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Guess Who's Coming For Dinner?
By Sasha Steele


Stanley Prescot the Third had gotten himself involved with all sorts of women over the past year, everyone of them, as far as Stanley's mother was concerned, nothing more than a gold digger after his money. But this one he had invited for the weekend to the family estate was the last straw. “My God, Stanley, what on earth were you thinking?” Mrs. Prescot scolded in the alcove just outside of the sitting room. “That elephant can't even pull herself up from the settee; I want her out of this house now!”

“But Mother,” Stanley insisted. “Having invited her, that would be extremely rude. I insist you allow my guest to remain, at least for supper,” he hedged.

Mrs. Prescot knew that Stanley did these things purposely to try her patience. He had brought home strippers and hookers; she had once cringed in horror as a Senator sat at her dinner table embroiled in conversation with a transvestite. She did love her only son, but, alas, he was such a spoiled child. Her dinner guests arriving, Mrs. Prescot closed her eyes. She had nothing against fat people but had grown weary of her son's childish pranks. “Do as you're told, Stanley,” she scolded as she left to see to her guests.

Stanley giggled to himself as she walked briskly away, her tiny hands knotted into fists. “Mother is extremely pissed this time,” Stanley mused, having achieved his goal of annoying her. So with a big smile of satisfaction on his face, he went into the sitting room to see to his guest.

Tonia Tenack was an exotic dancer in an exclusive club in downtown London. The Astrophin Club catered to the exotic and the odd, and Tonia's belly dancing act was a novelty that had caught on and become popular with the club's weird assortment of members. Four nights a week, Tonia would go up on stage and wiggle her belly for the appreciative crowd, and at four-hundred-and-fifty pounds she had a lot of belly to wiggle.

Tonia had met her friend Karen at acting classes. Both of them aspiring to become actresses and held back by their physical attributes, they had a lot in common, although physically they were nothing alike. Karen was a female bodybuilder and limited to bit parts, while Tonia was extremely overweight - which limited her as well. It was through Karen that she had gotten on to the club scene where Karen had been dancing and flexing her huge muscles for some time. The money was good, and Tonia had to eat - and could she ever eat - so she strutted her stuff, a bit self-conscious at first but now with poise, maybe even a bit of vanity.

Tonia was an extremely beautiful young woman. Her body was perfectly shaped, albeit extremely fat at four-hundred-and-fifty pounds. What made her body perfect was the fact that she was perfectly proportioned, her thick skin tight and flawless even on the back of her massive thighs. There are all shapes and sizes of beautiful fat women: some are all belly and boobs, some have their weight centered in their thighs and backsides, others arms and legs, some have fat faces, and still others are just big all over.

Tonia's big gorgeous body had all of these attributes, with perhaps a little extra padding on her backside, hips and thighs. Even her fingers and toes were fat. Her face was exceptionally beautiful, with big brown eyes and a full mouth, the fat on it and around her neck making all the more so. Long black hair in tight curls hung to the middle of her thick back and dark makeup gave Tonia an air of mysterious dark beauty about her, especially up on stage in a scanty belly dancer's costume.

Tonia had been fat her entire life and was okay with her weight and so carried herself well with her solidness. She liked herself the way she was, and, of course, she liked to eat - which accounted for the fact that her weight had been steadily increasing. Tonia could picture herself at five hundred pounds, six hundred, even seven hundred or more with no problem. She even liked the prospect of becoming that fat with one exception: Tonia was having trouble finding a true love that accepted her even at her present weight.

Stanley was a fruitcake - all the girls at the club knew that - but he was harmless. A momma's boy, he seemed hell bent on playing games with her and so had paid some of the girls damn good money to simply let him take them home with him. It was exploitation of their unique attributes, that was for sure. But as already said, the money was good, and the girls knew what they were getting into. It was always the same: Stanley would flaunt his special date at a dinner party, and his domineering mother would freak out. The girls even began to consider it a sort of honor that he would pick them - I mean, where else would they get to see the extremely rich in their own habitant? - and actively vied for his attention.

