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Growing Passions

"C'mon, Paula! Open this door! I know you're in there!"

"Go away! I don't know you! Just leave me alone!"

The man's voice carried through the door once more. "I know who you are! You're the same lady who danced with me last night in the bar. You're also the same lady who ran off the dance floor and then took off her convertible I saw what happened to you last night. If you don't open this door right now and talk to me about it, I'll take the story somewhere else to tell it...like to a local newspaper!"

Paula's heart beat faster at that prospect. She couldn't let anyone tell her secret to the world. She reluctantly unlatched the door and opened it slowly, looking up into the eyes of the handsome man she met the night before she said, "l thought you liked me. Why would you hurt me by telling other people"

Barry looked down at the small, lithe woman, his thoughts confused at the many things he had witnessed the previous evening.

"l wouldn't really do that, I just wanted you to open the door...to talk to me...to explain that what I saw last night wasn't an illusion...that you did actually...well, change!"

She opened the door wider and motioned for him to come in. She led him to a couch, and as he sat down she lowered herself into a chair opposite him

"It's been so long, so long that I've been cooped up in this house so far from town. So long since I could talk to anybody. I needed to get out last night. That's why I chose that bar. It was practically empty. I felt safe there that is, until you came over to me and started talking.

"I saw you sitting there in the dark, all alone," said Barry. "I wasn't sure at first, but you looked a little depressed. I know how that feels, so I decided to come over.

"When I first saw you, I decided you weren't my type, but when I approached you, I thought the light was playing tricks with my eyes. Then, when we were on the dance floor, I did see you change. The last straw was seeing you so different driving off. I just had to know. Now that I see you, I'm still not sure."

"You mean, now that I'm skinny again~"

"Then I'm not crazy. You did get fatter before my very eyes~"

Paula sighed. "Yes. I should start from the beginning. I was a lab tech far a company called Bio-Carb Amalgamated. We were working on a new set of genetically altered organisms for farm animal growth called Blue Harvest. Some were for increasing an animal's size, others for increasing procreation by boosting sexual attractant output, the scents known as pheromones. Well, both experiments were a bust. The animals grew, but fatter, not meatier. And the sexual attractants just made them want to fuck, not eat or sleep. So it was my job to destroy them in a radiation sterilizing chamber."

"But a small earthquake near the lab broke open the chamber and exposed me. It took about a month to confirm that I wasn't contagious, but I was genetically changed forever. The company was most sympathetic. They changed my identity and set me up in this house for the rest of my life, all food and expenses paid for as long as I keep quiet, Now, all I do is just sit here, watch TV, and be very lonely. You're the first person I've told this tale to since it happened. I'm just afraid that you'll never want to see a freak like me again."

Barry just shook his head back and forth. "I thought you were very pretty, especially when you were plump. I was even more curious when I felt you grow bigger in my arms. But, what does it? What makes you change And why are you thin now?"

"Can't you guess? I get fat by getting turned on! I thought you were cute sitting at the bar, so just thinking of you made me plump. Then, when I felt your body next to mine, I started getting bigger by the second. That's why I ran. If I stayed there any longer, I would have gotten so fat I would have busted out of my clothes!"

Barry smiled. "You thought I was cute?" he asked,

"I still do. Just the thought of you holding me next to you gets me a little warm and then...oh my."

Paula looked down at her clothing. Barry's eyes followed her gaze, then widened as he saw what he only thought he imagined last night. Paula's tight blouse and sweat pants were getting tighter before his very eyes, her small, rounded breasts swelled within the shirt top, slowly pushing against the material, the blouse beginning to strain at the buttons. Her belly had also started to roll up and over the elastic rim of her sweat pants.

When Paula looked back up from seeing the small growth, she saw Barry's expression. "My God!" she exclaimed, "You really do like me like this!"

"That and more!" he replied. "There are many of us, Fat admirers, or FA's, who love the sight of a large women. Even more of us have fantasies of a woman growing fat before our eyes!"

"Then who am I to disappoint you ~ " she said. Paula stood up, took Barry's hand, and led him through the widened hallway to what served as her bedroom. But instead of a bed, the room was bare of furnishings, the floor covered by a thick, soft mattress that stretched from wall to wall. Climbing onto the spongy surface, Paula explained,

"I can't sleep in a regular bed. Some of my more erotic dreams would balloon me up at night, so this became a necessity."

She then turned to Barry and said, "Well, lover, do you want to see how big you can get me?"

"Oh, yeah," he said and lifted his hands up to cup her swollen breasts, which were straining the blouse to the maximum, and began to massage them through the soft, thin material. His efforts were immediately rewarded as Paula's tits nearly doubled in size popping the buttons off her top with an audible sound. The cloth was pushed aside by the thrusting flesh of her suddenly huge boobs, which found their way into Barry's hands, the nipples jutting like thumbs out of the swollen orbs. Massaging the warm tit flesh only made them grow faster, fatter, fuller with each passing second.

