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Growing Into Herself
By Sam Casey

Part One

Looking into the mirror, Lauren squeezed the roll of fat that had accumulated around her waist in the past few months. Since moving away to college and being in control of her own eating habits, it seemed her metabolism wasn't coping as well as it used to. She sighed, but it didn't bother her all that much. She was never into dieting and she liked to eat as much as she wanted, when she wanted. Up until this point, her body had stayed pretty much the same: soft and curvy in all the right places, but not overly so.

Now, though, she had to admit that things were starting to change. Standing in just her bra and panties, she took a good look at herself. She was a tall girl, almost 5'11", with light brown hair (pulled up into pigtails, she thought it looked cuter that way) and greenish-blue eyes. Pale skin, but she didn't like to sit out and tan, since mostly she would just sit out and burn. Her face still seemed the same, but down below there were definite differences. Her breasts were bulging around the edges of her bra, even on the last hooks. Even more noticeable, what had previously been a just slightly rounded belly was now poking outwards and looking decidedly chubby. She jiggled what was in her hands and nodded: oh yes, definitely chubby. Turning to the side, her bottom appeared fuller, but not too out of place, and her thighs a little thicker.

When Lauren sat down on the bed, her tummy formed a distinct roll, with small love handles to the sides. She knew she should be concerned about her weight - there was so much emphasis on body image, especially on a college campus - but it just didn't seem important to be skinny. And, to be truthful to herself, she was a little turned on by her body the way it was. She squeezed her belly roll again and felt a little thrill. Gave it a jiggle, and another one, and ooh that felt good. Glancing at the clock, she figured her roommate Sara wouldn't be back for another hour or so (evening class). She scooted further up the bed and relaxed her head against the nice fluffy pillow for a moment. Reached back to unsnap the bra, then pulled the panties down to her ankles. There was some resistance at her thighs, where they now met at their thickest points, and that turned her on more.

She grasped her breasts, fuller than they had ever been, and pushed them around, pinching her nipples lightly. Sliding her hands down along her stomach, she slapped it lightly and enjoyed the feeling. It bulged upward quite nicely, so she stuck it out as far it could go. Grabbing the fat roll and wobbling it back and forth, she felt hot and wet down between her legs. She rubbed her pubic mound (also getting a little chubby) and began stroking her clit with one hand: lightly at first, and then harder and faster. With the other hand moving up and down her torso, pressing a breast, jiggling her belly, her breath coming in quick gasps, she eventually climaxed and fell back into the pillow, sweaty, but with a warm, tingly afterglow.

She lay there for a while after, thinking (well, not right after, but soon enough). She had been aroused by her fat, no other way to look at it. So what did that mean? Well, she wasn't going to diet, that's for sure. Ultimately, she figured she'd just keep doing what she was doing and see what came out of it. She liked snacking on chips and cookies, liked getting desserts at the cafeteria (sometimes two!), and liked - no, LOVED - the weekly pizza pig-out session with Sara: they'd get an extra-large and stuff themselves trying to finish it (and usually did). Speaking of which...

Lauren glanced at the big wall clock and cursed. Sara was probably on her way back already. It would be a little awkward for her to walk in and find her roommate sprawled out buck-naked. She hopped up and headed for the bathroom, to get a quick shower. On the way she paused in front of the mirror one more time. She loved this new feeling of being turned on by her own body. All modesty aside, she had considered herself to be pretty cute before, but getting aroused just by looking in the mirror and feeling her soft skin, that was something else. She patted her belly and smiled.

A few minutes later she heard the dorm room door open and shut and Sara called out, "Hey girl, I've got pizza!" Feeling quite refreshed from a nice hot rinse, Lauren grinned and said, "Be there in a minute!" through the bathroom door and finished toweling herself dry. She stepped out and found that her roomie had provided not one, but TWO pizzas.

"Ooh, yummy!"

"Yeah, I thought you would like. I was worried we'd run out before we got full, the way we've been eating lately, and the place was running a special for two, anyways. I bet we can make a good dent in them," Sara said happily. She slipped off her shoes and plopped down on her bed, pizzas beside her. "I got one with pepperoni, bacon and extra cheese and one Hawaiian. Want to grab something to drink from the cupboard?"

"Sure," said Lauren, pulling on a tank top that revealed her new bulges and jogging shorts that were also on the snug side. She pulled a two-liter out, found some cups and scooped ice out of the fridge. Sara made herself comfy in the meantime, changing into sleep pants and a loose t-shirt. Lauren caught herself staring for a moment, wondering what her roommate would look like with a few more pounds. The other girl didn't seem to have gained any weight since school started, despite all that she ate. The blue-eyed blond was still lean and toned from her daily workouts.