So it was on a Thursday night that Tania danced for Stanley, heavily made-up eyes peaking out sexily above a tiny black vale. Bells on her fat fingers, rings on her fat toes. Melon-sized tits captured in a sequence bustier. Balanced on black five-inch strap-up heels, heavy-thick legs apart, the silk toweling of her black loin skirt caught between massive thighs, huge rounded ass swaying side to side as she lovingly caressed her humongous protruding stomach for him. She caught his eye; he paid her up front and took her to his home to freak his mother out.

Tonia decided to play it to the hilt. She wore her sexiest silky-white underwear that she had. Lace-top beige stockings, black high heels, and the skimpiest tightest dress that she could find, a low cut short lime green little number in which her massive yet shapely four hundred and fifty pound body showed to advantage. On the settee in Stanley's sitting room, it all hung out. And sexy as Tonia thought she was, even she was beginning to feel a little self- conscious as the guests arrived, particularly with the one who sat down to chat with her.

Richard Berender was a multi-millionaire and successful novelist, and Tonia knew some of his more popular works. She didn't know, however, that he was so young and handsome and interesting, and, God, he seemed so nice. She found herself instantly attracted to him and thought that she must be attractive to him as well. “Stanley is just an casual acquaintance,” she explained, while attempting to pull her dress down to cover the tops of her nylons, an action that didn't go unnoticed by Richard. “I met him at the club,” Tonia told him. Richard had been here on one other occasion and knew of what she spoke.

“I'm a belly dancer,” Tonia said, suddenly embarrassed and wishing that she wasn't there. But Richard made her feel at ease, and they talked more until his date for the evening came in and broke it up. She was a beautiful upper-class woman who looked down her nose at Tonia and made her feel small in spite of her size.

“Nice talking with you,” Richard said, as Stanley arrived to Tonia's great relief and they all went in for supper. All feelings of inadequacy were soon forgotten as Tonia dug into the meal with all the gusto of the great trencherman that she was. Prime rib, roast turkey, ham - you name it; they had it - and the waiter replenished her plates as fast Tonia could empty them. Lost in her own world, Tonia didn't care if anybody took notice of her; she loved to eat and that is exactly what she did until she had so much that she could hardly move.

Involved with their own selves, no one had really taken any notice that Stanley's new friend had made a glutton of herself - except his mother, of course, as well as Richard and his date, who happen to be sitting almost across from her. “That's disgusting,” she had whispered in his ear between the tiny pecks made at her own meager plate, bringing Richard's attention to Tonia. Trying not to stare, he had watched with fascination as she devoured her food. What an appetite she must have, Richard marveled.

Three weeks after Stanley's dinner party, Tonia was on stage in a sexy golden costume shaking her massive belly one Friday night when she thought she recognized a face in the audience, sitting way back in a dark corner. It happened a lot with girls on stage, looking for that one special man who would take them away and adore them for the rest of their lives. Fifteen pounds heavier now, Tonia felt especially good about herself that night and began to fantasize that it was Richard Berender come to save her.

Finished after her second show, Tonia squirmed her fat body into a pair of tight blue jeans, Karen laughing at her as Tonia had to lay on the floor of their dressing room to do them up. She looked sexy with her long curly hair tied back. Tight black tee shirt, big chunky lace up boots, she admired herself in the mirror and wondered just how tight the jeans would be after she ate. Putting on a black leather coat that no longer did up, Tonia threw her tiny black purse over her shoulder and waddled out.

“Hello, Tonia,” Richard said, startling her slightly. “I caught your act and must say that you are the most beautiful woman that I have ever met. May I be so bold as to ask you out for supper?”

Tonia was silent for a moment, taken back a bit: rich famous Richard Berender thought that she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. “Thank you Richard that would be nice,” she replied, “I was just going around the corner to Tony's - great pasta. What to join me?”

They sat in Tony's, enjoying the pasta. “I trust you're hungry after all the work you did on stage?” he asked. And Tonia was, eating so much that she had open her jeans in order to finish it all. “I like a woman who can eat,” he said as she ordered desert.

“I like a man who wants me to eat,” Tonia said as she stuffed herself, adding, “I think that we will get along just fine.”


