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The Incredible Growing Woman
By Joe T.

(Author’s Note: This story is a spoof I wrote based on a black & white movie called The Incredible Shrinking Man.)

Part One

Bella and Mark were on their first wedding anniversary. They went out into the bay on their boat for a romantic and fun adventure. It was a clear and sunny day until it stated getting a little foggy. Then the wind picked up. Bella went outside to check it out while Mark stayed at the wheel and steered the boat back to the dock. There appeared to be precipitation, but instead she noticed there were little sparkly things falling onto her completely covering her. She wiped some of them off her face and arms and headed back to the cabin. She wondered what they were and showed them to Mark. Neither of them had ever seen anything like that falling from the sky before.

The next morning, at their house, she woke up on her bed feeling quite bloated. This was not a rare event for her since she was a woman and she did have quite a big dinner the previous night with Mark. That feeling was soon replaced with severe hunger, which was also not too uncommon for her either. She would usually get really hungry a few times a month, but she was usually not a big eater. That morning she helped herself to quite a large breakfast, and when she was done she subconsciously decided to eat breakfast again as if she had totally forgotten about the first one. She then took a bath and put on some clothes. She noticed she felt a little chunkier than she had felt the day before. She decided that she couldn't have gained too much weight in one day and told herself that she must have been at least as heavy the previous day.

"Honey, do you think I look - fat in this?" she said as she zipped up her pants half way and embarrassingly struggling to button it.

"No, I think you look fine sweet cheeks," he replied with a seductive grin, "besides, you know how clothes get after you wash them."

She couldn’t believe it, but she felt hungry again. She knew she had just downed at least one breakfast already, but she still felt hungry and her stomach still felt empty and comfortable. She went into the kitchen and looked at the refrigerator, then looked back, then looked at the fridge again then looked back... Finally she said,

"Oh well, it won’t matter if I gained a few pounds. I've done it before and exercised it off!"

So she took to the kitchen like a fish to water. She was craving something fattening, so she made herself some brownies while munching on some store-bought cookies. Then she took a tub of ice cream that had been sitting in the freezer for a while and started gulping it down. Before she had two bites of ice cream, she felt like the button on her pants was about to burst, and it felt really uncomfortable. So she unbuttoned and immediately felt much better. So she kept eating for another two minutes before she decided to take the pants off. She felt and almost believed they were shrinking on her. She made a bag of popcorn and served herself the brownies in the living room and turned on the TV. She finished off the bag of buttered popcorn and all eight brownies. Then she noticed she was growing at an amazing rate around her waist and thighs. She had almost forgotten about it after she took off her pants. She jumped up and called out to Mike, who saw that she had eaten a whole lot of food. She ran to the bathroom where she stood on the scale. It read 134lbs. She remembered that last time she weighed herself she was 126. Mike came into the bathroom and tried to offer the suggestion that she was always that size even though he knew he was lying.

"What's happening to me?!" she cried out.

"I don’t know dear, but I think I kinda like it."

"How could you say that when I have just gained 8 lbs! So you're admitting that I've gained that weight?!?"

"Oh, don't worry, honey; it'll go away - I've seen it before," he hugged her and caressed her head.

"Really?" she asked.

"Sure," and he kissed her.

She stopped eating and managed to break her cravings for a little while. She went to the gym and started exercising on the treadmill belt when she noticed something strange about her breathing: she breathed in normally, but when she breathed out no air would come out of her mouth or nose yet her lungs were expanding and contracting normally.

She kept exercising for about two minutes and then ran home to tell mike about it. As she was getting into the car she felt even fatter, and the seatbelt had to go farther around her. When she got out it took her two tries to stand up.

She ran into the house and told him. He went to call the doctor while she weighed herself again. He could see that she was definitely getting chubbier now. The scale said 139lbs - another five pounds since that morning! They left immediately for the doctor's office.

"Yes, I can see that you probably have put on a little weight since last time you were here. It's really nothing to worry about - just stay away from eating too much fatty foods and get plenty of exercise. Please step onto the scale," said the doctor. "See, 138 - that's not bad!"

"Wow I have actually lost a pound!" she declared.

"Maybe you shouldn't have been so hasty to read the scale, huh?" he remarked.

"But the other thing, I'm not breathing out!"

"What?" he contended.

"When I exhale, no air comes out of me!"

She showed him how she could breathe in and not breathe out for an extended period of time.

"Hmm. We'll have to run some tests."

The doctor asked Mark to leave. When the doctor reported back to them, he told Bella and Mark that she was somehow metabolizing the air and turning it into fat almost the same way a plant uses photosynthesis.