"All right, let's chow down," said Sara. She handed a piece to Lauren and bit into one herself. For a while they didn't talk much. Lauren had flipped the TV on and the two concentrated on their food. After a couple pieces, Lauren's tank top kept slipping up over her tummy; she pulled it down twice, and then just left it go the next time it happened. She didn't think Sara would mind much; it was only some flab. While this was going on, Sara was stealing glances at the belly roll now sticking pertly out in the open.

After six pieces each, Lauren caught her roomie looking and gave an embarrassed half smile. "I guess I'm getting kind of fat, huh?" She patted the offending flesh sheepishly.

"Actually, I think you look really good, Lauren," said Sara. "I wouldn't worry about it."

"Really? You're not just saying that to not hurt my feelings?" Lauren settled back against the wall, burped, and tore into another slice.

"Well, not to freak you out, but I guess I should tell you...you already know I like girls as well as guys. But the girls I like are bigger girls, chubby or fat, whatever you want to call it." She took a drink and started in her next piece. "I like being skinny myself, and skinny guys, but I love a soft, womanly body. So I might be biased in what I said about you. I hope it doesn't bother you?"

Lauren finished chewing on the crust and looked back at her friend, smiling. "No, it's okay. I actually figured out today that I like myself fat. I think this belly makes me look pretty sexy, at least to me." She grabbed it with both hands and gave it a shake. Then she reached over, exposing even more of it, and snagged a piece of Hawaiian. She was definitely starting to feel full, but she couldn't help herself; the tightness in her belly felt so good.

"You look sexy to me, too, Lauren," Sara said, an odd expression on her face. Another slice fairly flew into her mouth, between big gulps of soda.

Lauren took a bite and watched this little performance with slightly widened eyes. Then she made a decision. "Sara...would you like to feel my belly? My fat belly?" She waited rather breathlessly.

Her roommate stopped chewing for a moment, and then nodded hesitantly, popping the last bit into her mouth. She slid off her bed and kneeled down in front of Lauren. She slowly caressed the soft belly she was presented with. It was smooth and warm and felt very nice indeed. She gave an experimental squeeze and looked up to see if it met with approval. It must have because Lauren had her eyes closed, leaning back against her big pillow and chewing ravenously. Sara encouraged, “Keep eating, sexy. Stuff that belly full.” She moved herself closer until she was sitting between the other girl's knees, and began kissing that round tummy. She ran her tongue across it, sucking on the soft flab and kneading it with her fingers. After a few moments her hands crept up to the full breasts that bulged so temptingly above. Lauren moaned softly through a mouth filled with pizza as Sara slipped the tank top up over those swollen globes and suckled them greedily.

When Lauren had finished the slice, she tugged her tank top up over her head and tossed it away. Sara pulled her own shirt off and pressed against the soft, hot flesh of her roommate. Their lips touched gently several times, and then locked tight, tongues twining franticly. Lauren reached out to cup Sara's taut little ass and pull her close, bringing their most intimate areas into tight contact. She could feel her plump, wet pussy throbbing with desire. She scooted back, pulling the other girl along, and flopped down on the bed, loose flesh jiggling. “I want you so bad! Fuck me!” she cried.

Sara grinned mischievously. “My little piggy only gets fucked if she eats this pizza right up. Stuff your belly and I'll make you feel good. What do you think about that, hmm?” She tossed the remaining slices into one box and set it on the nightstand with the two-liter.

Groaning, Lauren clutched at her too-full tummy. All that food in there already…but so much more out here, just waiting to be eaten: fattening, calorie-laden food to add more pounds to her sexy body. Unable to resist, she picked up a slice and began chewing mechanically, pausing intermittently to gulp down swallow straight from the soda bottle. She burped loudly and asked, “You like this fat belly of mine, Sara? Does it turn you on like it does to me?” She grabbed it and shook, loving the feel of it wobbling with all the food packed inside. She poked her finger into her bellybutton and giggled at how deep it went.

Sara smiled and pulled the finger into her mouth, sucking on it. She did that to each of Lauren's fingers, slowly and enticingly, then licked the skin between the thumb and forefinger. “I love your fat belly, you sexy girl. I've never been this horny in my life. Keep eating and I'll eat you,” she said softly. She tugged Lauren's shorts and panties off and ran her hands over the smooth thighs left exposed. Burying her face between the other girl's legs, she licked slowly up and down. Lauren gasped and grabbed one more pizza slice. She bit off mouthful after mouthful as Sara licked around her clit, with one hand down her own pants furiously pleasuring herself.

Both girls orgasmed at about the same time and collapsed against one another, one plump form and one skinny, both feeling very pleased. Lauren kissed Sara's forehead, and said with a small grin, “Well, I didn't quite finish all of the pizza.”

Sara smiled back. “Then that's your breakfast, sexy.” She gave Lauren's belly a good jiggle. “I'm going to make sure this tummy stays very well-fed all the time.” The girls snuggled closer together and fell asleep entwined in each other's arms.