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Growing for Gram
By Keystone

Kara and Tara had lived a life of wealth, thanks entirely to their Grandmother and her chain of popular Italian restaurants. Grandma Maria was an imposing woman who ruled over a large family and ran her empire with an iron fist. Until the birth of the twin girls Maria feared she would have to leave her empire to one of her many grandsons. When the girls were born, Maria treated them like princesses and made certain they would want for nothing. Now as her lovely little princesses got older Maria was concerned by one fact - both of the girls were thin and showed no signs of changing. How could she possibly turn her empire over to these two scrawny little ones?

You see Maria was an imposing woman for two reasons, her skill at managing her empire and her size. Though barely 5'9” tall, Maria weighed over three hundred pounds and maybe closer to four hundred. It would be considered odd for the new matron of the company to be some thin waif. Maria felt her size was directly related to the success of her business, because as she had grown over the years so had her empire. One day as Maria talked on the phone, Kara overheard her telling someone that she was concerned because both her granddaughters were so skinny, there was no way she'd be able to give her empire to one of them; she'd have to give the company to one of grandsons.

That evening, as Kara and her boyfriend sat watching a movie, she decided to ask a question that would possibly change both their lives forever. She snuggled up to Mario and asked, “What would you do if I started getting fatter?” His answer actually stunned her; he said, “If your Grandma is any clue to how you'd look, I'd love it - your Gram is gorgeous” He also told her she'd have to let him get fat, too; he would hate having a big sexy girlfriend when he was a stick. For their next date they went to dinner at one of Maria's restaurants, and the next three months went by in a haze of massive meals and passionate sex.

In three short months Kara managed to add forty-nine pounds, and she now tipped the scales at one hundred seventy-one pounds. The changes in her body were really incredible; her once slim chest had grown, and her butt and belly were beginning to get huge. Those three months had also made some changes in Mario; he had packed on forty pounds and now tipped the scales at two hundred twenty-six pounds, and though his pecs and arms had retained their definition, his once chiseled abs and square jaw had vanished under a thick layer of flab.

By now, Maria had taken notice of the dramatic changes in her granddaughter and her handsome young friend, and she decided to both reward and encourage them to continue growing. To do that she arranged for Kara and Mario to spend the entire summer at her villa in Italy, where they would have nothing better to do than lounge by the pool as Maria's servants indulged their every whim. They'd be spending the next three months relaxing while devouring huge amounts of high calorie food. As extra insurance that the couple would continue to grow, Maria ordered her seldom used tennis court removed and had any other fitness equipment removed from the estate.

As they prepared to leave, Kara stepped on the scale in her Grandmother's office and was a bit stunned when the numbers stopped at one hundred eighty pounds, meaning that in less than four months she had gained fifty-eight pounds. Mario got on the scale, and the dial stopped at two hundred thirty-two pounds, an increase of forty-six pounds in less than four months. Maria rose and walked across the office and opened a huge closet; she gave them a devilish smile, and said that someday they'd both need her special scale. She stepped on the platform, and a voice announced you are three hundred twenty-nine pounds. As Maria turned to face them, Mario imagined Kara someday soon making her grandmother seem very small; he dreamed of someday seeing Kara become too large for her grandmother's scale. He found himself wondering how Kara would look at three quarters of a ton, than a quarter ton, and than if he had his wish she would grow to a half ton or more. While he stood daydreaming about Kara getting bigger and bigger, she was picturing Mario sitting in one of their restaurants, drinking pitchers of beer and wearing a giant skin tight polo shirt, barely able to reach the table because of his immense belly.