She then tried blowing out air from her mouth. It worked! She could do it with her nose too, but only when she was trying. When she breathed normally without effort, no air would come out of her. The doctor prescribed that she have lots of rest, eat less, eat healthier and to take some dieting pills that he gave her. When they came home that night, Mark fixed Bella a nice big meal that didn't seem to be low in fat at all. She was so hungry she didn't care and dug right in while Mark slowly ate a much smaller dinner. She finished her entire dinner and then took some pills. She immediately got hungry again and had some more to eat. Though she was still hungry, she forced herself to stop and then checked the scale, which displayed 145. She felt the fat on her beginning to bulge out her tummy, which had been firm and flat just the previous day. It was now very squishy, doughy and curvy. She then focused her eyes closer to notice that her boobs were actually starting to grow too. Now her regular clothes weren’t fitting any more. She had to wear baggy sweat pants. She took a bath and played around with her new fat some more and gradually started disliking it a little less.

"But what would everyone else think?" she thought. Then she thought about how a lot of people were fat. Then she remembered that she had a friend once that was obese and she had a husband that seemed to really love her. She got out of the bath and looked at the tempting scale.

"One forty seven?!!" she cried out as Mark walked in.

"My darling," he spoke. "You look so sexy! Why don't you come with me?" He directed her to the bedroom where they made sweet love. He rubbed her belly as she was calling out for him to stop while giggling. They started becoming more embracing and caressed each other.

After a few hours they started talking about how that was the best sex either of them ever had.

"I don't know how to say this Bella, but I think I think you are much sexier with a little fat on you. " The next morning she woke up and pinched herself. She thought she was having a dream. To her surprise she was even fatter than expected. She felt around her belly, which was noticeably bigger than last night, then her legs, which must have been twice as big as before and then her breasts. She rolled over to get up. First she sat up, then slid to the floor with her fat following behind. Then she used the bed to lift herself up. She went to her drawer to try on a bra. The drawer touched her belly when she pulled it out, causing her to have to take a step back. She tried wrapping the bra around her chest, but the clip could not reach by five inches, so she resorted to pulling it across her boobs. They hung down under the bra, so she lowered it, making it go under her breasts. They then hung over the bra covering and making it completely invisible. Even if the cups were tall enough they still weren't wide enough to cover horizontally.

She went to the bathroom but then retreated to the bedroom to get Mike. He pulled himself out of bed with his eyes still closed then he opened one, smiled and then opened the other. He then led her to the bathroom. She slowly stepped on the scale and put her hand over he eyes. Before she could open them he pulled her down to the ground and started making love to her.

"How much --- do I --- weigh? --- Damnit!" she sputtered.

"One --(kiss)-- fifty --(kiss)-- seven --(smile, kiss)," he replied.

One hour later they got up out of the bathroom and went back to the bedroom.

"Isn't vacation great!" Mike insisted, lying on the bed.

"I've got to --" Bella began.

"EAT?!" Mike finished.

"How did you know," Bella questioned, giggling.

They ran to the kitchen. Bella was first and started making herself breakfast. Then Mark came in and made breakfast for her too. She sat down, started eating and Mike served her another plate.

She stopped eating for a brief second to say: "You want me to get fat, don't you?"

Mark was already back in the kitchen making his own meal.

By the time he got back she was already half done with the second plate.

He sat down next to her and when she was done with the second plate she started sneaking bites from Mike's plate. This turned him on, so he put his hands around her waist and attacked her with kisses laving hickies on her neck. He then buried his face in her hair and then on her chest while rubbing her tummy. She then started rubbing his leg and then his crotch with one hand and eating from his plate with the other. He looked at his half eaten breakfast then at the other two empty plates; he made another meal, sat down next to her and the same thing happened again.

"I'm full now," declared Mike.

"But I'm not," she stated.

She took some more of the pills the doctor gave her.

"These must not be working," said Bella.

She thought about taking twice the dosage, but Mike stopped her. She went back to eating again, looking at Mike as if she was asking for permission, then took another bite. As long as he didn't care she didn't care.

"What if I keep gaining weight?" she asked.

"I don't care if you're 400 lbs; you're still beautiful."

She kept eating with her eyes still on Mikes'. They ran out of food, so they went to the grocery store. Bella was picking out tons of fattening food like her eyes were bigger than her stomach...

...or were they?

She was getting so hungry she couldn't stand it much longer. On the way back she demanded that they stop at McDonalds to get something to eat.