Paula was moaning loudly at this, enjoying the pleasure of the touch of another's hands, a pleasure long forsaken.

The feelings of pleasure just didn't swell her tits, a fact not lost on Barry, for his eyes took in the whole effect his kneading the doughy tit flesh had on her.

Her stretch pants were filling up and outwards by the second, giving the effect of being inflated like a water balloon, the flesh beneath the fabric quivering and jiggling like gelatin. Her belly, ass and legs grew and grew, quickly stretching the elastic material.

He immediately dove his mouth at her swollen breasts, his lips clamping down on her right, then left tit. His rough tongue lapped and stroked her still growing nipples, which he then began to nip and knead with his lips, gently at first, then with growing passion, applying just enough pressure to send surges of electric pulses down Paula's body, as if they were wired directly to her swiftly swelling clitoris. This only served to double the speed of her already accelerated weight gain, her clothes reaching the limits of their capacity to stretch any further.

As those limits were passed, the seams of the pants gave way with a loud tearing sound, exposing the still growing expanse of Paula's belly, which flopped out and down, covering her snatch, then doubling over in a fold. Her thighs were mottled by bumps of cellulite, and looking back up, Barry could see several new chins had framed Paula's face, her cheeks puffing out as if she was sucking on an air hose.

Paula's pudgy hands made fast work of the buttons on Barry's shirt and swiftly began to undo his belt and trousers, sliding them down to his ankles. With the same speed, she pulled down his briefs, releasing his swollen and eager cock, which nearly jumped into her hand upon being freed.

The sight made Paula "Oooh" loudly, which also triggered a jump in her size that Barry estimated must have been at least fifty pound gain in seconds.

She was now into the three hundred pound range and not staying there long, for she got down on her knees and began to run Barry's hard pole over her face, gently stroking the soft foreskin across her cheeks, running her lips over the bulbous, swollen reddish purple head. Paula then opened her mouth, Barry's cock jerking involuntarily at her warm, moist breath. Before he could regain his senses, he found that her lips had now covered it, her hot, wet tongue wrapped around it like a snake.

Her head was now jerking back and forth, sucking his shaft, the sensation arching his body with electric pulse; with pleasure. This went on for what seemed like hours, until he felt as if he would explode.

And explode he did. Hot cum spurted through his cock and into Paula's eager mouth. She drank every drop of the sticky, sweet cream that burst from his throbbing manhood like a greedy child sucking on a soft ice cream cone. Barry staggered back, still on his feet but very shaky, coming to rest against a wall. He lifted his head, trying to clear his vision from stars and the blackness. He had never experienced a blowjob like that in his life. What awaited his sharpened gaze was nothing he had ever seen before either.

Paula was now bigger than he had ever seen her. In fact, she was now bigger than any woman he could remember, even the circus fat lady that gave him his first real hard-on and his first wet dream. So many years ago.

She was still on her knees, but Barry couldn't tell. Her belly and ass had grown so huge that they obscured her legs, a swollen mass of flesh resting on the floor. Her breasts, hell, her whole body had tripled, if not quadrupled in size from the blow job. She now resembled a ball of blubbery flesh, with breasts like water balloons, nipples like small sausages, arms so fat laden that her hands were nothing more than a pair of pudgy flippers on the ends of them, and her head afloat on a mass of doughy chins. His wildest guess put her weight at over a thousand pounds.

She obviously was in no discomfort, for her face was alight with a wide grin. Looking down at her beautifully bloated body, she smirked, "Well, so much for the old tales of cum being a low calorie treat!" To emphasize the point, she loudly smacked her lips, then said, "Now, let's see if you can use that nice, tasty cock of yours to pump me up some more!"

With that, she let herself fall...no, roll backwards, her breasts flopping up over her shoulders, her belly slowly following. Straightening her knees, Paula spread her legs, allowing her belly to ooze down between them, covering the brief glimpse of her dripping wet pussy awaiting Barry's still rigid pole.

Barry staggered towards the huge, turgid mass of flesh before him, still unsure he could continue to stand, let alone make love to Paula's elephantine form. It was then a whiff of her love juices hit him, the musky odor assaulting his senses and sending a fiery jolt through his body, re-doubling his hard-on, nearly making him cum right there. Through haze of pleasure he remembered that one of the mirco organisms that changed Paula was a sexual attractant. He was being bombarded by a hyper concentration of pheromones, which now was pumping his sexual drive and desire to levels he had never experienced before.