As they prepared to board the private jet for Italy, Tara rushed up to Kara and patted her on the belly and warned she'd better watch or Mario would run off with some Italian vixen. She also chided that if they both kept growing they would need to fly home in a cargo plane. Kara just smiled, since she knew that every pound she gained was bringing her closer to being fabulously rich. The plane was loaded with food and beer, and most of the flight was taken up with eating and napping. Kara mentioned to Mario that she wanted to put on as much weight as possible while they were in Italy. She said the look on Tara's face if she came home sixty or seventy pounds heavier would be priceless. Mario closed his eyes and formed an image of Kara weighing two hundred fifty pounds, and he instantly got rock hard.

He slowly opened his eyes to discover that his arousal had not gone unnoticed; there stood Kara topless with her rapidly growing breasts right in his face. Before he knew what was happening Kara grabbed his shirt and sent buttons flying as she pulled it off and quickly pulled him onto the floor of the plane. Hearing the noise, the steward popped his head around the corner to discover two large half-dressed young people lying on the floor. He smiled and shut the cabin door, knowing his employer would be pleased. Not long after their romp began, Kara announced she was starving and pulled her shirt back on. Mario started to put his shirt back on, but when he discovered that all the buttons were gone, he just tossed it aside and grabbed a beer. He told Kara that if she was going to gorge the entire trip so would he; he could easily picture himself growing to over three hundred pounds on the trip.

After three months passed, Kara and Mario received a surprise visit from Maria and Tara. When they arrived, Kara and Mario were sitting by the pool; Mario was trying to balance a beer bottle on his growing belly and Kara was just at the end of her second cheesecake. Tara stared in shock when Mario got up to greet them; she couldn't believe he had once been the secret object of her dreams. She pulled back in disgust when he hugged her, and she felt his soft warm flesh touch her own. All she could say when Kara started to walk over to her is, “ MY GOD, KARA, YOU'RE AS FAT AS GRANDMA,” after which she wished she could vanish.

Kara quickly replied, “Not yet, but give me time; I'm gonna make her look scrawny like you!” Once Tara had slipped away, Maria had her two young guests stand next to each other so she could admire them; they both knew she was actually inspecting them. Though she said nothing, Maria was pleased; here stood her once petite granddaughter well on her way to becoming just the person to assume her empire. Before, where there had once been a small chest, a narrow waist and lean thighs, now stood a young woman with giant breasts struggling against the fabric of her too small bikini top, generous love handles and a growing belly which hid the waistband of her bottoms and would someday soon hide them completely, while her once lean thighs now met and pressed together almost to the knees.

Beside her beloved granddaughter stood a young man who was absolutely perfect for the family, unlike Tara's friends. Tara's friends were rude while Mario had always shown her proper respect, and she'd never heard any comments from him about her weight except for compliments he'd made to Kara about how attractive he thought Maria was. It pleased Maria to see him standing there, absentmindedly rubbing his growing belly, causing slight ripples to move across his girth. Jokingly, Maria told the couple she was afraid they were eating too much, quickly laughing at her own joke and commenting that it was impossible to eat too much. She walked over to Kara, hugged her and whispered in her ear, “If Mario gets any better looking he might become your grandfather.” Kara giggled and whispered back, “If he gets any better looking he's definitely going to be your grandson!”

Later over dinner, while Tara picked at her salad, the other three dined with no regard for the calories or fat. Half-way into the meal, Maria asked Tara how much she weighed and Tara boasted that she was only one hundred fifteen pounds, Tara continued by saying she'd never let herself get as gross and fat as Kara. Maria slammed her fist down on the table and screamed at Tara, “Your sister is beautiful; I'd rather have three granddaughters like Kara than one like you!” Tara jumped up and ran off to her room in tears, and Kara gave Mario a knowing glance, so he excused himself.

Kara walked over and sat next to Maria, and told her that she had a confession to make. She proceeded to tell of overhearing her phone conversation about being upset because the sisters were so thin. Maria laughed and gave Kara a huge hug; she couldn't believe Kara had gone to such lengths just to please her. She told Kara if she and Mario wanted to lose the weight they'd gained, she would help them. Kara said she loved being big, and she loved seeing Mario getting bigger.