"Two Big Macs, large fries, three Big Macs, and a Diet, no, make that a regular coke and a Dr Pepper and three apple pies," she ordered.

When they arrived at the house she had eaten about a third of it. When she sat down she offered some to Mike who was already full. When she got down to the last French fry she said to herself quietly, "What am I doing?"

She ate the fry and looked at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks that had been bony and broad had started filling out, and her cute hair complemented her now even sexier face. But in her opinion she was just fat. She went to the bathroom to weigh herself. Mike followed her, asking what she was doing.

"Aren't you being a little paranoid?" Mike started.

"Did you see how much food I just ate?" she argued. "One - sixty - five!" she breathed.

"Whoa honey! I'm gonna have to start calling you Bell-E," he joked.

"Shut Up!"

"I think you are getting sexier every day."

"Are you serious?"

"Of course I am. Isn't it obvious by now?"

A tear came out of her eye, and she sat down leaning against the bathtub.

"What if I never stop?"

"You will. You will."

"I'll never be skinny again!"

"Good, you look sexier, comfortable, and even healthier too. Don't worry."

"Well, I do kinda agree with you." He wiped her tear. She smiled and kissed him. "It is kinda neat and different. I can fill a chair; I'm taller when I sit; I can win eating contests; I'm sexier to you (although I don't know about other people) and now that I have more padding, leaning up against the bathtub is as comfortable as leaning against a pillow. Hey, there's more of me for you!"

Mike was nodding.

"Now you're talking positive, dear!"

"I don't ever want to be skinny again!"


"I love you!”

"I love you even more"

They had sex some more.

They got up.

She stepped on the scale.

"Yes! One sixty six! I gained one pound just having sex! But I'm starving!”



Snack (dinner for most people).







"Oh my gosh, I weight more than you Mike. But the rate of weight gain is not decreasing. I don't know when I'll ever stop!" Just then the doctor called to check up.

"How are you doing?" asked the doctor.

"One - eighty - two!" she replied. "How could this be happening?"

"Please come to the office immediately," the doctor exclaimed.

Just as she hung up, Mike came to the living room where she was and sat down on top of her in her lounge chair. Then he whipped it out and humped her while wrapping his arms around her and sucking her tit.

"I've got to go to the doctor again!" she announced.

"Ok, just a minute."

Ten minutes later they showed up at the doctor's office. He got out of the car really fast and helped her out.

"Give me your hand, darling," he said, then kissed her.

"Well, you've gained 45 lbs, and it looks like mostly fat. I tested your blood, and it seems to have the same characteristics as someone who has been on a fast for three days! If I didn't see you, I would think that you were starving."

"I am! I could eat a cow!" she affirmed.

"Well, I'm sorry to tell you this, but I think you actually are in danger of starving. Just be sure to eat plenty of food. As for losing weight, I could give you this device to force you to breathe out especially when you're sleeping. It's meant for patients with neumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis, but I think you could use it to lose weight."

"Well, I'll give it a try. Thanks doc!"

Bella was feeling depressed, so she went to a bar to drink.

While she was sipping on a cocktail, a handsome looking man sat next to her with a drink and started talking to her. It took her a while to realize that he was actually flirting with her.

"Sorry, I have a husband," she explained and then headed for the door. On her way out she saw the same man sit down to a thinner woman across the bar. She felt appreciated and special. While driving home she swerved a bit and hit the curb. Fortunately the natural padding and her sheer size kept her from being jostled too much; otherwise, she might have gotten a few bruises.

She came home to find Mike naked with his arms spread apart. She ripped off her clothes and came towards him almost tackling him. Her luscious fat hung down from her waist pressing against his. After a few minutes of this, they went to the kitchen and she sat on the floor next to the fridge. He tied a blindfold on her and they played "Guess what this is." He sat behind her with his legs wrapped around her waist and his arm around her below her boobs and the other, feeding her random things from the fridge.

They played for a little while before she said faster! He sat in different positions around her, on her - sometimes with occasional fingering and even with him in her while feeding - until finally he got her on her back and was pouring fatty liquids into her mouth such as heavy cream. She felt around until she felt him and began pulling and rubbing, while he caressed and massaged her belly and sometimes her breasts.

He could see that she had grown since they began the game until two hours into it. There was a visible difference. He gave her some more alcohol, since he could smell it on her and it reminded him of it. He, too, drank some and ate but not as much as her. The game went on and on for six hours - both of them enjoying it tremendously. They lost track of time and drank some more, finishing two bottles of wine and a bottle of rum.