He fell to his knees between her legs, trying desperately to move her ballooning belly out of the way so he could plunge his face into her waiting pussy. But it was like trying to shovel back the tide, for her flesh flowed like melting cheese in his hands.

Finally, Paula realized what was happening, for with a mighty groan and grunt, she began to roll over onto her front, Barry assisting her at her feet. Rolling over, she did not quite come to rest, for her body jiggled and flowed for nearly a minute more, her flesh jiggling like a giant gelatin mold.

Barry's goal, however, was finally in sight. He plunged his head between Paula's boulder sized ass cheeks and lapped at the flowing juices of her pussy. She squealed and screamed at this, her body rising even faster. Her ass grew fatter, wider, and fuller with each stroke of the warm, wet muscle of his tongue over her hardened clit, until he could no longer remain between the growing masses that threatened to smother him at any moment.

Coming up for air, he found himself awash in a sea of flesh. Paula had grown so fat that he could not believe his eyes. She must have weighed over 2000 pounds. He could no longer see her head, but he heard her moaning.

"Oh, GOD!" she screamed, "Fuck me! Fuck me 'til I explode!"

Taking the cue, he plunged his huge, stiff cock deep into her love juice sodden snatch, slowly stroking it at first, then raising the tempo with each stroke. His heart was racing from the combination of the pheromones and the sensations of her pussy lips wrapped around his swollen shaft, he watched as each stroke, each thrust, seemed to make Paula grow fatter... and fatter... and FATTER! It was as if he was pumping her up like a balloon with each plunge into her honey pot.

Her belly, growing steadily larger, began to lift the rest of her body off the floor, raising her pussy up until Barry had to stand to keep his pole inserted inside. When that wasn't enough, he spread his arms across the top of her ass. His feet lifted off the floor as he began riding Paula like a wild animal.

As she started to sweat, the pheromone-laced perspiration covered Barry's body, now wedged tightly in her ass crack, searing his brain with more powerful jolts of pleasure than he ever could imagine.

This all came to a head when Paula began to make the sounds of a woman approaching orgasm. A guttural cry rose in her throat, her voice much deeper now than before, the fat of her body adding to the resonance. Barry also reacted to this, for it took all of his conscious will, severely weakened by the chemical assault on his senses, to hold back the surging wave of orgasm, but sensing the end was near, he let the flood waters forth. The dam finally broke, and almost simultaneously Barry emptied himself over and over again into Paula's quivering pussy just as she climaxed.

But the sensation did more than offer a release for her. The genetic changes in her system ran rampant. She began to grow at an alarming rate, with Barry helpless to do anything but watch as she took on the size of a Thanksgiving Day balloon. She grew larger, fatter, wider with each passing second. Barry struggled to free himself from her expanding ass, but to no avail. Her body filled the room, quickly making contact with the walls, then rising like dough.

Barry, however, began to sink from view into the cavernous cleft between Paula's butt cheeks. The pheromones smothered him, triggering wave upon wave of neural surges, making him cum and cum again as the last bit of light disappeared from view between the swiftly shrinking gap above him.

About a year later, Paula was seated in a dark corner table in a bar of a very exclusive hotel, waiting for her appointment. She was dressed in a slinky cocktail dress with low cleavage. The dress was a little loose at first, but a little nipple rubbing changed that.

Her thoughts were on Barry, as usual. It seems he was making great progress in therapy the last time she saw him. He survived that night, but he would never be the same. His golden mane was now a shock of white hair, his mind totally fried by the experience and the overdose of pheromones. The sanitarium was expensive, but it was a small price to pay for the man she loved with all her heart. If only he didn't cum every time she touched him.

It took nearly two hours to return to mobility after that night, but she found she was a whole woman again. And one with a gift men would pay gladly for... pay a great deal.

With the right connections, she set herself up in a new career, becoming one of the most unique, and the most expensive, prostitutes in the world. How many hookers could do what she did, even for $10,000 a night?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the approach of a well dressed man in his 40's. A gold ring encrusted with diamonds adorned each of his fingers. But what caught her eye was half of a torn thousand dollar bill he had in his hand. She reached into her purse and drew out the other half of the bill, and confirming that the halves were once the same whole, she motioned for him to sit down next to her.

"Glad you could make it," she said. "It's rare I have a cancellation. My waiting list is quite long."

He just nodded his head, then said, "I can believe that if everything I hear is true. Can you prove it to me?

Without a word, she took the man's right hand in hers and moved it inside the folds of her dress, coming to rest on her breast. As he cupped it, he immediately felt the warm orb grow fuller, fatter, heavier in his hand.

With a shocked, but eager expression on his face, he said, "Let's go."

Original version appeared as "Tons of Fun" in JUGGS Magazine