Six months later, Kara and Mario are still living in Italy, along with Tara, who after talking to Maria decided maybe she should gain a few extra pounds. Though Tara has nearly doubled her weight, she is nowhere near catching up to Kara or Mario. Kara had gained a total of two hundred ninety pounds growing from a slim one hundred twenty-two pounds to her current weight of four hundred twelve pounds. And once more Mario was secretly always on Tara's mind as he sat by the pool constantly eating and drinking gallons and gallons of beer. The once muscular Italian stud had put on three hundred fifty pounds and was now a massive five hundred thirty-six pounds.

At a grand party thrown by Kara, Tara poured herself into a slinky cocktail dress and proceeded to mingle with many handsome men in attendance. Her attention was quickly drawn to a lean young man who reminded her of Mario. Before long Tara and her friend were sitting in her bedroom surrounded by food. Tara laid back on her bed, slipped out her tight dress and bra to reveal her huge breasts as well as her growing belly and hips. Her male friend stripped off his clothes and began kissing her huge breasts and gently massaged her belly. He reached for a huge platter of pastries and began feeding them to her.

Tara had never been fed before, and she loved it. She was exhausted when her friend sadly announced there was nothing left - she had eaten everything in the room. Breathlessly, Tara asked if he wanted her to call for more food so she could feed him. He said she could get more food, but not for her to feed him; she could get it for him to feed her. Tara picked up the phone, and soon the room was again full of food. Once again, Tony gently began filling Tara with food.

Soon Tara was convinced that she had died and gone to heaven. Now at two hundred fifty pounds, all her new lover wanted her to do is lay in bed naked while he plied her with massive amounts of food and intense sex. Lying in bed all the time, Tara had no idea just how much she was eating or how big she was growing, and at this point she honestly didn't care.

Tara wasn't the only sister being fed by her lover now. Mario had begun the same thing with Kara; they wanted to see how long it would take for her to reach five hundred pounds. After only a few months of almost total immobility and almost constant eating, Kara decided it was time to see if she had reached the quarter ton mark yet. Slowly, with Mario's help, she got out of bed and almost fell over as her now even more massive apron of belly fat flowed forward. Of course, Kara couldn't see her belly over her huge watermelon sized breasts riding on top of her massive belly. With Mario's help Kara stepped onto the scale and the voice announced “Five hundred twelve pounds,” meaning she had gained three hundred ninety pounds.

Once they had finished celebrating Kara's milestone, Mario got on the scale and the voice announced “Six hundred nine pounds” which meant Mario had gained four hundred seventeen pounds.

Naturally Maria had been following events, except Kara had urged the chief of staff not to mention the changes in Tara. Soon after learning Kara had topped five hundred pounds, Maria arrived in Italy to visit her granddaughters. Once at the house she was introduced to Tara's friend, and Maria had a somewhat dismayed look on her face because he was muscular and showed no hope of ever getting big like Mario. Maria assumed that Tara had retained her slight size as well. Maria gave Mario a huge hug and commented on how handsome he was, and she broke into tears of joy when Kara came out of the house. Maria could not get over how striking her once slender granddaughter had become. Kara hugged Maria as best as possible, considering her enormous size, when she stepped back she told Maria there was another treat waiting for her out by the pool.

Maria walked out to the pool and sitting across the pool was a giant young woman surrounded by platters of food. Maria nearly fainted when she realized the massive young lady was Tara. For the first time since meeting Tony, Tara stood and walked over to the scale, as she did her bikini top gave way exposing her massive breasts which were nearly as round as Tony's waist. Tara closed her eyes and stepped on the scale, she let out a shriek of surprise when the scale announced she weighed “four hundred sixty pounds.” In less than a year with help from Tony, Tara had gained two hundred ten pounds. Tony gave her a huge hug and announced he had come to the realization it was time for him to join the rest of the family and stop being concerned about his weight.