The rich chocolate cake melted in her mouth as Tonia lay there, dreamily thinking of her night in Tony's Restaurant with Richard Berender. Funny how the twists and turns of fate brought things about, she mused. She remembered noticing Richard watching her eat at Stanley's mother's dinner party. He no doubt found her attractive because he liked fat women, and it was obvious that watching her eat was a big turn-on for him. It was really no more exploitive than Stanley, she had thought at the time.

“What would happen if a woman indulged her every whim?” Tonia had wondered that night in Tony's. “Okay, Mr. Rich Guy, if a show is what you want, then a show is what you'll get,” she'd said to herself.

And so she'd dug in, spaghetti and meat sauce. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm,” slurp. One plate, then another and still another. Tonia began to bloat, her huge gut swollen, the pressure on the waist band of her jeans increasing by the forkful. “Bet you he's hard as a rock,” Tonia had thought, seeing Richard watching her. She could've really blown his mind away and eaten even more, but first something had to be done with her pants.

“God, I'm getting bloated,” she'd said, taking a break to rub her belly before starting into another plate.

“Oh, you didn't want more, sorry,” Richard had answered, having ordered it for her. “Leave it if you can't eat it.”

“I can eat alright,” Tonia had said, seeing her opening, “it's just that the waist band on my jeans is so tight - if I could just open them a bit to relieve some of the pressure. Would you mind?”

“Poor guy,” Tonia had thought as Richard struggled to undo her pants - difficult with them being so tight and cutting into her fat. His hands shook, and he had an obvious erection. Tonia had felt sorry for pushing him around like she was. Her pants open, she ate the plate of pasta and still had a bit of room for an Italian ice cream dessert.

Tonia lay back in her seat, puffing up her fat face cheeks and then sensuously blowing the air out of her mouth. “Oh, God, I'm so full,” she'd moaned, rubbing her belly for effect. There was no way she could have gotten her pants done back up, and so she'd left the restaurant with them open, the front panel of her black panties covering her belly with a slight gap between them and her tight tee-shirt where a roll of fat bulged out. “Oh well,” Tonia had thought; it wasn't the first time the Tony had seen her in that state.

Richard had driven her home and kissed her goodbye at her door. She had been so wrong about him. He hadn't tried to force himself upon her and ask her to go out with him again.

“Sssssssssssss, ahhh, right there, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that feels good,” Tonia hummed, taking another piece of chocolate cake into her watering mouth, her memory over. “Definitely the green one, poetic justice and all,” she said, choosing which dress to wear.

Her second date with Richard Berender was much like the first: he watched while she pigged out, only this time it was in an upscale restaurant, and Tonia had worn a stretchy white dress. They kissed more, and she allowed Richard to touch some her sensitive fat places. A few more dates they had become an item, and Tonia had fallen in love.

The first time they had sex, it was wonderful. Stuffing her every time they went out - not to mention how much she ate when Richard wasn't around - had brought Tonia's weight to over five hundred pounds. She weighed exactly five-hundred-and-twenty-five pounds before leaving, and when he helped her into her apartment, Tonia swore that she weighed twenty-five more - she had eaten that much. He had been pushing toward having sex with her, and Tonia, after holding him off, decided that this was the night. But then, so bloated from her overeating, she had passed out.

Tonia had a moment of panic when she woke up, thinking that she had somehow botched their relationship. But finding Richard still at her side and in a very receptive mood, they had the most wonderful sex that Tonia had ever experienced. From there, their relationship grew. They grew closer and more in love as Tonia continued to grow in size, and finally they were married.

Tonia's handmaid spoon-fed her the last of the rich chocolate cake as her personal masseuse kneaded her enormous fleshy bottom with his strong hands. Her bath ready, she dismissed him and was helped to her feet by her maids. Since they had married, Tonia had put on a tremendous amount of weight, and Richard had seen to it that she had every advantage to assist her. A huge staff, elevators, moving walkways, lift seats in the furniture. Even the cars were modified to help her in and out and changed so that she could still drive if she wanted to.