It was 6:00 AM and the sun was coming up. Mike looked at the clock. He laid down on top of her and they went to sleep with him in her. Mike woke up to a poking on the cheek from Bella. He pulled his hands towards him in an attempt to get up. They were wedged under her new fat. He pulled them out one at a time. They were numb. He felt around her waist, but he couldn't feel anything. But what he could feel was resistance, so he felt around and he could tell that she was much, much larger. Her breasts, legs, arms were also huge. Even her face looked rounder and cuter, and the fat ran all the way down to her fingers where there was a ring completely stuck on her finger. Her thighs were pressing against each other. He helped her up and caressed her more while standing up. She waddled while he walked to the scale, which displayed 205!

"Honey, I seriously think my weight gain is dependent upon my pleasure level."

"I do agree, then you must have had some fun last night or morning."

"Anyway I'm starved literally, and the doctor said I should eat plenty of food. You know honey this is hard for me, I am eating as little as I possibly can; I could eat thrice this much if I didn't starve myself so much."

"Eat as much as you want," Mark commented

"I have to take those pills. Who knows when this'll stop?"

She took the pills and started eating.

"You know, hun," she chewed, "I'll have to try an experiment to see if these pills are actually working."

That night she tried using the machine the doctor gave her. It consisted of an electric pump and a mask.

Bella was sitting on the side of the bed with Mike next to her.

She put it on.

"Yuk! This smells like when you go to the dentist!" she protested.

She could feel the air being sucked out of her lungs when she exhaled. After a while the smell went away, but the machine still made noise and was somewhat uncomfortable and inconvenient. Bella went to bed, and Mike followed. After a few hours of snoozing. Mike was woken by silence and felt the bed shake and creek.

"Where are you going, sexy? Come back to papa."

"I'm going to get a midnight snack," she whispered, "I guess it's more noticeable when I leave now." She patted her belly. "God, I'm getting fat."

Ten minutes later Mike felt the bed shake again; he greeted he under the cover with a hug and a slobbery kiss. She put the machine back on, and it stayed on for another two hours when she finally decided she couldn't stand the sound anymore. The next morning she weighed herself at 207.

"I only gained two pounds last night! It must have worked!" She celebrated into the kitchen and all through both breakfasts. That day she didn't take the pills. Mike took her out to eat at two different restaurants. The first one they both ate, but at the second they both ordered and she ate both plates!

"I'm still hungry, but I think I'll stop.” A couple of hours later, Mike took Bella out to THREE different restaurants. She ate five total plates of food and three alcoholic drinks. "I'm full!" she exclaimed with her hands in the air, as the waiter served their desserts.

"Wow! You haven't been full in ages!" joyed Mark.

"Well there's always room for dessert!" she insisted and forced the delicious hot brownies a la mode.

"Now I'm stuffed," and she was sooooo stuffed that her belly was touching the table in the booth.

Mark went around the table and caressed her belly, shoving his hand between her tummy and the table in a swirling motion then he reached under the table into her crotch.

"I have to get out of this booth before I get stuck!" she bellowed.

He pulled her out and helped her up. This was becoming a difficult task. They knew this would be the last time they ate at this restaurant. She was getting too big. That night they went to the movies. They got a huge bucket of buttered popcorn, which, of course, she ate.

“Bella, you know I'll always love you," he insisted with a smile.

She had a total of 10 meals that day, which is no wonder why she weighed 236lbs. She was getting very fat. It was getting harder not to waddle now. Her fingers and feet were filling out now, and she still couldn't get the ring off. She had to get new clothes. The previous day, they’d ordered clothes on the Internet. They knew she'd be growing, so they ordered them way too big, and to their surprise they had them in way, way bigger sizes. It even said they could have them custom made even bigger. That and finding out about FAs on the Internet made her feel extremely joyous. She ordered three outfits, some lingerie, and a swimsuit.

That night Bella used the exhaling apparatus the whole night. The next morning she weighed 234 - which meant if she had it on the whole day she would only lose 6 lbs/day. She gave up on the machine but not the pills that morning She had her usual breakfasts and lunches. Afterwards, they decided to go swimming. Though it was a public pool, she didn't have much to worry about since there was always at least three or so fat women and not necessarily beautiful ones like she was. They went in the pool and enjoyed some swimming. Her curvy luscious round squishy fat floated in the water. It looked like her whole body was covered in breasts of various sizes only no nipples.

