her navel poked through, almost as if to say hello. She gulps down more and more ice cream and cheesecake and whimpers. The fabric stretches to hold the buttons. Zel gazes down, mesmerized. One by one they ping off, revealing her almost pregnant-like stomach. Zel gasps, has it been so long since he heard that wonderful sound and gazed at such a full belly? Only when he commended his angels on a job well done has he seen a belly swell so much.

“Thine belly is so... breathtaking...” She blushed at his kind words and moaned as he began to rub her again. Her stomach began to groan as the food stretched her to her limits. This is how Toni wished to be; full and bloated like a beached whale. She finished off her last slice of cake before she gasped and put both hands on her belly. It was huge, as if she was nine months pregnant, full of food. The god discontinued his rubbing and looked at her.

“Thou art done?” His face looked rather stern now.

“Yes...” she hiccuped. “I can't eat another bite. I'll pop. But I wished you would force feed me... but I cannot eat anymore...” her face began to look sad. “The food is so delicious.” Zel began to laugh. Toni looked confused again.

“Thou hath only begun to eat, maiden Toni.” She hiccuped again.

“I can't, I'll explode... I'm so full, that even if you did make me hungry again, I would certainly explode.” The god laughs again.

“Then I shall helpeth thee.”

Zel closed his eyes and begin to chant strange words. Toni could see the mystic power emanate from him. The energy floated to her mouth. She felt compelled to let it enter her body. She slowly opened her mouth and let it float in. Again, she felt the orgasmic pleasure as the essence tingled in her entire body. She felt a strange feeling in her bloated stomach. She felt like her belly was made of elastic; the feeling of explosion left her, but the wonderful full feeling remained.

“What... what did you do to me?”

“I hath made thine belly like rubber. Thou shall eat, but never burst.” The thought of her eating and eating made her wet.

“Feed me, Lord Zel! Feed me!” Zel grinned.

“I hath constructed a machine that can pump food into ye... thou wished to be forced-fed... I believe I can help thee.” Toni felt so full and round. The thought of a machine feeding her made her unbelievably horny.

“Yes! Feed me! Feed me until I explode!” The god waved his hand and the machine appeared. He attached the nozzle to her gaping mouth and awaited the food to rush into her belly.

“What do'est thee wish to feed upon?”

“Mmmmm.... something not quite solid... not quite liquid... cheesecake...”

“Thou wish cheesecake, then thou shall get cheesecake.” She stopped him before he started the machine.

“Wait, Lord Zel... I am thirsty. First, give me milk. Chocolate milk! Fill me like a balloon!” She couldn't believe this was happening; this was too much like a dream to be real. This was her greatest fantasy.

The god entered the word Chocolate Milk into the machine and pulled the switch. Chocolate milk began to flow from the nozzle into her mouth. She sucked it like a baby. Zel placed his head on her belly and listened. He could hear the milk hit the food in her belly and slosh around. He began to rub her belly once again. Her stomach was slowly enlarging. Toni was so horny; she wanted to make love with the God, but she was afraid.

The God picked up on her thoughts and pondered the idea. He had not made love to a woman in so long... he began to feel love towards this woman. But he vowed never to love a mortal... but she was perfect. She wanted to grow larger so bad; he couldn't believe it himself.

Zel placed his mouth on her growing belly and inserted his tongue into her bellybutton. She moaned loudly from the tube. He clutched her belly, which was at least three-feet wide now, and rocked it back and forth. The sloshing in her stomach made her gush. It felt so good... she wanted to masturbate so bad... or have Zel have sex with her... but she didn't want to push it.

The milk sloshed back and forth, the food moving about in the chocolate ocean in her belly. It groaned, and Zel could actually hear it stretch.

“Do'est thou request the cake now?” Toni nodded furiously. Zel floated over to the machine and computed in “Cheesecake” into the side.

“Thou art lucky, maiden. I usually just pump the food into maidens without a second thought of how mine maidens feel... but I feel different about thee, maiden Toni. I wish to pleasure ye.” She sucked down the cheesecake, which flowed faster and faster. This was a dream come true. Now her body was so full that she broke the chair and landed on the carpet with a loud thud. Her body gurgled and jiggled. Zel used his magic to lift her towards the wall and set her down.

Zel began to slowly caress her massive belly. He kissed it and licked it all over. She trembled as she felt his tongue on her growing belly. Her body grew so large that her clothes could no longer cover her massive body. Zel could see how hard her nipples were, begging to be touched. He massaged them, while licking down her belly. She moaned and her belly groaned. Zel could no longer hide the bulge with his robes; he flung them aside, leaving him only wearing his regal tunic and trousers. His penis was swollen and throbbing, just like her massive stomach. He removed his trousers and used his magic to lay Toni on her back, for he could not make love to her as she sat on the floor. He slipped his godly cock into her dripping mortal pussy and fucked her. She moaned and trembled as the god made love to her and as her belly rose higher and higher.

Faster and faster, the god went. Toni had orgasm after orgasm, and swelled larger and larger. She couldn't believe how large she grew. Her belly was at least seven feet high off the ground. Her navel long since popped out, as if to say she was done. But it grew and grew. She prayed that the spell worked and she would stretch without bursting. She felt so pleasured, the God sliding his dick in and out of her, her belly so full and large... she was in heaven.

Soon, the God moaned. He moaned louder and louder as he came. With a burst, he shot into her massive body. He groaned so loud that the walls shook. She must have had eight orgasms. He looked up at her. Her body was so massive; he could not believe it. He rubbed her belly. It groaned and jiggled like jell-o.

“Thou art so beautiful. How do'est thou feel?” Her only answer was...

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm......” He sat atop her belly and watched it grow and grow... they both were in heaven. They both wondered how big she would get, and she hoped Zel's spell would work...