Tonia slowly stepped toward her elegant private bath, her stance substantially widened by cumbersome sixty-five-inch thighs. She stopped to admire her hulking naked body in the surrounding mirrors, flicking curled strands of her long black hair over a massive shoulder. Tonia pursed her lips; her face was still beautiful, although much, much fatter than when she had first met Richard. Her neck absolutely ballooned in a fleshy collar of fat; her cheeks were big and round as were her jowls puffing out below them. Even her ears were thick and studded completely around with many earrings.

Raising her a massive arms, Tonia ran her sausage-like fingers - every one including her thumbs covered in rings - through her hair. They were so swollen with fat that they remained forced apart and her palms so smooth that she had difficulty using her hands, not that she need do anything, anyway. Her upper arms measured forty inches, her forearms over twenty; both thick wrists dripped in bracelets.

She turned slightly to see her profile in the curved mirror and then completely to see her back. Tonia's thighs rose upward from her massive knees and out in back at about a forty five degree angle to support her huge globular butt, which stood way out in back of her. In front, her belly stuck out two full feet in front, rendering it impossible to reach around. From the back she was shaped like a top, the widest part at her hips and upper thigh. Tonia's measurements had become unbelievably huge. Her watermelon-sized breasts were - due partly to the thickness of her back - over ninety inches; her belly, still hanging only slightly down in front, was also over ninety inches; and her big ass and hips taped around a hundred.

She sat herself on the bench, her hips covering more than three feet of the seat as it automatically took her into the warm water of her bath where her attendants would do up her hair and lay her back so that they could bathe her. Tonia had a skin treatment, her makeup applied for her and hair done. She had been helped into her white silk panties and bra and sat at her vanity in a short silk robe while a maid adjusted the lace tops of her beige stockings and slid five-inch black heels onto her fat feet.

Tonia opened her mouth and took a bite as her maid held out the last remaining chocolate éclair of the half dozen that had been brought to her as she put the finishing touches on her own makeup. She looked stunning, Richard thought as he entered the bedroom and kissed his huge wife. “Thanks Mimi,” he said, dismissing the maid. “I'll take it from here.” Tonia turned toward him. “You are absolutely beautiful,” he said, picking up the éclair and feeding her the rest of it.

Her chair helped lift Tonia to her feet, and she waddled the short distance to her bedroom surround mirror while Richard got her dress from the bed. Her robe was too short to cover her huge rounded bum and offered Richard a view of her white silky panties and the lace tops of the beige stockings on her magnificent large legs as he brought her green dress over to her. Richard undid the tie at her belly and dropped the robe from her heavy shoulders onto the floor at her feet.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Tonia ran her soft fat hands against the silky smooth fabric on the tummy panel of her panties covering the bottom portion of her beach ball-like gut. “Do you think that I'm getting too fat or do you like me this way?” Tonia asked, already knowing what his reply would be. After all, she now weighed nine-hundred-and-twenty-five pounds, and Richard still couldn't keep his hands off of her.

“You could never be too fat, Tonia,” Richard assured her as he held her from behind and looked at her in the mirror. “You can get as fat as you want, the fatter the better; you are so beautiful, my love,” he said.

Tonia could feel him breathing hard, and she smiled. If he wanted her fatter - well, she was an obliging wife, after all. “Good,” Tonia said as Richard knelt down and helped her step into her dress, “then you won't mind when I pig out at Stanley's dinner party tonight; I'm absolutely famished.” Richard pulled the dress over Tonia's fat ass and hips onto her huge stomach. He helped her work her massively fat arms into it, fitted it over her huge boobs and did it up in back.

Tonia looked at her big beautiful sexy self in the mirror, tugging the bottom of her lime green dress into place. She turned side to side and around checking herself out from all angles. The short dress fit tight to her big breasts and snug in back, riding way out over her wide hips, huge fat bum and belly under which it pulled back in again due to it's stretch but not all the way. In fact, if one were looking straight up from the floor, he'd be able to see her panties covering her seat and the bottom of her belly.

The dress looked exactly like the one that Tonia had worn the first time that she had gone to Stanley's to eat, only much-much larger. It was poetic justice, Tania thought as they left. “Guess who's coming back for dinner, you old bitch?”