They went swimming again the next day. By then she weighed 293lbs, and she was already growing out of her outfits. Fortunately, she was able to return the old clothes for bigger ones. They knew the company was good about that, considering many other women like to gain weight. Mark had a clever idea that could probably make them a lot of money. He took some pictures of Bella with her sexy lingerie on with their digital camera. The next day, in the morning they went to the doctor again. She waddled in. The doctor weighed her and took some more tests.

"I've checked your cholesterol level and blood pressure level several times, and I got the same thing. You apparently have no cholesterol in your blood and your blood pressure is normal. I can't believe it! I wish my wife was like this.??? What do you think might have triggered this event????"

They told him about the mysterious mist.

"I've also looked at this sample of fat cells of yours. It seems they are multiplying at an amazing rate."

"I have told the head of the medical department. He and several other scientists are trying to find a cure."

"Thank you doctor!" they said in unison. They went home.

"Did the doctor ever check my weight?" Bella asked.

"No, let’s see."

327! "Wow when did that happen?”

Mark’s plan was to post pictures of her daily and make bets that she would gain lots of weight. They also had banners for other BBW on their web site

They continued their routine:

Lunch - 5 lbs.

Swimming - 5 lbs.

Shop for new clothes - 1 lb.

Sex - 5.

Dinner - 8.

Sex - 5.

Snack - 5.

Picture - 1.

Sex - 5.

Sleep - 8.

Sex - 5.

378lbs at the end of the day.

Breakfast - 5.

Sex - 5.

Doctor - 1.

Lunch - 5.

Swimming - 5.

Shop for new clothes - 1.

Sex - 5.

Dinner - 8.

Sex - 6.

Snack - 5.

Picture - 1.

Sex - 6.

Sleep - 8.

Sex - 7.

434 lbs.

By now she was a supersize BBW, and she held the world record for fastest weight gain. Lots of FAs urged her through e-mail to cheat on Mark to be with them, but she refused and that made her even happier, gaining more weight. They won many bets and her site was visited hundreds of times per hour. Sex was now becoming even more pleasurable for them. The doctor kept them reported with her health status and finding a cure. The rolls of fat covered her body like water balloons or pillows strapped all over her. Her breasts were becoming more spherical and soft. Her pussy was embedded deep under many levels of fat. Her chin was gradually sinking into her neck. She was becoming a great star among the FAs.

Breakfast - 5.

Sex - 7.

Doctor - 1.

Lunch - 5.

Shop for new clothes - 1.

Eating contest - 9.

Sex - 8.

Dinner - 7.

Movie - 5.

Sex - 8.

Snack - 5.

Picture - 1.

Sex - 8.

Sleep - 7.

Sex - 9.

518 lbs. Just one day later, she was completely enveloped in fat. They were worried about the antidote not being found, but at the same time they were enjoying the most pleasurable experiences in their whole lives. She started trying to cut back on eating and taking more pills, but her body was somehow incapable of living off of extra fat so she still had to eat large quantities of food. Breakfast - 5.

Sex - 7.

Doctor - 1.

Lunch - 5.

Shop for new clothes - 1.

Sex - 8.

Dinner - 7.

Movie - 5.

Sex - 8.

Snack - 5.

Picture - 1.

Sex - 8.

Sleep - 7.

Sex - 9.

609 lbs.

They were now getting seriously worried that it would never stop, but the enjoyment was just too much. They were making enough money now from eating contests and the web site that they retired 30 years earlier than expected. When she sat on a surface with her legs spread apart, her belly hung down and poured on the surface (usually bed). Mike didn't mind the effort of lifting her belly up to stick himself in. The enjoyment after he let her belly roll down onto him was more than worth it for both of them. It was now impossible not to waddle. The folds or rolls of fat under her arm could now be used as pockets or even hold sheets of paper. Mike was able to get her in different places now under many of the different rolls that occurred between her armpit and waist and under her breasts. Even though the rolls were only about four inches deep, it was a good start.

Another day went by. Sex was starting to be the main source of weight gain, not food. She was now almost 700, but they still didn't want to slow down. The rolls were now as much as five inches deep almost enough to get it all the way in, but they still would have to wait a few more days. Some of the many folds started merging into superfolds. It was now getting hard to waddle, and they had to plan what was coming up next with the challenges of super fat weight gain.

The next day she weighed 800lbs. Now it was getting ridiculous, and they were expecting the antidote to come soon. There was no longer any chance of her seeing her feet again. Fortunately, she was also gaining a little weight in muscle, so she was still able to carry her weight with major effort. Walking caused her to breathe profusely causing her to gain more unless she used the apparatus.

(To Be Continued)